Chapter Eight

Not-So-Blue Christmas

Christmas was fast approaching and even a week before the holiday, Scorpious and Lily had not even spoken, nor exchanged a letter. Lily rarely emerged from her room, unless the kitchen or the lavatory was her destination. Not even Ginny's Christmas Eve Party plans could cheer up the miserable Mrs. Malfoy.

Ginny worked in the kitchen alone a few days before her annual get-together, making cookies. The event was nothing fancy but very special to those in attendance: Luna, Neville, Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, and Cassandra and of course her own husband and children. Despite the upcoming festivities, Ginny could not help thinking about how depressed her pregnant daughter really was.

While she was finishing a batch of Sugar Snitches, there was a muffled tap on the back door. Curious, Ginny wiped her hands on her apron and rushed to see who would be visiting in such weather; it was snowing heavily in London that night. Ginny opened the door to find none other than Scorpious Malfoy; whose face was pale with cold and his usually black traveling cloak was frosted with a thick layer of fresh snow.

"May I speak to you for a moment?" He inquired, shivering. She nodded, ushering him in and getting him a cup of hot tea.

"Is Harry here?" Scorpious looked around.

"No, he took James and Al to get a tree. He still insists on doing it the Muggle way." Ginny replied. Scorpious nodded.

"He would be furious if he knew I was here…" Scorpious mumbled, looking up at Ginny cautiously. "Are you angry?"

"Scorpious… honey, I know what you guys are going through. You think Harry and I have never had a fight?! Ha… all I want is for you two to realize that you are still meant to be together!"

"My grandfather is planning an uprise, but he's not saying his reasoning. The Death Eaters are back together too… Ginny, what do I do?! I have to talk to her, I am going crazy! I just want to tell her how sorry I am… or at least know how she feels." Scorpious put his head in his hands. Ginny felt compassion for him. She crossed the kitchen and pulled a cardboard box from beneath the sink.

"I have an idea…" Ginny rummaged around through the contents until she found the item she was searching for. "I've confiscated all of this from my children over the years…"

Ginny pulled out a flesh-colored string with an attached rubber ear, an obvious Weasley Wizard Wheezes product.

"I'm only going to do this once…but I should warn you…" Ginny stopped when she saw the eagerness in her son in law's and resisted telling him of Lily's pregnancy.

"I do love her, Ginny…" he whispered.

"I know…" she smiled and turned, leading him out of the kitchen and upstairs to Lily's bedroom. Ginny placed the extendable ear on the wooden door frame. Scorpious hurried around the corner with the receiver in his hand. Ginny knocked.

"Hold on a second!" a frantic voice called from inside.

"Lily, are you alright?" Ginny immediately entered, closing the door behind her. Thanks to the Extendable Ear, Scorpious could hear everything.

"I'm fine, Mum!" Lily faked a grin but Ginny saw right through it. Lily had thrown her right hand over her left one.

"You're wearing your wedding ring…" Ginny smirked and Lily began to sob.

"Mum, I can't get the bloody thing off!" she wept. Ginny embraced her daughter.

"You don't have to take it off you know?"

"Why would I want to wear something that… reminds me of him?!" Lily exclaimed, pulling away from her mother.

"Because you love him…" Ginny answered simply.

"And is my love reciprocated?!" Lily cried. She calmed down and stared down at the ring on her finger. "I suppose he doesn't want to come back…it's been two months."

Scorpious shook his head vigorously. He did more than anything but his constant ties with his grandfather was making it hard.

"Besides, I'm pregnant…why would he want to be thrown that into that?" Lily whispered miserably. Scorpious dropped the receiver. He couldn't believe it. She was pregnant?! He needed to process; he would write Ginny an apology. He thundered down the stairs and along the hallway.

"My cookies!" Ginny lied as she heard Scorpious' departure. She hurried after him and caught him by the sleeve as he reached the exit. As he turned, sorrow and hurt swelled within him.

"I have to go…" he whispered and then ventured down the front walk, shuffling through the layering snow.

Lily heard the front door open and looked out to see who was there. Scorpious had glanced up to Lily's window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her no luck. But as he turned away from his former home, Lily knew the visitor was. Even in the blizzard. Her heart skipped a beat. But he was leaving, had he not seen her?

Lily donned her cloak and sped from her room, nearly tripping over the abandoned device that lay in the hallway. Her mother had helped him spy on her! Lily didn't care, and in many ways, she found her mother to be the cleverest witch in the world.

