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Chapter 49: Golden War

It was a foggy morning. But the Smashers stood ready outside the village of Vale. Isaac had quickly placed a barrier around the village. "Hopefully that will protect everyone." Garet sighed.

"It will." Isaac calmly replied. "I put everything I have in it. It will hold up, even if I fall in battle."

"Don't say that." Garet snapped. "Who will lead the village then?"

"You can." Isaac laughed.

Garet however took offense to this comment. "You know I can't! Come on Isaac!"

"Don't worry, I won't die." Isaac replied.

"But incase you do and the barrier falls, the villagers have moved to a hidden chamber where they will be safe." Garet explained. "But, I'm more worried about these Smashers. Do they really think that they can take on a whole army by themselves?"

The two Adepts looked at the Smashers. Both of them were trying to analyze the Smashers abilities based upon their appearances. It was currently the 12 Smashers, the two Adepts and Saki, against who knows what.

Last night, during the feast:

"Thank you!" Captain Falcon shouted. "However, during the battle tomorrow, we wish for you to stay out of our way. We should be strong enough to fight them alone."

"What?" Popo shouted surprised. "But, shouldn't we have as many people out on the battlefield as possible?"

"No." Ganondorf calmly replied. "With less people on the battlefield, we don't have to worry about our surroundings and causing any damage to our allies."

"I understand." Isaac said. "However, regardless of what you say I will be joining you on the battlefield."

"Same here!" Saki shouted. "I owe these guys my life. I'm going to defend this village whether you like it or not."

They glanced at Saki rather confused. "You don't even look like you are in any shape to fight…"

"Don't worry; I'll be perfectly fine in the morning!" Saki replied.

Dr. Mario flinched.

Isaac just nodded. "Our village doesn't have that many soldiers to begin with. Only the eight Adept squad that I lead and a few others. Garet will also fight on the battlefield. While the six other Adepts will make sure the villagers get to the safe spot, and then come and join us on the battlefield."

"By the time they do that, the battle will all ready be over!" Ganondorf laughed.

"We can only hope it will be that short." Isaac calmly replied.

"No matter how you look at it, we are still outnumbered." Garet sighed. "Do you think that the 15 of us will be able to defeat them?"

"Yeah, we will be fine." Isaac calmly replied.

"They're coming." Captain Falcon announced. Everyone looked at Captain Falcon confused.

"How do you know that?" Peach wondered.

"You need to have good eyes when you're a racer." Captain Falcon replied. "This fog is next to nothing for me! And the equipment in my helmet that lets me see where people are also helps."

Everyone got up. Ganondorf cracked his knuckles. Falco and Saki cocked their guns. Isaac, and Marth drew their swords. Ness however just remained sitting down and meditating. "Clear my mind." He muttered.

Everyone looked at Ness who didn't move a muscle. "Hey, the fight will be over at this rate." Captain Falcon taunted. "Come on, you can't just sit there all day." Ness just remained perfectly still. "Well whatever."

They watched as an army of Heartless approached them. Along with the Heartless there was strange white creatures, Nobodies, and what looked like an army of humans. The whole horizon was covered by thousands of soldiers. "I don't believe it." Ganondorf muttered.

Along with the Heartless, Nobodies, and soldiers, there were also plenty of monsters. "Well, this could be fun." Falco chuckled.

"It looks like they've learnt their lesson from yesterday." Saki sighed. "They increased their numbers."

A brown haired youth suddenly appeared in front of all of the Smashers. He had stepped out of a portal so suddenly that it shocked them. He glanced around at all of the Smashers. "If I wanted, I could have ended this all right now." He laughed.

Marth and Ganondorf drew their swords and quickly placed it at his neck. "Who are you?" They asked in a threatening manner.

The youth just laughed. "Now, please allow me to introduce myself!" He said. "I'm Sora, the one who took Mewtwo!"

They didn't take this lightly. They quickly tried to behead the youth, however he just disappeared into the shadows. A moment later he reappeared. "You missed." Sora taunted.

Pikachu quickly fired several thunderbolts towards him, however Sora just knocked the attack away. He disappeared several seconds later. They watched, as the forces got closer. On top of a giant Heartless, Darkside. He just yawned. "Smashers, you really are weak! I can see how your own have fallen so far!"

This aggravated Pikachu and Jigglypuff to no end. "Remain calm!" Captain Falcon ordered. "Can't you see that he is trying to rile us up!"

"I know." Pikachu calmly replied.

"I'm responsible for everything that has happened so far!" Sora taunted. "And you Smashers have been powerless to try and stop it! You will just fall deeper and deeper into despair! You're all weak. In fact I should just kill you right here!"

"I've heard enough." Marth said. He held out his sword, and a large amount of energy began to gather around it. "Everyone, give me your strength! Let's end this battle in one move!" Ganondorf just laughed, a dark sphere of magic energy appeared in his hands. He quickly threw it to Marth's sword. A moment later the sword's aura increased. Pikachu began to fire thunderbolts towards the sword. Instead of electrocuting Marth, the electricity just stayed at the sword. All of the other Smashers, except Ness also added there strength to the sword. "Sword Beam!" Marth shouted, jumping up into the air, and slashing his sword, causing the attack to be released. A blade of energy rushed towards Sora. However Sora just jumped into the air, avoiding the attack, and causing the Sword Beam to cut through the giant Darkside Heartless.

Marth however had prepared for this, he had held back more than 90% of the power. When he landed, he released another sword beam; this one was horizontal and quickly began to cut through all of the weaker Heartless. It showed no sign of stopping, as it approached Sora, he summoned the Keyblade and countered the attack, cutting through the sword beam. "Is that all?" Sora questioned.

"Not quite!" Ganondorf replied. While Sora had been focused on Marth, Ganondorf had began to draw in more energy and sent a sphere of energy rocketing towards Sora. Having had attacks like this repelled by Link in the past, Ganondorf had prepared for it incase Sora had decided to slash at the ball and reflect the attack. It would explode upon contact. Much like he expected, Sora got ready to swing his Keyblade and reflect the attack.

However at the last second a cloaked figure pushed Sora out of the way and blocked the attack with a shield. The attack then exploded, resulting in the person with the shield being forced back. Ganondorf actually looked frustrated that his plan to kill Sora had failed. The shield now had a large crack through it.

"Vexen, what was that for?" Sora asked.

"I'm sorry." Vexen apologized. "But that attack would have been dangerous if you had hit it. My shield was barely able to stop the attack."

Ganondorf looked frustrated at Vexen. He drew his sword and quickly drew the Triforce in the air. Suddenly from the Triforce, a beam of energy shot out. Vexen quickly brought up his sheild to defend Sora. The beam of energy however began to chip away at the shield. "Sora. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain." Vexen said, before his shield was fully destroyed along with the Nobody. Soon after, the attack stopped and Ganondorf fell down gasping for air. He looked up at Sora who was just laughing.

"Useless Nobody!" He laughed.

"How heartless." Dr. Mario said. "He cares not for the person who just saved his life. I can't believe that the Keyblade chose someone like this."

"What do you know about the Keyblade?" Ganondorf asked.

"It is much like the Master Sword in that it chooses its wielder." Dr. Mario replied. "But I don't know how one such as him was chosen."

"Perhaps, there was a time when he was innocent." Ganondorf quickly replied. "But it seems like that time has lapsed."

The Heartless, Nobodies, soldiers and monsters now began to rush towards the Smashers. They quickly began to fight, and try to get rid of as many as possible as quickly as possible. This however resulted in them using the flashiest attacks in an attempt to clear their opponents. This however did nothing, except for exhaust them. Suddenly a wave of energy knocked all of their opponents back.

"Everyone stop!" Ness shouted. They looked at the Smasher who hadn't moved from his meditative position. "Can't you see that they are trying to get you to waste your energy? We shouldn't use our energy up like that!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

"If we waste our energy using flashy attacks on these weaklings, the stronger people back there will defeat us nearly effortlessly! They will get the Golden Sun, and The Dark Lord Smithy will become even stronger."

"You say that after using PK Rockin Omega!" The Smashers thought.

Isaac just laughed. "Why don't I show you what I can do." He walked forwards in front of everyone and stretched out his hand. "I summon you, Judgment! The might of the apocalypse!"

An armored figure appeared. In its right hand was the head of a lion. In his left hand was a sword. On its head were horns of a bull. And on its back were wings of an eagle. It suddenly flew up into the air and pointed the head of the lion down towards the ground. Energy began to gather at the mouth of the lion. A sphere of energy was then shot down towards the ground. Upon impact the sphere of energy exploded and incinerated many of the weaker monsters.

All of the Smashers looked at Isaac, who just laughed. "There, no problem, right?"

"What was that about no flashy attacks Ness?" Dr. Mario asked.

"Just as long as Isaac didn't waste too much energy..." Ness said.

"Oh no," Isaac quickly said. "My summon abilities are based upon Djinn I have. They don't rely on my energy."

Captain Falcon just leaned over to Marth. "Were we really needed?" He questioned. "I mean, just a few of those, if the enemies weren't expecting, and not blocking, they would be destroyed."

"Isaac probably has his limits." Marth quickly replied.

Someone began to clap and approach the Smashers. "Amazing, Isaac, you still haven't lost it!" Alex said while approaching the Smashers. At his side were four fighters, acting as his bodyguards. Saturos, Menardi, Agatio, and Karst.

"What!" Garet shouted shocked. "But we killed them!"

"They are back from the grave." Alex laughed. "The Dark Lord revived them in order to obtain the Golden Sun from you Isaac!"

The Smashers looked at Isaac. "Yes, you knew." Isaac said. "That the Golden Sun was sealed inside of me. That's fine... Because it won't change the outcome of this battle!"

"You will just have to watch as all of your hope is destroyed and one by one everything is taken away from you. I've been planning this for a while! And today I won't fail to obtain what is rightfully mine!" Alex shouted. "Now, lets see just how strong you Smashers are! Medusa, the vectors!" The Smashers suddenly began to slide away from Alex, Isaac, Saki, and Garet. They looked at the ground and realized that they were standing on arrows that were moving them to direction where they pointed.

"There, now I got rid of the pests." Alex calmly said, "So now it's just you, one of your friends, and that person from yesterday. Do you think you can win against the five of us?"

"We don't really have much of a choice do we?" Garet muttered. "Let's hope the Smashers are able to get back here quickly."

"They won't last long." Karst laughed. "Soon they will all die."

"You're lucky that we were ordered not to kill you Isaac! Of course, you know your friends are fair game!" Menardi growled. "I've wanted revenge for you killing us the last time."

Garet held out his giant axe and ran towards them. He swung it down towards Agatio, however he raised his hands and caught the axe. Agatio was actually rather surprised. "If that was my old body, it would have cut right through it!"

Alex let of a small chuckle. "Yes. But don't worry, that isn't the only thing that has been boosted. I'll let you have your happy reunion, it seems one of the Smashers got off the vectors and are coming back towards us. I'll stop him, but you better capture Isaac by the time I get back." With that Alex disappeared.

Garet wasn't one to give up; quickly he began to charge Psynergy. "Supernova!" Garet shouted, creating an explosion that engulfed the four Adepts. However when the attack cleared all four of them were left unharmed. "It didn't work!"

"Foolish boy, have you forgotten that we are also wielders of Mars Psynergy, of course it wouldn't be as effective against us." Menardi laughed.

"Sorry Isaac," Garet apologized. "Unfortunately, I'm not very strong against them."

Isaac remained calm. "This looks like it will be a tough battle." Isaac drew his sword and stared at the four enemy Adepts. "In a way, I can't tell you how glad you are alive again. Ever since that day I've wanted to cross swords with each and every one of you again."

"Leave this to me." Saki said.

Saki disappeared and reappeared in front of the four Adepts. Quickly he swung his cannon Sword delivering light cuts to all four of them. As he swung the cannon sword once again, it was blocked by a sword from Saturos. "Interesting, you will be my opponent." he laughed.

"How did he block my attack? How did he react that fast?" Saki thought.

"I guess I will take care of the Mars Adept." Agatio said.

"That leaves me and my sister to take care of Isaac." Karst laughed. "I've been waiting for another chance at you Isaac!"

Saki VS Saturos:

Saturos was actually annoyed. "Looks like I'll have to end this quickly, there's no telling if Karst and Menardi will try and just capture Isaac."

"Are you just brushing me off?" Saki asked, slightly agitated.

"And if I am?" Saturos replied. Saki quickly rushed for Saturos. He swung down his Cannon Sword, however Saturos blocked the attack and pushed him back several feet. "Sorry, but no normal human can fight against me."

Saki let off a small chuckle. "Well, unfortunately for you I'm anything but normal!"

Saki rushed for Saturos, this time he used more of his strength, Saturos countered. When their swords collided, it unleashed a shockwave of power. Saturos was actually shocked. "A lowly human making me flinch?"

Saki quickly recovered and ran to Saturos and delivered a roundhouse kick. For several seconds Saturos was in a daze trying to figure out what hit him. Saki quickly aimed his Cannon Sword at Saturos and fired at point blank. Due to Saturos' armor all he was able to do was knock him back half an inch.

Saki didn't let up and quickly slashed his Cannon Sword at Saturos. The attack cut Saturos' cheek. Saki then followed up with a punch directly to Saturos' armor. When Saki pulled back his fist, the armor had cracks in it. Saturos just looked shocked. "You're hiding something."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just a regular human." Saki taunted.

Saturos didn't believe this. "Pyroclasm!" He shouted. There was suddenly an explosion that engulfed Saki. Saturos followed up with another attack. "Heat Flash!" He jumped into the inferno and slashed Saki with a Mars charged attack. When he had finished the attack Saki began to stumble.

The heat had suddenly caused Saki to hallucinate. He couldn't see anything clearly. Saki was now trapped in delusion.

Saki quickly raised his cannon sword and shot at Saturos, however each bullet missed. Saki then rushed forwards and slashed his cannon sword down, however he had missed Saturos by at least a foot. "You don't seem to be so well." Saturos said, as he punched Saki in the abdomen.

Saki was winded and began to gasp for air, Saturos quickly tripped Saki. As Saki was getting back up, Saturos stabbed Saki's hand. Saki just began to cry out in pain. "How could a mere human hurt me?" Saturos shouted enraged. "I'll make sure you never fight again!" He pulled out the sword and stabbed Saki in the stomach. He then pulled out the sword and slashed his sword down through Saki's shoulder. "Scream in pain! Beg for mercy!"

He kicked Saki's head and sent him down to the ground. Saki however began to get up. "Is that all you have?" Saki laughed. The wounds were already beginning to heal. "To answer your question, I lied, I'm not a human."

"I see, you're much like me then." Saturos laughed. "I am from Prox! I won't lose!"

"I have no intention on losing either!" Saki said, having finally shaken his delusion. He quickly swung his Cannon Sword. Saturos just blocked it, however even blocked he was able to feel all of the strength that Saki put behind his attack. Quickly Saturos used some Psynergy to increase his defense.

Saki quickly began to rapidly fire his Cannon Sword at Saturos, who was able to dodge each attack. Suddenly Saturos sent what looked like purple skull clouds towards Saki. They went through him, and Saki suddenly felt his energy sapped. Saki however ran towards Saturos and jumped into the air. He got behind Saturos and slashed him across the back. Suddenly Saki felt some pain go through him.

He collapsed on the ground and gasped for air. "What was that?" Saki asked.

"That was Haunt." Saturos replied, quickly turning around and stabbing Saki through the stomach. He pushed Saki off of his blade and began to walk away. "One down."

Saki struggled to get back up. His vision was beginning to get blurry. He gasped for air. All he could think about was killing and surviving no matter what the costs. "No! Not right now!" He thought. "I have to stay sane, I can't let it take me over! Not right now!" Without thinking Saki quickly stabbed his leg with his cannon sword. For a few seconds he regained his sanity.

"What was that?" Saturos asked. "I felt a sudden surge of energy from you."

"I was going to transform." Saki replied. "Sorry, but I can't do that, not here."

"You should have transformed." Saturos laughed. "It might have saved your life."

Saki just laughed. "Sorry, but I don't think you're strong enough to face me when I transform."

Saturos wasn't amused. "How insulting! Now I'm going to transform. And kill you!" Energy began to well up around Saturos. His body began to increase in size, and he became a dragon with blue scales. "With this power I will rip you to shreds!"

Saki just let off a heavy sigh. "What did I get myself into?" Saturos spread his wings and flew towards Saki. Saki however stood perfectly still. "But sometimes, I guess I can't hold back my power." He caught Saturos' wings and delivered a kick to the dragon's body sending it up into the air. "This is ten percent of my power Saturos. Can you fight more?"

