Welcome to my newest story that I hope you will enjoy. This is a multi crossover and as a token for these kinds of stories, they are ungodly long. However I don't know how many chapters it will span. Most likely over 100… I have several goals for this story. For one I hope for it to be my biggest and greatest story yet. Another is to try and make it unique so that it doesn't look like the other multi crossovers in this section. Like all of my stories this is supposed to be a standalone story but falls into a bigger continuity. With out further ado onto the unexciting disclaimers:

Disclaimer 1: I do not own any Nintendo, Sega, Konami or any other videogame/anime/whatever characters, (as much as I would like to...) The characters that I do own are Rai, Tei, Sui, The Melee Master and Kai. And a few others that will be introduced in this story... but that would be spoilers...

Disclaimer 2: 'The Government' in my series of stories is a fictional organization that only uses the name to simplify the process. I am not anti Government blah blah blah...

All of the Brawlers will join in this story.

Other things that you should probably know: I was heavily influenced by Game2002. His Holy Weapons were what made me decide to make the Weapons of Heart. And there are probably a lot of other things that he also influenced.

Finally. I guess it should be a warning: The Smashers are out of character. Let's begin!

A lone figure sat on a throne. Most of his body was obscured in shadow. But what wasn't covered by the shadows was covered by armour. The room that he sat in was cold and empty with the exception of one person. In front of him was someone who was bowing, to show respect, waiting for instruction. He too was concealed by both the shadows, and a cloak.

"Do not fail me." The figure in armour said. The room seemed to tremble with his voice.

"I won't, Dark Lord."

"We will only have one chance to do this. Mess it up, and you will meet an unpleasant end."

"I understand, Dark Lord."

"Now go!" At those words, the person who was concealed in the cloak disappeared. At those words, much like a row of dominos where one falling sent the next one down to the ground and pushing the next domino indefinitely, everything was set into motion.

Shades of Smash

Part 1: The Mysterious Dark Lord

Chapter 1: Beginning of darkness

The story so far:

Three years ago Link was enjoying a rare moment of peace. However, it was interrupted by the mysterious Master. Link tried to defeat him; but was swiftly overpowered and defeated. So he set out on a quest to different worlds to find other warriors to help him. He came across eleven others. Mario, Luigi, Fox, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Samus, Ness, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon. Together they fought back and defeated the mysterious Master.

At that point the Master was split into two, the sinister Master, and The Melee Master, a valuable ally for the Smashers.

Then three years later The Master returned. The Twelve once again fought against the mysterious Master; with the help of fourteen others they were able to seal away The Master and Giga Bowser. Master Hand, who had been freed from The Master's clutches decided to gather together the Smashers incase Giga Bowser broke free, or some other evil would strike. They all went to the Smash Planet to live there, and train incase such an event would occur.

As a front, they were set up to look like an entertainment group. Almost two months ago, Marth won a tournament; the prize was a two-week vacation to wherever he wanted to go. He decided to visit his home planet.

Upon his return Marth was shocked to find that the Smashers were being controlled by a strange being, known as Kai. Kai challenged Marth to rescue all of the Smashers in 24 hours. If he didn't, the ones still under Kai's control would die. Acting quickly Marth rescued his fellow Smashers, except for one: Mewtwo. Mewtwo knew full well that Marth would be unable to save him with the remaining time limit.

Mewtwo bargained with a mysterious person, in exchange for saving him from dieing, Mewtwo would serve him the rest of his natural life, or until he was dismissed. For a brief moment Mewtwo enjoyed the freedom.

Marth then fought and defeated Kai. When he was about to finish off the battle, The Melee Master stopped him and said that he could heal Kai, and make him powerless. Marth spared Kai's life. The celebration however was short lived as Mewtwo soon fell into a coma. The mysterious person said he would later come back for Mewtwo.

And now:

One month later, when the mysterious person comes to reclaim Mewtwo, is when this story begins:

The Smash Mansion sat under a peaceful blanket of twilight, on top of a hill, each of the 28 inhabitants were oblivious as to what was about to happen. The vast majority was sleeping after a long day of work, which consisted of vigorous training. Each of them was ready for what would happen in a week, or at least what was supposed to happen in a week: a tournament. Where they would fight once again to see who amongst themselves was the strongest, who would be capable of rising above and beyond all others. Each of them were readily anticipating the event, perhaps the one who was waiting for this event the most was Marth, who would finally be able to enter the battlefield again. But seldom what you plan to happen is what actually happens.

