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Chapter 1 of The Silence of Dawn

So I'm sitting here at my window sill, gazing out into the night. I feel helpless. I wish I could go out there and fight. Every night I worry. I worry they won't come home. I all ready lost the two people who meant the most to me. I can't lose anybody else. I'm not a witch or a slayer. I'm not even an ex-watcher. Every night I wait in my room and watch and wait. Waiting for them to come home.

Sure, Tara is in her room, but I don't want to bother her. She just says the same comforting words over and over again. I know she means well. No matter what she says. No matter what anyone says for that matter. It dose not make a difference. Besides, that I don't want to hear what she has to say.

It's a fact of life. Everyone dies sooner or later. It doesn't matter if they died doing the right thing, with love in their heart, or if they are stolen away from you. Everyone dies. It happens all the time. People don't come back from hunting. How many slayers die before they turn twenty ? How many innocents are killed for no reason by vampires and the other things that go bump in the night ?

Why don't they get it ? My mom died. My sister sacrificed herself for me. She did for everyone. They just don't get it. My sister died fighting. She had no choice. She did not't ask for it. They could have walked away. They have the option to walk away. My sister did not't have a choice. You don't get to walk away from being a slayer.

They try to get me to speak to them. I just ignore them. They tell me I should speak, period. To break my self-induced silence. I can't. I won't. It's been a month since Buffy died. Three and a half weeks since I have spoken a word. I can't now even if I wanted.

Spring fades into summer into fall. Innocents get killed for no reason in Sunny Dale. The Scoobies go out and fight the good fight. I sit at my window sill. Every night I still worry that tonight is the night that another one of us won't come home.

It's been six months since I have spoken a word. Six months since Buffy died. I hardly ever leave my window. I hear them downstairs. Willow, Tara, Xander, and Anya.

They're downstairs talking in hushed voices. Making plans of some kind. They act as if I can hear them. Uh, don't have to worry about that. I'm not the slayer in the family. That is Buffy. No it WAS Buffy. Tara comes upstairs. She knocks on my door. As usual, I don't answer. She peeks in. She sighs, seeing me at my usual spot Still on my window sill.

"Mind if I come in ?" she asks in a gentle and sweet voice.

I answer by just staring out the window. She comes in anyway. I don't look at her. I see her reflection in the window. I'm staring out into the night.

You need to leave. You kept Buffy and Willow from figuring out how they feel. They were so close until you showed up. If I were speaking, I'd say that. She is nice and all. I really do like her. It's just since Buffy died, I can't help thinking things would have been different if Buffy and Willow were together.

"We are planning on going out tonight. Do some hu-hunting. W-we won't be back until really early in the m-morning." Tara has been stuttering a bit these past few days. She hasn't done that in a while.

She gets my usual response - silence

"Spike is gonna be here."

Yeah, to babysit me.

"So, if you need anything just let him know." Tara looks at me worried. She really cares for me. I care for her too.

Yeah, he can do me favor and get everybody to leave me alone. He has tried. They don't listen to him. He is the only one who knows why I can't speak. Since Buffy died, I have been relying on him more. Spike and Willow are the only ones I let get close to me anymore.

They are nuts! I hear Spike downstairs yelling. They tried to bring Buffy back ! Don't they get it? She died for us. She is probably in heaven living it up while were here in hell.

They are all crazy! I can't believe Buffy actually expected them to take care of me...what's that sound ? Everyone gets quiet all of a sudden. The next thing I hear is heavy foot steps.

My door opens, "Dawnie ?" Buffy says my name with a raspy voice.

I just stare at her for a second. Then faint. As I come to, I hear voices near me. It's Buffy; she is talking to Willow and Tara. Apparently Buffy has gotten cleaned up and fed n' watered.

"What do you mean, she hasn't spoken since I died ?" Buffy asks, worried and pissed off.

Tara responds, ⌠We have tried everything that w-we c-c-can."

Willow finishes, "Yeah every thing short of using magic."

Buffy snaps, "No, you will not being using magic on her, Willow."

Willow looks down. "Okay, I was just thinking about it. I mean, we really have tried everything and we are all worried about's just maddening."

Buffy calms down. "It's okay, Willow. I'm just touchy about magic right now."

Buffy looks down at me. "I know you are not asleep anymore, Dawn, so you can quit pretending."

End of Chapter 1

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