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You are my light, you are my star

You are my sunshine and my dark

You are the everything I've dreamed about

You are the girl who stole my heart

I am the girl you're always smiling for

We have a love people dream about

A real-life fairytale

-Plumb "Real-Life Fairytale"

bold symbolizes a change in lyrics

The next two days passed uneventfully, Miley tried avoiding Lily and Lily tried to corner Miley whenever she could manage, but it didnt seem to help that Jackson was now on Miley's side and purposely found reasons to stay at his sisters side faithfully and tried playing fire with fire by using Oliver to distract Jackson, but it still didn't help much.

Lily had agreed to tag along with Aunt Dolly to help prepare for Miley's bachelorette party the day that Jake was arriving with his family, Miley and her dad and Jackson had gone off to the airport early to make sure they'd be on time. Oliver stayed behind with Lily's mom and Richard and helped clean up the house with Luanne, Mamaw, Aunt Pearl and Uncle Earl. Currently, they were looking at a set of cakes to get decorated,

"Oh, I never remember what that girl likes, she's always so picky about cake,"Aunt Dolly said uncertain as she tried to figure out which one.

"She likes chocolate with whipped icing,"Lily muttered, sullen, remembering Miley mentioning her favorite cake once at her birthday. She'd grown even more depressed since the night that Miley had kissed her, knowing that the wedding would be happening in two days. Tonight was Miley's bachelorette party whereas Jake would be going off to do his bachelor party, hosted by Jackson. And then tommorow night was the rehearsal dinner then the wedding was at noon the day after that.

"Thats it, I think, well, if she doesnt eat it then the rest will, I'm sure there'll be more than plenty of food at this gatherin',"Aunt Dolly smiled and pointed to the cake for the baker.

"Yeah, plenty-"Lily murmured.

"Lily, I know that its none of my business darlin, but if you wanna talk about it, I'm here,"Dolly said. Lily did a double take,

"Ya... wait, say what?"Dolly smiled.

"You think that the family doesnt notice when something is wrong with our Miley?"she laughed. "That girl was so much like her Mama, never could keep her emotions in check, when she's happy, she's happy, when she's angry, look out for the kitchen and when she's sad the whole family goes into secrecy and rumors about whats got her this time, thats just the way it works out here, darlin, and I know that gauging Miley's behavior lately, something has happened between the two of you again."

Lily pondered for a moment before she couldn't hold it in any longer,

"Aunt Dolly... have you ever loved someone.. who was already taken?"Dolly smiled knowingly.

"Of course, darlin, plenty of people out there are taken, and plenty are good lookin, my first husband, God bless his soul, Jared,"she crossed herself,"he had been engaged to marry another woman that his folks had set him up with, but we'd been sweethearts nearly all our lives, well, the weddin day came, and he couldn't go through with it, turned his family down and their money all for me,"Dolly laughed. "His mama had to be rushed to the emergency room when he stepped behind his bride and kissed me."Lily frowned,

"Well, its sorta like that with me, I love someone, with all my heart, and I-I dont know what to do, I'm gonna lose them Aunt Dolly."She felt Dolly cup her cheek and wipe a tear away that had managed to leak out.

"Now darlin, dont talk like that, Miley adores you, and I'm sure that somewhere beneath that bullheaded stubborness ya got her Daddy to thank for, that she loves you just as much-"

"You really...AUNTDOLLYSAYWHAT?!"Lily jumped back, startling an elderly couple behind her.

They got the cake from the baker and walked on,

"Honey, I may be blonde, but dumb I aint,"Dolly smiled. "I've seen the way you two look at one another, the way her entire body would just glow whenever you walked into a room, back in Malibu I was certain she was talking about you when I taped her pledging her love for that no good boy, Jake,"Dolly said.

"But how do I get her to see that I still love her? I messed up Aunt Dolly, and I dont know how to fix it,"Lily confessed.

"Well darlin, sometimes people have to learn that we ALL make mistakes, we're human, and nobody's perfect,"they shared a smile over the small lyric of Hannah's song. "But you cant just sit around and wait for her to do something about it, otherwise you will lose her for good, if you want Miley back, ya gotta fight, fight hard and dont give in, she may be stubborn as hell, but I know that you can do it, she loves you, whether she'll admit it to anyone or not."Dolly started the car and they headed back to the house. Lily thought over Aunt Dolly's words and prayed that she was right, she'd have to fight for Miley's love, even if it killed her in the end.