But for now they were resting. Peacefully, calmly, blissfully, each of them unaware of what would happen next.

The Smashers were relaxing quite nicely in the mansion after the previous few weeks. The two managers of the mansion, two giant hands, named Master and Crazy Hand were discussing the previous events. "As you know, after that virus fiasco a month ago the Smashers do deserve a break," Master Hand sighed. "And The Melee Master will come back from his training within the next week."

"Thank you, mister exposition." Crazy Hand moaned in severe displeasure as they had been through this countless times before hand. "But there is something that is troubling me. Mewtwo's condition."

"Yes," Master Hand grabbed a few pieces of paper on the desk that he was floating behind. "This condition isn't natural. Dr. Mario has all ready said all that he knows about it, and is signed to secrecy amongst us. The only thing he was able to figure out is: that there is a large amount of negative energy in Mewtwo that is slowly eating away at him from the inside. Unless that energy is expelled Mewtwo will die."

They were grieving; everything that they had tried had failed. Mewtwo's body was getting weaker through all of the treatments; if they were going to treat him they would only have one more chance. "I say he has about two weeks at the most." They recalled Dr. Mario's words from a few hours earlier. "Unless we can actually find a way to get rid of all of this negative energy. But it seems attached to him in nearly every single way. To put it bluntly whatever this stuff is, it has become a part of his life force and won't be leaving anytime soon. I've done everything that I can do, and I've called in a few doctors who I believe may be able to help. But don't get your hopes up."

"The doctors that Dr. Mario recommended should be here within a few days." Master Hand sighed.

"I doubt that they will be able to do anything that he hasn't." Crazy Hand admitted. "Dr. Mario suffers from an inferiority complex and he doesn't realize that he is a great person. He has done everything in his power to just try and understand the condition. And what troubles me even more is not even the N-Sword could heal him. Dr. Mario the founder of the EON project... well perhaps all of them together might be able to do something."

"Yes, we can only hope. Its such a shame that it has come down to this, even Mewtwo is no longer able to communicate with us telepathically. Day by day he keeps on becoming weaker and weaker."

"Is that why you have been here all the time?" Crazy Hand wondered. Rarely had Master Hand been seen outside of his office now.

Master Hand floated over to a tube that Mewtwo was contained in. "Part of it, but I can't help and think that if we did come back sooner, or didn't leave would things have been different?"

"What happened has happened." Crazy Hand comforted his brother. "Don't think that you can change it by looking back. All we can do is look forwards. Mewtwo must fight it by himself and decide if he wants to survive."

"Mewtwo, you must recover!"

"If you don't, who knows what the Smashers will do to us, or think about us. Its frightening." Crazy Hand added on.

"Exactly!" A new voice laughed. This voice threw off both Master and Crazy Hand they turned towards the voice to see someone appear out of thin air. He was cloaked in a dark cloak and an evil aura surrounded him. "Of course it doesn't have to be like this! I can easily reopen his heart, but it was his decision to have it closed in the first place in order to destroy the virus. And lets not forget what the payoff would be. He has all ready dedicated his whole life to serve me! But at least he would be alive."

"You did this? What are you doing here?" Master Hand shouted outraged.

A devilish smile crossed the intruder's face. "I was wondering if I could toy with the Smashers, and of course I came for Mewtwo! But mainly the latter, just because The Dark Lord has told me to not kill anyone on this pointless excursion." he raised his hand and several dark creatures with beady yellow eyes materialized out of the ground. He grabbed the hood of his cloak and pulled it back off.

"You!?" Crazy Hand shouted surprised. "The Keyblade wielder! Sora?"

"In the flesh." Sora laughed. "I'm glad that you have heard of me. It cuts the introductions short." Master and Crazy Hand rushed to punch him, however he held out two Keyblades and blocked them. He then forced them back. Master Hand began to rapidly shoot bullets made out of energy from his fingertips, however Sora began swing the Keyblades, knocking the bullets away. "Now, now, don't be reckless, what if one of these bullets hit Mewtwo's life support?" Sora laughed.

