Warnings: I do not own Naruto. Rated "M" for language right now, but there is a possibility of lemons later.

Chapter 1:The Stranger Appears.

Naruto woke that morning like any other. His alarm clock chirped its happy song, until it was rudely interrupted by Naruto's hand smashing the snooze button. He sat up and began his morning routine. A few push ups, a few sit ups, a quick shower, then breakfast. Naruto wasn't planning on doing much today. It was a day off between missions. His only real plan was to go spar with Bushy Brow until lunch. There was only so much 'Springtime of Youth' Naruto could handle in one day.

"I have no idea how you possibly tolerate that boy." The Kyuubi stirred in the back of Naruto's mind.

"I so do not want or need your opinion." Naruto mentally spat back at the Kyuubi. The outbursts from the Kyuubi had become more frequent and at times when Naruto didn't need the Kyuubi's input.


Naruto was facing off against Lee. They were sparing like they did in the early hours of the morning when both of them had a day off. Lee came at Naruto with a series of kicks and punches that Naruto managed to barely dodge or block. The blonde boy took his stance ready to take after Lee. His concentration on Lee was flawless.

"If you attack on his left side where he is weakest you can do the most damage. And if you kill him, I may actually be proud of you for once." The Kyuubi chuckled inside Naruto's head and slipped the blonde a small amount of chakra.

Naruto obeyed the Kyuubi with out thinking and attacked Lee on his left side where Lee was a little slower. The Kyuubi was right. Lee had been slower since the fight with Gaara. Even after the miracle surgery performed by Tsunade Baa-Chan and three years of training, Lee had never quite recovered his speed. Only a few people knew it. Naruto was one of those few.

The blonde boy sped up his movements with the Kyuubi's borrowed chakra. Naruto easily over powered Lee and caught Lee with a chakra enhanced right cross into Lee's jaw. Lee flew back about 10 feet and lay out cold. Naruto's deep blue eyes widened and his thoughts turned inwards to the Kyuubi.

"Why in the hell do I listen to you!?" Naruto mentally screamed at himself more than the Kyuubi.

"Get over it brat. I'm stuck here till you die or let me out. If you don't like my influence, then don't listen." There was a low maniacal laugh. "Even better, let me out, then you won't have to worry about it anymore." There was evil growling chuckle.


Naruto had grown used to the Kyuubi making snide comments here and there. He could ignore the snide comments. However, there were times when Naruto would be in the heat of battle, or even while sparring lately, that the Fox could make a suggestion and Naruto would listen and obey without hesitation. That scared the blonde ninja more than anything in this world.

Naruto stood wrapped in a towel after his shower staring at himself in the mirror. He was having narcissistic moment. He fluffed his hair and tried to comb it, but it merely puffed back out again. He shrugged at himself and grabbed his trade mark black and orange track suit, along with his forehead protector. The blonde one made himself a quick breakfast and was out the door.

It was a nice spring day and the clouds were rolling by. The sun was bright and the breeze smelt of sweet cherries. Naruto headed towards the small dojo on the edge of the village. He really wasn't paying attention to much. He was too busy looking at the sky. The clouds were fluffy and white against the blue of the sky. Naruto mused about Shikamaru's favorite past time. Maybe it wasn't so bad to stop and watch the clouds roll by. He watched as a few very fluffy clouds passed over head and he started to think of Sakura. His eyes drooped a little and he started to drool.

"Please… I may metaphorically vomit. First the mirror, now your mind wonders to that pink haired human. Speaking of that pinked haired human… When are going to bed her or any other lovely for that matter?" The Fox grined.

Naruto quickly came out of his daydream. "Sakura is hooked on Saksuke. I am just happy that we are friends, and that's the end of that." Naruto's harsh tone made it clear to the Fox that Sakura was a soft spot that he could toy with.

"Let me teach you some Genjutsu Brat, and she will never remember that traitorous asshole. No woman could resist you after what I could teach you." The Fox's grin widened.

The blonde boy stood stock still in the middle of the road and stared at the ground. His teeth locked in a grimace and his fists clenched. A few people on the street stopped and stared at him. Some afraid of him, some merely curious as to why he had stopped.

"Shut the FUCK up. Go back to that gutter of cage. Stay there and ROT!" The Fox winced at Naruto's thoughts, but didn't show it. If the Brat ever figured out that he was in the BRAT'S head, he would be in trouble, but until Naruto figured it out, the Fox was safe to toy with him.

"Have it your way Brat… For now… But remember, it is the gutter you keep me in. And you wonder why Jaraiya's habits have rubbed off on you." The Fox's evil laughter faded to the bowels of Naruto's mind.

He hated that damn Fox. He hated it more and more every day. It may be handy at times when things looked bad, but it wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth the jeering, teasing, and horrible nightmares the Fox would delight in showing Naruto. The Fox had shown him countless villages and people the Fox had destroyed for the simple pleasure of causing death, doom, and destruction. The Fox enjoyed toying with Naruto. It was the last of those pleasures that the Fox had left.

Naruto began to walk again. He was shaking with anger. The Fox had plucked a nerve. He looked at the sky again. Only a few moments had passed, but it had felt like hours. The blonde thought he best train alone this morning. He was a bit worked up, and didn't want to risk hurting anyone because he was angry with his inner beast. Naruto shook his head to clear his mind and started to walk again. SMACK…THUD The blonde boy hit the ground.

Naruto shook off the collision and looked around. He was looking for Sakura in fear she might have found out about the Fox's offer to teach him Genjutsu. He looked up into the deepest pair of brown eyes he had ever seen in his life. His focus moved into a better perspective. The girl was taller than most girls he knew. About 160 CM and long black hair tied back in a thick braid. Her skin had been generously kissed by the sun and she wore cut off jeans that hugged the curves of her hips. Her t-shirt was cut at the mid drif and there was evidence of a chain mesh shirt under that. She had a kunai holster as well as a knap sack, but there was no sign of a village insignia.

Some of the contents of her knap sack has spilled out onto the street. She was picking them up and rambling about being "Such a klutz."

"I am SOOO sorry! I should have been watching were I was going." The raven haired girl apologized with her back turned to Naruto. She turned and reached for a scroll. After a few moments she noticed a hand holding the scroll out to her. It had landed close to the blonde boy on the ground. She looked from his hand, to his strong looking arm, up his lean chest to meet his smile with her own. She felt like a little school girl when she was met with deep blue eyes and a smile that made her swoon.

She took the scroll from him and skin met skin. There was an electric shock of energy that passed between then. The blonde boy shivered at her touch. The raven haired girl flushed a mild pink.

"Thank you." She smiled sheepishly and took the scroll from him. Naruto stared at her blinking now and then to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Training with Jaraiya, he had seen girls before, but not like this one. This one was different. She had made him shiver. She continued to re pack her knap sack for a moment, then stood up, smiled at him one last time and waived as she started to run up the street towards the Hokage bulding.

Naruto sat stunned on the street watching her run out of sight. He was curious about the stranger, but he needed to train. Her appearance had made him forget about the fowl mood the Fox had put him in. Wait a second, BUSHY BROW! Bushy Brow had mentioned something a few weeks ago about an exchange student from one of the other countries. That HAS to be her. He rubbed his hands together rather deviously, he was going to go beat Lee until he told him what he wanted to know.