The bachelorette party went off with a hitch, and then the rehearsal dinner went around nicely before both parties headed back to the Stewart home, Jake's family a bit wary of the southerners, they stayed in their own seperate corner like Lily who had slumped into a corner for most of the party while Miley enjoyed herself, getting presents from some of the neighbors that attended the gathering, dancing to music with her fiance and singing along. Lily caught Aunt Dolly's eyes once or twice and Dolly motioned for Lily to make a move but she shook her head, unsure of what to do. Finally, Dolly came up with a bright idea and winked at Lily and motioned for her to take the cue as she went to the radio and began playing a new song, Lily heard the acoustic guitar kick up, and almost laughed at the tune, The Beautiful South's "Dont Marry Her, Have Me."

Figuring that Miley wouldn't run away in front of all these people, Lily gathered her courage and walked upto Miley, who nearly spilled her drink when she turned to see Lily right next to her. Lily held out her hand in silent acknowlegement,

"Dance with me?"Lily asked. Miley stared around at the group, trying to find and out, and Lily took the motive and grabbed Miley's hand, pulling her close and wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her there as she began to dance. Miley fought the intrusive steps at first, glowering at Lily before Lily mustered up the goofiest smile she could and twirled Miley out before pulling her back in and dipping her low. Miley let out a yelp that quickly turned into a laugh as Lily gently lifted her back up and continued the dance. Miley's face lit up in a bright smile as she suddenly got lost in the depths of Lily's blue eyes, and the world around them simply dissappeared, it was just the two of them, dancing together, best friends, ex-girlfriends, the spark between them ignited and Lily felt Miley's heart beat in tandem with her own as they continued to sway along the livingroom floor, laughter and noise heard around the room from the other guests were fallen on deaf ears as Lily did not break eye contact, and kept the grin on her face as she and Miley continued to twirl each other then dip and spin until finally the song ended with the last few notes.

Lily didn't let go however, and Miley's smile faltered,

"Come outside,"Lily bent and whispered into Miley's ear, she felt Miley's shudder and then parted, walking away silently, not daring to look back, she noticed Jake leaning against the corridor, talking with Oliver, he gave her a short look that Lily ignored as she passed him to walk out to the front porch. She looked up and was astonished yet again at how many stars she could see in the sky, it was much darker out here and there weren't any street or citylights to obstruct her view, she looked out into the great open sky and spotted the Big Dipper, Orion, Draco, and countless other constellations and smiled at the fond memory of that night when she and Miley had seen the shooting star at Miley's house, Lily had told Miley to make a wish and Miley said that she didn't need to wish, she had everything she needed and enjoyed it just the way it was before hugging Lily. Lily however, HAD made a wish, to have Miley's heart, but it seemed that she must have been wishing on Jake's star because now he had it and the wedding was tommorow and her hope was slowly dwindling.

She heard the door creak open, but she didn't move, she kept her eyes on the sky as she heard it shut and felt Miley's presence grow closer until she could see out of the corner of her eye, Miley standing a foot away, staring up at the sky, the moon reflecting in those gorgeous blue eyes, her brown curls shining.

"I was thinking of that time we saw that shooting star, on your porch, remember?"Lily started the conversation, smiling, hoping that somehow she could get Miley to loosen up.

"Mm,"Miley nodded and looked out then smiled, pointing her finger,"thats my star, Jake had it named after me back when we were still teenagers." Lily frowned. So much for that pipe dream. Lily sighed and turned to Miley, who merely tilted her head and met her eyes, her face falling.

