Chapter 15: Pretty Poison pt3: Trials and Tribulations

"Did he tell you anything about what's going on?" Huntress asked as she sat on the edge of the work table in the Batcave, waiting with Robin and the other Birds for Batman's return.

"Not a word," Robin replied, checking his belt pockets. "He just said that he found her, she's fine, and to meet him here."

As if on cue, the Batmobile roared into the cave. "So, what's going on? Where's Grandma?" Batgirl asked, approaching the Dark Knight.

"Get ready to go. Batgirl, you and Robin get in the car. Huntress and Canary, stay here and man the monitor. I'll be right back…" Batman said, moving quickly up the stairs.

A few moments later, Batman came back down with a softly snoring, still-intoxicated Kim cradled in his arms. "Where are you going?" Huntress asked as he sat Kim in the passenger seat of the Batmobile.

"You have to trust me, all of you," He said, climbing into the driver's seat and closing the canopy.

"Anybody else weirded out?" Black Canary asked her friend as the Tumbler roared out of the cave.

Inside the tumbler, an awkward silence filled the air. "Um… Boss… we have a plan?" Robin asked as he glanced to Batgirl.

"Everything will be ok," Batman replied, earning an equally concerned glance back at Robin from Batgirl.

The rest of the drive was made in silence. It was almost a twenty-minute drive into the warehouse district of Mid-Triton before the Tumbler came to a stop outside of a fertilizer factory.

Batman lifted the still-sound-asleep Kim bridal-style and started toward the building.

"So, how do we go in?" Robin asked, "Side window?"

"Skylight?" Batgirl asked.

"Front door," Batman growled and started toward the entrance.

"He knows how to use one of those?" Robin whispered to Batgirl, who simply shrugged and followed behind her mentor.

As the group walked in, Batgirl and Robin noticed that the inside of the building looked like a rainforest. "What the…" Robin asked, then gasped when vines grabbed him by the arms and legs, lifting him into the air. "Batman! Batgirl! It's a trap!"

Batgirl flipped through the air, dodging vines aimed toward her, and glanced toward the Dark Knight. "I know," Batman simply said, catching her off guard.

"You know? What?" She gasped, when she was wrapped by the waist and lifted into the air. She watched in awestruck horror as Ron allowed vines to take Kim from his arms.

"Don't worry, kids," James Possible said, walking out from behind some bushes as they were held tightly to a three large trees. "We just want to make sure you're safe before things get… interesting."

"Batman?" Robin asked, as the Dark Knight stood silently, his cowl wrapped securely around his body.

"He's been awakened to the truth and accepted it, Richard," a sultry voice sounded as a large bloom rose from the ground, opening to reveal the near nude Anne Possible, her now green skin matching the leaves and vines that covered what little modesty she had. "As will you all, very soon…"

Ivy walked up to Kim and lifted up a handful of herbs. She crushed the leaves in her hand and then blew the dust in Kim's face. The redheaded former crime fighter groaned, and her eyes slowly fluttered open. "Wha…" She groaned and then opened her eyes fully when she realized she was restrained. "What's going… Mom?! What…what's happened to you? What are you… wearing?"

"Why are you doing this?" Batgirl asked, glancing at the three standing before her. Batman took a step back as Anne stepped to stand directly before the three.

"I have been awaken to the truth… the Earth cries out for help… we trample her firstborn, cut and burn her beloved children. It's time… for a reboot." Ivy smiled, turning toward the center of the factory, the floor ripped open to show the revealed Triton waterway. "We're going to topple Triton, bring nature back to her glory, and then quickly work outward. Every ungrateful man, woman, and child will be smothered, leaving only the worthy children of nature." She motioned to all present, "We will be the new Adams and Eves. Mankind will rise from the ashes, once again one with nature… with myself as its Matriarch."

"Mom, are you listening to yourself?" Kim asked, shaking her head, "This is… crazy! This isn't you!"