Sora ran forwards slashing the two hands. This one attack was enough to knock them down to the ground. "Why do you have the power over the heartless?" Master Hand asked. "Don't they seek out to destroy the Keyblade, a tool of light?"

"Why?" Sora laughed. "I just had a change of heart! I only live for myself to gather all the power I can obtain! The Dark Lord will give me all the power I want and he has given me dominion over the Nobodies, and the Heartless! The Dark Lord has shown his true power and wants his reach to cover the entire universe! As for your second question, they don't fear what I won't use against them."

"You say you live selfishly for yourself in order to obtain power yet you contradict yourself by saying that you will serve the Dark Lord!" Crazy Hand pointed out.

"I shall work for whoever if it gets me what I want!" Sora replied. "When they no longer give me anything of any value I'll end their lives."

"Such threatening power," Master Hand thought, "To sway the good natured boy to the darkness just who is the Dark Lord?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Sora responded slashing Master Hand "Heartless bind them!" About ten heartless jumped onto Master Hand binding him to the floor. The Heartless also did the same to Crazy Hand. The two hands struggled to break free from their bonds, however it was futile. Sora walked past them and towards Mewtwo, who was floating peacefully in the tube. "You look pathetic. A great and mighty Smasher. I'm here for my end of the bargain. Enjoy your last few seconds of freedom." Sora placed his hand on the tube and instantly the liquid in the tube began to turn black. "Wake up Mewtwo… Your destiny awaits!" Then in a puff of smoke the heartless vanished along with Sora and Mewtwo. No longer bound to the floor Master Hand and Crazy Hand got up. They noticed where Sora had disappeared, there was three items. A green stone, a black sword, and a piece of a robotic arm.

"You know what this means, gather the Smashers!" Master Hand ordered.

"But that requires wakening them!" Crazy Hand pleaded. "You know they aren't very good morning people! And they certainly aren't good middle of the night people."

"We don't really have a choice in the matter," Master Hand replied annoyed. "It's better if they find out now."

Perhaps it was their luck, but suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. What ever caused it also resulted in creating a small earthquake. Crazy Hand began to fly around the room frantically, even though he couldn't feel the earthquake, and could really only see everything shaking. As quickly as it had started it stopped.

"They are probably awake now." Master Hand sighed. "Go get them. I'll quickly investigate what that was."

Master Hand didn't have to go far in order to find out what it was that caused the loud noise or the small earthquake. In what used to be a flower garden in front of the Smash Mansion was now covered by a giant rock.

Master Hand placed his index finger on it. However a moment later he retracted it. It was burning. "I see it's a meteorite." Master Hand sighed.

Where the flowers were, was a now a crater. "Peach and Zelda are going to be so angry. They were working so hard on this flower garden." Master Hand whimpered, not wanting to face them.

"Brother!" Crazy Hand shouted out from a window. "I gathered all of the Smashers! They are waiting for you! What's that?"

"A meteorite. I guess we are lucky that it missed the Smash Mansion." Master Hand laughed. "Well then we can worry about this meteorite later, for the time being there are more important things to worry about."

The 25 Smashers were in the meeting room. A large room with chairs facing a giant stage. On the stage was a podium, and behind the podium was a giant screen.

Each of them was complaining about how this meeting better be good because it interrupted something important that they were doing (mainly sleeping). After the loud crash caused by the meteorite, they tried to get back to sleep. But Crazy Hand barged into their rooms and dragged them out.

"Why are we here at this hour?" Ness complained.

"The nerve!" Marth snapped. "They drag us down here, but don't show up."

"I was having such a nice dream." Peach yawned. "I dreamed that we won the flower competition. Why did that crash have to ruin the dream?"

"Stupid hand." Bowser grumbled. "I'll show him to be punctual."

Ganondorf was cracking his knuckles. "He has ten seconds to get here, or I'm leaving!"

Suddenly Master Hand and Crazy Hand appeared in the room, over the stage. Everyone glared at them and wanted to chastise them for dragging them out of bed this early in the morning.

"This better be good!" Pichu shouted.

