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February 14: Two Years Later

Hermione finished her hair off, sticking one more pin into the mass to hold up the frizzy locks. It didn't look half bad, really, especially with the gel in there to hold it back. She had it trimmed a little while back to make it a little more manageable, but hadn't cut too much off at Regulus' request. Despite the obviously messy array, he loved her hair and asked her, quite frequently, to keep it long.

She applied a single coating of vanilla lip balm, forgoing all other makeup. She never had much patience with the stuff, and had never really learned the correct way of applying it. She was fortunate in having shared a room with Lavender and Parvati, though, merely for the fact that she did own a tube of mascara and lip balm which could do just as well as a hundred makeup products.

Hermione hummed a soft tune to herself as she walked from her bathroom and to the wardrobe. Inside her clothes were hung neatly beside Regulus'. The dress she had picked was one Regulus had seen two weeks prior and had mentioned that it would compliment her form. She had scoffed at him then, but had returned hours later to buy the dress. She had it hid until this morning when she took it out and hung it up so that the wrinkles would fall out of it.

Hermione glared at the man before her, her hands on her hips as she raced through a number of spells in her mind to send at him. He had the audacity to simply stand there and look innocent even after what he had done, knowing that she was extremely mad at him.

He smirked as she continued to simply stand there. Experience had taught him that if he was patient enough to wait it out, her temper would begin to slowly wane. She had a ferocious temper, but it wore off quickly. She couldn't seem to stay mad for long at anyone, especially him.

Finally, she crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. "That was incredibly stupid, you know." She narrowed her eyes on him as his smirk grew and he crossed the room.

He rested his hands on her upper arms as he gave her forehead a quick peck. "I didn't get hurt, you know. Everything turned out alright, we're all fine."

She smacked his chest. "The point being, it might not have! What were you thinking, trying it out? Your first clue that it was dangerous should have been the fact that the twins had created it and didn't take it to get it tested by professionals first. It was obviously illegal."

"Not quite," he said gently, knowing that to make sure her temper did not return he would have to tread carefully. "It was just that some of the ingredients are frowned upon-"

"And with good reason."

"-and they just wanted to see if it would work before they took it to get it approved." He gave her his winning smile as he finished.

Her glare didn't falter as she stepped from him and headed toward their room. "It was their product and they should have tested it. As it is, don't expect any potion from me to heal your cuts and you can sleep on the couch."


The door slammed shut before he could get another word in. "Hermione," he whined, resting his forehead against the door. "Princess? Come on, let me in. I'm sorry."

Hermione opened the door with a huff, shoving the pillow and blanket into his arms. "You're still sleeping on the couch."

The portraits lining the walls smiled at her as she zipped up the back of the dress, tying off the halter top around her neck. They all told her how beautiful she looked, especially the images of Regulus that stared at her with that special glint in his eye.

She bent over to root in the bottom of the wardrobe for a pair of heels and received an appreciative whistle from one of the frames, causing her to roll her eyes and chuckle softly. She found the shoes, finally, and slipped them on, slightly unsteady at being unused to the heel.

Hermione walked over to the full length mirror standing in the corner. Regulus had bought it as a present to her after his first pay check when he became an Auror. Harry had come over the day after their first kiss a year ago and offered him the job. He had to go through a two-month training course, but after that, he became Harry's full-time partner and the two were soon friends.

Hermione smiled, leaning back against him as he came up behind her and covered her eyes. "What are you doing?" she asked, cocking her head slightly, not dislodging his hands.

"I have a surprise for you." His warm breath sent the all too familiar tingles down her spine as he whispered in her ear. "But you have to keep your eyes closed."

She grinned slightly as he began to lead her through the house. She was a little hesitant. Even though she had lived in the house for quite a while, she still didn't know the layout and having her sight removed, even with him leading her, made her slightly nervous.

"You're not going to let me trip over anything, are you?"

He chuckled, kissing the back of her neck softly. "Would I do that to you, Princess?"

"I don't know," she mused teasingly, "you have been spending time with the twins lately and it is something they would do for a laugh."

His warm laughter washed over her like a hot bath, warming her from head to toe. "Yeah, but they're evil."

It was an ongoing joke between them that the Weasley elders couldn't have possibly birthed the twins. After the first meeting between the duo and Regulus, he had promptly turned to Hermione and stated that the only being that could have spawned two as mischievous as those- and said that having known a rowdy group of mischief makers himself- was the god Loki, who was evil in his own right.

"Still, where are you taking me, Regulus?"

