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"I've obeyed the law my whole life, sacrificing my everything in a heartbeat for order, I've raised my sword and struck down both friend and foe for this world, forever biting my tongue abandoning all emotion to become the perfect role model of Soul Society, so tell me why the 1st time I fall in love and find happiness… Kaien why…" the 28th head of the Kuchiki family gripped his sword in anger until blood seeped out "Why is Hisana dying?!" he screamed in anguish and threw his zanpacto out of reach, collapsing to the hard ground pitifully.

Cerulean irises downcasted sadly at the sight before him "Byakuya I'm sorry." The former noble of the fallen Shiba clan stared at his best friend "truly sorry" he placed a hand on the depressed mans hunched shoulder "You needn't not" soundlessly Byakuya lifted up and walked toward the direction of his soul slayer, thrown recklessly that had been neglected for 2 full days "forgive me, Senbon Zakura" the noble picked up the zanpacto firmly and looked at his friend with eyes of steel "Kaien, don't pity me, hesitate even once and my sword shall claim your life…" Byakuya responded coldly.

Kaien smiled at this "Welcome back asshole… Suiten Sakamake, Nejibana!" the soul slayer turned into a trident unleashing a current of water around him controlled by his soul slayer appearing as though he was dancing the way it gracefully turned around his head, Byakuya smirked "Chire, Senbon Zakura" the soul slayer dispersed into a thousand sakura petals a brilliant pink dancing through the sky, both members of the Gotei 13 shunpoed and vanished in vortex and colors their flaring reiatsu could be felt all over Soul Society.

"Ughh" the ex noble crashed to the ground "Kami, I'm exhausted! What do you say, did I beat it out of you?" he looked to the man knelling on the ground trying pitifully to catch his breath "your life was spared on a whim don't flatter yourself Kaien…" Curelean eyes snapped open glaring at the man before him "Bullshit! It was a draw!" Byakuya chuckled then ungracefully fell to the ground and closed his eyes, Kaien mimicked the man, they both inhaled deeply the scent of cherry blossoms fresh as always "My dreams have been broken scattered in the wind, my heart has been torn out and this soul I cannot reach, I have nothing left Kaien… no dreams to fleet upon can I truly call myself a man…"

The wielder of Nejibana smiled sadly "What is a man without his honor, you friend are the 28th Head of the noble Kuchiki family feared and awed by all, you have enough of that to last 50 more lifetimes." Byakuya faintly whispered "Hisana is my honor; I live and better myself for her and her alone, Kaien…" 13th Divisions 3rd seat looked at his commanding officer "What Is it Byakuya?" the gray eyed man smiled gently "I planted these Sakura Blossom tree's the day of my marriage as a homage to my wife, 5 years ago for she reminded me of the scattering Sakura petals, sometime's I'd just sit here with her and relish the time I shared with Hisana…"

The noble gracefully got up and sadly gazed at the shattering pink petals "like the this flower and Hisana's memory, it shall never die." The ex noble glanced at his best friend "Thank You, Kaien take care of Miyako." Before he could reply the slightly older man shunpoed away leaving Kaien alone to think "How cruel fate is to steal away such happiness, Thank you Hisana-chan you gave him the world…" Byakuya headed to the Kikyou bar on the other side of town feeling miserable "Time to drown out the sorrow" he creaked the door open all eyes where on him, it was nearly empty as before it grew quiet "How kind…" he said to himself.

Byakuya ignored the whispers around him, all he wanted was a drink and that's want he was going to get "A shinigami…" he heard a woman whisper "Not just any shinigami, that's the 28th head of the noble Kuchiki Family, Kuchiki Byakuya" gray eyes rolled in annoyance, he sat on the nearest wooden stool, the bustiest female employer ran to his aid "Good evening Sir, would you a drink, I shall be your sever Kumiko at your service" the purple haired woman bowed more lowly than necessary, the noble ignored her presence "Sake" her green eyes brightened at his voice "H-Hai" she ran to get his order.

Byakuya sighed deeply what was he doing here again? He was clearly depressed so he wanted to drown himself in alcohol "here's your order sir" the girl placed and arranged the sake quite skillfully, he still didn't care "Thank you" the young woman bowed once again "Just call and I'll be here in a heart beat sir" the noble shinigami didn't reply, the purple haired waitress pouted but left, the silent man poured the hot sake into the small cup and drunk it all in one shot, ignoring the burning sensation in his throat Byakuya sighed and drunk another one how he hated the taste of alcohol.

He examined the transparent liquid and drunk some more until he didn't feel as empty this continued for the next 20 minutes, the noble slumped into his chair and buried his face in his arms, nothing worked. He felt a hand on his shoulder gray met brown, his eyes squinted, "U-Ukitake-senpai" he slurred the ill man stared in content at his former pupil, the 28th Head of Kuchiki Byakuya has lowered himself to a drunk, how tragic "Time to go, Byakuya-kun you despise alcohol have you forgotten Hisana-chan must be worried." Byakuya's eyes overflowed with guilt "Hisana…" he hadn't seen nor even spoke to her in 2 long days,

"Hai" the kind man smiled sadly and helped the drunken man stand "Thank you, Kaien" the 13th Division spoke to himself, the 2 shinigami walked to the door and shunpoed to Byakuya's house, about 5 seconds later. Ukitake walked the younger man to the door "Thank you Ukitake- taicho" the white haired man smiled "Not at all" the dark haired man composed himself and walked inside his grand house disappearing from his sight.

It was late so the servants where asleep Byakuya stumbled to his wife's room only to be greeted with darkness, gray eyes searched the room "H-Hisana?" where was his wife?

Byakuya's eyes widened in realization he knew exactly where she was he shunpoed to that spot, when he arrived there he noticed a small form gazing at the spectacular sky, she was bathed in silver moonlight and was surrounded by Sakura petals Hisana looked breathtaking, he gathered his courage "Hisana I'm sor-" he was interrupted by a soft voice " I was waiting for you, Byakuya-sama I'm glad you came back to me…" he was met with kind violet eyes, she patted the ground beside her "please come sit with me" her husband smiled sadly and walked over to her to sit down,

"It's a beautiful night, I couldn't ignore the beauty Sakura tree but It didn't feel the same all alone, I'm so happy you came, Byakuya-sama" the noble felt guilty 'Please forgive me His-"his wife interrupted him with a hand on his lips "there will none of that," she smiled gently and placed a small hand over his "watch the sky with me, husband" Byakuya embraced his dear wife and they both trembled in his arms "I love you, Hisana" and he kissed her tears away, they wished to stay like this forever, they could pretend as if death was not just around the corner.

To be continued

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