Master Hand just let off some nervous laughter. "Yes, this is important." He replied. He was talking into a microphone at the podium, and the speakers on the wall amplified his voice. Somehow, it worked, despite him talking telepathically.

"Does this have anything to do with that loud crashing that woke us?" Roy asked.

"No." Master Hand replied. "Now please let me-"

"What was that sound anyways?" Zelda asked.

"It was a meteorite that landed right in front of the Smash Mansion, right in the flower garden." Master Hand replied. "Now can we please get on with the reason why I called you all here."

Everyone however was now ignoring Master Hand and staring terrified at Peach and Zelda. The two princesses had stood up. "Where did it land?!" They asked, their voices had become demonic. Even Master Hand was shaking terrified. Crazy Hand was so terrified that he stopped shaking.

"Your flower garden…" Master Hand whimpered. "I'm sorry. But there are more pressing matters to attend to!"

"More important than what we have poured blood, sweat and tears into for the past few months?!" The princesses replied.

"Yes!" Master Hand whimpered.

"We'll be the judges of that!" They replied. They sat down and everyone else resumed to staring at Master Hand.

Master Hand just faced Crazy Hand. "How should we do this?" Master Hand asked. "Subtle or just come out straight?"

"Subtle I think would be best," Crazy hand replied. "MEWTWO WAS KIDNAPPED!"

Everyone stared at Crazy Hand shocked even Master Hand. "I thought you said subtle" Master Hand moaned sensing the oncoming assault of questions.

"Yes, but I changed my mind..." Crazy Hand laughed devilishly.

"When?" Nana asked

"By who?" Pikachu asked.

"This is more important than our flowers being destroyed?" Zelda and Peach said outraged. Everyone gave them a rather cold stare. "Okay, we deem it more important than our flowers being destroyed." They said.

Master Hand let off a sigh of relief. "He was kidnapped just recently and he was kidnapped by Sora!" Everyone just exchanged blank glances trying to figure out who 'Sora' was. "The Keyblade warrior." They all continued to share the same blank confused glances.

"Have we met him?" Pichu asked.

"No..." Master Hand replied realizing that he only had himself to blame. "Sora however left three different items at the scene, whether this was by accident or on purpose, I believe that these three items will help us find Mewtwo." All three things floated up in the air. The first was a green stone pendant on a necklace, the second was part of a machine's arm, and the third was a jet-black sword.

"That arm!" Bowser said rather shocked. "I'm positive that it is a part of a Machine Made, a robotic mass produced member of Smithy's gang!"

"That pendant is emitting powerful psychic energy," Ness stated.

"Then in that case I will divide you up into three different groups. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. Since you seem to be familiar with this Machine Made piece you will be the leaders of the first group. Link, Marth, Roy, you will be the leaders of the second group since well… you have swords and this is a sword and I'm sure you can figure out where the sword came from…" Everyone stared blankly at Master Hand's reasoning. "Ness, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff, you will be in charge of the last group since Ness you could sense its psychic energy and Pikachu and Jigglypuff will help your group locate an ally of ours in their world who is a psychic master. Perhaps she can shed some light on this item."

"Now for who is going to join each team." Crazy hand sighed.

Out of thin air a hat appeared and Master Hand reached in. He called out each name until all of the Smashers were gone. The groups were:

Group 1: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Kirby, Falco, and Pichu.

Group 2: Link, Marth, Roy, Captain Falcon, DK, Game and Watch, Fox, and the Ice Climbers

Group 3: Ness, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Ganondorf, Young Link, Zelda, Dr. Mario, and Samus

They stared at the results with mixed feelings. Ganondorf let off a menacing laugh while looking at Zelda. Young Link quickly reassured his older counterpart that nothing bad would happen. "We are all allies here," Master Hand reminded them. "Our goal is to figure out where Mewtwo is and find him. Any other goals is figure out who the Dark Lord is."

"Who?" Everyone asked.

Master Hand fell to the ground. "Sora said that he was working for someone that he called The Dark Lord. Just judging by the initial impressions The Dark Lord must be extremely powerful."

Crazy Hand looked at Master Hand. "I think its time for that part of their training." He said to his brother.