She flew down the staircase, past her mother, and out into the weather. She spied her husband near the end of the lane.

"Lily! You'll catch your death out here!" Ginny called after her. Lily didn't even hear her. Her mind was on catching up with Scorpious. She ran after him, her heart pounding for she had never run so fast in her entire life. Her cloak was barely on and her wind blown hair was wet with snowflakes.

"Cor, please don't go!" she called desperately. Scorpious turned, surprised to hear her voice.

"I'm so sorry!" Lily cried. Scorpious opened his arms and Lily ran into them. She threw her arms around his shoulders and kissed him more passionately than she ever had. He spun her around in his arms and smiled broadly.

"Oh Lily, I am so sorry. I should have listened to you! I was such an idiot!" Scorpious kissed her between each word. Lily put her forefinger to his lips to stop him.

"And I shouldn't have run away. That's not how it works. You did not need to find out I was pregnant by one of my uncle's joke shop trinkets, I should have told you as soon as I found out." Tears flowed down her cheeks.

"We're going to be parents, scary huh?" He noted and Lily giggled.

"In five months…" She whispered, leaning into his chest and he wrapped his arms around the love of his life.

"You were right about him…" Scorpious did not have to explain any further. Lily understood. They stood there in each other's embrace, ignoring the cold.

"Tell me what to do…" she replied, staring up into his eyes.

"Lily, you need to stay and take care of yourself."

"But Cor…"

"Lily, my grandfather thinks we're divorced. He thinks you're out of his way, that you are not a threat. Lily I had to see you, I love you so much… but there is no chance in hell that I am going to let anything happen to you or our…"

"Daughter…" Lily whispered.

"To you or our daughter…" Scorpious ran his fingers through her hair lovingly before planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I wish you could come home, darling…" Lily mumbled, her head resting on his chest.

"I will be someday… but I am going to write you as much as I can. Don't respond though, precautions." His voice cracked with fear. "I will be here when the baby is born I promise…" He looked into his wife's eyes and kissed her.

Lily held back her tears as Cor examined his watch.

"Lily, honey, you should get out of this cold…" Scorpious said, avoiding the impending goodbye.

"Cor…" Lily pleaded but he had to leave. The snow swirled around them as Scorpious walked in the opposite direction, holding her hand until only their fingertips touched.

"I love you with all my heart… Merry Christmas, sweetheart." He let go of her hand remorsefully and in a moment, he vanished. Lily pulled her cloak around her tightly, and looked up into the star filled sky over London.

"Merry Christmas, Scorpious…" she smiled as she walked home, knowing that night she would be dreaming of him.

Lily missed her husband terribly and she thought of him often. But hiding away in her room was not the solution. After telling her mother the account on Grimmlaud Place, the story managed to make its way to the entire family, including the Lupins and the Longbottoms.

So when Christmas Eve arrived, everyone was pleased Lily attended. Lily immediately found Hermione as soon as she arrived at the party. Her aunt greeted Lily with open arms.

"Lily, dear, I have something I want to give you." Hermione led her into the unoccupied parlor and they sat down on the sofa. "I swear, listening to your Uncle Ron complain about how many galleons we spend on Christmas gifts was giving me a headache! But this is something special that I wanted to give you." Hermione pulled out a beautifully wrapped present out of her purse and handed it to Lily.

"Aunt Hermione, you didn't have to get me anything," Lily insisted. Hermione laughed.

"This is a special present, and don't let your Uncle Ron annoy you, cause if he wants his "special" Christmas present, he won't bug anyone tonight!" Lily gave her aunt a look.

"Aunt Hermione, way too much information…" she said as Hermione blushed.

"Sorry honey, back to your gift."

Lily opened the present and gasped happily. Inside were three framed pictures. The first was of her parents' wedding day, there was Ginny and Harry beaming widely and waving. The second was of Lily, Scorpious, Albus, Rose, Hugo and James on Lily's graduation day standing out front of Hogwarts castle. Lily and Scorpious were kissing while the rest of them were laughing. Lily remembered that day. The last photograph Lily did not recognize. It was of Hermione, much younger, holding a adorable sleeping baby in her arms.

"When was this?" Lily asked and Hermione beamed, tears filling her eyes.

"Well it was about 20 years ago this past October, the day you were born." Hermione explained, as Lily's eyes also filled with tears.

