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Oh Gawd!






"Oh, and don't forget to write 'Kiss my ass' on it!"

Nyuk Nyuk.

Cid is going to love the Christmas card we're sending him.

"Yuffie... I am not writing that."

Spoil sport.

"Aw, Vince, he would love it!"

Raised eyebrow.

Right now, Vince and I are making Christmas in our newly built Mansion. It's awesome, I know. It took a while for me to persuade him that I wanted green walls for the living room we're sitting in, but it got accomplished. Luckily, the fireplace in the living room is like bodawngo sized and very toasty warm for this cold weather.

"I will not be sending a card meant for a two parents and a child reading, 'Kiss my ass.'"


Bad word.

"You know Vin, that's like, the 3rd time you cussed this month."


"Perhaps you are rubbing off on me."

In more ways than one!



It's true.

We have...

... bonded.

It was beautiful. Can you imagine? Me saying a moment was beautiful? It's ludicrous! But, oh so true. He was... very gentle; I had come home from watching the kids over at Teef's while they 'rekindled the flame' of their love life. It was a little over two months ago.

Anyhoo, I came home and saw roses (How cliché) all over the floor, leading to the dining room. You can guess what happened then... dinner, talking, heated kisses, th-

I won't get into that.

The smell of roses on that night will forever be attached to my memory...

Enough with the mushy stuff though.

I think that was one of the greatest conversations ever though. I remember talking to Tifa about it and we just spent the whole night talking about our "love lives". Of course, she couldn't stay too long out, before rushing back to Rini.

Enough about sex. Let's focus.

"Vinnie, it's not my problem if you've got a bad case of Yuffie-itis."

Raised eyebrow.

A call interrupted our little discussion.


"Hi Yuffie."

"Hey Cloud!"

"How are things?"

"Uh... fine."

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Depends. What's up?"

"Do you think you can come spend time with Tifa."

"Why, what's wrong with Tifa!?"

"Nothing, it's just, I want to go out and buy her a Christmas present."

"Oh, yeah, no problemo Spiky. Maybe Vinnie will wanna join ya."

"Thanks Yuff. See ya in a bit."


I looked to see Vincent giving me a look.


"You look very nice today Yuffie."


"Vince you don't need to flirt, you've already gotten past 2nd base."

His lips twitched.

"Plus," I continued. "I think my boobs are getting bigger, this shirts a bit tight around the girls." I said cupping them.

He shrugged.



Cloud and Vincent had left about 20 minutes ago and Tifa had just finished taking a shower and putting Rini to bed and the kids to their naps.

Why do Denzel and Marlene have a nap time?



She walked to the stove.

"What do you want to eat Yuff?"

I frowned.

"You know Teef, I'm not really hungry."

She turned around wide eyed.

"You're not hungry?"

I shook my head.


"I know... I've been kinda nauseous for a few weeks actually and my boobs are really sore. Do ya think I'm sick?"

She furrowed her brows with her hands on her hips.


"What Teef, what's wrong!?"

"Have you started?"


Oh, the dot.

"No... why what doe- OH GAWD!"






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