"Yes." Master Hand replied. Everyone looked at Master hand, each of them was rather anxious to discover what this next part of their training would be. "Its time for you to create your Weapon's of Heart!" Master Hand announced. I know this is sudden so-"

"Sudden?" Bowser snorted. "We have been waiting for this moment ever since we came here!"

"Right." Master Hand said. "Please forgive me, as I'm awfully new to this whole briefing and teaching thing. But this requires a great amount of thought."

"We all know by now what our weapons will be!" Ganondorf snorted.

"Just please no more swords..." Crazy Hand whined. "We all ready have too many!" He tried to count off all of the swords, however he ran out of fingers with just normal swords, not extending into magical, or the previous Weapon of Heart swords that were from the Original 12.

"Then in that case I want you to think about what you are going to use to make your Weapon's of Heart and write down the ingredients on sheets of paper. Crazy Hand and I will gather the items together." Master Hand explained as Crazy Hand was passing around pieces of paper and pencils. Master Hand faced the 12. "Even you, members of the 12, who all ready have a Weapon of Heart, I believe that you can summon a second, or in your case Mario a third, since the Weapons of Heart that you have been using haven't been bound to you. But rather inherited."

Everyone nodded grabbing a piece of paper and thinking it over very carefully what ingredients that they were going to use for their Weapon's of Heart. For the weeks that they had been at the Smash Mansion, Master Hand and Crazy Hand had been driving home the point that they need to learn all of the basics about Weapon's of Heart and create their own soon. Each of the Smashers knew it, after the previous event they each knew that they could be attacked at any time. This situation proved to be quite true. Even those who wished to rely on their own strength felt compelled to make their own Weapon of Heart.

"Remember the true power of the Weapon of Heart comes from your own power!" Master Hand reminded them. "If you choose a form that you are not familiar with or can't adapt to, your weapon will be inferior."

"And you're telling us to not make more swords?" Roy said.

Crazy Hand just came out of nowhere and punched Roy across the room. "Find something else to make!" he shouted. "Like axes, or lances."

Amongst the Smashers there was one unanimous decision after what Marth had done with his Smash Shard. They would all use their Smash Shard's in their Weapon of Heart. Master Hand had also decided that this was a smart move, however he realized that it had one ultimate flaw! He could only wonder how many of the Smashers had seen it and decided to go along with it anyways, or if they were even aware of this flaw. They all placed their pieces of paper on a table in front of Master Hand. "Thank you." He said to each of them. "I will search for them."

Suddenly an air raid siren went off. "The Smash Planet is under attack!" Crazy Hand exclaimed.

The sirens wailed through out the whole town. Even at the Smash Mansion they could hear them. "All ready they attack us," Master hand sighed. "They must have some bold moves ahead. Or are they just testing our strength now…"

"Its alright, since we haven't determined the place of origin for the third item." Link replied looking at the sword.

"I guess your right." Master Hand said. "Now go and protect this planet!"

As the Smashers left the room, Link purposely stayed behind. "You knew what it was a while ago." Master Hand deduced.

"Yes," Link replied. "Its Dark Link's sword. Known as the Chaos Blade or at least a replica of it." Link sighed touching the sword with his left hand. The Triforce of Courage glowed for a brief second and the sword suddenly shattered. "I think this means that Dark Link is among our enemies. Now please excuse me. I have some business that I must attend to."

"You aren't going to fight the threat with the others?"

"No, I am going to Hyrule to check something." Link replied. "Don't worry it will only take 30 minutes."

"They should be able to fight this threat by themselves. But you should be there to help them."

"I won't be here forever to hold their hands." Link sighed. "They need to learn to grow. And you also won't always be by their side." Link began to walk away however stopped. "Something inside me is telling me that this may be the last time we fight with some of these people."

"Why are you making such grim predictions?" Master Hand wondered.

Link didn't reply to the question. "I also think some of the Smashers are questioning you and where you side."

"Link…" Master Hand said. For a brief second it felt like the whole atmosphere had changed and that Master Hand was going to explain everything. "You should get going."

"Your right." Link replied. "I should go." With that Link disappeared.

Crazy Hand floated over to his brother. "How long are we going to have to hide that we are Divine Beings and we technically can't fight without getting punished severely?"