"I think the question is whether you can hold on to any more of your power?" Saturos replied. "Do you think I wouldn't have figured it out that you can't fully control it?"

Saki quickly rushed for Saturos and delivered an axe kick knocking the dragon's head down to the ground. "You won't last long enough for me to lose control." Saki said looking down at Saturos. There was something terrifying about him. "In fact you're about to die here!" Saki raised his foot. As he was about to stomp Saturos' head, Saturos spread his wings and flew back several feet. Saki stomped the ground, leaving a rather noticeable crater. The next moment he disappeared. "Wondering where I am?" Saki asked. He had moved on to Saturos' back. A moment later he stabbed his Cannon Sword through Saturos.

"Do you think something like that will kill me?" Saturos shouted.

"No!" Saki replied. He then began to rapidly stab Saturos with his cannon sword. Eventually, Saki became hysterical and lost himself to insanity. "Bleed! Bleed for me!"

The dragon began to revert back to Saturos. Just as Saki was about to stab Saturos again, he regained his sanity and stopped himself from delivering a decisive blow. Saki began to walk away. "Save your strength. If you have any energy heal yourself and get out of here. If we continue, I won't be able to stop myself next time."

Saturos cast Potent Cure on himself. "It's not over. I am a warrior of Prox. I won't lose again."

"You should look at your fellow warriors." Saki said. Saturos looked at Menardi, Karst, and Agatio. All three of them were struggling to stand up. "It's over, you should just go home now."

We now rewind to see the other fights.

Garet and Agatio were had gotten into a bare fisted fight. Or as bare fisted as they could get. Both of them had summoned fire on their fists and were constantly punching. In pure strength and endurance, the victor would clearly be Agatio, however, Garet had a few plans of his own.

Flying around Garet were nine different Djinn. All of them were from the Mars family. "Forge!" Garet shouted. Suddenly a Djinni went into Garet and he burned with a fiery aura. His attack had increased. He ran up to Agatio and punched him, causing Agatio to wince in pain. Agatio quickly tried to throw a punch. "Corona!" Garet said. Another Djinni went into Garet and increased his defense.

"Are you really just going to use your Djinn recklessly like that?" Agatio asked.

"I'm not going to be reckless." Garet replied. "I'm going to use them to beat you!"

"You've got seven more Djinn that I don't know the abilities of." Agatio laughed. "Once you reveal all of them, this match will be over."

"I promise you it will be over." Garet laughed. "But I will be the winner."

"You've increased your attack and defense, you might stand a small chance against me now in a simple battle of fists." Agatio said.

"Char, Coal!" Garet shouted. Two more Djinn flew into Garet. Char immediately came out of Garet and rushed for Agatio. It hit and delivered a strong blow, also temporarily paralyzing Agatio. Coal on the other hand boosted Garet's speed. Garet suddenly appeared in front of Agatio and delivered an uppercut directly to Agatio's jaw.

Agatio fell backwards, but he wasn't knocked unconscious. He struggled to get back up, eventually managing to get on his feet. He stumbled forwards a bit, dizzied by Garet's attack. "If you had done that to a normal human the fight would have been over." He laughed. "Unfortunately, you all ready know I'm not a normal human."

"Yeah." Garet replied. "But that's fine, it's more fun this way."

"You have five more Djinn before this match is over. You've used four so far. Forge, Corona, Char, and Coal."

"Yes, I know." Garet said. "I'm not an idiot that needs to be reminded what he just did! Of course, you should realize what four Djinn mean."

Agatio's face was suddenly covered in horror. "Oh no."

The four Djinn that had gone into Garet suddenly came out of him and transformed into balls of light they then rushed up into the sky and formed a meteor that rushed for Agatio. The attack hit, and dealt a moderate amount of damage.

Agatio was still stunned when Garet struck with his next Djinni. "Fever!" Garet said. Agatio was hit by the Djinni and then wrapped in a feverish delusion.

"So what, I can't see clearly." Agatio laughed. "I can still use Psynergy to defeat you."

"No you can't!" Garet laughed "Because my next Djinni is Fugue!" Fugue attacked Agatio, and suddenly the man felt all of his energy leave him, so that he could no longer use Psynergy.

Agatio just began to gasp for air. "That's six. You have three more."

Garet just laughed. "I think I'll use four I've all ready used again." Garet said. Agatio looked up. Through his delusion he could see that the four Djinn that Garet had used to summon the meteor had come back and were flying around him again. "Forge, Corona, Char, and Coal!"

Once again Garet's strength, defense, and speed were increased. Char also once again paralyzed Agatio. Garet rushed up to Agatio and delivered another uppercut, with even more strength. This sent Agatio on the ground. To make sure that Agatio wasn't going to get up again, Garet also summoned another meteor.

Upon impact, Agatio cried out in pain. Garet just let off a sigh of relief. "It looks like I didn't have to use my last three Djinn."

Agatio struggled to get back up. "I won't fail." He said. "I won't fail. Not against someone like you."

"I summon the mystical beast cloaked in flame: Kirin!" Suddenly a flaming horned canine like creature appeared, it was actually a dragon. It walked around Garet, and constantly had it's eyes focused on Agatio.

"Go, show me your final three Djinn!" Agatio said.

Garet ordered Kirin to attack. The summon lunged for Agatio and pinned him on the ground. Agatio once again got up. "Show me your last three Djinn!"

Garet however once again used his Forge, Corona, and Coal combo. Due to Agatio being exhausted he didn't even worry about the warrior dodging. He delivered another uppercut that sent Agatio several feet into the air.

Agatio spit out blood and struggled to get back up. Garet however just began to walk away to rejoin Isaac. "Sorry, but it's over, you didn't get to see my last three Djinn."

"You've grown stronger since the last time we fought."

"So have you." Garet said.

Isaac was facing the two sisters. Menardi and Karst.

Isaac suddenly felt the Luna Blade that was at his side pulsing. "The sword wants me to use it." Isaac thought. "But I thought it couldn't cut any living beings..."

"What are you waiting for?" Karst asked. "Attack! Fine, if you won't I will!" She jumped towards Isaac and swung her scythe. Isaac however drew the Luna Blade and countered the attack. There was suddenly a pulse of energy from the Luna Blade, causing Karst to jump back. "Just what was that?"

"What was what?" Menardi asked.

"There is something strange about that sword!" Karst said. "I just got the feeling that if I stayed there, it would kill me again!"

Isaac remained calm. "I see, so the Luna Blade is also a dangerous weapon to those who have been revived from the dead. But why? I thought it's purpose was to heal? Could it be something about their revival?"

Isaac just began to walk towards them. From his scarf nine Venus Djinn appeared. "Ground!" Isaac said. Immediately the Djinni flew towards the two and held them in place. They struggled, but Isaac cut through them with the Luna Blade. The two of them fell on the ground defeated. They struggled to get back up, but their strength was leaving them quickly. He placed his hand on the ground and watched everyone's fights simultaneously. He then looked up, as Garet and Saki were coming towards him.

"Geeze, here I thought you would need my help." Garet said. "But you took care of the two of them so quickly."

"Yeah." Isaac said. "I thought I was in for a fight as well, but it turns out the Luna Blade is quite powerful. For whatever reason it was able to cut through the two of them."

They glanced at Menardi and Karst. The two of them were struggling. Where Isaac had cut them with the Luna blade was now reverting back into dirt. Saturos and Agatio had returned to Menardi and Karst's sides. They were in shock at what had happened.

"We have one other choice." Menardi said. "It's time! Fusion!" Saturos, Karst and Agatio all nodded in agreement. Realizing what was happening Saki began to open fire on them. However they didn't flinch.

"This is bad!" Saki shouted.

"Yeah." Isaac replied.

Garet just held tightly on to his axe. "Damn it... They want to fight us to the bitter end."

The fusion was completed and standing in front of them was a four-headed dragon: Ultima Dragon.

"This is bad..." Isaac said.

"What just happened?" Dr. Mario asked, to no one in particular.

"My vectors just moved you all to an opponent. If you want to get back to fighting Alex, you are going to have to each beat an opponent." Someone explained. "My name is Medusa, and I will be your opponent tonight!" Dr. Mario stared at Medusa. "A doctor?" Medusa questioned. "You shouldn't be fighting. Let alone against a woman..."

Dr. Mario just laughed. "Cut the sweet act. I can see the aura of insanity around you."

"So, I end up fighting a doctor again..." Medusa sighed. "Well then, this should still be fun."

Dr. Mario rushed for Medusa, however when he stepped in front of her he went flying backwards. He looked at the ground and saw that he had stepped on an arrow that was pointing away from her. "My vectors can move you anywhere the moment you touch them." She explained.

Dr. Mario however jumped into the air and attacked Medusa. However she punched Dr. Mario, and sent him flying back. "She has the strength of Captain Falcon." Dr. Mario muttered. "If I hadn't put up a barrier at the last second that would have been much more painful than it looked."

"Don't think that's the only use of my vectors." Medusa calmly replied.

"I see, you can use them to strengthen your own attacks." Dr. Mario said. "Well then, I guess I'll have to be careful. Tell me, is it fair to assume that while I'm fighting blind, you know about my various abilities."

"That's correct. You're mainly a healer."

Dr. Mario brought out a small scalpel. He then began to feed it energy, moments later it began to grow until the scalpel dwarfed Dr. Mario. He held it like a lance. "Don't underestimate me then." Dr. Mario calmly said. He began to swing the scalpel around his head. It was flashy, and looked cool, but did absolutely nothing for actual fighting.

Medusa on the other hand sent a vector towards the scalpel and knocked it into the air. Dr. Mario however quickly made a string of energy and wrapped it around the scalpel, pulling it towards the witch. The witch who wasn't expecting this got stabbed in the side. She pulled out the scalpel and looked at Dr. Mario.

"I see there is more to you than meets the eye. In fact, I was told that you used to be in the Government!"

"That's right." Dr. Mario replied calmly. "I've put my past behind me, and I joined the Smashers to end what I did in the Government!"

"How, noble." Medusa taunted. "Is that really why you left the Government though?"

"I've heard enough." Dr. Mario said, pulling back the giant scalpel and catching it in his hand. "We all have our inner demons. I wonder what yours looks like."

Medusa didn't take this kindly. "Serpent Whip!" She shouted, sending a snake to attack Dr. Mario. Quickly the Doctor jumped into the air to dodge the attack. "Vector Arrow!" Several vectors rushed for Dr. Mario who just knocked them all away with his scalpel. "Vector Plate!"

Dr. Mario was suddenly launched in a different direction. This disoriented him, and he lost his balance. The vector arrows suddenly rushed for him. However a barrier of darkness appeared around Dr. Mario, as soon as the vector arrows hit it they were disintegrated. "I'll have to thank Ganondorf for showing me that technique later." Dr. Mario said, as he got up off of the ground. He glanced at Medusa and swung his scalpel.

"Interesting Doctor." Medusa laughed. "You're quite dark. I wonder, what is hidden inside of you?"

"Organs, blood, the same as every other human being." Dr. Mario replied.

"Vector Blade!" Medusa said. Her vector arrows suddenly formed a sword. She rushed for Dr. Mario and stabbed towards him. Dr. Mario however blocked with his scalpel.

Two vector arrows suddenly shot up from the ground behind Dr. Mario and towards his back. They however just were reflected off of his lab coat. "You're a coward."

"I'm just doing what ever it takes to win." Medusa replied.

Dr. Mario stood on the ground. "Normally I'm against hurting people, but I'll make an exception for you. Eye of the storm!" All of the insanity that Medusa was letting off suddenly no longer went around Dr. Mario. Instead there was a certain air around him. It was as though the air was perfectly calm. It was terrifying.

Dr. Mario suddenly ran towards Medusa and delivered a punch directly to her abdomen. She was forced back several feet, what was perhaps even more terrifying was that she couldn't read Dr. Mario or figure out what move he would make next. Dr. Mario quickly ran for Medusa and placed his hand on Medusa's abdomen, a moment later she went flying back several feet. Before she had a chance to recover, Dr. Mario jumped in the air and delivered a roundhouse kick to her head, sending her flying several feet away. Dr. Mario then threw his giant scalpel, and it pierced her. Medusa glanced at Dr. Mario, through out each of his attacks his expression hadn't changed. He was perfectly calm. Quickly Medusa tried to pull out the Scalpel from her body. However, when she tugged on it, it began to repel her.

"Serpent whip!" Medusa shouted, sending a whip made from one of her vector's towards Dr. Mario. However, the doctor just caught it. "Vector Arrow!" several vectors rushed for Dr. Mario, however he jumped into the air and landed in front of Medusa, he grabbed his scalpel and pulled it out of her.

"If that's all you have, I'm rather disappointed." Dr. Mario calmly said.

The wounds instantly began to heal on Medusa. "It isn't." She replied. "I'm just distracting you so they can obtain the Golden Sun."

Dr. Mario let off a chuckle. "I expected as much. In that case, I guess I should return back to the main battle field."

"Unfortunately, I can't let you do that." Medusa replied. "I've now seen your limit, and not even your Weapon of Heart was able to hurt me that much."

Dr. Mario began to laugh uncontrollably. "All this time you thought this scalpel was my Weapon of Heart?" he asked. "You've been quite mistaken. I haven't used that yet. Besides, I don't need to, not against you." Red flames appeared in Dr. Mario's hands. Suddenly they spread across the scalpel. He swung the scalpel, however Medusa blocked the attack with her sword that was made out of vectors. Suddenly, Dr. Mario stopped the firey arua on his blade. "This is your last chance." He calmly said.

"Bring it!" Medusa taunted. "I'm ready for whatever you throw at me!"

The aura on the blade suddenly hanged to a clam and healing one. He slashed his scalpel against Medusa's Vector Blade and immediately they began to dissolve. Medusa tried to get away, but suddenly noticed several scalpels were in her shadow, somehow preventing her from fleeing. "When did you do that?"

"My main abilities lie in healing." Dr. Mario explained. "I have effectively sedated you. The scalpels are just for decoration. And, unfortunately for you, I'm the worst opponent possible."

He pulled back his scalpel and thrust it into Medusa. The calming aura began to spread. A few moments later Medusa exploded into thousands of the tiny little snake arrows. However, Dr. Mario quickly summoned a staff and created a barrier.

"So, you've managed to call out my Weapon of Heart." Dr. Mario said. "I'm surprised to say the least. Unfortunately for you I'm not willing to let you get away."

A bright blue light began to spread, and the snake vectors began to dissolve, screaming out in pain. Dr. Mario just remained calm. When they were all gone, he brought down the barrier. "This is my Weapon of Heart. A healing staff. Normally it would just heal any wounds, but it seems because of your own insanity that it destroyed you instead."

He quickly returned to the battle to fight alongside of Isaac and Saki.

Ganondorf VS Erazor Djinn

Ganondorf wasted no time. He rushed toward Erazor. The two sword's clashed.

"If that's all you have this is gong to be over quite quickly!" Erazor laughed. Ganondorf just laughed. Darkness began to surge through his sword and towards Erazor. "What is this power?"

"That is my power of darkness." Ganondorf replied, as it began to surge through Erazor.

Erazor just let off a laugh. "Interesting, however your darkness won't have any effect on me!"

He lifted up his sword and swung it around, Ganondorf quickly jumped back to avoid the slashes. Erazor then slashed the air, and suddenly a magical fire was summoned where he slashed. With a wave of his hand, the fire rushed towards Ganondorf who quickly created a barrier out of darkness. Ganondorf quickly jumped towards Erazor and punched his sword with his fist. However Erazor countered by creating a magic barrier sending Ganondorf flying back.

"You're certainly full of surprises." Erazor laughed. "But you can't win against me! I am immortal, and all powerful!"

"We'll see." Ganondorf replied.

A fire appeared in Erazor's hand and he shot it towards Ganondorf. Ganondorf tried to dodge the attack, however the fire followed him and hit him on the chest. This suddenly caused Ganondorf to fall down on the ground, gasping for air. As he got up he noticed a flame that was infront of his chest, in the exact same spot where his heart would be.

"A curse?"

"Yes," Erazor said. "This is the Flame of Judgment, when it goes out, you will die!"

Ganondorf looked at the flame and tried to crush it with his hand, and even using some dark magic to negate it, however it was ineffective. "Interesting." He laughed. "I guess the only way to break the curse is if you remove it, or I kill you."

"The only way to break the curse is if I remove it." Erazor said. "Since I'm immortal you will be unable to kill me!"

