Kunoichi Summoning

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Fox Talking

Fox Thinking

"NARUTO, this is the last time I'm telling you to get out of my office," yelled Tsunade. "We are extremely busy at the moment so Kakashi and Jiraiya are not available. So get out."

"But granny I need someone to help me trai….," Naruto started to say but Tsunade flicked him in the forehead and Naruto blasted through the roof.

Shit, she thought. The brat made me put another whole in the roof.

"What's wrong with her," Naruto grumbled to himself. "I only asked her for someone to help me train about 30 times today. I can't do much by myself." He slowly climbed to his feet wincing from the pain and looked around. "Stupid granny, she blasted me all the way to the training fields."

Brat, why do you keep making so much noise.

Shut up you stupid fox, Naruto thought. I need to think of a way to train.

Ha, a stupid brat like you could never learn to train on his own. You could barely train with perverts teaching you.

Then maybe you should help me train you damn fox!Naruto thought. Well you might be a pervert.

Why would I help you? You are a loud mouth brat who just happens to be the jail cell of the greatest ettchi….demon of all times. Not only that you signed a summoning contract with TOADS of all things. All toads are good for is over a fire. You should have made it with the foxes.

So this is why you won't help me, because I signed a contract with the toads. So why don't I sign with the foxes, then you can help me.

That's impossible. The scroll was destroyed a long time ago.

Why then did you want me to sign it then if it's destroyed!!!!!! Then why don't I just create a new scroll to summon them then. Naruto thought sarcastically.

……………. There's an idea brat. Maybe you aren't as stupid as I thought you were. No wait you are, but even retards think of something good every now and then.

Hey! So how do I make it?

First you must get a special scroll to use as the main summoning contract. I believe there might be some in the hokage's tower.

Easy, I'll get it and bring it back here.

Foolish brat, the Kyuubi thought, like I would let you summon the foxes. I wonder how I can make this entertaining for me………………

The Next Day…………..

So far so good,Naruto thought, I haven't been seen yet. Oh please let her be gone. Naruto was sneaking along the corridor to the hokage's office. He rounds the corridor and stops at the hokages door. Oh God, please don't let her be in. He opened the door a crack, flinching as it creaked open, and peered inside. Good she's not here.

Naruto hopped inside and quickly shut the door. He runs around the room throwing open drawers, cabinets and desks. "Man she keeps her desk a mess, papers everywhere. What a lazy hokage. Now let's see were is it." Naruto opens a drawer, "Here it is." He pulls outs a large scroll wrapped in a binding with a seal on it. "It doesn't seem all that impressive really. You think it would have cool designs on it or something"

Suddenly behind the door he heard, "Shizume, I need a drink, hurry and get me one. Yes, I'll work on the paperwork." Click

OH SHIT. She's here. I need to hide. Crap the office is a mess too.

"So much paperwork, guess I'll have to work on it." Tsunade sighs. She sits down and begins to sign papers. "Faster I sign, faster it's over. Shizume doesn't need to know I didn't read any of this." Is it my imagination or is the office messier then usual.

Poof A ninja suddenly appeared in front of Tsunade. "Hokage-sama, they need you immediately at the hospital," he said.

"What is it now" Tsunade demanded.

"It's about Maito Gai's group. They seem to have been involved with a training accident."

"What happened" Tsunade almost yelled in frustration. "I specifically told him not to do the death training with Lee in the condition he's in."

"Well…. It's not like that." said the Ninja nervously.

"Then, what happened!" Tsunade yelled.

"We are not exactly sure all we know is a large coconut was shoved up Gai's….." he began.

"That's enough. Let's go." Tsunade interrupted disappearing in a puff of smoke. The ninja quickly followed.

"That was close," Naruto sighed as he opened the ceiling tile that he hid in. "I probably shouldn't have dropped the scroll in the pile of papers when I hid. ARG, now I have to find it again." He knocked off papers on her desk looking for it with growing frustration. Stupid granny if she just kept her office clean.

Hey fox I got the scroll and I am back in the field, now what?

Unroll it and let me make sure its working.

Naruto unrolls the scroll and lays it out on the grass. There you go. This had better work I could have been killed if I was caught.

Release my chakra so I can initiate the summoning contract. Naruto nods and focuses on the red chakra within him. The grass started to bend away from him as the red chakra engulfed his body and slid like water to the scroll.

Hmm? It seems as if it was signed by that female hokage. I could use this to my advantage; it was always so dull around here. The kyuubi caused Tsunade's name to disappear from sight on the scroll.

The flow of chakra out of Naruto stopped. Okay brat it's ready for you to summon once you sign with blood.

Finally, Naruto bites his finger and signs his name onto the contract. Uhg, I always hate this part. What are the hand signs?

This could take awhile.

Okay I am finally ready to do this.

And it took only what 3 hours of practicing. With that speed you could be the Hokage next millennium.

Shut up. Naruto quickly does a few seals, "Summoning Jutsu!" He hits the ground with the palm of his hand.

A large cloud of smoke appears and Naruto can barely make out a shape in the smoke. "What is going on here, why am I here," said a familiar voice.

That voice sounds familiar, it can't be. "Granny is that you," Naruto said weekly.

The smoke cleared and Naruto slowly recognized Tsunade standing there. "Naruto is that you, what's going on?"

Oh crap.


End of chapter one

This is my first time writing a fanfic. It's not the best but I hope to improve. This chapter is a little short and the next ones should be longer. I just had to get the boring introduction out of the way. Its going to get much better. Foxy grin.