Love Sick


A/N: I hope there are still a few readers hanging around to actually read this...Sorry it's been so long.

Salina sat and waited for her brother to return home. She had had a feeling for a while that something more than what he was telling her was going on and today she figured out what it was. She had come over to Seth's on her lunch break to check on him only to watch him climb into Paige's car. Anger took over and she almost followed them but decided to not make a scene in public, so instead she went back to work and finished her shift before returning to Seth's to wait for him to get home so she could get to the bottom of this.

"I had a great time at the lake with you guys today," Seth said as he got out of Paige's car, "maybe next weekend I can take you to a movie or maybe to the skating rink, that is if it's ok with your mom and Mark," Seth said looking first at the twins then over at Paige.

This was the second weekend in a row that Seth had actually been invited to join Paige, Mark and the kids on one of their "family outings". Before this he had only been invited to see the twins every other weekend over the last five months at Mark's house, where he never really felt completely comfortable, but being out with them made him a little more at ease. More like he was on level ground with Mark. Seth couldn't deny that it still got under his skin that Kasey and Kody called Mark daddy but he knew that Mark had deserved that title out right after not only taking care of Paige but of taking care of them as well.

"I'll talk it over with Mark and we'll let you know in a few days," Paige said sincerely.

"Thanks I appreciate it," Seth said before closing the passenger side door and waving at the kids as Paige drove away.

"Mom, Seth looked better today didn't he?" Kasey asked on the drive home.

"Yes, he did. I think spending so much time with you and your brother over the past five months has been good for him," Paige answered.

"So do you think his cancer will go away now?"

"I don't know sweetheart, cancer doesn't just go away because you are happier."

"But it does go away sometimes…doesn't it?" Kody asked.

"Yes, but no two cases of people with cancer are the same sometimes medicines work for one person but someone else with the same cancer can have a total different outcome. We just have to continue to pray for Seth, ok?"

"Ok." The twins said in unison.

Seth was smiling from ear to ear when he walked into the house but the minute he spotted Salina on the couch that smile quickly faded.

"Sel, what are you doing here? I mean I didn't think you were coming by today or I would have let you know that I wouldn't be home," Seth said nervously looking over his shoulder making sure that Paige's car was no longer in sight before closing the front door.

"How long Seth?" Was all Salina said.

"How long, what?" Seth said nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"Dammit Seth don't play stupid with me, it's not a good look on you. I came by during my lunch break and I saw you get into that bitch's car, so I'll ask you again, how long?" Salina said angrier than Seth could ever remember seeing her.

"Five months," Seth said looking down at the floor.

"WHAT? You've been spending time with her for five months?" Salina said shooting up from the couch to stand face to face with her brother.

"Her and the twins, yes. Mark has been there too." Seth admitted still not looking at his sister.

"How the hell could you not tell me? You know how desperately I want to spend time with them too! When are you seeing them again? I want to be there," Salina said.

"I'm sorry Sel, but that's just not possible, you see I promised that I wouldn't let you anywhere near Kasey and Kody."

"You promised what? How in the hell could you promise that woman something like that? I am there aunt, Seth, I deserve to get to see them too!" Salina protested.

"I didn't make that promise to Paige, Sel. I made that promise to Kasey and Kody. You see they came to see me that night after dinner and they both agreed to spend time with me as long as you never came around them. They don't want to spend time with you Sel, they are afraid of you," Seth admitted sadly.

"They're afraid of me?" Salina asked the hurt she was feeling by the admission apparent in her voice.

"I'm sorry Salina, but you weren't exactly friendly when they met you and they know from your own words that you don't like their mother so can you really blame them for wanting to keep away from you?"

"But how could you not tell me that you've been spending time with them Seth, you should have told me," Salina said as she sat back down on the couch.

"I didn't tell you because you are my sister and I love you and I was trying to avoid this," Seth said waving his hand in the air.

"Avoid what this confrontation? My anger?"

"No Sel, I was trying to avoid hurting you because it's clear that knowing about the kids' unwillingness to see you has hurt you," Seth told his sister.

"I still wish you would have told me, Seth. I deserved to know," Salina said.

"I know and I really am sorry, but since you know now would you like to hear about the time I've spent with them?" Seth asked a little unsure.

"I'd like that. Thank you." Salina said with a small smile.

Seth spent the next hour telling Salina about the time he had spent with the twins, Mark and Paige and was surprised that, with the exception of a few eye rolls, Salina had nothing negative to say about Paige or Mark.

"I'm happy you're able to spend time with your kids, Seth, it's the way things should be," Salina said as she stood and grabbed her purse.

"Are you leaving?" Seth asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Is there a reason that I should stay?"

"Well I was hoping that we could have dinner together. It's been a while since we've done that," Seth said with a smile.

"I actually have plans with a friend, but maybe we can do dinner tomorrow night," Salina said with a smile of her own before kissing her brother on the cheek and walking to the door, "and Seth don't forget to take your medicine you have two more reason's to want to stay as healthy as possible," Salina said before leaving.

"Poor brother shame on you if you really believe that any of you can keep me away from the twins," Salina said with a shake of her head as she got in her car. She pulled out her cell and called her dear friend and well established attorney, Marshall Ryan.

"Marshall it's Salina, you remember that favor you owe me? Well I'm ready to call it in," Salina said devilishly as she pulled away from her brother's house and began to set her plan into motion.