I know... I know ... Everyone has been waiting with baited breath to find out what happens next... Well... I have come to a block in the road that I honestly can't fix. I have parts of the next chapter written, but I can't exactly figure out what the heck happens.

I had so many plans, plots and ideas, but the muse just poofed out of my head and that was the end of that. Besides... I have found myself reading over the latest chapters and OMG! O.O I soooo want to see what happens next in the manga and possibly incorporate some of that. Which means... TOTAL REWRITE. And It is going to take a while.

AND... There have been so many mind blowing upsets in the manga that I can't just ignore those... Naruto has living family... WTF?

SOOOooo... As a conselation prize, I am giving you an outline as what I "think" was going to happen.

1.) Naruto and Myra are reunited... and they get her spirit back to her body.

2.) Itachi and Sasuke, violently iron out all the "brotherly love" they have for each other (rather violently) and Itachi finally tells the story about how he killed the Uchiha clan to stop the civil war and to become a spy for Jaraiya within the Akatsuki.

3.) Itachi also has the key to killing Madara for GOOD. (never figured out how that worked BTW)

4.) Kitsuya is able to rekindle more of Nakamiko's memories and things get... Heated (*snickers and snorts*)

5.) Myra is weak from the spirit/body separation thing and is ordered to bed rest for the next 9 months.

6.) Myra teaches Sasuke the "Dream Warrior" technique from her bed.

7.) Naruto, Itachi and Sasuke are tasked with taking out Madara.

8.) HUGE fight that would have been EPIC.

9.) Madara's death and Kitsuya there to eat him...

10.) Everyone lives happily ever after... with a possible sequal hinted too.

I know that this isn't much and I am sure that everyone would have wanted details. But I honestly can't give them to you. Life has been entirely too complicated and entirely too hecktic for me to sit down and write this story. I know I have said before that I would finish... And I do plan on finishing it, however, not in THIS incarnation. I am going to be taking this story down and rewriting it. I let this monster get away from me and I thought that if I went into the future, I would be able to start a completely different time line... I was wrong... And I see that. Now that I know what I did wrong, I can fix those issues and maybe do something even better.

For eveyone that stuck with me this long... I am SOOOOO sorry...

For eveyone that just got here... I am sorry as well.

but I'm not out of the game just yet.

I am still writing... Just not this story.

Once again, THANK YOU!