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Why Not?

Damnit all, why did she have to be so cute? Honestly. It took him forever to drag himself out of bed the next morning. It also took forever to make it out of the bedroom once he had showered. She moaned sleepily, took hold of his sleeve, mumbling orders for him not to leave.

"I have to," he replied with a soft smile. He was dragged forward a bit, and he chuckled, touching her hair. "I have to go to work."

"Call in sick," she pleaded while softly touching the side of his face.

"I can't." God, how he wished he could, though. "I only have a week left." Damn, this was tearing at his heartstrings. "I'll be home at five."

"Promise?" she asked with her special puppy-dog pout.

He was hovering over her for a second before leaning down and kissing her lips hungrily. He felt her small hands run through his hair and pull him closer, then settle on the back of his neck. He slid his arms underneath her torso, his hands becoming lost in the mess of her long brown hair. He finally managed to pull back, and he laid a kiss upon her forehead.

"I promise," he whispered.

It was his least productive day of work ever. He just sat at his desk, staring at files, thinking of Risa lying in bed, waiting for him. He smiled to himself a lot, causing his co-workers to worry about him. Every now and then, he'd snap back to reality and open a file in his computer. Then he'd wait for it to load and think of Risa some more, therefore sidetracking himself and staring through the screen. It took a cough or a sneeze from a co-worker to snap him back, and he'd start, goosebumps rising from his skin.

"I take it everything is alright with the fiancee?" Kimoto asked, standing at the opening to his cubicle.

Satoshi made a face after he started, and tried to become emotionless once again. "... Yes, yes, everything's fine. Why do you ask?"

Kimoto was looking at him in an odd way. "No reason, really. You seem very... distracted today."

"Do I? I hadn't noticed."

Kimoto was quiet for a moment, then he took a step towards him, placing his hands in his pockets. "Hikari-san, I've been thinking... You and Risa-san have done so much for me and Machi... and I wanted to repay you."

Although he was embarrassed, Satoshi had to admit that he was thoroughly surprised and flattered. "That's not necessary, Kimoto-san. You don't have to do-" At that moment in time, Satoshi's cell phone rang. He recognized the number instantly and excused himself. "Good morning again, Risa."

"You are going to hate me after this phone call."

He scowled, nervous at the new salutation. "I would never hate you. What's wrong?" He ignored the look that his boss was giving him.

Risa sighed on the other line. "I'm so embarrassed... I just..." She sighed again. "Have... have you seen my pants?"

At this, Satoshi felt his face burn. "Oh. Um..." He couldn't stand to look at Kimoto. Turning away slightly, he asked in a quieter voice, "Which ones?"

She actually laughed a little. "Which ones do you think, baka? The ones I wore last night."

He cleared his throat. "Um... did you check the kitchen?"

She made a 'hm' sound, and he heard the sound of shuffling. "Um... oh! There they are!"

He rolled his eyes.

"What would I do without you?" she asked, thrilled. She was a woman of simple pleasures, he realized. She could be happy for a whole day just because he bought her ice cream.

He smiled, despite himself. "I have to go now. I'll see you at five, alright?"

She exhaled, perfectly contented. "I'll be waiting."

They hung up, and Satoshi turned back to his boss, his cheeks still flushed. He corrected his smile into a neutral face and cleared his throat once again. "... I apologize."

Kimoto was grinning like a bastard. "I have a crazy idea, Hikari-san." Satoshi waited, not wanting to hear the idea anyway. "Why don't I throw you and Risa-san a wedding?"

Satoshi was astonished, to say the least. "We're not... we... we're already having a wedding."

"Have you planned it out yet?"

"... Well, no, but-"

"Then it isn't really happening?"

"What? Well... not technically-"

"Good! How does tomorrow sound?"


"Yes! Right in the ballroom of your hotel. What do you say?"


Kimoto looked confused. "No?"

"NO!" Satoshi's head was spinning, which was probably a product of the information given to him combined with the fact that he had abruptly gotten to his feet. Everyone in the office was staring at him. He tried to compose himself as best as he could. "You're very kind to offer, Kimoto-san, but... no thank you."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, sir," an older male co-worker said, appearing to the other side of Satoshi's cubicle. "But I have to ask-" He looked at Satoshi. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why won't you marry her? You've been dating for a while, according to Minegawa-san, and it's obvious that the two of you like each other, so why won't you marry the girl?"

"She's twenty-seven, Sato-san, and a fine young woman. She hasn't been a girl since High School."

"You guys knew each other back then too?" Someone else chimed in.

"Not the point," the co-worker said quickly. "You're avoiding the question, Hikari-san."

"I don't see a problem with it," his boss replied with an earnest smile. "Risa-san won't mind, I'm sure."

"Kimoto-san, I-"

"And don't think we don't know when she calls you every morning."

"We know about the e-mails too."

"Gentlemen, I really don't want to discuss this with you," Satoshi said, getting angry.

"Hikari, come on!" Sato drawled, annoyed. "She's nice, she's respectable, hard-working, not to mention unbearably good-looking."

Satoshi's face lit up like a torch. "Excuse me?"

"He's got a point, Hikari," said the other worker. "If I were you, I couldn't wait to get with her, if you catch my drift."

Kimoto gave that worker an eye. "That's enough out of you, Watanabe-san."

This co-worker, being younger and a tad less mature than the rest, held up his hands in self defense. "I'm just agreeing that she's very good-looking! I didn't mean to offend anyone!"

Satoshi didn't even feel his blood boiling until he found himself inches away from Watanabe's face.

"Now you listen to me," He said sternly, his voice low and ominous. "There is more to the average female than you give credit; more than anyone gives credit. They are human beings with emotions and lives, hobbies, and interests. It's not about games or looks to them, most especially to Risa Harada. She has worked harder than I ever have. I was lucky to be endowed with skills, but she learned them, and worked at them, and had to watch herself fail time after time. There's more to her than just her face, including an ugly side, and even that side of her is beautiful. She is the most amazing young woman I have ever met, and there are hundreds of thousands of women just like her that have to put up with pigs like you everyday. You think about that the next time you make a comment about a female's worth due to her face or probability of success in bed."

Watanabe was in shock. As was Kimoto and every single worker in hearing proximity. Satoshi was pretty damn shot himself. He inhaled, stepping back from his co-worker and releasing the tension in his fists. He hadn't realized that he had gotten so angry. To be honest, it was a little frightening.

The whole concept was frightening, actually. No... No, it was terrifying. He had never cared about anything because he never really had to work for it, but he had worked for Risa. He would do anything just to make her happy. He'd... he'd leave her, if that's what she wanted. Hell, if she wanted him to jump off a bridge to save an abandoned puppy, he'd do it. He had never been so attached to anything in his entire life, and, quite honestly, it scared him.

Everything was silent.

Satoshi looked around, a bit ashamed at his outburst.

"So..." Kimoto said slowly. "When are you going to marry Harada-san?"

Satoshi glared at him, just shrugging. "I don't know."

"How about tomorrow?"

Satoshi felt like punching him. He never gave up. "Why?"

Kimoto shrugged. "Well... Why not?"