"I love them, thank you." Lily leaned into her aunt's arms and Hermione kissed the top of her head.

"Oh darling, you're welcome." Hermione answered.

"Can you believe it? There's me as a baby and now I'm having a baby… circle of life." Lily sighed, running her fingers over the wizard photograph.

"You're all grown up…" Hermione whispered. Lily laughed.

"Lily Potter, all grown up… scary!"

"Oh, honey, it's not. You are going to be such a wonderful mother!"

"You think so?"

"I know so…Aunt Hermione knows best. Now let's get back to that party." Hermione watched as Lily set the photos on the mantel and examined them happily. Hermione set her arm around her niece's shoulder as they headed off to the kitchen.

'So how much did you spend on Christmas presents?" Lily asked and Hermione faked a laugh as the two entered the party, Lily's spirits lifted incredibly.

That night, after everyone had gone home, Lily sat alone by the Christmas tree, petting Andromeda gingerly. The fire crackled as she rested there, thinking. So many Christmases she had spent here, so many times she remembered opening the gifts, unloading the stockings and going to the Burrow for Christmas dinner. This was supposed to be her first Christmas as a married woman. She was worried about her husband; he was dealing with Lucius for heavens sake. She prayed he would be alright, no matter what.

She stared at the grandfather clock as it chimed. Two o'clock. Sighing, she leaned against the couch and sipped her tea.

There was a tapping on the paned window and Lily jumped. Sitting on the windowsill was a tawny owl, a parcel in its beak. She jumped up as quickly as a woman who was four months pregnant could and opened the window, took the package, and sent the owl on his way. She returned to the sofa where she immediately opened the post.

Opening the letter, she nearly cried when she saw who it was from.

"My dearest Lily,

I knew you would still be awake so I sent this now. I don't want any attention brought to myself but I had to get you 'two' your presents. I don't want to tell you everything is alright, when I know you know its not. But try not to worry. Enjoy, my dear and I love you so much! Merry Christmas,

All my love, Cor"

"He's going to get himself killed!" She shrieked as she pulled off the paper and she gasped. She opened it to reveal a gorgeous set of baby robes, the softest shade of purple ever and equally soft in texture. There was a matching baby witch's hat to accompany. Scorpious knew Lily was not the typical "Pink for a Girl" kid of person. She wondered how he had gotten away with buying this. Besides the baby's present, there was a curious looking leather bound book. Lily stared at it intrigued. After opening, her heart melted.

It was a scrapbook filled with pictures of Scorpious and Lily at Hogwarts over the entire five years they were there together. Each picture was commemorated with a handwritten explanation from Scorpious.

There were letters they written over the summers, candy wrappers from Honeydukes and pressed roses Scorpious had snuck from the greenhouses, although Lily was sure Professor Longbottom knew about it. And there was more… her Hogwarts Library card, detention slips, the words to the school song, swatches of cloth from the bed curtains in Gryffindor Tower, her old map of the castle (Her father still had the Marauder's map so she was stuck with a normal one), stationary that bore the Hogwarts emblem, photographs of their whole clan: Rose, Albus, James, Hugo, Scorpious, Sean, Cassandra, and herself. There were even leaves from the big oak by the lake where they would all sit and laugh, just like their parents did. Lily clutched the memory-filled album to her chest as she wept. The days when the world seemed so carefree, unless you counted homework, that was the life.

On the last page that bore anything there was a severely wrinkled piece of paper glue to it. It read:

We, the second generation of Dumbledore's army, hereby swear that if any of our fellow members are ever in need of assistance that will aid them in whatever matter necessary. It is our job now to follow in the footsteps of our parents and protect the wizarding world from harm. By this oath we pledge ourselves as friends, as family, forever. Our names are:

Lily Nymphadora Potter

Albus Severus Potter

James Sirius Potter

Scorpious Abraxas Malfoy

Hugo Fredrick Weasley

Rose Ginerva Weasley

Victorie Gabrielle Weasley

Theodore Remus Lupin

Cassandra Augusta Longbottom

Sean Neville Thomas

Violet Deanna Thomas

Olivia Cordelia Wood

William Oliver Wood

Leslie Marie Finnegan

Lily had forgotten about that until now. She amused herself thinking how she had even roped her older cousin and her boyfriends to join, both were for the cause. The oath was plain as day…Scorpious was a fellow member and he needed help…it was time for an invention by Dumbledore's Army, the next generation!!

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