Summary – How did Penhall and Hanson explain the bus incident anyway?


Tom Hanson and Doug Penhall stood in the office at attention. It was always like this when Fuller yelled their names throughout the chapel and they went running. Currently, they were dressed as their covers, Doug and Tommy McQuaid. These punks should have probably been in lock up, but seeing as how they were two of the best officers that Jump Street had to offer…

"What exactly did you do to the bus driver?" Fuller asked.

"Do? Nothing much, really," Doug said.

"Yeah, what were we supposed to do anyway? Just say "oh gee, sorry and get off?" that's not what we do and you know it!" Tom objected.

"And what exactly am I supposed to tell the school board? They want to press charges of steeling their bus,"

"Steeling? Is that what you call it?" Doug asked.

"What would you call it?" Fuller asked pointedly, leaning back in his chair.

"Borrowing," Tom said with a snort.

"Really? Care to explain that Hanson?"

"Borrowed without permission but with every intention of bringing it back," Tom said with a slight smirk. (1).

Fuller sighed as he stood, "Steeling is a very serious no-no around here Hanson,"

"So what? It'll be paper work after this case, no big deal. Besides, no one would have believed the story that we've been in jail and killed people if we didn't do something stupid like that," Doug said, hoping to distill any argument that might pop up between the two.

"Right, what he said," Tom agreed.

"Fine, but do this again, both of you, and your suspended from duty,"

"Yes sir," they chirped at the same moment. Really, Tom figured there wasn't any point to arguing. Seeing as how they just got off with a warning anyway. No more bus steeling from on.

As they made their way out of the chapel, being stopped every once in a while to help with a question, Doug was finally able to ask one of his own.

"Did we really steel that bus?"

"No," Tom shook his head.

"Then what was it?"

"We commandeered it," Tom said as if it was as simple as the nose on Doug's Face.


if you are a pirates of the Caribbean buff, you will KNOW this line!

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