"They all ready know the Divine Being part." Master Hand replied. "We can only guide them. And it pains me that we can't fight with them. However, if it comes that we do have to step in and fight, that will have to be one battle we can't win…"

"B-b-brother?" Crazy Hand stuttered.

"Death will be less painful than that fate…" Master Hand replied.

Over the past four months people from all over the universe had moved to the Smash Planet creating several cities across it. Those who lived there were often treated to the once a month tournament that the Smashers did. These tournaments had become insanely popular. People from all over the universe came to watch and they even paid a premium just to get good seats. Another one would be starting in a week, one that would have to be infinitely delayed!

The Smashers had rushed out of the Mansion, past the meteorite that had destroyed their garden and towards the city. They came across spot where something had landed. There was a large crater. Each of the Smashers looked into the crater. Slowly out of the crater rose a giant robot with spikes all over its body. "Smashers meet the Death Egg!" A voice laughed coming out of a speaker. "Now die!" Every spike off of the Death Egg's body launched towards the Smashers, they rolled out of the way. However the spikes appeared to be heat seeking and followed each of the Smashers where ever they went.

Bowser turned around and jumped into the air in order to withdraw into his shell. As the spike hit his shell it suddenly exploded and sent Bowser flying into the sky. Mario on the other hand ran towards the Death Egg making sure that the spike was still following him. In his hand he had a fireball and he threw several at the Death Egg. The Spike then ran into it and exploded. All of the spikes fell to the ground and also exploded.

"That was easy!" Everyone laughed. Suddenly from the remains of the Death Egg came several small black creatures with yellow beady eyes.

"What are those?" Pichu asked. They began to climb onto the remains of the Death Egg and piece it back together by going into it.

"Heartless." Ness replied. "Beings that have been born from the darkness in people's hearts."

The Death Egg began to function again along with physically changing. It lost its round appearance and became more muscular along with it growing larger. More spikes began to pop out around its body. Everyone decided to not watch it slowly transform and attack. However nothing that they did left any visible damage. When it was finally done transforming it pointed its arm at the Smashers, which immediately transformed into a laser cannon.

It fired a laser at the Smashers Fox and Falco however jumped in the way and blocked the attack with their reflectors. Their reflectors put up with the attack for a few seconds however they suddenly shattered and were knocked back against some trees.

"What happened?" They both asked.

Samus began to analyze the Death Egg. "It appears to be capable of learning as time goes on. Most likely it changed its frequency of the laser so that it shorted out your reflectors."

"Peachy." Captain Falcon replied, as he cracked his knuckles.

Samus began to scan the Death Egg once again searching for a weak point. She jumped back and fired constantly until her scanners found something. "No that's impossible!" Samus shouted. "There is a rock of Phazon in the robot."

"What is Phazon?" Nearly everyone asked.

"Its dangerous... And I thought that I had destroyed every last bit of Phazon." Samus replied. "It is capable of rapidly mutating anything that it comes in contact with, or is even around."

"This robot is slowly getting more and more dangerous." Fox sighed. Fox summoned his Weapon of Heart, the Demon Launcher, and brought it to level 2. Samus also summoned her Weapon of Heart, the Chaos Beam Cannon. They charged up their attack and fired it at the Death Egg. However an energy shield appeared and blocked the attacks.

"This is going to get annoying." Mario sighed.

"Going?" Luigi replied annoyed.

Once again the robot charged up its arm cannon this time Luigi summoned his Weapon of Heart; a shield. Over the past month, the original twelve had been training. Most of them had obtained level 2 with their Weapon of Heart. Luigi quickly transformed his Shield into its level 2 form. It only grew in size a bit. However the front was now much like a mirror. The robot fired its arm cannon and it rocketed towards Luigi, tearing up the ground as it went. However when it hit the shield it began to go into the shield until it eventually began to reflect the energy back towards the robot.

Even when the Death Egg increased the output it was unable to affect the defense Luigi was using. The Death Egg stopped its attack and began to analyze Luigi's Weapon of Heart. After several seconds it launched its fists at Luigi's shield. They hit the shield and instantly shattered, however Luigi went flying back. Somehow the mechanical fists repaired themselves.