"I've been running from and hiding my true nature since you were just a baby, Kimmie," Anne replied with a short laugh, "conforming to what I thought was… proper. Hiding in a mask, something your lover and children know very well, eh? I'm finally free to be me again, Kimmie, and I've never felt better! I've finally… become myself."

"And how are you going to take out all of mankind?" Robin asked, "I'm pretty sure you're aware we're kinda known for defending ourselves…"

"Easily; with an incredibly strong poison placed in the water supply, they'll never know till it's too late… silent, calm, peaceful deaths," Ivy replied, motioning toward the water supply. "See? It'll be more mercy than they deserve."

"And the only ones who could possibly stop me have been… taken care of." She smiled, "It's over…"

"You're right, Anne," Batman growled, causing her to freeze in her step.

"What?" She turned quickly to the Bat.

"It's over." He said, throwing a smoke bomb at her feet that exploded in a cloud of black smoke.

She coughed loudly, waving her hand before her face as she walked backwards, trying to get out of the smoke.

"How? How did you break my control?" Ivy asked as Batman appeared behind her.

"Scarecrow," Batman growled, causing the redhead to turn quickly toward him. "He escaped prison last month so I had been giving myself anti-fear toxin booster shots daily. Your pheromones are of the same class as Scarecrow's formula. You affected me for a little while, Anne, but it wore off pretty quickly. Now give yourself up so we can help you."

"Help me? I'm trying to help you! All the things that have pulled you and Kimmie apart will be gone!" Ivy argued, "BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY TO RUIN IT!" She took a swing at the Dark Knight, who easily caught her swipe.

"I'm not talking to you as Batman; I'm talking to you as Ron. Don't do this. This will not end the way you want it to. You will lose one way or the other. Don't do this to Kim, or Jim and Tim, or James. Do you honestly think they'll accept this?" He asked, his voice changing to that of Ron Stoppable.

Ivy's eyes softened and he felt her tremble slightly. "That's it, Dr. P… Anne, I know you're in there. Fight it."

"My name… is IVY!" She kicked Batman in the armored chest, sending him stumbling backwards. "And I will MAKE them accept it!"

"I'm not going to fight you," Batman said, dodging her rage-fueled attacks.

"Makes sense," Ivy snorted, taking a step back from the Dark Knight, "That's what made you the sidekick to Kim. You never had the guts to do what had to be done, to do what was necessary!"

The statement caught him off guard for only a moment, but that was all she needed. She kicked him hard with the heel of her foot, sending him tumbling backwards toward the water supply. As he began to stabilize himself, Ivy threw herself at him, sending them both into the water. "I'll find someone better for Kimmie, since you obviously don't have the strength to do what we need…" She said, tightening her hands around his throat.

"Anne, listen to me… Anne… Mrs. Dr. P… Misses DOCTOR P…" Batman forced out, gripping her wrists, "You made an oath, Doctor… What was that oath? When you graduated medical school… What was your oath?"

"Do… Do no harm…" Ivy's face softened, looking more like the woman Ron considered more of a mother than his own.

"What is this plan going to do?" Batman asked, speaking in his Ron voice, "Mrs. Dr. P… Mom P… you want to kill everyone but us… think about this…"

"I… Ron… there's something wrong with me… this… this isn't …" Anne shook her head, "She's still in here, clawing at me…" She shook her head, "She wants me to kill you… but… Stop me, Ron. You have to stop me…"

Batman looked at her, pain in his eyes, "I can't… I know I have to but you're right… I'm not as strong as Kim."

"Yes. Yes, you are, Son…" Anne replied, moving her hands up to his cowl.

"Don't… we're in water… the shock…" Ron's eyes widened.

"Your suit will protect you… and it will stop… me," Anne replied softly, "No matter what happens… I'm happy you and Kimmie found each other again…"

"Mom P… Anne… Don't… Don't! DON'T!" Ron yelled, as she gripped the corners of his mask, and he heard the hum as the Taser began to activate. "ANNE!" Ron screamed as she arched backwards while electricity ran through her, magnified by the water around her. "NO!"