"Miley, you're getting married to Jake tommorow, and this is your last night as a free woman to really get everything off of your chest,"Lily spoke firmly, trying to gauge Miley's reaction which remained neutral as she blinked, slight confusion on her features. "Tonight is your last chance to tell me everything you feel... so Miley, please, tell me.. please say that you love me,"Lily whispered, feeling her throat tighten and her mouth go dry. Miley blinked. She said nothing and Lily's heart sank, she felt as if Miley had just purposely beaten the hell out of her heart with a spiked bat. She felt the tears sting her eyes,

"Lily-,"Miley said unsure of herself. Lily looked up and let Miley see her tears, for the first time, and she saw Miley flinch as they fell down her face,

"I love you, Miley Stewart, that will never change, tommorow I'll sit there in my seat and I promise I wont interfere..."Lily had thought about objecting when the preacher gave the audience the right to do so, but she knew now that it was pointless. "I'll watch you marry the man of your dreams, because I love you and I wont stand in the way of you being happy Miley, I'm just sorry I wasn't the one to make you happy."Lily paused and waited for Miley to speak, but she stood there, silent, mouth slightly agape and Lily nodded, sniffling and wiping the tears with the back of her t-shirt, she walked away from Miley and into the house, feeling her heart break into more shards with each step that Miley didn't come after her.


Miley was at a loss for words, it was morning, she woke to the feel of paper crumpling beneath her face, she opened her eyes blearily and noticed a daisy attatched to a paper note with Jake's handwriting;

I cannot wait to marry you

Love, Jake

Now she was in Aunt Dolly's room while Dolly fixed up her dress, it was a simple, elegant white gown that she had picked from the store that sold her mothers wedding dress, sleeveless, it tied up like a corset in the back with a thin white ribbon, the skirt flowed down her front just to her ankles with a little more length in the back that Dolly had tailored herself,"Just in case you change your mind and decide to pull a Julia Roberts move,"she'd said with a laugh. She wore simple white strappy sandals with a small heel, her hair was pulled back from her face with two simple French twists connecting in the back laying ontop of her flowing chestnut curls, a single white lilly blossom sat between the connected braids, despite the fact her boquet was daisies, she loved lillies and refused to wear a daisy in her hair.

"Alright, that about does it,"said Dolly, standing in her soft yellow bridesmaid dress. "Now, for the essentials! Something old?" Miley grinned and fingered the beautiful silver necklace around her neck with the small star-shaped diamond pendant that had been her mothers. "Something new?"Miley glanced at her shoes. Dolly laughed. "Alright, something blue?"

"My garter belt,"Miley said with a sly grin.

"Oohlala, oh! Forgot, something borrowed?"Miley looked around. Dolly tapped her chin before snapping her fingers,"hold that thought!"Dolly clicked her heels over to the edge of Miley's room where her jewelry box lay and looked through the box before finding what she wanted, she came back and Miley noticed that it was the lucky charm bracelet that Lily had given to her as a girl. Dolly smiled,

"For luck as well. You may just need it."Miley smiled shakily as Dolly slid the bracelet over her right wrist.

"Aunt Dolly, am I really doing the right thing?"Miley muttered, staring at her reflection in the mirror, Dolly appeared beside her and rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Well darlin, if that isn't the first time I've heard those words come from a brides mouth than I'll be your Uncle Earl's mistress!"Dolly laughed. Miley cracked a smile. "Well baby girl, I cant tell ya what to do here, this has to be your decision to make, but if you want my advice, you need to really look deep and ask yourself is this man I'm about to marry the one I want to see myself with fifty years down the road? Think of the vows you're about to take, do you really see Jake being the one you want to have and hold in sickness and in health? For richer, for poorer? Better or worse?"Dolly asked, mimicking the bible vow. Miley stared pointedly at herself in the mirror and shut her eyes, she imagined her wedding, she saw herself and her dad walking down the isle, she saw Jackson beaming at her, and Oliver as well, she looked up to the altar and noticed the priest trying to calm the groom but when she focused on the groom that turned, it wasn't Jake...it was Lily!

"Oh my.."Miley's train of thought was interrupted by a knock on the door. Robbie Ray stood there in his tux, looking very handsome with his hair freshly cut, his goatee trimmed and a smile on his face.

"You look gorgeous, bud, they're startin, you bout ready?"he asked. Dolly smiled down at Miley.

"I think she will be, Robbie Ray,"and she nudged Miley. "Remember what I said, baby doll, ask your heart, dont think about it." She left the room and Robbie Ray stared slightly confused, but shrugged it off to girl talk.

"Well then, lets get this show on the road, bud,"he offered his arm and Miley grabbed her boquet of daisies before joining her father on his arm and walking down the stairs.