"Interesting." Ganondorf laughed. He ran towards Erazor and attacked once again. This time he jumped into he air. Using his sword he was able to cut Erazor and make him bleed, he then distanced himself from the Djinn. "Now Erazor, let's make this a battle between magic!"

Runes began to appear on the ground, and Ganondorf began to chant something. On Erazor, where Ganondorf had cut him a mark began to appear. Erazor looked at the mark rather surprised. "What's going on!"

Ganondorf had finished chanting and began to laugh. "I've used a magic spell that under normal conditions would be outright suicidal. The conditions of the spell are as follows, if I die, you die as well!"

"Hah!" Erazor laughed. "You're bluffing! I can't die! I am immortal!"

"I reassure you, there is no bluffing here. And besides, even if you can't die, there are some fates truly worse than death." Ganondorf replied. "However, incase you're afraid, there is away to end the spell. All you have to do is remove this flame of judgment and the spell will automatically be canceled."

"Ha! Someone like me would be capable of instantly dispelling this magic from a puny human such as yourself!" Erazor laughed.

"If you fled from the battle." Ganondorf said. "I've all ready thought of that one too. If you flee, it will begin to burn so much that you won't even be able to use magic. This spell is called Death Lock! And you're the first person I have ever had a chance to use it against."

"But a spell like this would require a bunch of preparation!" Erazor said.

"Not if you're me!" Ganondorf said.

He rushed towards Erazor and began to rapidly punch him, even using a bit of magic to strengthen the blows. Erazor quickly slashed his sword, creating a stream of fire that rushed towards Ganondorf. Ganondorf however jumped into the air to dodge it. Erazor quickly flew into the sky to intercept Ganondorf, he punched Ganondorf down to the ground. Ganondorf crashed into the ground creating a crater, and the flame of judgment suddenly began to shrink.

Erazor suddenly began to scream in pain. The marks that Ganondorf had placed on him began to pulse. The pain was paralyzing.

"I forgot to mention, the closer I get to death, the more evident the curse becomes." Ganondorf said. "Right now the curse's marks are spreading itself all around your body. You might not die if you kill me but imagine being stuck in a state like that for all eternity!"

Erazor Djinn had fallen to the ground. "What power!" Erazor said. "I don't believe this!"

"So, are you going to continue to use the flame of judgment on me?" Ganondorf asked.

Erazor jumped towards Ganondorf and began to wail upon him with a flurry of punches. Ganondorf tried to counter by creating his barrier. This only repelled Erazor Djinn's attacks. Erazor placed his hand on the barrier and began to unleash several energy blasts, however it did nothing. However constantly keeping up the barrier was putting a big strain on Ganondorf and the flame of judgment became even smaller.

The marks spread across Erazor, causing him to scream out in pain once again. "I'll beat you within an inch of your life." Erazor said. "When that happens, I'll remove the Flame of Judgment and then deliver you straight to the Dark Lord Smithy myself."

Ganondorf lowered his barrier. "I assure you, that wont happen. I'll kill myself before you can even knock me unconscious!"

"You're bluffing!" Erazor said.

"I thought by now you would have figured it out." Ganondorf replied. He ran for Erazor. This time when their swords collided, Erazor made sure that the chain at the end of his sword pierced Ganondorf. Ganondorf quickly backed away, placing his hand on the wound. The flame of judgment became even smaller. However this time, to escape the pain, Erazor canceled out the flame of judgment. The marks of Ganondorf's curse began to vanish, and Erazor began to laugh.

"Now that is gone, there is no way you can stop me from recasting the flame of judgment." Erazor tried to send another flame of judgment towards Ganondorf, however Ganondorf just smiled.

"Do you think I would overlook something so basic?" Ganondorf said. "I made sure that the moment that you canceled my flame of judgment, you would never be able to cast it again!"

Erazor just laughed. "So, you permanently sealed my magic! So what? With the flame of judgment being the size it was you're clearly exhausted! I've won this fight."

Ganondorf just smiled. "Please, do you think I wouldn't have noticed that the flames of judgment were directly tied to my energy? All this time I've been intentionally releasing energy for the sole purpose of gathering it back once you became to paranoid over an eternity of eternal suffering."

"You're nothing more than a second rate sorcerer!" Erazor shouted frustrated. "You're nothing compared to me, a Djinn! I'll put you in your place permanently!"

Energy began to swell up around Erazor. He immediately rushed for Ganondorf and delivered a kick, which the King of Evil jumped over. Ganondorf quickly threw a punch, however, the energy that Erazor had gathered had made his skin harder.

"Die, you second rate sorcerer!" Erazor shouted. He threw a punch that Ganondorf was unable to block. The attack hit with enough force to send Ganondorf flying back. His armor had cracks in it, and the force of the attack had broken a few ribs too.

"What strength." Ganondorf thought. "I was too arrogant."

Ganondorf struggled to get back up. He began to gather all of the magical energy that he had dispersed, however Erazor saw this and quickly appeared in front of Ganondorf and kicked him into the air. Erazor snapped his fingers and blades of wind cut Ganondorf. A few seconds later Erazor jumped in front of Ganondorf and delivered another punch sending Ganondorf down towards the ground.

Ganondorf tried to get back up, however, his arms immediately gave away, and he fell back onto the ground. He looked at his left hand where the Triforce of Power sat. "Damn it, I need power. Give me power!"

He threw his fist into the air, and began to gather all of the energy that he dispersed. He also drew in more energy from the land. Slowly Ganondorf began to get back up.

"You won't stay down? Will you!" Erazor shouted frustrated. "Well, it's time for you to die! The Dark Lord can bring you back to life if I just killed you!"

However for Ganondorf, everything was going slowly. He couldn't hear Erazor shouting. And as Erazor began to run towards him it seemed like it was taking forever for Erazor to actually reach him.

However suddenly, Erazor stopped running towards Ganondorf. "What is this power?" Erazor asked.

Purple flames began to rise off of Ganondorf. His hair began to stand on end.

"This power!" Ganondorf thought. "Perhaps this is the power that is necessary to defy fate!"

"What?" Erazor shouted surprised. "Your power... You'll die using that power! It's too much for your body to handle!"

Ganondorf however remained calm. There was something terrifying in the air around him. "Is that so?" He asked. "Tell me, Erazor, how many battles have you fought? When we walked on this field today we knew that there was the chance that some of us may never walk off of it. If I am to die, then I will at least die fighting in what I believe in!"

Ganondorf ran towards Erazor with a newfound speed. Erazor was unable to even prepare himself. Immediately Ganondorf delivered a punch at Erazor, sending him sliding several feet back. "And what do you believe in?" Erazor asked.

"I'm fighting to save my friend."

"Friend!" Erazor laughed. "That's rich! Mewtwo betrayed you all! What will it take for you to accept that?"

"I have accepted that." Ganondorf replied. "And I have forgiven him."

"You've forgiven him?" Erazor laughed. "That's hilarious! After he betrayed you? After he told us all of your moves? After two of you Smashers died? You've forgiven him after all he has done to you?"

"Yes." Ganondorf replied.

Erazor didn't believe this for a moment. He just ran towards Ganondorf and swung his sword, however Ganondorf caught Erazor's blade with his bare hand. "Why?" he asked.

Ganondorf just stood perfectly still, he didn't flinch. "Because, he has his reasons for doing what he has done."

"And do you know them?"

"Yes." Ganondorf replied.

"Lies!" Erazor shouted. He brought down his fist towards Ganondorf who just quickly jumped out of the way. "You're lying!"

"No, I'm not." Ganondorf calmly replied.

It was before The Virus incident at the Smash Mansion that Ganondorf had accidentally overheard Mewtwo and Master Hand talking. "Master Hand, please you must give me power!" Mewtwo demanded. "If you don't the entire Pokemon World will be destroyed by that madman!"

Ganondorf who had just been walking by the room by pure coincidence just paused.

"I cannot." Master Hand replied.

"Why not?" Mewtwo shouted outraged. With no control over his emotions various objects in the room began to rattle. Even some pictures that were hanging in the hallway began to shake. "In your letter you said that you wished to train us to protect the universe from those who wish to do it harm!"

"Yes, that's correct." Master Hand replied. "But you are not yet at that level that you need to be to save your world!"

"And by the time I get there, there will be no world to save!" Mewtwo shouted. "Humans and Pokemon, they are all dieing!"

"Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff are enduring it. You should too. If you go rushing in, it could end badly. In our current state, all 28 of us won't even be able to scratch the evils that are at work. Mewtwo please bear with it. I estimate that it will take at least five months until everyone is strong enough to liberate your world."

"Five months is far too long!" Mewtwo shouted.

"Mewtwo, you aren't just fighting one person." Master Hand replied. "When you go down to that world, you will be fighting against everyone on that planet. Humans will despise you for being a Pokemon. Pokemon will despise you for protecting the humans. You will be a giant target for both humans and Pokemon."

"I will get power." Mewtwo said turning his back on Master Hand. "Even if I have to go to hell itself to obtain it!"

Master Hand let off a heavy sigh. He knew that he had to either give into Mewtwo's demands, or make a compromise. "Listen Mewtwo, Crazy Hand and myself will go there and scout out the world. If we deem that the situation is critical we will dispatch the Smashers. As it stands right now though, the best option is to remain here in the mansion and grow stronger. We will also do what we can to slow down the process and give ourselves more time. As it stands right now, the Smashers will just be a liability and get in our way. I've heard that the madman behind your world's suffering has powerful allies from different worlds, it's complicated. One wrong move and we might just get destroyed, I can't have that misstep yet."

Ganondorf quickly made himself scarce. He didn't want Master Hand, or Mewtwo to know that he was eavesdropping. All he knew was that later that night, Master Hand and Crazy Hand departed. Soon after The Virus incident happened.

"I don't know what Mewtwo told you, but you fools probably believed any word that came out of his mouth." Ganondorf laughed. "Maybe he is just acting to try and kill you all behind your backs."

Erazor remained calm. "No one trusts him. We all expect that to happen."

"I've wasted enough time talking." Ganondorf said. He began to draw in the purple flames, until they all were focused on his fist. Quickly he ran for Erazor and kicked him into the air. "I'll settle it with one attack!" Ganondorf reappeared above Erazor and delivered a punch that sent Erazor crashing down to the ground below.

Ganondorf quickly returned to the ground. Several seconds later he clutched his chest. His whole body was shaking. The recoil involved in that last move had greatly hurt him. "It feels as though every single one of my muscles were ripped apart!" he thought.

Erazor Djinn was getting back up, he was also shaking. "I can't belive it. You've brought me to my knees Smasher! That power of yours must be sealed!"

Ganondorf clenched his fist and rushed for Erazor. Erazor quickly put his arms up to block, however Ganondorf kicked Erazor up into the sky. "Yes, I can feel my power!" Ganondorf thought. He held out his left hand. The Triforce of Power began to glow. Ganondorf's red hair began to grow longer. He held his sword. "Link, I know you aren't truly dead. I know you're watching from the shadows. Waiting to reveal yourself. That's fine. You can hide for as long as you like, but as long as we hold the Triforce, we will always be drawn together."

Ganondorf jumped up into the air and cut Erazor in half. The two half's fell on the ground and he cried out in pain. "I won't be defeated!"

"It's too late for that." Ganondorf said, believing that he had finished the battle.

"Is it?" Erazor wondered. "Prayers, Sadness, Rage, Hatred, Joy, Pleasure, and Wishes."

"What are you talking about?"

Erazor just laughed. "I can feel all of it. All seven of those are present here on this battle field! And by using those seven I can transform! When I transform, you won't be able to stand against me!"

Ganondorf just began to laugh. "Is that so?" He wondered. "I'd like to see your transformation then."

Erazor just laughed. "Very well then! It will be the last thing you ever witness though!" Erazor began to scream out in pain. His transformation wasn't a pleasant one. Four extra arms appeared on his body, and he began to transform into a grotesque monster. The spots that Ganondorf had cut began to heal, however they also began to glow. His size began to increase. He also rejoined his lower and upper body. "I am Alf-Layla-wa-Layla!"

"I don't care what your name is." Ganondorf said holding onto his giant sword. "You're going down all the same."

"You shouldn't have let me transform Ganondorf!" Alf-Layla-wa-Layla said.

Ganondorf replied to this by running towards Alf-Layla-wa-Layla, and punching him in the face. "Less telling, more showing." Ganondorf snapped. Alf-Layla-wa-Layla went sliding back several feet and looked at Ganondorf annoyed. All six arms stretched out and spheres of energy appeared. They then rushed for Ganondorf. Ganondorf however used his giant sword like a baseball bat and knocked the first sphere of energy back into the others. They then exploded. Ganondorf just began to yawn to taunt Alf-Layla-wa-Layla.

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla sent all six of his arms rushing for Ganondorf. However Ganondorf blocked them with a barrier. "Dark Barrier!" Ganondorf said. Alf-Layla-wa-Layla began to rapidly punch the barrier, however nothing happen. He backed away and began to chant something. From the sky lightning bolts rained down on the barrier. However, they were unable to do anything. Alf-Layla-wa-Layla then summoned several chains that rushed for the barrier, however upon contact they were destroyed. Ganondorf then rushed forwards and tackled Alf-Layla-wa-Layla in the abdomen. Much to Alf-Layla-wa-Layla's surprise Ganondorf's barrier went right through him.

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla stared at the hole in his abdomen.

"I think you're finally beginning to understand how weak you are." Ganondorf said. Ganondorf however suddenly felt a bit of pain in his chest. The barrier disappeared and he grabbed his chest. Also in his eyes, his scleras began to turn black. "No, not now! If it comes out now, I won't be able to control myself!" Alf-Layla-wa-Layla took advantage of Ganondorf's sudden condition and sent several chains to bind him. However Ganondorf suddenly began to get bigger. He began to transform into Ganon.

Ganon stood on his hind legs. From the ground rose up a trident. He took it in his hands and pointed it towards Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. Ganon let out a deafening roar.

"So, you could transform as well." Alf-Layla-wa-Layla laughed. "Very well then, I'll take you down! I am a Djinn! I am immortal!"

Ganon however suddenly pierced Alf-Layla-wa-Layla with his trident, the trident then began to let off a bunch of dark energy inside the Djinn. Alf-Layla-wa-Layla began to scream out in pain. The dark energy was ripping up Alf-Layla-wa-Layla's insides. Even for an immortal, it was a painful experience.

Ganon pulled out the trident.

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla flew up into the air and began to heal himself.

Ganon however jumped into the air to reach Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. He brought down the trident and smashed Alf-Layla-wa-Layla down into the ground. With the trident piercing Alf-Layla-wa-Layla's abdomen and holding in place, Ganon began to brutally beat Alf-Layla-wa-Layla.

Suddenly, Ganon created a giant barrier, this one encased all of Alf-Layla-wa-Layla's body and began to destroy him.

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla screamed out in pain. His body began to dissolve in the barrier. "It won't end this way! I won't let it end this way!" Alf-Layla-wa-Layla shouted. However a few moments later Alf-Layla-wa-Layla was no more.

Ganon let out a roar of victory, however he looked around, he still wanted to destroy.

From the forest an arrow of light suddenly rushed towards Ganon. It hit, and immediately Ganon began to revert back into Ganondorf. Also, during this process, Ganondorf fell unconscious allowing him to be easily captured by Crocodile coming out of a portal and picking him up.

Another arrow flew towards Crocodile, however he entered and closed the portal before it could reach him.

The person in the forest who fired the arrow just cursed.

Pikachu VS Crocodile

Crocodile just began to laugh. "You can't beat me rat!" He announced. "Just give up! You have the disadvantage!"

"So what?" Pikachu asked. "Type disadvantage doesn't matter as I'm about to show you!"

Pikachu summoned his electric lance and rushed for Crocodile. He quickly pierced Crocodile. However, the spot where Pikachu had attacked turned into sand. Quickly Pikachu looked at Crocodile as his whole body turned into sand. Quickly Pikachu got away from Crocodile who reformed himself. "Do you want to rethink that last statement?"

"Oh crap..."

"This is the power of my Devil Fruit, the Suna Suna fruit. It allows me to turn into sand." Crocodile said. "Now, do you think you have a chance?"

Despite saying that type disadvantages didn't matter a few seconds ago, Pikachu immediately began to flee in terror. "This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!" he thought. "He is completely immune to my attacks!"

Crocodile appeared in front of Pikachu. "Fleeing in terror? How shameful."

"Who said I was fleeing, I was just going to relocate the battle to somewhere where I had the advantage." Pikachu replied.

