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Leon Scott Kennedy, secret service agent and monster killer extraordinaire, is on...

a vacation. After FINALLY getting Ashley back home, he was reworded with a promotion and some well needed rest time. As soon as he handed the girl over, Leon let out a deep sigh of relief. Ashley's a good kid, but he was happy to get away from her for a while.

After the longest jet ski ride in history, Leon was in no mood for more beeches. So instead, he chose a nice condo in the middle of New York City. The President gave it to Leon himself, a nice large place on top of a skyscraper completely surrounded by civilization and far away from any monsters. Right after thinking this, Leon hears odd yet familiar sounds coming from outside his door.

Knowing his life he grabs his customed Red9 with stock from his luggage (excellent for head shots) and goes to the door. He throws the door open and steps back.

"Thank the maker...," Leon says, "...they're just zombies."

Four of the retched things push themselves into his room, and in four quick shots they go down. As he carefully steps over the bodies on his way out the door he says to himself, "Wow I'm happy to be seeing zombies. I really have run into some horrible things."

Looking down the hall he sees three more shambling through a door. Easily putting them down he continues through said door. In the next room Leon finds a stair case leading up to the roof and yet more wondering zombies. "Zombies coming from the roof? Of course there would be zombies coming from the roof. Why would the universe let me have a vacation?" he asks himself.

With that Agent Kennedy begins climbing the stairs, slaying zombies as he goes. When he reaches the top, he finds a small cargo-chopper. Its storage compartment is wide open and empty and in front of vessel stand two men armed with machine-guns. One of the men yells, "We brought the wrong container!"

His partner tells him calmly, "No we didn't, thats impossible. The serial number is exactly the same as the one in the orders."

"Bullshit!" the first one answers, "Those were zombies. We were supposed to be transporting a fucking TYRANT! When Wesker finds out..."

"SECREAT SERVICE FREESE!" shouts Leon interrupting them.

The two men turn there guns on Leon and in two shots (head shots are very important) they fall to the ground dead. From behind him comes a sensual female voice saying, "Nice shooting handsome." Leon closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before turning to face her. 'Her' being Ada Wong, in an even skimpier red dress then what she was wearing last time. Leon takes one look at Ada...then walks right past her and back down the stairs. "Thats pretty cold Leon, especially seeing that I just saved your life," she says as she follows him.

"I don't see how...what the hell?" Leon starts but is distracted by the sight of the zombies that he just killed disintegrating into nothingness before him.

"New safety feature," Ada says while looking over his shoulder, "Stops anyone from tracing back the original carriers."

Leon continues down to his condo with Ada on his heels. Once inside he turns to her, "Okay, how have you saved my life?"

"Today? Well I switched some serial numbers around so that Wesker ended up sending you a bunch of zombies instead of a big badass Tyrant," she explains.

"I've killed Tyrants before, I've killed worse than Tyrants before," Leon tells her, "but...thanks I guess. So Wesker wants to kill me?"

Ada tilts her head to the side, "Yes and no. While Wesker doesn't really like you, he sent the monsters after you as a way to get back at me. He knows I have a 'soft' place for you."

"Okay then, so Wesker is after you?" he asks.

She nods, "Yeah he's a little pissed at me for giving him a fake Plagus sample, so..."

"So now you need my help," Leon finishes.

"Wesker is a bad monkey to have on your back, so I thought you, and maybe some of your friends, would be willing to help me get rid of him," she says.

Leon rubs the bridge of his nose with his fingers and turns away from her, "Ada thanks for all of your help, but I am a government agent. What I should be doing right now is reporting what just happened. Besides, most of your 'help' in the past had just been given so you could get what you were after. So give me on reason why..." Leon stop speaking. He had turned back around to see Ada's slinky red dress on the floor around her feet, and Ada herself standing there completely nude. The sight of which utterly blanks Leon's mind for several seconds.

Everything I just said is true, Leon thinks to himself, On the other hand I've been dreaming of this woman for six years! And well..., "I am on vacation," he says. With that he pulls Ada into a passionate kiss.

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