"It can learn!" Samus said displeased. She touched a few buttons on her armor and threw her grappling beam at The Death Egg. "Everybody stand back!" She shouted. A few seconds later they saw why; her starship was flying towards them and launching several missiles at the Death Egg. The Death Egg exploded in a miraculous display, however a blue energy, much like thread, bound all of the pieces together. "I can't counter the Phazon effectively like this. Not without the P.E.D."

The Phazon pulled back the pieces of scrap from the Death Egg and reformed it. This time it was much bigger.

"This isn't physically possible!" Falco moaned.

"Why?" Pichu asked.

"Well somehow it now has more materials in it than what it started out with." Falco replied.

"The Phazon did it." Samus quickly snapped. "The Phazon warped the very boundaries of reality." This was the quickest logical conclusion that Samus could come up with. Everyone believed her.

"Smashers!" A hollow voice erupted from the machine. This voice didn't come from the speaker, or any living creature. It came from the machine itself. "You must die! For the Dark Lord!"

A blue aura surrounded the robot. "Its in Hyper Mode!" Samus shouted. "We have to get out of here quickly!" Everyone ducked down behind rubble and the Death Egg began to fire off bullets in every direction, quickly destroying any defense that the Smashers were using, which included mostly large rocks or trees.

"When does Hyper Mode end?" Fox shouted to Samus.

"Well I had a safety that let it run for 30 seconds however they can stay in it for about two minutes before they begin to receive substantial damage. And I should mention that since they don't have a safety switch, they could theoretically stay in Hyper Mode forever! " Samus replied.

"Great." Everyone sighed. Eventually all of their cover was destroyed and they were forced to run away.

"Smasher die!" The machine shouted. Everyone turned around to see Pichu facing the giant Death Egg. It fired several energy shots at Pichu who just rolled out of the way. He continued to fire down at Pichu who used his small stature and speed to avoid the attacks. Everyone noticed that it was actually quite easy. Pichu eventually rushed forwards and smashed his head against the Death Egg knocking it off balance. "You must be among the strongest of the Smasher's to have been able to knock me down." The Death Egg's voice shouted.

"Nope far from it!" Pichu replied modestly. Everyone took notice that the Hyper Mode was finally disappearing.

"Die Smashers!" With that his eyes began to light up and blink everyone stared petrified that the Death Egg would self-destruct.

"Falcon PUNCH!" Captain Falcon shouted punching the robot upwards into the atmosphere where it proceeded to self-destruct.

"How was Captain Falcon able to punch it that height?" Everyone questioned. "And better yet how was Pichu able to knock it down."

"Clearly it was our incredibly manly strength that made it possible." Captain Falcon replied. "Well just maybe my incredibly manly strength…"

"Actually I think it might have to do with the Death egg being made out of aluminum or some other cheap product." Pichu sighed not at all really impressed by his ability to knock it down. "It actually felt light…"

They were ready to call it a day when The Death Egg fell back to the ground of the Smash Planet in one piece. "What?" Bowser shouted. "But it self-destructed! How is it able to do that?"

Samus began to scan it. "The Phazon is constantly rebuilding it so that it is bigger and stronger than the last time. With it constantly not only learning but each time transforming the metal and the structure inside of itself. This could be a real problem if they were mass produced."

"They probably wouldn't come to a very big cost of our enemies." Peach said.

Marth and Roy rushed towards the Death Egg this time cutting it like an X. Samus aimed her cannon at the bunch of Phazon that was floating in the air. She had been all ready charging here annihilator beam and shot it at the Phazon. It began to ripple; it then dropped any machine parts that were still connected to it. When it reformed Marth and Roy ran towards it again. This time as they did their X slash they noticed that they were unable to cut through the metal.

"It must have evolved again." Marth grunted.

"It appears that every time it breaks it evolves." Roy pointed out. "And in order to destroy it we have to intentionally break it in order to get to the weak point and hit it for massive damage only to make it stronger. Who ever constructed this thing was incredibly devious."

"We certainly can't have these things mass produced." Falco said.

Jigglypuff rolled towards the Death Egg, however she was quickly knocked out of the way. Suddenly bullets made out of energy were shot at all of the Smashers. Unable to avoid it they were knocked back. The Death Egg began to launch its spikes towards them. All of them were able to avoid it, but just barely.