Crocodile however saw through Pikachu's lie. "It's over." He said stretching out his right hand.

Pikachu quickly jumped back. "No, I can't run away! No matter how the odds look, I won't run away! Not until I've avenged Pichu!"

Pikachu quickly jumped towards Crocodiles arm and preformed an iron tail, this immediately caused his arm to turn into sand. He quickly followed up with a skull bash, however once again, Crocodile just turned into sand.

"How boring." Crocodile said, walking away. "Well, I think I'm done."

"What?" Pikachu shouted. "Get back here, I can fight you, and I can win!"

However a portal appeared on the ground. "Sorry, but I've got some other things to do." Crocodile said walking into the portal.

"Get back here!" Pikachu shouted. "I can still fight!"

The portal closed and Pikachu remained frustrated. However it suddenly began to rain. Pikachu looked around. "Grr. And here I was hoping this rain could boost my electricity."

Quickly he began to run back to the others.

Peach VS Dimentio

"Dimentio!" Peach said shocked. "But you were destroyed!"

"Well I'm back." Dimentio replied.

Dimentio wasted no time in summoning several cubes to surround Princess Peach. He wasn't going to hold back this time, no he was ready to kill her for what Mario and them did to him. Princess Peach was quickly captured inside one of his cubes. He just began to laugh and snapped his fingers as the cube began to compress itself and explode. Peach however was able to defend by covering herself with her parasol. Somehow, it worked.

Peach had a serious look on her face. "Dimentio. What are you planning this time? Are you going to stab Smithy in the back?"

"I would never dream of that." Dimentio said. "After all, he brought me back to life."

Dimentio snapped his fingers and suddenly both of them were in a rather large box. "Now, this box will shrink over time. Let us begin!"

Dimentio began to fire energy balls towards Peach who quickly batted them away with her tennis racket. Dimentio however countered by creating a barrier around the tennis racket, making Peach unable to bat away any attacks. Peach let go of the racket and jumped away, dodging several more energy spheres.

Quickly Princess Peach reached for the ground and pulled up a turnip. She threw it at Dimentio who countered by catching the turnip in a barrier.

"For you Princess Peach, I am probably the worst opponent. I can neutralize any attack that you send at me effortlessly." Dimentio said.

Pikachu however cut through Dimentio's barrier. "Pikachu?" Peach said confused.

"Sorry if I'm intruding."

"No, not at all!" Princess Peach replied.

"Peach, what are his abilities?" Pikachu asked.

"He can create a barriers." Peach replied. "So, long distance attacks are useless."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Pikachu said.

Dimentio however wasn't happy about the intruder. A barrier suddenly appeared around Pikachu and immediately exploded, however, Pikachu had used quick attack to avoid getting ensnared in the barrier. Quickly Pikachu jumped into the air and threw his electric lance towards Dimentio. Dimentio created a barrier to trap the lance however, it pierced right through it. Dimentio quickly created several multilayered barriers to protect himself from the attack. Pikachu however fired a thunderbolt towards the electric lance, strengthening it and causing it to rip through the multilayered barriers.

The electric lance pierced Dimentio. However he disappeared in a puff of smoke. "He can create clones as well, I forgot about that!"

"Don't worry." Pikachu said, summoning the electric lance back. He quickly closed his eyes and began to concentrate. "Found you!" Pikachu shouted sending a thunderbolt towards a corner of the room. Dimentio quickly created a barrier to block the attack, he also became visible.

"You certainly are an interesting bunch, Smashers." Dimentio laughed. "I want to test out just how strong you are!" Several multiple layered barriers appeared around both Pikachu and Princess Peach. Pikachu tried to cut through the barriers with his Electric Lance, however Dimentio had altered them so that they were much harder to cut through, no matter what Pikachu did, the electric lance didn't seem like it was cutting through the barriers. Even strengthening it with more thunderbolts wasn't enough. "It seems this is your limit." Dimentio laughed.

Peach put her hand on the barrier that was trapping her and closed her eyes. Suddenly she began to glow with a peach colored light. The barriers were immediately destroyed. Dimentio just continued to smile. "Something interesting has appeared."

"What happened?" Pikachu asked confused.

"It is an ability that I can use, the ability to destroy barriers." Peach said.

"Why didn't you use it before?" Pikachu asked, slightly annoyed.

"Because it requires her to concentrate." Dimentio replied. "Not to mention that it is one of the most dangerous abilities for me to know about. I'm sure you know all about monsters that are sealed away by magic and other barriers. There is normally a specific magic spell to break those barriers, but Princess Peach here has the ability to break any barrier! She has to keep it a secret to keep herself, and the rest of the Smashers safe! The next time we meet Princess, you won't have the opportunity to use that. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me!"

And so Dimentio disappeared.

Pikachu looked at Princess Peach rather surprised. "I'm sorry, I didn't want anyone to know. When my father found out I had this ability he was terrified. The ability to break any seal."

"Does anyone else know in the Smashers?"

"Only Master and Crazy Hand." Peach replied.

Pikachu nodded. "Don't worry, I'll keep your secret safe."

"Thank you." Peach said. "Now, we probably should join up with everyone else."

Pikachu nodded and the two ran off.

Falco VS Liquid Snake

Falco looked at Liquid Snake.

"A bird." Liquid Snake said. "Well, this should be easy enough to kill."

"Why do you say that?" Falco asked.

"Birds were easy enough to kill in survival training. You shouldn't be any different."

"Shouldn't be any different?" Falco said, annoyed.

"It will take all of ten seconds to kill you." Liquid said.

"Ten seconds?" Falco said.

"I'm sure there is absolutely nothing that you can do in that time that can change your fate." Liquid Snake said.

Falco just pressed a button on his watch, he jumped into the air and summoned his landmaster. "Well, do you think that you can beat me in ten seconds now!" Falco shouted. "Prepare to die for underestimating me!"

Needless to say, Liquid Snake was defeated, or rather he took a strategic retreat to fight another day. With an opponent who would hopefully be unable to summon a tank out of thin air.

Ice Climbers VS Mithos

Both Nana and Popo stared at Mithos Yggdrasil. He was currently in his older form. "So, I just get to fight children." Yggdrasill said. "Well then, let's do this." He charged his form to his younger form. Both of them were rather shocked.

"What the?"

"My name is Mithos. And I will be the last opponent you will ever face!"

Popo just swung his hammer. "Why do I get the feeling that we will be hearing a lot of that."

"It just seems like something cliché for a villain to say." Nana pointed out. "Well then Mithos, we're ready to fight you!"

The two of them swung their hammers, Mithos however just caught them with his hand. From his back came a pair of transparent multicolored wings. "Was that all?" Mithos asked.

Nana and Popo jumped back away from Mithos. "Nana, I don't know, but I think that form might be stronger than his adult form."

Nana glanced at her brother. "It's true." Mithos replied. "This form is much stronger than my older form, since I'm not using up magic to constantly form an illusion. Now, let's begin!"

He floated off of the ground and sent several fireballs towards the Ice Climbers. The two quickly dodged the attack. "It looks like we might be at a bit of a disadvantage Popo!" Nana shouted.

Popo just began to run towards Mithos, however he jumped into the air to avoid the attack. "You two aren't even worth my time. I'll finish this in one attack!"

Beams of light shot down towards the two. When each beam hit the ground it exploded. Nana and Popo however jumped into the air. Mithos however had all ready thought ahead. Suddenly there was an explosion of ice trapping the two in ice. Mithos then landed on the ground. "Come forth, the disciple of everlasting ice, I summon thee. Come, Celsius!"

In front of the ice appeared a blue skinned woman.

Nana and Popo broke out of the ice. Mithos just sat on an improvised throne made out of ice. "This fight is between us!" Popo said.

"I'm out of your league, if you haven't noticed it yet." Mithos replied. "So, I summoned someone that you can fight. The summon spirit of ice: Celsius!"

Celsius began by creating an ice sword. Quickly Popo rushed forwards and swung his hammer, the ice sword however blocked the attack. Nana quickly followed up by breathing an upon Celsius, however the attack did nothing.

Mithos just sighed rather bored.

"How can we beat this person?" Popo asked.

"I don't know." Nana said.

Popo quickly kicked Celsius, where he kicked, his boot got stuck, as though Celsius was made out of ice. Quickly he pulled his boot out and saw that where he had kicked, and the spikes had gone in, was now healing. "Nana I've got an idea."

The two ice climbers quickly ran away from Celsius. Celsius on the other hand placed her hands on the ground causing it to be covered with a sheet of ice. Due to the Ice Climber's boots being made for ice climbing, they didn't slip and fall. "What's your idea?" Nana asked.

"She is made out of ice." Popo replied. "We're going to use ice axes instead of our hammers."

Nana nodded. "Okay then." The two discarded their hammers and reached for their belts where they pulled out ice axes. "Popo, just before we go all out, are you sure she is actually made out of ice, and isn't a real person."

"Of course she is made out of ice." Mithos said. "This is Celsius, the summon spirit of ice, the embodiment of the element herself. Now why don't you show me going all out against her? If you can that is."

Popo threw an ice axe towards Celsius, the axe hit her and smashed a portion of her ice skin, a few seconds later it reformed. Attached to the ice axe was a rope, Popo pulled on the rope and immediately the ice axe came rushing back to him. He caught it and ran for Celsius. Nana followed. Before they could get closer to Celsius, she raised her arms and created several ice walls to protect her. However Nana threw her ice axe and it ripped through the walls.

Both Ice Climbers then used the ice axes on Celsius' torso, picking off a giant part. They placed the ice axes by Celsius' neck as she continued to regenerate. "It's over." Popo said. "We can beat you."

"You're too soft." Mithos laughed. "Celsius, you can go now." The summon spirit of ice disappeared and Mithos walked towards Nana and Popo. "It was only my job to stall you, well, I've seen some interesting things now. I can't wait until we meet again. Hopefully, you won't be that soft in our next match."

Mithos disappeared into a portal, and the two Ice Climbers let off a sigh of relief.

Ness VS Porky

In front of Ness there was a giant spider mech. Inside it was a young child, a child that Ness was no stranger to.

"Porky." Ness muttered. "You're with Smithy?"

"Of course!" Porky laughed. "It gave me the perfect opportunity to get revenge against you! Ness, you're so perfect in everyone's eyes and can do no wrong! It disgusts me! And that's why I'm going to destroy you! Little Ness, his magic and his friends. Now tell me Ness, now that your friends are no longer with you, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to fight." Ness replied, holding a baseball bat.

"How admirable. Ness, do you still feel pity for me?" Porky asked. "You shouldn't. You see, do you remember that event from three years ago where Giygas was sealed inside of you?"

How could Ness forget?

"The revival of Giygas was all my plan. The Master helped a bit, but in the end I had started it! Him getting sealed inside of you was just an unforeseen consequence. It's such a shame though. Giygas' power could be doing so much more. I wanted it all for myself."

Ness just laughed. He knew that Giygas wouldn't obey Porky. And that Giygas would have broken out of Porky quite easily. If it wasn't for the seal, Ness was positive that Giygas would have broken out of him as well. "PK Fire!" Ness shouted throwing a plume of fire towards Porky, however the spider mech just slashed through the plume of fire with one of its legs.

"Ness, please, do you think that you could beat me?" Porky wondered.

"Yes." Ness said.

"Ness, I've hated you since the moment we met! I want nothing more for you to disappear!" Porky shouted. "And today I will finally get to fulfill that wish myself." The spider mech's arms reached up and a ball of fire formed. Immediately it rushed towards Ness. Ness quickly swung his Heart Bat knocking the ball of fire back towards Porky. The machine however absorbed the attack. "Nice try." Porky laughed. "But I made sure that this machine could absorb everything you threw at it. From repelling my own attacks, to absorbing any of your own PK attacks." Ness responded to this by punching the ground. Porky however thought that this was Ness giving up. "That's right give up! You must realize how pointless it is to fight me now!"

"PK Ground!" Ness shouted.

The ground suddenly began to shake, and crack. Suddenly from underneath Porky's spider mech five spires came up and pierced through it. Ness just looked up. Porky was clearly frustrated. "Ness!" He shouted outraged.

"If it's over after that, I'm severely disappointed." Ness taunted.

Porky just began to laugh. "Oh no Ness, it isn't over. I've been making a machine for when we fight, so that I could draw out Giygas from you! And it's about time I activated it!" Porky pressed a button inside his spider mech and immediately a black barrier began to expand from the mech. After Ness was engulfed by the barrier it stopped expanding. Quickly Ness tried to run out of the barrier, however it had become rather solid and wasn't granting him passage.

"In here Giygas will be drawn out! You will die, and I will obtain his power!" Porky shouted.

Ness however just remained calm.

"You must be able to feel it, the endless void that we are both trapped in. It's scary isn't it. I bet you're wetting your pants!" Porky laughed.

"Porky, you can never understand Giygas' power."

Porky looked at Ness in shock. Suddenly the entire barrier was filled with a blinding light. The barrier then cracked and was destroyed. After the attack, Porky's spider mech was practically destroyed, and was in no condition to fight back.

"I lost again..." Porky muttered. "Ness, I'll be back! Next time I will win against you!"

"Porky stop!" Ness pleaded. "Don't use the phase distorter! There is no telling what it will do to your body!"

"Are you afraid Ness?" Porky laughed. "I guess I am better than you, I actually dare to use this which you don't! I'll see you later!"

And Porky retreated to somewhere else in time. Ness just began to pound his fists against the ground. "Damn it." He muttered. "Porky... you idiot... you coward." even if Porky was his enemy Ness couldn't help but feel frustrated. Why? He knew that Porky's parents and brother were back home waiting for him. He knew that they missed him. And yet Porky seemed like he didn't care at all. Ness just gritted his teeth. Even if this was a victory it felt like a loss, he knew that people were still suffering out there. He knew that people out there cared for Porky and missed him. He wanted to reunite Porky with his parents, but it looked like that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

He turned his attention to where they had been separated and quickly began to rush back to the battle.

Captain Falcon VS Alex

Having super fast reflexes, Captain Falcon was able to jump off of the arrow and quickly rush back to Alex, Saki, Isaac and the warriors of Vale. Alex wasn't particularly amused. "I'll take care of this guy." he sighed. "When I get back, Isaac must be captured, don't fail me!"

Alex rushed for Captain Falcon, suddenly an icicle shot up at Captain Falcon's feet; however, he reacted quick enough to jump into the air in order to dodge. "It seems you use ice attacks." Captain Falcon laughed. "That's good for me."

Captain Falcon landed on the ground and rushed for Alex. An icicle of ice quickly shot up from the ground, to act as a shield. Captain Falcon however delivered a Falcon Punch to the ice, causing a mist to surround him. "This battle is mine." Alex laughed. "Welcome to my illusion! A brainless brute won't be able to just punch himself out of this."

Captain Falcon however begged to differ. His fist began to light with a fiery energy. "Sorry, but there are two reasons why your illusions won't work." Captain Falcon calmly said. "The first is my helmet, it protects me from any psychic waves, such as the ones that illusions use. The second reason is because you used a medium of mist for your illusion. I'll dry out all of the water in the area!" Captain Falcon immediately punched the ground a moment later a pillar of fire shot from where he had hit the ground. Sure enough the mist disappeared and the illusion vanished.

Alex just laughed. "You amuse me Captain Falcon."

"How do you know my name?" Captain Falcon asked.

"Mewtwo told us everything. About your powers. But I underestimated you, I'm defenseless now, since you've caused all of the water and moisture to evaporate. You can pass."

Captain Falcon glanced at Alex. Something was off, this was all too easy. He cautiously began to walk towards Alex. Alex however stretched out his hand and a bolt of electricity rushed for Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon immediately jumped into the air. "Blue Bolt!" Alex shouted, sending another bolt of electricity towards Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon however punched the bolt of electricity, due to the fiery aura around his fist, the electricity was repelled. "That is of course what I would have said if I only had dominion over Water. But unlike other Adepts, I have free dominion over any of the four elements! Venus, the element of the earth. Mercury, the element of water. Mars, the element of fire. And Jupiter, the element of wind and electricity."

Before Captain Falcon even had the chance to land, Alex had used his next attack. "Tempest!" A fearsome windstorm lifted up and sent him flying into the air. "Sonic Slash!" A blade of focused wind rushed for Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon however just blocked with his fists. When he landed, Alex was actually surprised. "My Sonic Slash should have cut right through your hands. How did you block it?"

"With my new Weapon of Heart." Captain Falcon replied. His fists were covered with two metal gauntlets. "These gauntlets increase the strength of my Falcon Punch by ten times."

