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"Byakuya-sama" Kuchiki Hisana weakly muttered " Please forg-" Hisana was cut off "Enough there will be no more of that Hisana please you must rest, save your strength" interrupted her husband, the leader of the noble Kuchiki clan- Kuchiki Byakuya. "Sorry your right" the sickly dark haired woman lied down on her gray tatami mat and took it easy. Byakuya smiled at his wife's small frame and then exited the room soundlessly but not before tucking a stray strand of hair back to place. As soon as the door shut the proud man's smile vanished and instantly vanished and instantly the infamous stoic Kuchiki Byakuya was put back into place effortlessly all traces of the rare smile forgotten. Because everyone knows Byakuya only smiles for his dear wife.

Walking through his grand hallway all servants all at once bowed except maybe the younger ones but they would learn. The 28th leader of the of Kuchiki household walked with the grace of a geisha leaving behind a trail of perfection everywhere he went, the perfect statue of a noble, yes a statue- unreal and untouchable. "Enishi" a cool sleek voice commanded, immediately the white haired teen was knelled beside him " Hai Byakuya-sama." "Any news of the arrival of the doctor?" the young boy quickly answered. "Hai, he should be here within the hour Byakuya-sama." A long pause covered his disappointment, " I see… you may go" without another word the servant boy vanished.

Byakuya walked back to his wife's corridor to find her asleep. Though Byakuya smiled his piercing gray eyes were uneasy. Hisana's form was small and petite she reminded him of the flowers she adored so much- beautiful. But at the same time Hisana was pale and sickly growing weaker and weaker with each passing day like a wilted flower- bitter sweet. He reached out to touch her hand gently though afraid she'll beak, "Your cold Hisana…" Byakuya whispered to the sleeping girl. "I suppose its better than that 101 degree fever" his psyche spoke out. "But still…" the tall man leaned forward his breath dancing on her lips and silk like raven locks tickling her smooth face. "I don't mind this cold I'll embrace."

Lips joined and small hands squeezed back, after a moment they separated gray and violet eyes met. Hisana giggled "You couldn't wait until I woke up?" she said teasingly, Byakuya couldn't hide the blush so he chuckled lightly at his wife's humor. "How are you feeling Hisana?" "I'm feeling much better thank you, any news of the doctor?" A fine thin black eyebrow twitched "No" Byakuya said emotionlessly, but Hisana could see right past the cold exterior to the annoyed man before her. Hisana smiled at her dear husband with tears forming in her violet eyes, "I shall miss this man…" the frail woman privately thought while stroking Byakuya's face memorizing every little detail.

The raven haired man couldn't help but notice his wife's glassy eyes it worried him, "What troubles you Hisana?" the pale woman never answered him "Hisana?" "Ne, I'm fine Byakuya-sama you need'nt worry about me, but would you mind leaving my side for a little while, please?" the noble hesitated but left his wife's side as she asked without a word. Hisana let the tears fall freely as soon as her beloved left the room leaving her alone to suffer silently in peace, "Thank you Byakuya-kun for giving a piece of me to you…" the small woman gripped her stomach "I'm sorry to leave you alone in this world, forgive me for the bud of our shared love will never blossom." Hisana sobbed in her lap she despised herself for failing her sister her husband and know their unborn child. Her heart would never heal.

Whenever Byakuya was troubled or sad about something anyone could always find him at his training grounds perfecting his already flawless zanjutsu. The training grounds where engulfed with sakura trees at every corner, Hisana use to come out and watch Byakuya train all the time the sight of her husband mixed with sakura petals where beautiful, it made her proud. Byakuya was a natural when it came to the art of wielding his zanpacto, "Chire, Senbonzakura" he would say unleashing its deadly beauty to the world in a form of cherry blossoms cutting down his foes like dust in the wind. Like him Senbonzakura was arrogant and only showed its beauty to those worthy of it, when it came to Hisana his soul slayer became that more elegant and stronger striving to make her only see its form blind to the rest of the world.

If there was something Byakuya dreamed of it would be to achieve bankai- the zanpacto's final release, he could always feel it yet he could never grasp it for himself, the day when the 28th leader of the Kuchiki clan attained bankai Byakuya would have the world. He found himself vigorously striking the wind though graceful Byakuya was frustrated mind only focused on one face; the face of his ill wife crying, he knew she was. "Hisana I'm sorry I promise I'll achieve bankai for the both of us." He struck the air relentlessly as if it was his wife's pain killing it swiftly… if only things where this simple. He hated when Hisana wouldn't tell him what was on her mind and tell him everything was fine, Byakuya was never stupid and could see the pain in her eyes.

The doctor finally came an hour later, to be greeted with cold gray eyes that didn't look happy at all. "Dr.Koshi" the short man quickly bowed to the noble "Byakuya-samaforgive my lateness it seems as though an epidemic has infected a vast number of villagers in the 78th District in Rukongai, and I couldn't simply abandon them…" Byakuya tried not to roll his eyes ignorant to the dark truth behind those words "You needn't continue" the proud man walked off to Hisana's room without a word expecting the doctor to follow… shortly they arrived to her room but Byakuya stopped at the door "Dr.KoshiHisana is inside I shall be here waiting if you need my services." "Hai" the skilled doctor knocked mannerly awaiting his permission "You may come in" Hisana knew who it was by the knock, nothing that meek could belong to her husband.

Byakuya sat down after the doctor entered his wife's room closing the door behind him leaving him behind to think alone in the dark hallway. Byakuya held his breath the whole time he couldn't control the shaking of his hands nor the nervousness knotting of his stomach, Byakuya has never been so afraid in his life he could hear his heart in his head. The doctor must have been in her room for about an hour yet it felt like forever he hated the feeling, this helplessness. The doctor finally came out opening the wooden door slowly, Byakuya was up in an instant waiting for him to break this unbearable silence, but it never came… the doctor took off his glasses to reveal sympathetic brown eyes, at that instant Byakuya's time froze and he became numb.

He couldn't even feel the doctor's hand on his shoulder; the words kept playing over and over… "I'm Sorry Byakuya-sama I did all I could but Hisana-sama …" the memories of the wonderful 5 years he shared with his dear wife where fading and the dreams he fleeted where shot down, glassy gray eyes widened in realization. Like a wilted flower… "Hisana was…" the usually strong voice cracked "Hisana was dying"

To be continued

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