Summary: Liley!! A mixup at the beach stirs up one hell of a mistake, which causes Miley to leave Malibu, and finds solace in the arms of Jake Ryan, now four years later, Miley is back in Malibu for her engagement ceremony and she runs into Lily. Will old feelings be enough to stop this disaster from happening? Read and Review!!

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Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall

Please wont you tell me who's the

biggest fool of all?

Mirror Mirror I wish you would lie

to me and bring my baby back

Bring my baby back to me

-M2M "Mirror Mirror"

Lily began trekking her way up the sloping beach after having recieved a call from Oliver asking him to meet her at Rico's and that it was important that she come alone. Lily was concerned as to what Oliver was upto, she'd been worried about her longtime doughnut friend who'd grown a tad bit distant lately since she and Miley had begun to see one another. Lily smiled at the thought, Lily had been going crazy for nearly a year over Miley and after the whole Jake-Miley-Mikayla scandal, Lily took her shot and was stunned to find that Miley reciprocated her feelings, they'd been going steady for a month now, and tonight was actually their one month anniversary and Lily was supposed to be meeting Miley in an hour to get ready to go out as Hannah and Lola to a big celebrity bash being hosted by Angelina Jolie! Being summer, they had no real curfew, as they would soon be seniors here in a month. Lily also fingered the box in her pocket, she'd been saving up for nearly six months to buy a new skateboard but passed up some of the money to get Miley a gift, hoping that this would show her just how much Miley really meant to Lily. She smiled, hardly able to restrain the gleeful look on her face at the thought of Miley's reaction when she saw the promise ring that she bought for her. It didn't look like much to the untrained eye, but Lily knew that Miley would love it, it was a simple silver band with the celtic eternity knot engraved in gold lining, along the inside were engraved initials LRT + MRS 4EVER. She hoped Miley would like it.

Oliver was sitting at the booth running his hand through his much shorter hair style, around the beginning of their last school year he'd decided to chop off the long dark locks that Lily'd grown accustomed to seeing and so she had to scan the area a moment before recognizing her old pal. He looked nervous as he took another swig from his water bottle and then stood and offered a shaky smile at Lily when she approached.

"Hey, Ollie, whats goin on?"Lily asked taking a seat.

"Lily I.. I have to tell you something, and I just.. I dont want it to come between us or anything but I cant keep this in anymore...,"Oliver wrung his hands nervously and Lilly pondered what on Earth could have Smokin' Oken so petrified. She laid a hand on his forearm and watched him jump nearly a mile out of his seat before withdrawing it back.


"N-no its not your fault, this is what I need to tell you.. Lily.. I-IthinkI'minlovewithyou,"he blurted out.

"Say what?"Lily asked dumbly, a trademark she'd inherited from hanging around the Stewart clan for too long.

"I-I'm in love with you,"Oliver choked out, his voice an octave higher than usual. Lily's jaw hit the ground, Oliver loved her? This couldn't be happening...

"Oliver... listen, I'm sorry, but-"

"I know, I know, you're with Miley and I respect that,"Oliver said, Lily could almost feel her heart breaking with Oliver's. She hated letting people down.

"Yeah.."she said, still unsure of what she could say to help make this alright.

"Lily, I've been there, for you... for it all, for so long, and I just needed you to know I always will be, even if things dont work out between you and Miley-"he said, a skin of hope in his voice.

"Oliver..."Lily warned. He held up his hand in defense and nodded. "Listen, I need to go, Miley and I have a party to go to-"

"Can I ask just one favor from you?"Oliver stood with Lily. Lily eyed him warily,"May I just kiss you? Just once, I promise I'll never ask anything of you again."

"Oliver, no, we cant, I'm with Miley, I love Miley,"Lily said defensively.

"Just a kiss, please,"Oliver almost looked as if he were pouting and Lily couldn't help but feel sorry for her best friend, they'd been buds since kindergarden, always there for each other, Oliver had been so supportive of her and Miley, and everything else in her life, Oliver had been there when her father had left her mom and she couldn't just say no.

"Fine, but make it quick,"she warned. Oliver's face brightened and he gave Lily a once-over to make sure that she meant it before stepping closer. Lily hesitated and nearly tried to move away, but didn't as Oliver wrapped an arm around her waist and slowly, leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Lily grimaced slightly at the feel of his kiss, his lips were rougher than Miley's, plus there was the incessant scratch of his chin where a dark stubble was forming a five o'clock shadow. Lily was just about to make Oliver break the kiss when she heard the worst sound in the world. A sharp gasp broke them apart and Lily stood there looking stupified at Miley's slumped form as Miley witnessed what had just happened. Oliver looked like a deer caught in the headlights and gulped.

"Miley-"Lily started. A rose that Miley had been holding dropped from her hand as Miley took a step back, shaking her head, tears already falling from those expressive blue eyes, showing so much pain, and regret.

"N-no,"Miley stuttered.

"Miley, please, this isn't what you think!-"

"Stay away from me, I cant believe you!"Miley cried, she turned on her heel and ran.

"MILEY!"Lily yelled after her, she was about to take after her when she rounded on Oliver, who still looked sheepish and now, frightened. "You're going to explain this to her!"

"Explain what? That you let me kiss you?!"Oliver asked. Lily smacked Oliver upside the face and did not feel any remorse for the stricken boy in front of her.

"You're going to explain to my GIRLFRIEND why you were kissing me, and that I was being a friend to you! You're going to fix this, Oliver because I sure as hell wont lose Miley to you!"Lily felt tears rise in her cheeks as she grabbed Oliver's hand, picked up the rose and dragged him off toward Miley's house.