"But, I was told that all of your Weapons of Heart were disabled because of the death of two Smashers."

Captain Falcon nodded. "Yes, that was the case. But I made sure that I was capable of summoning them. For someone like me who prefers to rely on hand to hand combat, I need every advantage I've got."

Alex just began to laugh. "How amusing! Destruct Ray!" A lightning bolt shot down from the sky, this attack tore up the ground. The attack hit Captain Falcon and stunned him. "Grand Gaia!" The ground split open and rocks shot out buffeting against Captain Falcon. "Now to finish this: Supernova!"

An explosion engulfed Captain Falcon. When it cleared Captain Falcon was lying in a crater. "Is that all you've got?" Captain Falcon said trying to get up. He however collapsed. Alex just turned his back and walked away. "Don't walk away from me!" Captain Falcon shouted.

"Dragon Fume." Alex said. A plume of fire descended upon Captain Falcon, and he screamed in pain. "Unless you could use a long range attack against me, I never had anything to fear."

Captain Falcon once agian stood up, this time in his hands were two guns. These were the Heart Guns, his first set of Weapons of Heart. He aimed both of them at Alex and shot them at the same time. From the guns came two giant energy beams rushing towards Alex. He barely had any time to block the attack. Upon recovering and turning around to face Captain Falcon, he was terrified. No one should have been able to withstand all of the damage that he just received. "My first set of Weapons of Heart are called the Heart Guns." Captain Falcon explained. "Although they are powerful, they require bullets in order to use them. These bullets can either come from my own energy, or energy from somewhere else."

"So, none of my energy attacks actually hit you." Alex replied.

"No, some got me." Captain Falcon laughed. "Just not the full power of the attack."

"I see. It's a shame that you explained it to me. Good bye." Alex snapped his fingers and unleashed his final attack. "Grand Gaia!" Before the attack hit, Captain Falcon jumped into the air, he had one gun behind him and fired it. The recoil sent in rocketing towards Alex. During the spit second that he was passing Alex placed the second gun directly on Alex's chest and pulled the trigger. The attack sent Alex flying away.

Quickly Captain Falcon rushed to Isaac, Garet, and Saki's side. They stared at the four headed dragon. "Get some breath mints." Captain Falcon said. "Your breath stinks!"

All four heads fired a beam of energy towards Captain Falcon. He blocked the attack with the heart guns. However they weren't able to take in all of the energy, and eventually an explosion engulfed Captain Falcon. Isaac, Garet, and Saki looked on in terror, realizing that their hope and chances for survival had just gone down dramatically. Their eyes focused on Captain Falcon who was now lying down on the ground.

"Run." Saki said. "I'll buy you some time."

"You can't fight those four at once!" Garet protested.

"What matters is that they don't get what they came here for." Saki replied. "Isaac, thank you for everything."

Saki began to walk forwards. He went over to Captain Falcon's body. Much to his surprise, Captain Falcon was beginning to get back up.

"Pity that attack didn't kill him!" one head laughed.

"Was that your best shot? Because I'm not impressed." Captain Falcon laughed, as he struggled to get on to his two feet. "Kid, don't stand there gawking, help me up."

"Of course." Saki said rather shocked. He helped Captain Falcon get on to his two feet.

"You should stop bluffing!" Another head said. "You can barely stand! You won't be able to defend yourself against another attack. You're barely even able to move!"

Captain Falcon began to chuckle. He lifted his two arms up. In his hands were the Heart Guns, both of them were fully charged. He aimed both of them at the Ultima Dragon. "I don't need to move to defeat you! Kid get ready to be sent flying back."

"Wha-" the next moment Captain Falcon pulled the trigger sending both him and Saki flying back, while the full strength of the Heart Guns shot at the Ultima Dragon. When the attack hit it created an explosion much bigger than the one that had consumed Captain Falcon. Both Saki and Captain Falcon slid across the ground. "Next time I am not helping you get up off of the ground!" Saki shouted outraged. "You could rot and die for all I care!"

"Was that supposed to hurt?" A voice asked.

Everyone looked to see that the Ultima Dragon was in fact still alive. Captain Falcon just looked frustrated. "Damn."

Isaac began to walk towards the Ultima Dragon. "If we kill you the Golden Sun will just return into the planet!" All of the heads said at once. They charged up another attack and fired it at Isaac with the intention of killing him.

Isaac however cut through the attack with his sword. It suddenly began to glow with a radiant golden light. "Odyssey!" Isaac shouted. The sword in Isaac's hand began to grow bigger. "I gave all of you the chance to live. Good bye!"

With one swing of his sword Isaac unleashed an attack that would have incinerated any normal human. As Isaac turned around and began to walk away laughter came from where the Ultima Dragon still stood. "Please did you honestly think that would work?" A head said. "You should know how powerful dragons are by now Isaac! Maybe you've gotten soft. Regardless we'll win no matter what!"

The four heads turned to Captain Falcon, Saki and Garet. "Stop, your fight is with me!" Isaac shouted.

"Isaac, you're such an idealist. Too bad this is war!" They shot another energy beam towards the three. Isaac however reacted quickly and created a giant Psynergy hand to block the attack. In order to sustain the Psynergy hand up Isaac had to use a ton of energy. "You blocked it. But at what cost? It should be obvious now, that all you can do is stall."

"Shut up!" Isaac shouted.

Mario VS Mr. X

Mario and Mr. X faced each other. Mario quickly threw several fireballs towards him, however Mr. X just kicked right through them, he followed up with another kick that was fast enough to send a blade of wind towards Mario. Quickly Mario pulled out a cape to deflect the attack.

"I'm surprised, so this is the strength of the Smashers. It seems that title isn't just for show."

"Who are you?" Mario asked.

Mr. X smiled. "You'll find out, all in due time, Mario!"

Mr. X kicked another wind blade towards Mario. However Mario jumped over this one.

Mr. X quickly punched. Mario countered with his own punch. Both fists suddenly were covered in fire, and they collided. They were both forced back by an explosion.

"Your right arm is useless now."

"Then it's a good thing I'm left handed!"

Mr. X kicked several more wind blades towards mario. Mario however once again jumped into the air. This time, Mr. X jumped to meet him and fired another wind blade. This one hit and sent Mario crashing into the ground.

"Unfortunately as you are now, you can't win against me!"

"I'll win!" Mario said.

"I'm not too interested in fighting" Mr. X sighed. "So, I'll just leave you with a warning, you should be careful around Saki. He still works with the Government."

Mario looked at Mr. X confused. "Wait, how would you know that, unless you're also in the Government."

"That is correct. I am Colonel Xi of the Government." Mr. X said. "Currently, you're doing a good job of weakening Smithy's troops, so we don't want to eliminate you just yet."

Mario was shocked. "So, we're just doing the Government's dirty work."

"You could say that." Mr. X said. "It's probably better this way. You get to get experience for when we finally decide to come after you, and we don't get to dirty our hands, and lose valuable resources like you did."

Mario rushed for Mr. X once again. He sent several fireballs towards Mr. X who just jumped out of the way. Mario however quickly followed Mr. X throwing several kicks. Mr. X blocked the kick but there was some extra force behind it that sent Mr. X down towards the ground.

Mario was enraged. He quickly rushed for Mr. X once again. "What do you know about what we sacrificed for this battle!" Mario shouted, he sent another fireball towards Mr. X who blocked the attack.

"Oh, I hit something sensitive." Mr. X laughed. "Why do you care about that rat? He was the weakest of all of you. The only real loss seemed to be Link, since he seemed to be the strongest of the Smashers."

Mario summoned his first weapon of heart the chakram and threw them at Mr. X. Mr. X however caught the spinning blades and quickly discarded them. "Tell me, how long do you think you can protect everyone Mario? With two people in the Smashers who were formally in the Government, and at least one more looking to join you, we can't ignore you for much longer."

"What are you talking about."

"You surely know Dr. Mario and Samus both had pasts in the Government." Mr. X said. "And if Saki disobeys his orders to kill all of you and joins you instead, you will become quite the target. Such defiance isn't looked on lightly. You should ask Samus about her past punishments."

"What do you know?" Mario asked.

"A lot." Mr. X replied. "But you know, right now, the thing I'm the most curious about is you. You must think it's rather strange. Two identical strangers. You and Dr. Mario."

Mario gritted his teeth. "You're right, I did think it was strange, that there was someone who looked just like me out there."

"The same names too." Mr. X laughed. "Don't you wonder where he came from?"

"No," Mario replied. "I don't care about that. I just thought it was strange, but the universe is a pretty big place, so I just thought-."

"You thought wrong." Mr. X said. "Perhaps you should ask Dr. Mario about different dimensions." Mario was a bit stunned. "Now I guess it's time to go. I will hold no ill will until I've got the orders to, so that's why I'm leaving this battle. Until we meet again Smasher."

And just like that Mr. X was gone. "The Government has infiltrated Smithy's ranks?" Mario muttered. "This is troubling."

Marth VS Van

Marth rushed towards Van. Van blocked the sword slash but he smiled. "Good you are a lot stronger than that last swordsman I fought!"

"So you fought Roy." Marth laughed. "Sorry but we are worlds apart from each other!"

"I'm glad I'll be fighting a stronger member of the Smashers. Mewtwo had quite a bit to say about you."

"I'm glad."

"Why's that?" Van asked.

"Because Mewtwo hasn't completely forgotten about us!"

Van just took his fighting stance. Marth immediately recognized it as the stance of a master swordsman. "Come Smasher, let us talk through our swords!"

Marth drew his sword and got into a defensive stance. Immediately Van ran towards Marth and brought down his sword. Marth blocked Van's attack, however he suddenly felt his body shake. It was as though the power from Van's sword had completely cut through Marth's defenses.

Marth immediately separated himself from Van. With that one strike he immediately knew the difference between them. Van rushed towards Marth, this time Marth decided to counter the attack. Marth was immediately overpowered by Van, so he quickly got away. However in doing so, Marth learned that Van wasn't as fast as him.

"He has power, but not speed, I can win this!" Marth thought. He quickly began to rush for Van, thrusting his sword, however Van just blocked with his own. Van then raised up his arm and a sphere of energy appeared. Marth quickly jumped away from it, and Van ran towards him. Van used his overwhelming power to stun Marth. Van then just placed his sword right by Marth's neck.

"Why do you fight?" He asked. "Answer me."

"I fight to protect those who are close to me and now to defy fate."

Van seemed to smile. "What do you mean by defy fate?"

"We are going to die anyways in an upcoming battle. So, now we're all fighting to prevent that."

"Interesting." Van said taking his sword away from Marth. "I too want to defy fate. The world I come from is chained to a prophecy. No matter what is done people won't stop listening to the Score. I'll let you live, if you obtain the strength to defy fate, I will fight you again."

"What?" Marth said. "You aren't going to kill me?"

"I have no interest in killing you here. We are only meant to distract you. Alex, cares not about serving the Dark Lord. He only wishes to obtain the Golden Sun for his own selfish needs. The moment he gets it he will betray the Dark Lord. For that reason, letting you live here will benefit the Dark Lord." Van said walking away. "Get stronger, and I will face you again."

"This guy is strong." Marth thought. "I will!"

Marth then quickly rushed back to the Adepts.

Jigglypuff VS Sora

Jigglypuff stared at her opponent, Sora. He just had a twisted smile across his face. "I'm disappointed that I get to fight someone like you." Sora said.

Jigglypuff just glared at Sora. "You could try to have your body language match your words." she said.

Sora just laughed. "You're right. But I don't care who I fight as long as I can kill! But don't worry, you'll soon be reunited with your son in the afterlife!"

Jigglypuff puffed up a bit.

"Are you mad that I indirectly caused your sons death?" Sora wondered.

"Mad doesn't even begin to describe how I feel." Jigglypuff replied. "You chose the wrong person to fight."

"No, I chose you because you look weak!" Sora replied.

Jigglypuff flew towards Sora and began to rapidly punch. However, Sora blocked each punch with his Keyblade. Jigglypuff quickly jumped back into the air and began to inflate.

However, Sora was quick to react. He just rushed for Jigglypuff and hit the inflated Pokemon with his Keyblade. This sent her flying backwards. Jigglypuff quickly summoned her first Weapon of Heart, the marker and rushed for Sora. Sora just swung the Keyblade, quickly Jigglypuff jumped back to avoid the attack. The area in front of her had been torn up.

"The Keyblade is a blunt weapon, and normally is only capable of cutting heartless. But I can use it to cut through anything!" Sora said.

Jigglypuff once again rushed forwards. This time, when Sora swung his Keyblade, Jigglypuff jumped into the air. She then landed behind Sora, and placed her marker against him. He suddenly froze. Jigglypuff had used the Yellow color and had paralyzed Sora. Quickly she jumped over Sora again and delivered a punch directly to his face, even breaking his nose in the process.

Sora had actually gone flying from the punch and the paralysis had worn off. He got up. His nose was bleeding. Sora rubbed his nose and looked at the blood that now covered his hand.

Heartless began to appear, and merge with Sora. His skin began to turn into a gray color. "You pushed me to this! I'm going to kill you!"

"Really?" Jigglypuff questioned. "I mean it's just a bloody nose… It's not like a decapitation or anything."

Sora's speed had increased. He rushed for Jigglypuff who quickly jumped into the air to avoid it. However Sora followed and kicked Jigglypuff, sending her flying several feet back. Jigglypuff quickly grew in size, however Sora just began to rapidly punch her giving her a great deal of damage. Sora's hands began to transform into claws. On his head appeared two antenna. He just began to laugh. "I can feel it! I can feel all of the power again! Come to me Heartless. I need more!" Sora just held out his Keyblade, and it began to transform into a chiansaw.

"What's going on?" Jigglypuff asked.

A cloaked figure suddenly appeared. "I'll explain it to you."

"Xenmas, stay away from her! She's mine!" Sora shouted.

Xenmas just looked at Jigglypuff. "You must feel it in your heart. The powers of darkness calling you. Once a Heartless grabs your heart, it will never let go. The darkness will try to spread, and you will be consumed. That's what happened to Sora, now all he wants is to fight, and crave blood. Maybe you too will turn out like him!"

Jigglypuff didn't take kindly to this. "I won't transform into a monster like him!"

"Darkness waits for a moment of weakness and strikes, you will not be expecting it!" Xenmas warned. "Neither was Sora. All that had to happen was an 'unfortunate accident' which destroyed his only source of light. The same can happen to all of you Smashers." Xenmas just turned away and disappeared into the darkness. Sora didn't give Jigglypuff an opportunity to soak in Xenmas' words. He quickly ran for him and swung with his chainsaw like Keyblade. Jigglypuff quickly jumped into the air to avoid the attack, however Sora was much faster and quickly jumped into the air to follow Jigglypuff, he swung the chainsaw like Keyblade towards Jigglypuff.

However the attack was blocked by a sword. Jigglypuff looked to see her savior, someone who was covered in a dark cloak, but it wasn't the same cloak that Xenmas was wearing. Before Jigglypuff could ask anything the cloaked figure kicked her towards Saki, Isaac, and Garet. All she could hear was the cloaked figure saying something. "Ganondorf was captured, I'm sorry, I had to seal him!"

"Who are you?" Sora shouted outraged.

The person was wearing a fox mask to hide his identity. "I am your opponent, Sora."

The two landed on the ground and quickly put some distance between them. Sora also quickly put up a barrier, trapping the two of them inside. "I wasn't going to run." The person calmly replied. "It seems that the Heartless are continuing to consume you. It seems like I have no choice but to hold nothing back."

"You think I wouldn't notice who you are?" Sora shouted. "You can dispose of that stupid cloak and mask, you're not fooling anyone!"

His black hands came up and removed the mask, and several seconds later the cloak. Standing there was Dark Link. "What are you doing? Disobeying the Dark Lord?"

"I don't remember pledging allegiance to the Dark Lord. I was only there to fight Link." Dark Link replied. "Of course, with him dead I see no reason for me to continue to follow the Dark Lord. Now, I think I should just take out the trash and destroy the Smashers myself."

"So, it all makes sense now. You were the one who attacked us and killed all of those new Nobodies. I would have had my own army of Nobodies to take down the Dark Lord."

"They were surprisingly weak." Dark Link sighed. "Of course, I guess I shouldn't of expected much from what were basically babies."

Dark Link rushed towards Sora. The Keyblade and sword clashed. "You've however made one major miscalculation." Sora laughed. "We both rely on darkness. However, you're weak, while my power of darkness is unlimited!"