The music outside began to play and Miley peeked around the corner of the house and saw Jake standing at the altar, his best friend Max straightening out his bowtie, Jackson standing behind them both yawning. The priest smiling and talking quietly with Mamaw who had her shotgun out, Miley giggled, just like her Mamaw to be overprotective of her. She scanned the left side of the seats and saw Oliver and Lily with Heather and Richard, Richard had on his dress greens for the occasion, seeing as how he didn't own many other formal attire, Heather was in a gorgeous white summer dress and a wide brimmed hat, Oliver had on a maroon dress shirt that was slightly unbuttoned in the front to give him breathing room, a video camera in hand, and Lily sat there silently beside him, staring around the crowd, in a pair of black slacks, and a light blue blouse, her hair had a new blue streak in it and several locks were curled, falling down around her shoulders and framing her saddened face.

"...Please say that you love me..."

"...I'll sit there in my seat and I wont object..."

"...If Jake is what makes you happy, I wont stand in your way..."

"...I love you, Miley Stewart..."

Miley shook her head clear of the thoughts as Dolly approached and grabbed her own small bouquet and the music started up. Dolly began her slow march down the isle, all eyes on her, and then Miley felt her feet move, but her brain was most deffinitely not making her do so, her father held onto her arm and she felt her knees wobble as they rounded the corner and everyone in the audience stood, both sides staring directly at her as she fought to keep a smile on her face and her dad walked her slowly down the isle to where Jake was standing, beaming proudly. Oliver's video camera following her, she saw him give her a thumbs up, Jackson looked slightly bored, Aunt Dolly frustrated and Lily... Lily,

Lily looked on at her, her eyes never leaving Miley's face as Miley slowly passed her, regret, loss, pain and suffering written so plain on her face but it was obvious how hard she was really trying to disguise it with the false smile she gave to Miley as Miley made it to the altar and Robbie Ray gave her away to Jake. The preacher started,

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today-"Miley felt the preachers words begin to slow and then deafen as she saw the look of happiness on Jake's face, holding his hands that were sweating slightly.

I'm doing the right thing, I'm doing the right thing, I'm doing- oh, hell.

"Before we may bless this union, if anyone in the audience has any objections as to why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace,"Miley blinked. She felt the oxygen in her lungs freeze as she waited nervously.

"...Think of the vows you're about to take..."

"...Is Jake the man you want to see fifty years down the road?..." She looked down at her wrist and saw Lily's bracelet... and the memories flooded back to her.

"...Miley! You're smart, you're funny, and you're TOTALLY cute, and now, you have my lucky bracelet..."

"...whatever happens out here, I love you..."

"...I love you, Miley Stewart..."

"Very well then-"

"I OBJECT!"Miley practically yelled and the entire crowd went silent. Jake's face fell, his jaw hit the ground. The preacher cleared his throat.

"Oh thank God,"Miley was certain she heard her Aunt Dolly AND her dad voice this together. She heard her Mamaw clock her shotgun and saw Jackson's face suddenly perk up with a great big smile.

"Miley... what are you doing, sweetheart?"Jake emphasized. Miley dropped his hands and looked down at her feet before taking a deep breath and gathering her courage.

"Jake.. I cant marry you,"she whispered. Jake scoffed unbelievingly,

"What do you mean, Miley? We've come so far, and now you just want to give that all up?"Jake asked, ridiculously.

"Jake.. I think we both know that this marriage is based off of nothing but lies, I love you, I really do, but not like a wife should love her husband, you have been a great friend, and a wonderful person to me, and I'll always be grateful... but the truth is, is that my heart belongs to someone else,"Miley said softly. Jake's eyes widened. "I gave it away to someone a long time ago, and ya see, I never really got it back,"Miley felt the tears threaten to engulf her as she fought to remain control, she knew that Lily was hanging on her every word from the audience, her mouth probably agape and she smiled at the thought.

"So thats it? You're just going to dump me, Jake Ryan, here at the altar?!"Jake fumed. Miley nodded,

"Jake, please, I dont want to hurt you but-"

"Well its too late for that Miley! Damnit, where is this guy, who's the punk who has your heart, I'll show him-"

"Hey asshole, she said she didn't love you, now get over it!"Lily called out from the audience. Miley and Jake, along with the rest of the crowd turned to the girl who made a scene and Miley caught Lily's eyes and Lily gave her a heartwarming grin.

