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The Helicopter lands and Leon, Claire, Ada, and Chris jump out. There they meet their reinforcements. All one woman of them. "Where's the rest of them?" Leon asks.

"For this job, a small group would work best," Ada tells him.

"Yeah, bullshit," Leon says to that. "I've had my fill of small strike force missions. Just once when I'm about to head straight into overwhelming odds, I'd like to bring a whole army of crazy bastards with big guns with me. Just ONCE."

Chris laughs at this and slaps Leon on the back. "You'd think you would be used to it by now man. Hell I only got to do something like that once myself. It was fun, but Ada's right, not very practical for what we're planning. Sorry man," he then looks at the woman who is still standing there patiently, "Oh and I guess you two haven't met yet. Leon S. Kennedy, meet the lovely Ms. Jill Valentine," he says smiling.

Jill looks at Leon and smiles slightly, before blushing and turning back down the path, "Oh, we've met," she says over her shoulder.

Two curious female sets of eyes and one furious male set turn at once to look at Leon. The agent rolls his eyes and says, "Completely not what you all are thinking." Without any explanation though he picks up his baggage and follows Jill down the path.

The group look like regular American vacationers on the tropical island. The group's bags are filled with weapons though and each one of them is carrying a knife and some kind of pistol concealed on them (where Ada could conceal a weapon is that outfit is something Leon decided he would have to investigate at some point).

The five all stop at a nice, airy, white-walled house and come to sit on the porch. "Okay, somebody fill me in, why are we meeting here," Jill asks the newcomers.

"According to Ms. Wong, Wesker's new base of operations is on a large modified cargo ship. That ship will, in a few days, pass close to this island. When it is within range, we will take the helicopter over to said ship where we will kill said Wesker," Chris explains. "More importantly, I thought the warmer whether would get you to wear more revealing clothes," he adds.

Jill takes a moment to roll her eyes and kiss him before getting back to business, "Does the 'Captain' know we're coming?"

"Probably, knowing him," Ada answers.

"Anything else I should know?" she continues.

"Yeah, Wesker's built a new BOW," Leon says, "a nasty one too. Its really strong, has amazing regenerative abilities, and an human or near human intelligence. Whats worse though is that other than having red eyes, he looks completely normal."

Jill groans, "Great. Lets hope he only has one of those. Other than the red eyes, what does he look like?"

"A skinny but athletic build, short red hair, and an arrogant and cocky grin...," Claire says quietly, a sad smile on her face.

"Yeah just like THAT!" Leon shouts, as he jumps to his feet and pulls out his Killer7.

He only gets off a few shots before Burnside collides with him. The two tumble backwards into the house and land on the floor, Leon loosing his gun in the proses. As he is crushed by Burnside's weight on top of him, the monsters hands take hold of Leon's throat and the creature snarls, "Die Kennedy!"

"Hey Steve...enjoy...your...train ride?" Leon chokes out. Then he buries his knife into his assailant's wrist, which loosens the hands around his throat.

When Burnside stops to yank the blade out of his wrist, Ada leaps on him and begins to stab him repeatedly in the neck and face. "Get off him. Your not his type," she sneers between stabs.

With superhuman strength, the monster leaps to his feet and painfully throws the woman to the floor. He then stands over her with Leon's knife in his hands, "Ada Wong, target two," he calmly says to her.

"Hey asshole!" Leon yells to him from across the room, now with his magnum back in his hands, "Deal with me first!" he commands before he begins firing.

Burnside takes several shots to the face before he throws the knife. The weapon embeds itself in the secret agent's hand, silencing the gunfire. He then pulls Ada's knife out of the back of his neck and advances on Leon with murder in his red eyes when...

"STEVE!" Claire shouts from the door, where she is being restrained in her brother's arms.

Burnside drops the knife in shock. He then stares wide-eyed at her, "Clair..."

Jill, taking advantage of the distraction, points a full auto heavy machine-gun at him, "Hold her Chris!" she yells before opening fire. The impacts from the weapon push Burnside backwards, out the house, then over the railing of the deck, and down the hill.

Leon pulls out and sheathes the knife, then checks on Ada, before bounding after him. The agent easily lands on his feet under the deck, and begins firing at the monster's retreating form. The Judas-tyrant takes several shots to the back and head, but continues forward till it leaps off of a cliff. Leon rushes to the cliff and looks over it, seeing nothing but surf bellow.

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