Kim, Robin and Batgirl eyes widened when they heard Ron and Anne's screams, and James suddenly fell unconscious. "RON! MOM!" Kim called out through the warehouse.

After a few minutes, Kim saw Ron walking toward them, his cowl pulled back, and with him a slightly smoking Anne Possible, cradled in his arms.


Some Days Later…

Kim Possible sat at her mirror in her and Ron's bedroom at his manor, almost robotically brushing her hair, dressed in her respectable black dress. "Ready? It's almost time…" Ron said walking into the bedroom, adjusting his tie.

"No… I don't think I ever will be…" Kim gulped, fighting back her tears.

"This is something we have to face, KP…" Ron said softly, "But you won't have to face it alone." He said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I know… thank you…" Kim said, placing her hand over his, giving it a slight squeeze before she stood up. "Let me get my purse and we'll go."

Kim and Ron walked out of the bedroom and Dick and Barbara were standing there waiting. Ron glanced up to see Jason watching from the window emotionless. Without a word, the four made their way out of the manner, locking the door behind them. James and Wade were at the car, James having stayed with them at the manor since the event that they had been avoided mentioning since they had returned home.

The drive was silent to downtown Upper Triton, and they found Jim and Tim waiting outside the large majestic hall.

The family walked in together, and took their seats at the front and waited for the event to begin.

"All Rise!" The Bailiff exclaimed, "The Court Sessions Forty-Sixth Judicial Circuit is now in session! The Honorable Judge Frank Harbuck III is presiding."

"The Case of the People of Triton, Colorado vs. Dr. Ivy Anne Possible alias Poison Ivy," The Judge glanced around the court room, to Harvey Dent, the District Attorney and to the sealed off containment cell with it's own air supply holding visibly ashamed Anne Possible, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, and to the two rows of the jury. "Bailiff, please read the charges against."

"Dr. Ivy Anne Possible has been charged with three counts of kidnapping, three counts of sexual assault and three counts of first degree murder, assault with the intention of murder, and conspiracy of mass murder and terrorism," the Bailiff replied.

"Ivy Anne Possible," The Judge turned to the restrained Anne, "How do you plead?"

Anne opened her mouth to plead guilty when the high priced attorney, provided by Ron, Justine Flanner stood up and faced the Judge, "My client pleads NOT Guilty on grounds of temporary insanity."

"We are now ready for the trial of the matter," The Judge stated, "We will begin with opening statements."

Justine stepped up and stood before the plastic cell her client was contained in to protect those around from the pheromones of her mutated condition that had yet to be negated. "This woman is neither a killer nor a terrorist. She is a loving wife and mother, who has stood in unwavering support through some of the darkest moments that her husband and daughter has gone through. She is also the mother of a hero. If not for her daughter and her daughter's fiancé, this court, this city would not be here today. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my friends. Kim Possible is evidence of Anne Possible's good character. And she, herself, has saved more lives than we could count through years as a brain surgeon. Through circumstances beyond her control, she did things that she is not proud of, nor should anyone be proud of, but she is seeking help. We should honor that request, let us help her as she and her family has helped us. Let's not punish her for something she could not have helped."

After Justine returned to her seat, Harvey stood up, and gave an emotionless glance to Kim and her family, before walking toward the Jury. "Dr. Anne Possible. Poison Ivy. Two radically different people. Or are they? Was Poison Ivy an effect of genetic poisoning? Or did she just let the doctors mask slip? Three young men are dead. One woman is paralyzed, destroyed. Five families, including her own, have been affected by this rampage. I know this family as well, and I would love to be proven wrong, but I fear that I won't be… I do believe she knew what she was doing, showing only concern for herself and her own selfish desires… and no one else's."

The court drama began to unfold with Justine bringing witnesses to support Anne's good character, to dispute the hard evidence of what she did as Poison Ivy Harvey provided. The only chance she had to get the good doctor off on the charges was to prove that Poison Ivy was a new creation of the chemicals she fell in, and not in any way her true character.