"Stay outta this, you little dyke!"Jake raged, the crowd gasped and Miley glowered. Jake turned back to Miley, only to have her fist connect with his face, sending him flying backward, into Max, who fell back, Jackson sidestepped and raised his hands in a praise.

"Praise the lord, the south has risen again!"he hollered and the crowd on the brides side yelled with praise as well, Aunt Dolly hugged Miley from behind. Miley glowered at Jake, who looked up slightly taken aback,

"Dont nobody talk to my woman like that!"she pointed her finger at him menacingly, the grooms side began to slowly get up from their seats and Jake's parents ran to his sides, Miley's father hugged her tightly, the crowd was roaring with applause and she turned when Oliver tapped her on the shoulder, videocamera held up with a big smile plastered on his face,

"So, you just decked the number one zombie slaying actor in the United States, what're ya gonna do next?!"he crooned like a newscaster.

"I'm gonna get my girl!"Miley yelled into the camera happily over the crowd. Oliver lowered the camera and hugged her before turning her around to face Lily who stood there, arms behind her back, staring hesitantly with a smile on her face, at Miley. Miley walked upto Lily, and she noticed that several members of her family were stopping the celebrations to look on in earnest and being nosy.

"Hey,"Miley whispered. Lily's smile grew wider,

"Hey yourself, stranger."

"Lily.. I'm sorry,"Miley said sincerely. She opened her mouth to continue when Lily hushed her with a finger to her lips and a shake of her head.

"No, dont ruin it by apologizing for things past, we've wasted enough time doing that already, just say that you love me and kiss me already,"Lily smiled. Miley's face felt as if it would break from the large smile that plastered itself onto her face, the first one in years as she wrapped her arms around Lily's neck and pulled her close, feeling Lily's arms snake around her waist, she leaned in til their noses were touching,

"I love you, Lillian Truscott, dont you dare forget it,"Miley whispered and kissed the smile off of Lily's face until the two of them saw stars, Miley's family roared with applause and hoots for more as the two lost themselves in one another. Until a loud voice cleared the way,

"EXCUSE ME!"the preacher looked rather annoyed. Everyone stopped, Miley and Lily seperated but did not let each other go, identical smiles plastered to their faces."I dont know about the rest of you, but I came here to do a wedding, so is anyone planning to get married today?"he asked haughtily, staring over his wire-rimmed spectacles at Lily and Miley. Miley blushed and turned to Lily.


Lily smiled and unwrapped her arms from Miley's waist, she looked over to Robbie Ray.

"Sir, if its alright with you, I'd like to ask your daughter to be my wife,"Lily smiled, Miley felt her jaw hit the ground, several of her other family members did so. Robbie Ray wiped a happy tear from his eye.

"Well Lily, I thi-"

"NOT A CHANCE!"Mamaw yelled, waving her shotgun warningly. "No granddaughter of mine is gonna marry a hus-"Aunt Dolly chose at that moment to trip Mamaw and grabbed the shotgun from her hands before she fell flat on her face. Aunt Dolly winked over at Lily, who smiled back.

"Lily, make my daughter proud,"Robbie Ray grinned. Lily turned to face Miley, who stared sincerely into those gorgeous diamond blue eyes. Lily kneeled and took Miley's left hand in her own.

"Miley Ray Stewart, I cant promise you lots of money, I cant promise you that I can take you on tours to Europe or buy you fancy things, I cant even promise you a family...yet,"she smirked at Miley's cheeks turning red. "But I can promise you that you have my heart and soul, and my eternal love until the day you die, I promise to be faithful to you and never break your heart again, I love you and I'd love it very much if you'd marry me,"Lily finished. Miley smiled as tears fell from her eyes.

"Yes!"she didn't hesitate. Lily leapt up and kissed her, before wrapping her arms around Miley and twirling them both around happily, both laughing.