"To the bedroom," he stated simply as he led her on.

Her brow arched primly as she stopped in front of the closed door. "Why?"

He laughed once more as he pressed himself close, his voice ringing softly in her ear. "Because I am going to tie you to the bed and ravish you senseless."

"Uh-huh," she hummed, smiling at his teasing.

"Shut your eyes." When she did so, he removed one of his hands briefly to swing open the door and to lead her inside. He stopped her near the window and removed his other hand, letting them slide down her body until the rested on her hips. "Alright, open them."

When she did, she let out a surprised gasp and immediately turned to hug him. The mirror was almost an exact replica of the one her mother had in her room. Hermione used to love going in there and standing in front of it, when she was younger, in her mother's dresses, pretending to be her. It had broken when she was ten and her mother had just never gotten around to getting a new one.

"How did you-?" She couldn't find the words to finish as she looked from him to the mirror in amazement.

"Do you like it?" he asked with a small smile.

"Oh, Regulus, I love it." She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and squeezed him. "Thank you so much."

He held her to him, his lips pressing lightly against her temple. And then he had said it. "I love you." Three little words which he had yet to utter and now he was holding her and saying it, whispering it over and over and he kissed her temple.

Hermione left the room with a smile on her face. She still had a little bit before Regulus would return. He had to work today with Harry. He had been upset about it at first, but she had assured him that it was alright.

Since their first Valentine's Day spent together two years ago, he had made the solemn promise to her to make each one special. He wanted her to remember them forever, he had told her. She smiled at that. Each day was special to her, each holding a special memory that she would hold in her heart forever.

She never would have thought it when she had first met him, but Regulus was a romantic at heart. He went out of his way to do little things to show he cared at each and every turn. He always made her feel special and she loved him more with each passing day, even when he made her want to curse him when he did something incredibly stupid.

Like every couple, she reflected as she walked into the kitchen, they had their ups and downs. As two very opinionated and stubborn people, they often clashed over trivial things that they would laugh about later. But during that moment when they would argue, everyone knew to get out of their way for they would each fight to win the small battle.

And then everything would be fine the next minute. One of them would give slightly, and the other would be right there to wrap their arms around the other and kiss away the hateful words spat without thought.

Hermione held back her laugh as she grimaced at the state the kitchen was now in due to the male counterpart she shared her life with. He had his back to her as he read over the book with a furrowed brow, one hand resting on a cup full of oil.

She wanted to go over to help him, at the very least to save the kitchen from his hurricane-like presence there, but she remained where she was. He wasn't a very good cook, something which they had both established early on in their relationship, but they had accepted that with good grace. Hermione would do the cooking and he would clean if they did not go out for a meal. It was a process which worked quite well for the both of them.

She had wondered earlier this morning why he had asked her to go over to Luna's for a bit. She had been hurt at the time, thinking that he had forgotten that today, February first, marked the one year anniversary of the day he had arrived at her front door, freezing and almost knocking at death's door.

She smiled. She was glad she had come home early. He looked so out of place in the kitchen, but it was so sweet that he was actually trying to make her dinner when he clearly had no idea what he was doing.

"Be careful," she blurted out as he about dumped some of the shell from the egg into the mixture.

He turned around quickly, part of the egg slinging out and plopping on the floor. His face coloured slightly at having been caught. "What are you doing home so early?"

Hermione grinned like a cat as she stalked into the kitchen, walking up to him so she could wrap her arms around his waist. "I missed you," she said simply, giving him a quick peck on the lips, "so I decided to come home. Is that a problem?"

He sighed. "Well, I was making you dinner, but since you did come home early," he grinned roguishly, "I guess you could help me with it."

Her nose wrinkled up as she smiled at him. "I guess I could." He let his lips linger against hers, smiling against them as he held her. She broke away from him to check whatever it was he had in the oven. It smelled like it was getting ready to burn. She turned the dish around and adjusted the heat so that it could cook slower for the little time it had left.

He wrapped an arm around her waist as she straightened back up. "I got you something," he whispered, smiling against her cheek, "but maybe I'll wait till later to give it to you."

She turned in his arms, smiling up at him coyly. "Oh, but you know you want to give it to me now." She nipped his lower lip with her teeth, tugging on it playfully.

"Maybe," he said with a grin as he brought a small, red velvet box out from behind his back, holding it in his palm.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the little box and then up to him. At his insistent, "Go on, open it," she took it from his palm and flipped open the lid.