"Your Honor, the Defense calls Nan Possible to the stand," Justine said, calling her next witness.

Kim's elderly grandmother walked in with a grace that Kim had picked up with ease. "Do you, Nan, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" the Bailiff asked Nana with her hand on the Bible.

"I do," She replied, before taking her seat.

"Nan, how long have you known the accused?" Justine asked the witness.

"Since she was a young girl," Nana smiled at Anne, "It was wonderful seeing her grow up, and finally getting with my boy, James. She spent almost all the time at my home, so I do know her very well."

"Has she ever physically hurt anyone to your knowledge? Shown any signs of violent behavior?" Justine asked confidently, but that confidence slipped when she saw the old woman hesitate slightly.

"Physically hurt anyone? Never." Nana answered after a brief moment.

"How about the violent behavior?" Justine asked softly, suddenly having a bad feeling about the line of questioning.

"When she was younger she'd had a temper, but most kids are like that when they didn't get their way," Nana replied, "But she was always a sweet kid, always…"

"Your witness," Justine said, glancing to Harvey, going back to her table.

Harvey got up and walked toward Nana, "you mentioned that she was at your home a lot growing up," the DA pointed out, "Did she have an abusive childhood at home?"

Nana's eyes widened for a moment, before glancing at Anna, James, and the kids. "I don't know, I mean, I …"

"Please answer the question, you are under oath," Harvey said coolly.

"She never said it…" Nana said, glancing down, feeling as if she was betraying her family, "But… I did have to dress some cuts and bruises… and I remember the times she slept over on the coach she'd wake up screaming a lot of times… I know it was classic signs… That's why she was always welcome at my place…"

"Also I noticed that you hesitated on answering an early question; she never physically hurt anyone…" Harvey said, "How about non-physically? Did she ever use verbal or emotional abuse on anyone else?"

Nana swallowed hard, and James dropped his head sadly. "In high School, after she started becoming physically a woman, she was beautiful, but… she also was aware of that. She started taking up with the more popular crowd of girls and boys."

"It seemed like she and her now husband were best friends, did that change during this point?" Harvey asked. "Did she push him out of her life for a time?"

"No… she… she kept him around to … she would treat him badly but use him to help her with homework, carry things for her, things like that…" Nana replied, obviously wanting to forget that time period.

"Did she ever emotionally abuse him during this time?" Harvey pressed, while Kim was focused on her dad and mom, both looking shamefaced. Nana seemed to want to hesitate, "Please answer the question."

"Yes…" Nana said softly, "but… but that's changed, she's not that person anymore."

"The Anne we know today would have never done such a thing as she's accused of…" Harvey asked, leaning against the witness stand, "but would that Anne have?"

"I… I don't know…" Nana replied with tears in her eyes.

"No further questions, Your Honor," Harvey said to the judge.

"You may be seated, Mrs. Possible," the Judge said to the old woman, who quietly nodded and left the scene, apologizing to Anne and James and their family as she left the court room.

"We will be taking a short recess before we continue. The Court will resume in one hour," the Judge slammed his gavel signaling the short dismissal.

"Ron?" Kim asked as her fiancé shot to his feet, and power walked out of the court room. "Ron!" She called after him, running after him as he went outside and to the parking garage across the street.

"Ron what are you doing?" She asked as he popped the trunk of their car, revealing the Bat armor.

"I'm getting her out of here," Ron said, looking over his suit.

"You're what?" James asked as he caught up to them as well.

"I can't do this," Ron said, trembling slightly. "I can't watch her go through this. I put her there. I can't put you all through this." He said lifting his armored top. "I'll get her out and meet you all back at the Cave, I'll fly James and Anne down across the Mexico border in the wing. There's a small island resort that Thorne owned that came with the company when I bought it. It'd be a good place for you both to escape."

"No, I won't allow that," James said, as Kim took the top and placed it back in the trunk.