Dark Link just laughed. "If there has been one thing I've learned from fighting my light counterpart over and over again, he doesn't go into a battle with out a plan. As much as I'd hate to admit it, I'm quite similar. You can keep doping yourself up with those Heartless, but that won't change the fact that you're a weak little boy on the inside!" Dark Link rushed for Sora. "Link, I can't believe that you got yourself killed. That isn't like you, normally you would have had a fairy in a bottle to revive you. You're out there, somewhere planning something. You're getting stronger, I know it. Now then, I have to make sure no more Nobodies of the Smashers are made!"

Sora began to summon Heartless, however Dark Link cut through them. With every Heartless he killed, the dark aura on his sword glowed brighter... er darker... stronger. Dark Link got close to Sora and punched him in the face, sending him back into the barrier. "How about I tell you I have my own way of powering up." Dark Link said. "My sword grows stronger for every thing that it slays. Doubly so for anything that is of darkness. It's quite the cannibal, so you would be wise to stop summoning heartless."

Sora ran for Dark Link. The Keyblade and sword once again clashed.

A wave of energy had pushed them both back. In Dark Link's right hand a ball of energy appeared. He sent it towards Sora who was blasted away by an explosion. Dark Link quickly rushed towards Sora and impaled him. He pulled out his sword and began to walk away. However several heartless began to appear and go into Sora to heal him. "You can stop the charade now." Dark Link said. "I know you're not the real Sora."

"What are you talking about?" Sora asked, getting back up off of the ground. "Of course I'm the real Sora!"

Dark Link just pulled out a bow and fired an arrow at Sora, it hit him right in the forehead and sent Sora down to the ground. More heartless appeared and went into Sora once again, he once again recovered. This time Dark Link rushed forwards and placed his hand on Sora's head. He then began to peer into Sora's mind. Several seconds later he jumped away from Sora. "What did you do?" Sora shouted.

"What a cruel fate." He muttered.

Sora ran for Dark Link. However Dark Link had expected it. In his left hand appeared an energy ball of darkness, in his right appeared an energy ball of light, he merged the two together, and sent the attack at Sora. It hit and exploded, disintegrating a portion of Sora's body. Sora cried out in pain, and Heartless appeared and tried to heal Sora, but this time the wounds weren't healing.

"It's over." Dark Link said.

"It will never be over!" Sora said. More and more heartless came to try and heal Sora, but nothing happened. Different kinds of Heartless continued to come to him, but nothing happened. Even stronger Heartless tried to do something but they couldn't. Suddenly all of the Heartless began to merge into something new to try and save Sora. The Heartless had evolved into something else. It then went to Sora and went into what remained of the boy's body.

This time the wounds were healing. The body parts that Sora had lost from Dark Link's attack grew back at an astounding speed. Eventually, Sora was fully recovered. He stood up, looking at Dark Link. Sora began to laugh once again. "All of this power that is flowing through me! Thanks Dark Link! Now I have a new and unlimited power!"

Wings appeared on Sora's back. But unlike the winged Heartless, they seemed to be digital. They were multicolored and had several holes in them. Despite the obvious flaws, they actually worked, and Sora took flight. "What's going on?" Dark Link thought.

"Yes, I can feel this power!" Sora shouted.

Dark wings appeared on the back of Dark Link. "Don't consider me out just yet." Dark Link shouted flying up towards Sora. Sora however swung his Keyblade and a beam of dark energy rushed for Dark Link. Dark Link countered with a Sword Beam. The two attacks collided, however Sora's attack was stronger. Sora's attack hit Dark Link and sent him flying to the ground. The next moment, Sora was standing on Dark Link's chest with his Keyblade directly on Dark Link's forehead.

"You're weak now." Sora laughed. "Although, you might have been able to beat me if the evolution of Heartless didn't occur. Do you have any last words?"

"Yeah." Dark Link laughed. "I'm touching your shadow."

Sora suddenly paused. He realized that being directly on top of Dark Link wasn't the smartest idea. Suddenly Dark Link disappeared into Sora's shadow. "Think again!" Sora shouted, bringing his Keyblade to his shadow. He suddenly turned the Keyblade as though he was unlocking a door. "I'll force you out of my Shadow!"

Dark Link jumped out of the shadow and grabbed Sora's wings. The next moment he ripped them off, however despite the violent act, there was no bloodshed. Sora began to scream in pain. "Unlike the Smashers, I won't hold back!" Dark Link quickly jumped off of Sora and Sora began to skid across the ground. Slowly Sora began to stand back up. A strange armor began to appear on Sora.

"I won't die!" Sora shouted. "I'll kill you! I'll rip you to shreds!"

"Those are just empty threats coming from an empty person!" Dark Link said.

"You're one to talk!" Sora snapped.

Dark Link just grabbed his bow, and suddenly he began to form a light arrow. "If I was empty, would I be able to use this?" He wondered.

Sora was actually terrified. "What's going on? You shouldn't be able to use light arrows!"

He fired a light arrow at Sora. It hit his armor cracking it.

"Darkness can't exist with out the light. In order to get stronger, I learned how to wield the light." Dark Link said. "Against Jigglypuff, you would have no doubt won. But against me, you never stood a chance."

Once again, he drew an arrow, however instead of being a light arrow, Dark Link had created a fusion of a light and dark arrow. "It's over."

He fired the arrow at Sora, and it went right through his armor and his body, creating a hole right through his chest where his heart would be. It was just a hollow, empty hole. Sora grabbed his chest in pain. He placed his hand in the middle and felt the empty hole.

"Why am I still alive?" He asked.

"You don't get it, do you?" Dark Link said. "You're not the real Sora. You're just a replica."

"No, I'm the real Sora. I remember everything so clearly. I killed everyone. I killed all of my friends for power."

"Your memories arn't real." Dark Link said. "They've been manipulated to make you think you did that."

"Shut up!" Sora said.

"Open your eyes and realize you're being used!"

"Shut up!" Sora shouted rushing towards Dark Link.

The Keyblade cut off Dark Link's left arm. Sora then quickly pulled it back and then brought down the Keyblade into Dark Link's shoulder. "You're quite weak after all."

Dark Link just fell down to the ground defeated. "Damn." he thought. "This gap of power, it shouldn't exist. The heartless. They are constantly evolving and giving him power... why?"

"This looks like the end for you." Sora laughed. "I'm sure the dark Lord will be displeased to hear of your betrayal."

Dark Link quickly placed his hand on Sora's shadow. "Sorry, but I'm going to live another day." Dark Link laughed. "Shadow teleport!"

Suddenly Sora was sucked into his own shadow and sent elsewhere. Dark Link grabbed his left arm, placed it on the wound and chanted a few lines of a healing spell. A few moments later his arm was back to it's old self. "The idiot." Dark Link sighed. "He should have known that the cleaner a cut is the easier it is to heal."

However, Dark Link suddenly fell forwards, unconscious.

The Smashers now surrounded the Ultima Dragon. The Adepts actually looked relived. They had done some damage, but the fusion had proved to be much stronger than they anticipated.

"Smashers!" All four heads of the Ultima Dragon hissed.

"What's wrong? Afraid?" Falco taunted. "You're going down now!"

The Ultima Dragon just began to flap it's wings flying into the air. "If you think you stand a chance, you're all exhausted!" The Ultima Dragon laughed. However from the Adepts came several Djinn. Suddenly there strength was revived, and they glowed with powerful auras.

"The Djinn have taken care of that small detail." Isaac laughed. "Now Ultima Dragon are you ready for round two?"

The Ultima Dragon fired an attack down towards the Smashers. However Isaac countered by causing a spire to shoot up from the ground and block the attack. Running up the spire was both Captain Falcon and Marth. They jumped into the air, however it quickly became apparent that they weren't going to make it. Jigglypuff however, had ran in front of the spire and used puff up. She had become a giant makeshift trampoline. The two landed on Jigglypuff's squishy body and were shot up into the air, up and above the Ultima Dragon.

"Falcon!" Captain Falcon said charging up a Falcon Punch.

Marth on the other hand aimed his sight for one of the Ultima Dragon's wings. "Dolphin!"



The two attacks hit simultaneously. Marth cut through part of the Ultima Dragon's wing, causing the mighty beast to lose control, while Captain Falcon delivered a strong attack, the two combined sent the Ultima Dragon plummeting down towards the ground, where Isaac was waiting, placed his hand against the ground

"Stone Spire!" Isaac shouted.

Spires began to shoot out from the ground. If this had been any normal opponent, and not a dragon with reinforced scales, this attack probably would have killed them.

However the Ultima Dragon just got out of it relatively unscratched. His wing was badly damaged, and had permanently grounded him, and his scales were now just a little bit dirty.

"Damn, this guy is going to take a while to bring down." Captain Falcon said. "I'm going to kick it into high gear!"

Captain Falcon began to glow in a fiery aura. Falco was actually rather shocked. "Captain, don't do it!"

"Don't worry." Captain Falcon replied. "I'll make sure this is over before you even know it!"

Those words would be tough ones to live by. Captain Falcon just rushed for the Ultima Dragon and delivered a punch, using his new founded strength, he was able to send the Ultima Dragon sliding back several inches. Where Captain Falcon had punched there was now a small dent.

"Falcon Punch!" Captain Falcon shouted. The punch was much stronger than normal, and being able to attack the all ready weakened scale broke it off and caused the Ultima Dragon to scream out in pain.

"How dare you!" It shouted breathing fire upon Captain Falcon. However the Captain just absorbed all of the fire into his body.

"Nice try." Captain Falcon laughed. "But it isn't going to work!"

The Ultima Dragon spread out it's wings and sent a gust of wind to try and send Captain Falcon back, however it didn't work. Marth however jumped in and cut portion of the Ultima Dragon's other wing, it roared out in pain. "Marth, can you hold him off for a few minutes?" Captain Falcon asked. "I have a plan."

"I'll do my best!" Marth replied.

Captain Falcon quickly rushed back to Mario and Dr. Mario. "Mario, can you give me more fire?" Captain Falcon asked.

Mario just began to throw fire at Captain Falcon. He began to absorb it. Dr. Mario looked grimly at Captain Falcon. "You know that isn't healthy. You're basically just doping yourself."

"I know." Captain Falcon replied. "But don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"If you say so." Dr. Mario sighed, returning his attention back to the battle.

Marth was doing a good job of keeping the Ultima Dragon distracted. Nana and Popo also quickly ran up towards the Ultima Dragon. They swung their hammers, smashing them against the dragon's heads. Pikachu jumped down and attacked the Ultima Dragon with his electric lance. The attack pierced through the one of the dragon's mouths. Quickly Pikachu jumped away.

"Why don't I show you real power!" The head shouted. It began to charge up electricity, however, the energy came out of the hole that Pikachu just made. "What!" It shouted.

"You can't use your attack now!" Pikachu replied.

"Silence!" It shouted firing a bolt of electricity towards Pikachu. Pikachu however countered with his Electric Lance. The one head of the Ultima Dragon also began to scream out in pain. The energy going out from the holes had actually opened the holes up wider.

"As I was saying." Pikachu continued, "You can't use your attack now. If you do, the hole will continue to expand until it eventually kills you!"

"This match is over anyways." Captain Falcon said. He had absorbed a large portion of fire from Mario, Dr. Mario, and Garet. He was now rushing towards the Ultima Dragon. He jumped into the air, and all four heads looked up. The Smashers who were distracting the Ultima Dragon quickly fled. All four heads quickly began to charge up an attack and fired it towards Captain Falcon. He however began to fall towards the giant energy beam. "Falcon Punch!" He shouted punching the energy beam sending it back towards the Ultima Dragon.

There was a large explosion and Captain Falcon entered it. He pulled back his fist once again. "Falcon Punch!" He shouted a second time. This time he unleashed all of the fire energy that he had absorbed.

When the attack had ended, Captain Falcon stumbled out of the explosion. His clothing was badly torn, and his arm was bleeding. He suddenly collapsed. Quickly, Ness, Nana and Popo rushed towards him. They tried to pick him up, however Captain Falcon screamed in pain. "Damn it, I didn't think that would take such a toll on my body!" he managed to say.

"You can't stay here." Ness said. "Your last attack didn't finish off the Ultima Dragon."

"Damn it." Captain Falcon muttered. "Move me, I'll endure the pain."

They quickly moved Captain Flacon to where an exhausted Dr. Mario and Mario were. "I told you that attack was a bad idea." Dr. Mario said

"I know. But I had to do something." He said.

Peach quickly rushed to Captain Falcon, and helped Dr. Mario heal him.

Mario quickly began to run towards the Ultima Dragon. One of the heads breathed fire at Mario, however he just cut through them with his first Weapon of Heart, the Chakram. The Chakram were actually spinning in front of him at an amazing speed, acting as a shield to repel the flames.

Nana and Popo quickly used their ice picks on the dragon to try and get between the scales. Much to their surprise, the ice picks actually peeled off several of the dragon's scales. All four heads of the Ultima dragon cried out in pain. With a flick of it's tail they were sent flying back to the Smashers.

"We'll finish this in one move!" One of the Ultima Dragon's heads said. "All together now."

Three of the heads fired an attack towards the Smashers. Mario jumped in front of them to use his chakram as a shield. However the charkam could only stand up to the attack for several seconds. The fire rushed towards everyone.

"Forge!" Garet shouted. Suddenly a fiery aura protected everyone. While they still received some damage it had been greatly reduced. Isaac just laughed and patted Garet's back.

"Good job Garet." Isaac said.

"No problem." Garet said.

"What happened?" Peach asked.

"I used my Djinn Forge to minimize the damage that we had received." Garet explained.

Isaac and Garet quickly summoned Judgment and Meteor to strike the Ultima Dragon. The Ultima Dragon roared out in pain from the attacks, but still had the strength to go on.

Captain Falcon tried to get back up, however every single mussel in his body cried out in pain to stop him from moving. "Damn it." Captain Falcon muttered.

Saki began to open fire with his cannon sword on the spots where Nana and Popo had removed the scales. "You two!" Saki shouted. "Try and remove more scales!"

They nodded and quickly ran for the Ultima Dragon. Using their pick axes they were able to remove several more scales. Saki used the open spots as target practice and the dragon shouted out in pain.

"Underneath all of those scales, you're just flesh and blood like the rest of us." Falco said, using his blaster to hit the open spots. Marth ran forwards and quickly stabbed the dragon with his sword, however he was hit by one of the tails and sent towards the mouths. One suddenly rushed for Marth, however Ness jumped in and hit the head of the dragon with his first Weapon of Heart, the Heart Bat.

Quickly Marth got up. "Thanks for saving me." Marth said.

"No problem." Ness said. "We're all in this together, right?"


The Ultima Dragon tried to take to the air, to get away from the attacks, however the holes in it's wings kept him grounded. However, he was able to retreat from the Smashers a bit. The Ultima Dragon then charged up another multiple attack and fired it towards the Smashers.

This time, Ness jumped in front, and from his body came a glowing bird that pierced through the Ultima Dragon's attack. The bird then came and stood beside Ness. The bird looked more like a human. It was mainly yellow, however it had a red beak, and red hair, however the top of his head was almost bald. The bird also wore red pants.

"What is that?" Marth said slightly disgusted.

"My third Weapon of Heart." Ness nervously replied. "The Flying Man."

"What?" Marth said.

"It's a drawing that I did when I was little." Ness laughed. "They are also the personification of my courage."

The Flying Man suddenly disappeared and Ness fell forwards, exhausted. "Of course, it took quite a bit out of me to summon it." Marth just picked Ness up and quickly rushed him back to Dr. Mario and Princess Peach who were still trying to heal Captain Falcon.

"I'm fine." Captain Falcon said. "I can fight now. He got back up and began to walk away. After several steps he collapsed face first.

Mario and Jigglypuff had begun to attack the open spots on the Ultima Dragon, constantly dodging each attack from the tail. Saki, Pikachu, and Falco also attacked the dragon with long distance attacks, while Popo and Nana continued to use their ice picks to take off the Dragon's scales. It let out a roar of pain and suddenly began to glow with a fiery aura. An aura that was so hot, all of the Smashers had to retreat.

However the fiery aura was suddenly doused by a random rain storm that only seemed to be over the Ultima Dragon. "Rain?" Falco questioned.

"That's weird, normally I can feel it." Pikachu said.

"It's Psynergy." Isaac replied. "The backup is here."

They looked up to see the six other Adepts. Mia had cast douse on the Ulitma Dragon. "Looks like we get a bit of fun." Felix laughed. All four heads of the Ultima Dragon glared at the new Adepts. Ivan was the first to react sending a bolt of lightning upon one of the open sores.