The crowd finally settled back down, Mamaw was taken inside by Luanne, Oliver stood next to Lily and Jackson next to Miley. Miley had ditched the and they said their vows. When the time to exchange rings came about, Miley pulled off the expensive diamond and tossed it, Jackson gave her the wedding band that would have gone along with it and was grateful that Jake let her pick out her own ring, a simple platinum band with intricate engravings along the outside. Lily then pulled off the ring from her own left ring finger as Miley slid it into place and Lily looked Miley in the eyes as she placed the band she'd worn on Miley's hand,

"I've been waiting four years to give you this,"Lily whispered and Miley's eyes watered with understanding.

"By the power blessed in me by the state of Tennessee, I now pronounce you woman and wife, you may kiss your bride,"the preacher announced. Lily and Miley took no time in throwing their arms around each other and fusing their lips together in a passionate, yet loving kiss.

The crowd thundered with applause and the reception commensed, Robbie Ray pulled out his guitar and got a few of the other family members to strike up a small band as he played a few hit singles for everyone. Dolly took care of setting up the refreshments and snacks with help from Heather and Richard, Oliver continued to film the party while Jackson came into the yard and rang the cowbell.

"May I have your attention? Alright, it gives me GREAT pleasure to announce to you all, give em a round of applause, they deserve it- Mrs. and Mrs. Lily and Miley Stewart-Truscott!"The family roared as Miley and Lily came out giggling, they lifted their hands from behind their backs and Oliver about fell over laughing when he saw the handcuffs attatched to their wrists. Jackson undid them and Robbie Ray shouted out something about keepin them for the honeymoon. Both women blushed profusely.

"Ladies and gentlement, clear the deck, my daughters bout to have her very first dance with her new wife,"Robbie Ray spoke into the mic. The crowd dispersed as Miley and Lily walked hand-in-hand to the large deck out back.

"Miley, darlin, I love ya, I couldn't be happier for you, and Lily, welcome to the family, at last,"Robbie Ray began plucking some strings and began singing a tune that made both girls laugh as they began to dance, never having heard a male sing it as Robbie Ray tried to change some of the lyrics around for them; (AN: bold represents a change in the lyrics)

"Mrs. Stewart, may I have this dance?"Lily held out her hand. Miley giggled and took it with a smile.

"You may, Mrs. Truscott, and all the ones for the rest of my life,"Miley wrapped her arms around Lily's neck and kissed her gently as they began to gently sway to the lyrics. Foreheads pressed together, blue eyes locked with blue, both faces sharing similar goofy smiles.

"You ran around inside my head
When you passed out, I felt dead
And I realized you make me live
And when my world starts to cave in, you jump inside and take my hand
No matter where, you are there
Will I ever see, what you could see in me? I do, I just believe that we will always be and dream, yeah
Well, I will never be the sign that we must see, that you and me were meant to be so just believe why we are together
You are my light, you are my star, you are my sunshine and my dark
You are the everything I dreamed about
You are the
girl who stole my heart
I am the girl you're always smiling for
We have a love people dream about
A real life fairytale
I thought that I would be alone
You caught my eye and I was home
And I realized that this was love
I see the world through different eyes
I look at you by my side
No matter where, you're always there
Will I ever see what you could see in me? I do, I just believe that we will always be and dream, yeah
Well, I will never be the side that you will see, that you and me were meant to be so just believe why we are together
You are my light, you are my star
You are my sunshine and my dark
You are the everything I dreamed about
You are the
girl who stole my heart
I am the girl you're always smiling for
We have a love people dream about
Dream with me, make me believe that this is a real life fairytale!
You are my light, you are my star
You are my sunshine, and my dark
You are the everything I dreamed about!
You are the
girl who stole my heart
I am the girl you're always smiling for
We have a love people dream about
A real life fairytale
A real life fairtytale
A real life fairytale,
"Robbie Ray sung proudly into the mic. Oliver continued videotaping, Jackson munched out on most of the snacks while the family sat and drank toasts to the loving couple, not caring that Miley had married a woman, just glad to see her finally happy.

"I love you, Miley, thank you for not giving up on me,"Lily smiled and pressed a kiss to the ring on Miley's finger.

"This ring is beautiful, Lily, I love it and I love you, and next time I'm bein' stubborn, drop a piano on my head,"Miley and Lily laughed as they danced the night away, sharing their love for one another with the people that they loved and adored.



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