"Dad's right, you can't do that, Ron," Kim said softly, placing a hand over the bat symbol on the chest. "This… means something… if you do this… if you break her out and help her escape… all you've worked toward… all you've made this represent will be destroyed…"

"And what if she gets found guilty?" Ron asked; his eyes focused on the cowl. "She'll be sent to prison… or worse, Arkham. She doesn't deserve to be in there with those… monsters…"

"What if she does though?" James asked, pain in his eyes, "She did terrible things, and she's facing trial for those things… she's facing justice… justice that was almost completely lost in this city till you came back. Whatever is decided it will be fair. As much as we want to… we can't pick and choose justice… then, we'd be no better than those same monsters you put in the Asylum."

Ron sighed and closed his eyes. "I hate this…" He breathed, letting out a light grunt when Kim unexpectedly gripped him in a tight hug.

"I do too… but… it's something we have to face, Ron…" She said against his chest, "But you don't have to face it alone…"

"That was corny…" Ron whispered into her hair.

"I know, but I ripped it off a really cool guy…" Kim replied.

The court resumed shortly after, the Possible/Stoppable family remaining in support of Anne.

"Your honor," Harvey stood up, "The Prosecution calls Dr. Anne Possible to the stand." He then smiled awkwardly, "Well, she can remain in her containment cell, if it pleases the court."

"Go ahead," the Judge nodded.

"Hello, Doctor," Harvey said as he approached the redhead. "I have a few questions concerning some points in your history presented today."

Ron narrowed his eyes at his seat behind Anne. "Ms. Flanner paints you as a loving mother, wife, and selfless doctor. I have no problems at all with your role as a Doctor. You peers speak of you very, very highly. It's the latter two I question."

"I can't be the only one to wonder this… how old was your daughter, Kimberly, when she started her globetrotting heroics?" Harvey asked, earning a surprised rise of Anne's eyebrows.

"It's been so long… I think she started when she was around… she opened her website when she was around thirteen… but didn't really do any globetrotting for a year or so…" Anne answered.

"So, as a mother, you let your daughter and her best friend travel all over the world, weekly, sometimes daily, facing dangerous situations and criminals?" Harvey asked, and Ron had to grab Kim's hand to stop her from standing up.

"I… James and I did try to stop it, put precautions, but… but she did what she had to do, I hate to think what would have happened to us all if she didn't take a stand, doing things that others should have been doing a long time ago." She said, with more than a hint of pride in her voice. "Was I worried? Worried sick, but I couldn't be more proud of her either."

"So you let two children, run off on their own… not many parents would allow that… but as they're adults now, and nothing did happen to them… thankfully… but let's go a bit farther back…" Harvey moved to the desk and picked up an envelope. "I'd like to bring another part of your character to the attention of the court. That this is not the first time you have destroyed a young man's life…"

"I'm afraid I don't follow…" Anne said awkwardly.

"Let's go back to your university days…" Harvey said, "Your last boyfriend before you and James Possible became an 'item', do you remember him?"

Anne gulped and lowered her eyes, "Yes…"

"He was the star football player of the Upperton U football team, was he not? Also, he had professional scouts looking at him for an NFL Career. Ring a bell?"

"Yes…" Anne breathed.

"What happened there? It seems you and some other cheerleaders and team staff brought attention to 'drug use' of the young man. While his drug tests came back negative… you painted a picture of him being a dealer… and conveniently you were the ones who knew exactly where he stored his drugs. No one suspected anything at the time, because you had no reason to threaten his career, as you had a promising career ahead of you as a doctor as well… and the oath of a doctor is 'do no harm'…"

Anne looked up pleadingly at Harvey, begging that he doesn't follow through with this line of thought. "Please…" she said, glancing back to Kim, and Ron gripped Anne's eldest child's hand tightly.

Harvey pulled a paper, a certificate out of the envelope, then pressed it to the glass, "Dr. Possible, please tell the court what this is."

"It's a birth certificate…" Anne whispered, "My daughter's birth certificate."