Inside, on the plush black cushion, rested a yellow Valentine heart candy with the "It's Love" written in red. The bubble of laughter built inside of her until it spilled out at the sight. She smiled up at Regulus. "Thank you."

He grinned at her for an instant before crashing his lips upon hers and stealing her breath away. She closed her eyes as she leaned into the kiss. Even after a year, she never tired of his kisses or the way they made her weak in the knees.

The ring was on the third finger of her left hand before she even opened her eyes to his tender grin. "Marry me?" was all he whispered before she maneuvered them both to the kitchen floor.

Hermione removed the last pot from the stove and moved everything to the table. She lit the candles with a slight wave of her hand, bathing the room in candlelight. She smiled as a trickle of rose petals flowed from the ceiling, stopping before they hit the ground. She had asked Cupid for a little help, although refusing to allow him to take over in the decoration department as she remembered vividly the fiasco of their first year.

The room had little touches here and there to remind them both of their first Valentine's Day together. She chuckled as she remembered how they had both celebrated with a bottle of some of the finest mead from Hogsmeade when Cupid's decorations had disappeared that evening. They tended to shy away from the colours red and pink now.

Her eyes danced across the room as she surveyed her hard work. Yes, it was perfect for tonight. Her eyes caught on the single portrait on the wall, the occupants caught up so in their embrace that it seemed as if was an ordinary photo. It was by far, Hermione's favourite portrait in the house.

The waves against the shoreline created a gentle melody for the couple as they held tightly to each other. Their smiles were only for each other and no one existed beyond them at that moment.

The wedding had taken place in Vertiná, a small wizarding community in Spain. They had opted to have it there merely because it was too cold in England. The couple had insisted on an outdoor wedding, saying that they wished to start their union with the stars shining down on them.

The ceremony had been short and sweet, as the couple had wished it to be. They had kept it to a small event, inviting close friends and family. That the Malfoys had accepted the invitation extended to them. Surprisingly, Regulus had strengthened the bond he once had with the elder Malfoy and even found a friend in the heir.

Everyone watched as the two rocked to the gentle hum of the music and the waves. The camera clicked as the two leaned towards each other, their faces almost touching as they stayed within the embrace.

Hermione was waiting by the table with a smile on her face as the front door opened. Regulus stopped short, his mouth falling open slightly as he took in the decorations. When his eyes landed on Hermione and raked over her, he smiled, walking over to her and taking her into his arms.

"You look sensational," he breathed, his eyes closed as he inhaled her sweet scent.

"Oh, a big adjective," she teased, "I must look good."

He chuckled softly as his lips worked at her jaw line, lightly nipping at her skin. "You do, positively radiant."

Hermione chuckled softly and pulled away, holding his hand as she led him to the table. "Happy Valentine's Day," she whispered as she guided him into one of the chairs.

Regulus grinned at her mischievously as his gaze flickered over the food she had prepared. "Are we actually going to eat this year?" He leaned forward and snagged her hand in his, kissing each knuckle while his eyes remained trained on hers. "Or are we going to resort to more…pleasurable activities?"

She ran her hand down his jaw, loving the feel of his whiskers against the back of her hand, as she smiled at him. "You'll just have to wait and see, now won't you?"

She opened a bottle of wine from The Leaky Cauldron's bartender's secret stash and poured some in the glass sitting in front of him. She closed the container and then picked up her own glass of water.

"Are you not having any?" he inquired as he sipped at the rich liquid. He remembered having mentioned to her once that he loved this wine. He had first tried it when he had dined out with Lucius, shortly before his marriage to Hermione.

"No, not tonight I think," she said with a sly smile above the rim of her cup. She gestured towards his glass. "Did I get the right kind?"

"Yes, love, thank you." He poked his finger in the icing of the chocolate cake, grinning and dodging her hand easily when she swiped at him. "Delicious," he murmured, tasting the frosting.

"For that, you just might have to wait on getting your gift," she said with a small pout, her eyes sparkling.

Regulus stood from his chair and helped her from hers, holding her tightly to him as he grazed her lips leisurely with his own. She could taste the wine on his tongue. "What did you get me?" he whispered, running his tongue along the inner portion of her lower lip.

"Evil tactic," she gasped as his tongue danced along the inseam, not delving in but teasing her with slow strokes. She pulled back with a smile and grabbed a small box from the table, holding it out to him. "Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Black."

He grinned and took the box from her hands. "Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Black." It popped open easily, the little pink heart candy inside standing out against the black velvet lining. But it was not the heart he saw, but the words written in white.

It's A Girl.

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