"This stupid machine is back on the offensive!" Captain Falcon said running towards it. He jumped into the air and delivered a barrage of punches and kicks. Pikachu, Pichu, and Luigi rushed forwards. Pikachu and Pichu had electricity sparking around them, while Luigi had electricity sparking in his hand. When they collided with the Death Egg the electricity cut through it. Samus once again shot the Phazon ball this time it began to spark rather violently. The Death Egg reformed, and this time it disappeared. The next thing everyone knew was that they were on the ground in severe pain.

"The Death Egg it got faster now... a lot faster..." Zelda gasped in pain. Suddenly the Death Egg appeared in front of them. It raised its arm and then launched its fist at them. Everyone screamed as the fist came closer and closer.

But somebody jumped in the way and blocked the attack. "Heroes always arrive late." Link said blocking the Death Egg's fist with his sword.

"Where were you?" Nearly everyone shouted. Each of them showed different emotions, mainly: rage, and relief.

"Sorry, I was checking something out about the sword." Link said not at all showing any actual signs that he truly was sorry. "I'll clean up after you."

"Final Smasher! You will fall!"

Link looked up at the Death Egg. "I've killed bigger monsters than you." He sighed pushing back the Death Egg's fist. At first everyone wondered how he did that but then they noticed on his hands a pair of Gold Gauntlets.

"The Gold Gauntlets!" Princess Zelda exclaimed. "They magically increase the strength of the wielder by 10 fold!"

"What an insanely stupid, yet conveniently placed explanation." Kirby moaned lying on the ground in severe pain. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Link grabbed the Master Sword with his right hand and grabbed the Biggoron's sword that was on his back with his left. He held out his swords and readied himself to fight. "You realize that you won't be able to block my attacks with your shield." The Death Egg laughed.

"I won't need to block what I can just dodge." Link replied.

"Fool." The Death Egg threw several punches at Link who parried around them effortlessly. The Death Egg then smashed his fist into the ground, Link however sidestepped and then walked in front of the fist that was now implanted in the ground. Suddenly Link ran up the Death Egg's arm. At the top he jumped into the air and using both the Biggoron and The Master Sword he put them side by side and slashed through The Death Egg like it was paper. When he was done, the Death Egg fell apart into two perfect half's. Floating in the air was the Phazon.

Link just raised his bow and drew an arrow. Quickly he fired a light arrow at the Phazon. When the two collided the Phazon began to implode, sucking all of the Death Egg into itself. After several seconds had gone by Link lowered his bow. "And it's done." Link replied. Everyone was staring in disbelief that Link had defeated the Death Egg in no time flat.

"We struggled and are nearly killed then you come along, in less than a minute you completely destroy it." Pikachu shouted in frustrated. "Why?"

"Because you are too soft." Link replied. "You gave it the opportunity to recover and didn't realize its weak point the first time you saw it. I shouldn't have had to interfere!"

Everyone stared at Link. For some reason he looked rather shaken, not by the battle but what he had done beforehand. However no one decided to press him, mainly because everyone knew Link just did his own thing.

They all had mixed feelings about their victory. The most notable was Samus. "If the Phazon is still around so is Dark Samus." She muttered. With that they began to walk along the beaten pathway towards the Smash Mansion. They didn't bother cleaning up the mess that their battle had made, since the Smash Planet would quickly regenerate in the morning. The only traces that their battle had ever happened would have been the pieces of scrap metal scattered across the field.

Master Hand meanwhile was facing a monitor. "And do you have any information?" He asked.

"No," The voice replied. The figure was only a silhouette, and his voice was digitally scrambled. "I believe that the higher ups in The Government have sent an operative to infiltrate this organization. But they haven't revealed any information to us or put up any applications to assist him."

"I see continue your work. And if any applications come up sign up right away."

"Of course."

"If you ever deem it too dangerous to continue notify me right away and come here, we can give you a safe haven."

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I will be caught that easily. I am, after all, an expert in stealth."

To be continued…

The Death Egg is the final boss in Sonic the Hedgehog 2… Of course I modified it a bit… Ok a lot...

How I chose the groups... I did what Master Hand did. Only replace said hat with pencil case...