"Kimberly Ann Possible's birth certificate…" Harvey replied, "Please read the name listed as her father."

"Please…" Anne closed her eyes tight, a tear forcing its way from the corner.

"Read the name on the line for the father, please," Harvey pressed.

Anne glanced back to Kim and Ron, Ron's face was tight and sullen, while Kim's eyes were wide and confused.

"Read the name, Doctor, you are under oath," the Judge pressed.

Anne forced down a hiccup with a deep breath before forcing her mouth and tongue to work, her vocal cords to form the words.

"The name is…" She forced out with a trembling voice.

"Joseph Allen Chill."

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter: Death of the Family pt. 1.

Big apology for the LONG wait... honestly, this was one of the hardest chapters to write period. I do love Mrs. Dr. P, and, well, there some points I had to stop and was asking myself "why are you doing this to her?!" "You are a evil, evil, evil person!" I do have a plan, but this is the point where the family is going to be hitting some rough waters, so hang on tight. Big thanks to Daywalkr82 for editing. As an apology, I have a short teaser for what I have planned sometime shortly after the first of the year...

Ron Stoppable walked slowly down a devastated Middleton street, his graduation gown gone, leaving only a partly unbuttoned dress shirt and slacks.

No one knows my name.

He casually buttons up his shirt as the Lowardian ships flew overhead, causing the GJ and Military aircraft to explode, helpless against the aliens.

All my life, I've dedicated myself to helping others, KP, Wade, all those who call on her for help.

He knew Kim was in trouble, the whole world was. Up until a short while ago, he had no idea what he could do…

No one remembered my name. No one even realized I was there. I never realized… this was old hat.

He glanced to the side as an old man in dark clothing ran past, but there was no one there.

When I started, all those many years ago, I never wanted attention… all I wanted to do was help.

Another, slightly younger, dark haired man ran past in his other peripheral vision.

Things changed. I changed. Again. And again.

Another old man ran before him, with curly grey hair and a light colored suit, but vanished as quickly as he passed.

Friends and enemies came and went. But one thing never changed…

Another man walked past, a scarf wrapped around his neck, eating candy from a small package in his hand.

My mission, my personal duty to all I came across…

Three other men seemed to circle past him as he walked toward his destination, each in suits with question-mark themes.

My calling to help…

Two men moved past, a younger curly haired man in a western gun-slinger like outfit, followed by an old, battle-weary man in similar, but faded, dirty clothing.

That simple calling, no matter what has come across my way, has never once change, nor will it ever.

Ron pulled a tie from his pocket, and put it around his collar, as a tall, imposing man with short, dark hair, wearing a leather jacket stopped before him, glancing toward the old GJ warehouse behind him, before fading away.

For years now, I have remained silent, still, in this place.

Two more men stepped out as Ron tied the tie and fixed his collar. One in a brown suit and tie, and sneakers, the other in a darker brown suit and a bowtie, they gave Ron a wink before opening the door to the warehouse. He walked toward a large box-like structure, covered in a protective cloth. Ron grabbed a long coat, with a dark scarf from a coat rack before turning to the covered box.

My friends gave me a chance for a normal, human life. I thank them for that. As much as I would love to continue it… the time has come for my return.

Ron paused, remembering Mrs. Dr. Possible hugging him from behind, whispering in his ear the phrase that brought it all back…

"Run, you clever boy… and remember…."

A final man, older than the last two stepped out of the shadows, grabbed the cloth, uncovering the old blue British police call box, before he too faded away.

The question is not when, where or why I must come back…

Ron put on the coat and scarf and turned to the police box, the lights inside coming on, and the light up to flashing, as if it was excited to see her old friend.

He adjusted his clothing one last time before he glanced up to the call box. He lifted one hand and snapped his fingers. The doors instantly flew open.

The question is…

Ron silently walked inside, the doors closing behind him. And with an odd VHOMP-VHOMP-VHOMP sound the police box faded away.


Kim Possible/Doctor Who

The Rebirth of the Doctor

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