Lily was shocked when she found the door locked, and began rapping at the glass panes with her knuckles. Jackson answered and before Lily could explain, she was thrown off guard by the look of protectiveness in Jackson's eyes.

"I think you should go home, Lily,"he shot out.

"Jackson, let me see her, she needs to know-"

"Know what? That you went behind her back with ya'll's best friend and now you wanna apologize for being caught?"Jackson snapped. Lily had never seen Jackson so angry. "Just leave my sister alone, I think you've done enough damage,"he said pointedly to Oliver, who couldn't meet his gaze. He then looked at Lily, his blue eyes showing every bit of that Stewart stubbornness.

"Jackson, it wasn't what she thought, I love Miley, I wasn't-"

"Oh yeah, you REALLY loved her alright, I bet you loved her every moment you were shagging with your little boytoy here,"Jackson shot out bitterly. "Tell ya what, Lils, if you really love my baby sister, then you'll do whats right and leave her alone, she doesn't wanna see you, either of you,"he glared.

"Jackson, please, could you just-"

"Forget it, stay away from my sister, stay away from our house, otherwise I'll call the law,"Jackson said stepping backward.

"You forget my moms a cop,"Oliver spoke up finally. "Just let Lily explain!"

"Bye!"Jackson slammed the door shut and then pulled down the shades. Lily groaned, she ran around the house and looked up to where Miley's bedroom window was, it was cracked open.

"MILEY! MILEY COME DOWN HERE!"Lily yelled. She didn't care if the neighbors saw her, or even if they called the cops. "MILEY I LOVE YOU! PLEASE COME DOWN! LET ME EXPLAIN, PLEASE MILEY!"Lily cried. She saw Miley peek her head out the window and she felt her heart leap in her chest, Miley's pained face was now angry. "Miley-"

"Go away, Lillian Rose Truscott, I never want to see you again!"Miley screamed. Lily felt her heart break into shards like a broken mirror. "Leave me alone!"

"Miley! You dont mean that!"Lily cried.

"I do! I hate you Lily! I never want to see you or Oliver or anyone else again! Just go away!"Miley yelled angrily.

"You cant avoid us forever! School starts in two weeks!"Oliver said. Lily stomped his foot to shut him up, despite the fact that he was right.

"We'll see!"Miley slammed her window shut and Lily looked down dejectedly.

"Things are gonna be okay, Lils, you'll see,"Oliver tried, placing a hand on her shoulder. Lily didn't even realize she was crying until she felt the warm wetness spread down her cheeks as she nodded. Hopefully if Lily let Miley cool off a bit, she'd come around and she'd be able to corner her and talk to her. Before this mess got any further out of control.


Two weeks went by painfully slow as Lily had called Miley's number so much until one day the service provider said the number had been disconnected, the house phone was no more since Mr. Stewart was tired of all the telemarketers, and now she would have to wait, Oliver had tried contacting Miley as well, even going so low as to beg his mom for a search warrant, which of course, wasn't given to them, but Oliver's mother had tried to contact Mr. Stewart in hopes of talking this whole mess out.

It was the day before senior year would begin and Lily was becoming more worried, she was helping her mom in the kitchen when her phone rang and she leapt for it, but her face fell as she read Oliver's name on the Caller ID.

"What's up, Ollie?"she asked sullenly.

"Lily, Miley is gone,"Lily felt her heart drop to her feet and her knees buckled. She fell back against the wall with a thud and her mother stared at her worriedly. Her eyes widened and she felt the wind knocked out of her, like someone had suckerpunched her gut.

"W-what do you mean, gone?"Lily asked. Miley couldn't be... no, not her, not dead, please God no.

"She's gone, her, Jackson and her dad are gone, the house is empty and locked up, their cars arent there, nothing, my mom noticed a retailer putting a sign up this morning on her drive in..."

"Miley's gone?"Lily croaked, tears engulfing her eyes, she felt her mom move closer and wrap an arm around her shoulders to steady her.

"I'm so sorry, Lily, I never meant for any of this to happen-"Oliver sounded genuinely hurt and sincere.

"N-no worries, Ollie, its all good, I'm sure.. they'll be back... right?"Lily asked to no one in particular as tears continued to stream down her face, her voice was scratchy as she tried to contain her sobs, her stomach churned, she felt sick.

"I dunno, Lils, you think she might've gone back to Tennessee?"Oliver asked. Lily couldn't find her voice. Miley's gone...gone. Gone.

Heather Truscott took the phone from her daughter and spoke,

"Oliver, Lily needs to lay down, she'll call you back."She shut the phone and Lily felt the heat bubble up her throat, she ran for the restroom, barely making it before she emptied the contents of her stomach into the porcelain bowl. She gagged and coughed, sputtering as her body wracked with sobs, she felt her mother kneel beside her and pull her hair from her face, just like when she was small, her mother had been very supportive of the relationship and had been dissappointed when things went hairy because of Oliver and the kiss. Heather Truscott was in her forties and raising a teenage daughter alone could be hassle enough, but she wouldnt trade a day, she knew how happy Miley made Lily and had only wished to see her daughter happy no matter whom she loved, and to know now that the southern girl who'd stolen her baby's heart was gone, she ached to see that smile on her daughters face again.

"She's really gone, Mom, she's gone,"Lilly cried, her voice cracked and her mother rubbed her back soothingly, she pulled her daughter into her arms and rocked her.

"It's okay, baby, let it out, it'll hurt less, you'll see,"she continued to soothe her daughter will sweet whispers and gentle promises, when Lily fell asleep from the heavy toll, Heather lifted her daughter into her arms and carried her upstairs, praying to God that if He'd only help her daughter through this one thing, she'd never ask for anything again.


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