"Mia, Peirs, there appears to be some injured people." Filex said. "Go heal them Mia, Piers, cover her."

"Understood." the two of them said.

They ran for the downed Captain Falcon, however the Ultima Dragon wasn't going to let them pass easily. "Diamond Dust!" Piers shouted. Chunks of ice appeared out of nowhere and buffeted against the Ultima Dragon. When Mia reached Captain Falcon and Ness she just used Pure Wish to return their strength to them.

The two got back up. This time, Captain Falcon didn't collapse in pain, Ness also had his energy restored.

Everyone looked at the Ultima Dragon.

From the Ultima Dragon's shadow came Dark Link. His Chaos Blade cut through the dragon's scales.

"It's about time I regained consciousness." He muttered. "Not that I would have been able to sleep with all of you making this racket."

They all stared in shock at Dark Link.

"Dark Link!" Everyone said shocked.

"Great, just what we needed." Captain Falcon muttered.

"No!" Jigglypuff shouted. "He is on our side, I think."

Everyone glanced at Dark Link, each of them were rather unsure where his true loyalties lied. "No, I think he is just trying to get us to drop our guards!" Pikachu said.

"I agree with Pikachu!" Mario said.

"I had no interest in any of you to begin with." Dark Link said. "I was only interested in fighting and defeating Link. Now the only way to know if I'm stronger than Link is to kill his killer."

"I don't know what happened between you guys in the past, but for the time being I say we trust him." Isaac said.

"Fine." Everyone muttered.

"Conserve your strength, I'll take care of this dragon for you." Dark Link said. He swung his sword, and the chaos blade cut through the dragon's scales. Everyone actually was rather surprised that Dark Link had just done that.

"How can he cut through the dragon scales when we were having so much difficulty?"

"It's simple really." Dr. Mario said. "The Chaos blade uses the enemies strength against them. The hard dragon scales will only strengthen the chaos blade and make it shaper, and more durable. The only thing that can dull the blade is holy light."

"So, the Master sword." Peach said.

"Yes." Dr. Mario replied.

"How do you know so much?" Ness questioned.

"I read a lot in the Government." Dr. Mario said.

Dark Link's impaled the Ultima Dragon. The Chaos sword instantly began to drain the Ultima Dragon's power. He pulled out the sword and the dragon tried attacking him. However Dark Link just continued to cut through the dragon with his sword.

Growing tired of this fight, Dark Link took out his bow and arrow. He once again fused light and darkness and fired it at the Ultima Dragon. This resulted in an explosion that had badly wounded the dragon. Energy sparked from the dragon and each of the heads roared out in pain.

The Ultima Dragon was no more. The dragon defused and the four proxians were on the ground gasping for air. "Impossible."

Before Dark Link could do the final blow, a wave of energy rushed towards him. Dark Link quickly jumped back, and blocked the attack with his shield. Walking towards him was Alex. "You, I can't believe you betrayed the Dark Lord!" Alex said.

"I don't want to hear that from you." Dark Link laughed. "We all know you want the Golden Sun for yourself. And you will betray the Dark Lord the moment you have it in your grimy little hands."

"Yeah, that's true." Alex laughed. "I will become all powerful and destroy the Dark Lord upon obtaining the Golden Sun! A fool like him doesn't deserve it!"

"I wonder what he would say if he heard you talking." Dark Link taunted.

"I don't care what he says. I'm either going to get the Golden Sun or die trying!" Alex said. "I can feel it, I want to tear you all apart! That blood that woman gave me, it's calling out. It wants you all destroyed. It's time I showed you my true power!"

"That woman?" Dr. Mario asked.

"She said her name was Achi!" Alex replied.

"Achi!" Saki shouted out surprised.

Suddenly Alex began to transform into a giant monster. He screamed in pain.

"I can feel the power flowing through me!" Alex laughed. "I'm invincible!"

The Smashers looked up at the beast. Each of them were having a hard time believing that this beast was once human, even if the transformation occurred 5 seconds ago, not to mention that it should have been physically impossible. They all got ready for another hard battle ahead of them.

"Damn it Achi!" Saki shouted frustrated. "He turned into a ruffian!"

"How can we fight a monster that big?" Jigglypuff asked.

"We punch it!" Captain Falcon replied. "We continue to attack it until it can no longer stand and is dead!"

The truth of the matter was, that the giant ruffian towered over them. It would have probably rivaled the height of some sky scrapers. This was Alex's determination to obtain the Golden Sun, something that he had failed to do once before. Something he wasn't going to fail to do again.

"All right!" Saki shouted. "Are you ready to bring this guy down?" The other Smashers just nodded. Saki ran towards the giant monster. It tried to grab Saki, but its large arms were much slower than it had anticipated. To the advantage of the Smashers, it had yet to adjust to its new body. Saki began to use his Cannon Sword to climb up the beast. Its skin was so rough, one could have probably climbed up with out tools, but Saki didn't care, even if it was a little bit of damage, he had to give it to Alex.

The rest of the Smashers rushed towards Alex. Each of them thinking that this battle could have been a bit easier with Ganondorf here. He could just transform into Ganon, even if Ganon was only about the size of Alex's knee he could still do some decent damage. Nana and Popo were the first to reach his leg and they began to climb up. To them, those that had lived on treacherous mountains all their life, and climbing them daily, this was child's play. Mario began to throw fire balls towards the ruffian Alex. However, they couldn't even singe his skin. Isaac began to run towards the giant beast and cut at its ankles with his sword. However that did little, save for agitating the monster. Jigglypuff began to float up towards the head of the beast, when she got there she began to sing her song. This however proved to be useless. To the monster, even if he could hear the song, it was nothing more than a pin dropping. Captain Falcon ran towards the monster, he focused all of his energy into his feet, and did a Falcon Kick to the ground, this rocketed him upwards towards the head of the monster. "Falcon Punch!" He shouted smashing his fist into the face of the beast. With the added momentum he was able to knock Alex back a few feet.

"Hey!" The Ice Climbers shouted. "We aren't used to climbing mountains during earthquakes!"

"Deal with it!" Captain Falcon replied.

And deal with it they did. They used their ice to extend their cleats and impale the ruffian's thick skin. This was nothing to him, he didn't even notice. Falco, had called his arwing and was now flying around Alex's head. He was constantly shooting doing little to damage the ruffian, but a lot to aggravate him. Ness had began to climb up the monster, using his PSI to help him grab ahold of the monster and climb up it. Marth stayed near the ground and focused his attention on the other leg where he began to rapidly slash and attack. Pikachu was watching the Ice Climbers, as they were climbing up the monster, both on opposite ends, they were putting in small metal screws. These screws were normal mountain climbing equipment, but he couldn't tell where the Ice Climbers were pulling them from. But his mind didn't dawdle on those questions. Instead he began to shoot electricity at the screws. They worked like he thought they would, as excellent lightning rods. The electricity was drawn in to them and passed through Alex's armor.

Ivan and Sheba also realized what Pikachu was doing and followed suit sending bolts of lightning towards the giant.

For the first time it seemed like Alex stumbled. However, in his ruffian form, Alex held onto new abilities as well as all of his old ones. He just unleashed a blast of Psynergy knocking all of the Smashers back down. This one blast of Psynergy had greatly weakened the Smashers..

"We have to get him away from Vale!" Isaac shouted. "The same thing that gives me unlimited Psynergy here, is also helping him."

Dr. Mario looked up at the monster. "Okay." He said. "Leave that to me." Everyone looked at Dr. Mario wondering what he was going to do. He pulled out a scalpel from a small box he pulled out of his pocket. Suddenly it began to grow into an obscenely large size. He could tell from the glares on his back that they were all wondering the same thing. "No, this isn't my Weapon of Heart. Its made from a special metal that expands depending on the amount of energy that is put into it." He waved the scalpel into the air, much like it was a spear. "Once I do this, I won't be able to fight anymore. Be careful..."

Dr. Mario rushed towards Alex. With one swift move he was able to cut through the ruffian's thick skin. It let out a cry of pain and looked towards Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario attacked it once again, this time jumping up into the air and began to rapidly cut all over the side of his body. When Dr. Mario landed he began to run away. Alex was mad, perhaps so mad that he no longer was thinking rationally. He began to chase Dr. Mario, who had lured him away from Vale.

"I hope this is far enough..." Dr. Mario muttered. He was exhausted, as he had anticipated.

"You did good." Isaac said. "We are far enough from the village, he can no longer be constantly regenerated by the Psynergy stones."

Everyone looked up at the giant Ruffian, they weren't ready to fight him once again. Even with the wounds that Dr. Mario created, it was still going to be a long battle.

"Now I'm ready to fight!" Isaac said.

Isaac supported this claim by summoning Eclipse. A large golden dragon appeared and shot a beam of energy towards Alex. The attack hit and knocked Alex back. He let out a screech of pain, and the attack had left a bit of damage, chipping away the armor that he was wearing. Nana and Popo rushed towards the beast. Saki however rushed passed them and began to rapidly shoot the wound that Isaac had created. Pikachu began to fire electricity towards the wound, when it hit it caused the beast to scream out in pain.

Garet summoned a meteor, and it crashed upon Alex. Alex seemed to stumble a bit. Ivan and Sheba began to help Pikachu with their Jupiter based Psynergy. The mountain climbing screws, that were still in Alex's leg continued .

"Felix!" Piers shouted. "Let's trap him!"

"Okay, I've got it!" Felix replied. Felix used his Venus Psynergy to create a giant fissure in the ground that Alex fell into. Piers on the other hand began using his mercury Psynergy to summon rain. Alex began to struggle, however he was trapped in the giant pit of mud, and all of the struggling made it harder for him to escape.

"Smashers!" Alex shouted. "Adepts, have you forgotten who really controls all of the elements? Your attacks are nothing. You're just delaying the inevitable!" Alex suddenly began to grow even bigger. The wounds that they had made were healing quickly. And the screws that where in Alex's legs popped out.

Dr. Mario watched in horror.

"Alex." Mia muttered. She was saddened.

"This isn't getting any better." Dr. Mario said. "I'm certain there is also something else in there that is giving him power, besides the blood."

"Fake Smash Shards." Captain Falcon replied. "He tried to use them against me in our fight. They're probably still in his arm."

Several fake Smash Shards were also in him, absorbing the dark power and evolving. However his arm began to crystallize. Soon his arm was a pitch-black crystal. "This power!" Alex shouted. "I am invincible! I am all powerful!"

"Giga Bowser is still causing us trouble." Mario shouted frustrated.

"Those fake shards are tools." Captain Falcon said. "He spread them across the universe so that people would use them against us."

"I don't know what we can do now." Pikachu muttered.

"We will keep on fighting." Marth replied. "I will cut through him!"

Alex just looked at all of the Smashers. "You are all just small insignificant bugs!" He laughed.

Everyone continued their assault against Alex, the Adepts used all of their summons and constantly used their Djinn, however it seemed like Alex wasn't keeping any damage. If there was ever a decent cut it would instantly heal.

Alex however smashed everyone into the ground. They all cried in pain.

Isaac just began to force himself up. "Everyone, I have one final summon. And this is perhaps, my most powerful summon" He stretched out his hand. "I summon you, Iris, the goddess of rainbows, guide of souls!" A warm and soothing light began to shine down upon the Smashers, healing them. As for Alex, he was receiving a large amount of damage. His skin was being burned, but he couldn't feel it. The Smashers began to get back up.

"Amazing." Dr. Mario said shocked.

"That's my most powerful summon I have. It hurts the enemy greatly, and restores everyone back to full health. Though, the amount of Djinn I had to use up greatly reduces it's pratical use. But now, we can fight against Alex again!"

"All right, does anyone have any plans?" Captain Falcon wondered.

"No, not really." All of the Smashers replied.

"Just keep him away from Vale." Isaac ordered. "We have to be doing damage to him. Eventually he will fall!"

"How can you say that?" Jigglypuff asked, beginning to lose faith.

"Because, he keeps regenerating." Dr. Mario said. "His cells are just dividing at an insane rate. Even if he has unlimited energy from Alchemy, his cells still have a limited amount of times that they can split. He is eating up his life force because if he wins this he will get the Golden Sun and any life force he used will be a mute point."

Saki jumped into the air, however Alex swatted him away. While in the air, Saki looked towards the village of Vale. As he was flying through the air he realized what he was protecting, and if he failed the devastation would most likely spread through out the universe. He had no choice. "They will all probably hate me after seeing me like this." he thought. "But that is what I must do... to protect Vale."

Saki also began to transform. He became a blue skinned monster. On his head there was what appeared to be a white helmet with a horn sticking out. His shoulders now had giant shoulder pads. Above his wrists were some strange V shaped things that suddenly two energy swords came out of.

"Saki!" Dr. Mario shouted out.

"Don't worry, I'm in control." Saki replied.

"What's going on?" Captain Falcon asked.

"It's Achi's blood. It transformed him into a ruffian." Dr. Mario said.

"Achi, wasn't that the same person that Alex called out to?" Jenna asked.

"Yes." Dr. Mario replied.

Saki began to rapidly attack Alex. "Why? It's the first time that my heart is at ease. Usually when I transform, I can't control myself. Everything is clouded and I destroy all that I see. But now, everything is clear."

Saki quickly ran forwards and began to rapidly slash Alex with his swords. He fired energy out of his hand and it blasted against Alex. The two fought for several minutes. Saki clearly had the advantage since he was used to transforming into this form.

Saki suddenly began to revert back to normal. Well, sort of normal. His body had the ruffian's scales still on it, and what looked like bones sticking out of his back and arm. Everyone looked at him disgusted. "Don't worry." Saki gasped. "They will fall off eventually."

Dr. Mario was perhaps the most worried. "Why didn't you finish the fight?" He asked.

"I couldn't." Saki said. "I ran out of energy."

"He's no where near running out of energy though." Captain Falcon said. "Well, thanks for the few minutes you managed to hold him off for kid." Captain Falcon patted Saki's back and began to walk forwards.

"They aren't afraid of me?" Saki said confused.

"Well, I guess you could say that we're monsters too." Dr. Mario said.

"Why would we be afraid of you?" Ness asked. "You looked cool!"

"I looked cool?" Saki questioned. "Do you mean that?"

"Yeah, of course!" Ness said.

Saki smiled. Never before in the government had he been told that his transformation looked cool. They would always yell at him, "you're a monster, a freak!" "You're disgusting!" "What if I become like you, a monster?" "I wouldn't want my kids like you." if he bumped into anyone he would get beaten up. If he released his Ruffian powers outside of any tests he would be punished.

"If you can control your transformation now, why don't you join the Smashers?" Dr. Mario asked.

Saki just laughed. "Today was the first time everything was so clear." Saki then pulled out his cell phone and destroyed it with his cannon sword. "Yeah, I'll join the Smashers!"

"Well, we will formally welcome you when we're done this battle." Dr. Mario said.

"Got it." Saki said, struggling to get back up. Mia came over and used Wish to help restore his strength a bit.

Dr. Mario just looked grimly at Saki. "Saki, you're at your limit, aren't you? You're going to die, you've transformed too many times? I'm correct aren't I?"

"Yeah." Saki replied. "That's the reason why I came here in the first place. To find a peaceful place to die. The doctors in the Government figured I could only do a few more transformations."

"I see." Dr. Mario said.

"But, I'm going to live through this somehow." Saki replied. "I want to be like a cool older brother or something. I've got a kid now that I have to rescue from the Government. Suddenly, I feel like I have a bunch of life in me."

Dr. Mario nodded. "Just be careful then. You've done enough and can rest now."

Ness ran towards Alex. He summoned his first Weapon of Heart, however it transformed into something different. The Heart Bat suddenly appeared to have nails sticking out of it. It was a much more brutal weapon. He summoned his second weapon of heart, the Yo-yo, but it had also changed. It appeared to have razors at the end of the yo-yo.

"Giygas is trying to escape!" Ness thought. "Sorry, but not this time!"

A chaotic aura began to come off of Ness and rush towards Alex.

A moment later a portion of Alex's leg exploded. "What was that? Why did Giygas do that?" Ness questioned.

Alex's leg quickly recovered, and Ness' Weapons of Heart returned to normal. Ness threw several plumes of PK Fire at Alex, however the attack did next to nothing.

Alex unleashed a blast of Psynergy that knocked everyone back, and down on the ground. They all struggled to get back up, but another wave of Psynergy had knocked them all back down. "I've had enough!" Alex said. "I've lost all my patience with you! Die, Smashers and Adepts!"

Isaac however was the only person who could stand up. Everyone looked at him rather shocked. "I'm not going to let a monster like you take the Golden Sun!" Isaac shouted

"Don't forget Isaac, those who fight monsters eventually become a monster!"

Isaac ran towards Alex alone. He swung his sword and tried to hurt Alex, however the attack just bounced off of Alex's foot. Isaac sent a blast of Psynergy that looked like a giant fist towards Alex, however upon hitting the monster, the fist broke apart.

"It's over, you can't do anything." Alex said, rather disappointed. "I'll now claim the Golden Sun from its owner."

Alex's hand rushed for Isaac, however a fiery barrier appeared, protecting him. "Alex, this time, I'm not holding anything back! If you want the power of the Golden Sun, I'll use it against you!"

Alex just began to laugh. However, his laughter was soon replaced with screams of pain. He had begun to mutate further. Tentacles came out of his back and they immediately rushed for Isaac. Isaac however just created a barrier of fire. When the tentacles hit the barrier they burned up.

Alex however just created more tentacles and they went for the Smashers. Isaac quickly used his sword to cut through each of the tentacles. "You're weak." Alex said. "By protecting others you will never be able to hurt me. You have a choice, either give up their lives or the Golden Sun."

"I will give up neither!" Isaac replied.

"Then you were a fool." Alex said, there was a sudden explosion that engulfed Isaac. Before the smoke cleared all of the tentacles rushed into the smoke and pierced Isaac. As the smoke cleared, Isaac was floating in the sky. His body was limp. All of the tentacles had stabbed right through him. The tentacles then pulled out of Isaac's body.

Isaac fell down, lifeless. "I win!" Alex laughed.

"Isaac!" The Smashers shouted.

The golden flames began to rise up off of Isaac. Eventually forming a ball of energy above him. Suddenly a voice rang out.

"I am thou, and thou art I." The Golden Sun suddenly rushed back into Isaac. The wounds were instantly healed. Isaac slowly began to stand up and look at Alex. Suddenly, Isaac had transformed into Judgment.

A tentacle rushed for Isaac, however Judgment swung it's sword cutting through the tentacle. "Alex. You can not wield the power of the Golden Sun." Isaac shouted out.

"One such as yourself, who only wants it for selfish reasons will never be capable of using the Golden Sun to it's full potential."

Isaac took several seconds to get adjusted to his new form. "So, this is what the Wise One meant by gaining a new power. Alex, this fight is over!"

Judgment rushed for Alex and slashed right through him. He then quickly turned around and aimed the giant lion head, in his right hand, at Alex. Energy began to gather and then was released towards Alex. Upon impact there was a gigantic explosion.

Alex quickly regenerated what was blown off. Judgment however raised his sword up into the air. "Everyone, give my the strength to end this in one blow!" Isaac's voice called out.

"Okay!" Princess Peach said. She summoned her weapon of heart, a royal scepter. "It's time for my Weapon of Heart's debut." Peach said.

Everyone looked at Peach, and at her Weapon of Heart. "What is its ability?" Ness wondered.

"This royal scepter doesn't really attack." Peach explained. "Instead it supports everyone. I figured this was the best way to use my Weapon of Heart."

Peach swung the scepter and suddenly everyone's energy was increased. She swung it again and all of their energy went up to Judgment's sword. The sword glowed with a ferocious energy

Isaac then went flying up towards Alex's head. "Its over Alex!" Isaac shouted. The sword came down cutting Alex in half. Slowly the two parts began to shrink. Eventually returning to the human form it was prior. Isaac looked at him, there was no chance that he was alive now. All they could do now was cremate the body.

They watched as Alex's body burned to ashes. Eventually when it was all over, there was only the ashes and a black jewel lying in the ashes.

Someone appeared in in front of the Smashers. He just clapped and they all stared at them. He had white hair, and wore black clothing. "Congratulations." He said.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Tang, and I am one of the Dark Sages." He said. Tang walked over to the black sphere. "It's almost like a dark Smash Crystal. Alex strengthened it to this level. I'm rather impressed that he was able to do it."

"What is that dark Smash Crystal for?" Mario asked.

"An absolute darkness." Tang laughed. "Kuroyami."

"You're crazy!" Dr. Mario shouted. "Do you realize what great evil the Kuroyami is?"

"Yes, I know." Tang calmly said. "I just follow Smithy's orders. If I am ordered to be consumed by its darkness, I will without a moment of hesitation. I would sacrifice myself for the one who gave me life!"

"You won't be getting that far!" Isaac shouted. A fiery sword appeared in front of Isaac, and it rushed for Tang, however a clear, cubed barrier appeared around Tang. Several seconds later, Tang disappeared. "You better look after your friend, he may die..."

Everyone turned to Saki. He suddenly began to scream out in pain. His body was suddenly covered in several cuts. He then collapsed.

The Smashers rushed for him, however someone jumped in front of Saki and knocked the Smashers away. "Stay away." The person said.

Dr. Mario glanced at the person. He was wearing a cloak with the letter O on it. "Omicron." Dr. Mario said.

Omicron looked at Dr. Mario. "So, we meet again." The Smashers just glanced at the two rather confused. "Interesting. Well then Doctor, I guess I'll leave him in your hands. Do you think you can save him?"

"Yes." Dr. Mario replied.

Omicron just laughed. "You see, Saki is nothing more than just a tool to us, along with many of the other Ruffian Humans." He turned around and kicked Saki in the abdomen. Saki screamed in pain. "But you see, Saki here disobeyed two orders. He did a full transformation, and then he didn't attack you. I had given him the order to kill you, but then he refused. We don't really appreciate tools that don't do what they're supposed to. I guess I'll have to kill you all myself and then end Saki's life, or should I let him suffer!"

Dr. Mario quickly threw a scalpel at Omicron. However he caught it between his index and middle finger. "Saki knew that once he entered that state that his body wouldn't be able to take it. He died trying to protect you all, and now you're all going to die. Isn't that sad?"

Before Omicron had a chance to say anything else Saki raised up his arm and stabbed Omicron through his back with his Cannon Sword. Omicron just looked back at Saki. "I'm surprised you have that kind of strength left. If you didn't attack me you might have lived! Why did you betray us?"

"You told me to betray the Smashers and kill them. Then leave this whole village to die. I refuse to let anywhere else become like my home planet!"

Omicron just laughed. He kicked Saki away and pulled the cannon sword out of his back. "Want to know something about that dump?" Omicron said. "We, the Government orchestrated everything. We started the civil war. All just to get your species under our control! Smashers, I hear Tarturus is a nice place!"

Dr. Mario was furious. His hands began to burn with an intense fire. "Omicron!" He shouted as he rushed for the Government official. Dr. Mario quickly through several scalpels, cutting several of Omicron's tendons. He then rushed right in front of Omicron and placed his hands directly on his abdomen. At point blank he unleashed a Mario Finale.

Omicron was unable to react. And he was consumed. He was then burnt to ashes. Dr. Mario however just ignored what he did and rushed to Saki. "Are you all right?" Dr. Mario asked.

Saki just weakly nodded.

"Don't worry, I'll save you!" Dr. Mario said. He quickly took off his jacket and used it to cover up Saki. "We need to transport him back to Vale now! We also have to be careful! His condition is critical! If you have any healing Psynergy now would be the time to use it."

They quickly, and carefully began to transfer Saki.

Dr. Mario was now in a house. Saki also lay on a table. The once white tablecloth was now stained with blood. Even if they healed all of his injuries, there was still the chance that Saki would die of blood loss.

Dr. Mario had considered doing a blood transfusion, however he didn't know Saki's blood type. Not to mention how dangerous it would be if his ruffian blood went into another Smasher who was unable to control it.

Dr. Mario looked grimly at Saki. The two Mercury Adepts, Mia and Piers, were trying to heal Saki. "The idiot!" Dr. Mario thought. "He is only human after all, his cells wouldn't of been able to keep up with the constant dividing to allow for that sudden change in size. But still, I won't let someone die in front of me like this without doing something!" He approached the table where Saki was lying down. "Weapon of Heart!" He shouted. In his hands appeared a staff with a blue jewel encrusted at the top, this was a healing staff.

They tried as much as they could to save Saki. But the recovery process was taking far too long. Isaac entered the room and looked down at Saki. He poked his head out of the room. "Fill several basins with water!" he ordered. "And then bring them in here!"

Dr. Mario turned to Isaac rather confused. "What are you going to do?"

"Save his life." Isaac replied. "It's the least I can do for him saving Vale." Several of the villagers brought in basins filled with water. Isaac just placed his hand in one, and the golden aura appeared. Several seconds later he removed his hand and brought out several cups. He took a drink of it and then offered some to Dr. Mario, Mia, and Piers. The three of them accepted. As soon as they drank the water there fatigue was gone. "This is the water of Hermes. Get Saki to drink it."

They quickly brought a cup up and forced Saki to drink the water. Perhaps, due to the severe amount of damage, it didn't heal very much of him. Piers also brought out a flask of water. "He should also drink this as well."

"And what is that?" Dr. Mario questioned.

"Mystic Draught." Piers replied. "This will help him."

Dr. Mario watched as Piers fed the Mystic Draught to Saki. "This will rejuvenate his cells."

"How does that even work?" Dr. Mario questioned.

"It's a magical water in our world. It's probbably better known as coming from the fountain of youth." Piers explained.

"I see." Dr. Mario said.

Dr. Mario stayed with Saki, monitoring his condition until it was finally time for a feast in celebration of their victory.

They ate the food that was prepared for them. When they were done they had all gathered around Dr. Mario. "I figure you now have some questions."

"Yeah." They said.

"Unfortunately, I don't know where to start." Dr. Mario sighed.

"Then, why don't you answer what is the Kuroyami." Captain Falcon said.

Dr. Mario looked at the Smashers. "The Kuroyami is a weapon of immeasurable power. It is strengthened by the darkness in the hearts of everyone in the universe. In a way, it is connected to every single being. The Government was also trying to create one, but it was much too horrific. As far as I knew, they stopped trying to make them. The basis for both the Kuroyami and the Shirahikari is sacrifice."

"Wait, Shirahikari?" Captain Falcon questioned.

"Another weapon. They both require sacrificing lives, the end result is based upon what kind of lives. The Kuroyami is evil lives, while the Shirahikari is the opposite, those who are pure and innocent."

"But there is nothing more terrifying than those who are innocent."

"Also, what is Tarturus?" Jigglypuff asked.

"Tarturus is a prison in space. It is the most well fortified place in the galaxy, and in it is perhaps some of the most feared criminals to exist. It is said that once you go in, there is no escaping." Dr. Mario said.

"I have no doubt that we will be going there in the future." Ness muttered.

"I have the same feeling." Dr. Mario said. "Samus, myself, and now Saki. We are becoming quite the large group of defectors for the Government."

"Three people is a large group?" Ness questioned.

"For them it is. Very few people have ever escaped the Government. We're probably the first three. They will want to set an example. And make sure that no information leaks out. Not to mention I killed Omicron."

Mario decided to speak up. "There is another thing." He said. "The person I fought, Mr. X is actually a member of the Government. They have infiltrated Smithy's ranks."

Dr. Mario just nodded. "This is nothing new. They often send people into gangs or criminal organizations to destroy it from the inside."

"Great." Jigglypuff said. "I wonder how long it will take until we're targets?"

"Well, we all ready were." Dr. Mario pointed out. "Saki was supposed to infiltrate us and kill us, but that sort of backfired. Not to mention the EON's, or well EON that was sent to attack us."

Everyone sighed.

Another day passed, with Dr. Mario watching over, and healing Saki. They then received word from Crazy Hand that the fight between Smithy and Master Hand was over and that it had ended in a draw.

Crazy Hand then informed them to return as soon as possible.

In the morning they returned back to the Smash Planet, with Saki, Isaac, and Dark Link joining them.

Saki just floated in a tube in his boxers. Around his mouth was an oxygen mask. The tube slowly filled with the water of Hermes. "Let's hope this can heal him." Dr. Mario sighed.

"It will." Isaac calmly replied.

They all looked at Isaac, each of them wondering if it was really a good idea for him to go with them. "Won't your world die with out the Golden Sun?" they questioned.

"It will take thousands of years before the world begins to die without the Golden Sun." Isaac calmly replied. "Besides, I don't have the full Golden Sun with me. A portion of it was also in Alex, and that power was returned to the land when he died. I am also leaving my Djinn here"

"But don't you need them for summoning?" Peach asked.

"I'll be fine." Isaac reassured them. "I tired it yesterday, and I could transform into Judgment with out them, and I could still use my Psynergy, so that's all I'll need. Besides, if I take the Djinn, it will disturb the balance of this world."

The Smashers nodded.

"Well then, if that's the case, the next stop is the Smash Planet. It might take a while before you see your planet again, so take one final look at it."

Isaac just looked at Vale one last time. "I know we will see each other again."

From the ground a hand shot out. Slowly crawling out of the ground was a child, who looked identical to Ness. "You thought that was the end of me!" He laughed. "This power of alchemy is interesting." This Ness Doppelganger was Giygas. He was also completely naked... He saw a nearby cave with bandits entering it. He slowly approached the cave, and after several explosions engulfed the whole cave he entered. Several moments later he came out of the cave with clothes on. "It still seems like a fraction of my power was sealed inside of you. Cherish it, I will return for it."

Giygas however didn't know how much of his power was sealed away inside of Ness. Currently, Ness still had half of Giygas' power sealed away.

However, he looked up, and waiting for him was a cloaked figure. "You were the one who shot that light arrow. I wanted to meet you. So I could kill you!"

"We have something in common then." The cloaked figure replied as he unsheathed his sword. "I want to kill you as well. It's time for your legacy to end Giygas, and this time, no one is bringing you back!"

Giygas looked at the cloaked figure as his fingers began to spark with energy. "Those are bold words, coming from someone as weak as you."

"You don't know my strength." He laughed. "Let me tell you, I've been to hell and back."

Giygas lifted up his hand and an aura of insanity covered the area, however the cloaked figure was protected from the evil force. "Something on you is stopping me from controlling you." A white holy light suddenly began to glow from the cloaked figure.

A person dressed in pure white armour suddenly appeared beside the cloaked figure.

Giygas quickly realized that he wouldn't stand a chance against the two and be destroyed if he stayed here any longer. He quickly retreated.

The other cloaked figure that had helped the Smashers during their fight met up. He was much smaller than the person in the armour or the other cloaked figure. "I think one of them saw me." The small one said.

"It doesn't matter." The other said.

"Should we reveal ourselves?"

"No, not yet. There is still one more trial that they must overcome. Let's see how they act."

"And, I was wondering about him..."

"Dark Link?" The other questioned. "Yeah. I wonder why he attacked Sora..."

"I guess there are something's that are unknown to us."


"Omicron has died." Digamma said.

"The Smashers also know too much." Qoppa added on.

"They should be eliminated now." Sampi said.

"They have done enough damage to the Dark Lord. They can be disposed of now." San added on.

"Omega." Qoppa said. "Ready the assault on the Smash Planet!"


Sora was in a sea of static. He was surprised at his location. "Where am I?" He asked. What appeared to be a grizzly bear rushed for him. The Grizly's arm however was much like the wing's that Sora had obtained. Quickly Sora cut through the Grizzly with his Keyblade. The grizzly soon disappeared into the static.

"Interesting..." A voice laughed. "That weapon of yours can cut through the Noise."

A person dressed in black emerged from the static. His shirt was open exposing what looked like a tattoo on his chest. His arms from his hands to elbows were completely black by unnatural causes. He snapped his fingers and a black rhino appeared. "Try cutting through this Taboo Nosie."

Sora quickly ran for the Rhino and cut right through it. He then pointed his Keyblade at the person. "Where am I?" Sora asked.

"I don't know how you got here, but you got into a different dimension that I've been stuck in for quite a while. My name is Sho Minamimoto."

"Alright, second question Sho. What are those creatures?" Sora asked.

Sho just laughed. "They are called noise, they are like the embodiment of negative emotions."

"Is that so?" Sora asked. "They are just like Heartless then... perhaps even a further evolution." Sora stretched out his hand and several shadow heartless appeared. They began to form a cocoon around Sora.

"What's going on?" Sho asked.

Sora just let off a laugh. "You said that I would be here for quite a while and that it would be impossible to escape." Sora replied. "So, I'm going to gain strength and become strong enough to escape."

"I see." Sho replied. Eventually the cocoon fully surrounded Sora. Sho just began to laugh. "It seems that things are about to get interesting." He held up his hand. "NOISE GIVE ME POWER!" Suddenly Noise rushed towards him, and they began to form a cocoon around him.

To be continued...

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