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author notes: hi everyone! Being a long time fan of Gakuen Alice, I was finally able to write this fiction about Mikan's love story..although it doesn't really appear that way when the whole gang comes in and screws it all for her--err that'll come later I guess when the story unfolds on its own. For now, let's watch as the story begins in the internet coffee shop...


Circumstances of a Love Story



It was just an ordinary day and she was just an ordinary girl going to town to have fun.

Mikan never in her sweet 17 years of life had ever imagined what would happen to her that day at the internet café near her house.

If she did, she probably wouldn't have continued to go.

Or maybe…she just might have. Her life had taken a drastic swing of boredom and black-and-white sceneries for the last few months.

A little fame couldn't hurt. But too much can.

But these thoughts will only come to her later. Right now she goes to the internet café she frequently visits to check on her email.

The young girl hummed a pleasant tune as she opened the glass doorway and sent the tiny bells hanging on it to chime merrily.

"Ms. Mikan, g-good morning." The shy boy from behind the counter blushed as he saw his crush. He was good-looking, blonde-haired, and a little to shy.

Mikan, ignoring his blush, smiled at him pleasantly, "Good morning Ruka! I'd like to have my favorite seat please."

"Oh, that one with the covering? Certainly." Ruka smiled back at her then went to the rows of computers to show her place.

"Here it is. Have fun, Ms. Mikan." Ruka blushed again at the remark.

Mikan made time to notice him before sitting down, "Ruka, you don't have to call me Miss. You're making me feel old." She said.

Ruka blushed even more, but he nodded. "Alright." He started to go back to his place by the counter. "Ms… err. Mikan, I'll start the counter after ten minutes. It's on me, don't worry."

"Thanks Ruka! That gives me more time to surf the net." She smiled at his kindness. Ruka was always very gentlemen and courteous to her, but he was a little too shy.

"Maybe I'll befriend him one day." She thought as she clicked to the site of her email.

"I wonder if anyone even replied at that post…" she typed in her address and password, then found herself waiting too long for the window to popped out.

When it did, her breath caught in her throat in mixed amazement and happiness. The inbox icon showed three messages and one without a name.

"I wonder who is it? I really hope it's good…" she giggled to herself in anticipation.

She clicked open the inbox and on the first message. It was from her mom.

"Hey Mikan, how's life down there? Gee this sounds like I'm already in heaven, but anyway, I do hope you're happy over there… I'll be right over after I finish my contract so please hang on…and don't do anything foolish alright! I don't want to arrive home and have to fetch you from the neighbor's house, or god-forbid it, the jail. So behave until I get back. Love you so much! Smile! –mommy Yuka.

Mikan smiled a little then typed her reply, "Thanks mom!!" Filling the message screen with smileys. She liked to do that. Sometimes, that prompts her mom to reply something else, which is another addition to her new messages.

Yep. She likes to receive new messages, whether it was a hate mail or a fan mail. So she really goes out of her way just to give people reasons to mail her something. You wouldn't want to know what she does to get to that.

Moving on, Mikan clicked open the other two. The same message was from Hotaru.

"Your debt from me has exceeded for two days. That means the payment should be doubled. I will collect it tomorrow. Don't be absent." The curt message read. As cold and direct as it appeared, Hotaru was still her friend.

She replied, "Thanks! See you soon!"

The next one from her was just an advertisement.

"I have a new invention, I'll give you a discount if you buy it tomorrow. Supposedly it helps people who are naturally prone to stumble and fall get a better way to fall on the right place. Not only that, it also helps enhance anyone's innocence for good measure. It's perfect for you.

Attached below was a picture of an odd helmet-thing that looks too much like a duck's crown.

Mikan inspite of herself felt glad at her bestfriend's care for her. She sent her the same reply and moved on to the next.

No name… Puzzled, she clicked it open.

"Hi. Can you be my textmate?" the words glared back at her from the screen, "I'll wait for your reply so hurry up." It said.

"Huh? Who's this?" she said to herself.

She clicked for the reply button.

"Whoever you are, this is the internet not the real world. But anyway here's my cellphone number…."

She chuckled as she placed it on the reply box. An anonymous sender…and she didn't even know who it was. The mystery added a spark within and happily made her feel alive.

Just as she was working herself to a thrill, the new message icon popped in her inbox.

"That was fast…" she murmured then clicked it open.

"Great! See you on the cyber world then. I'll be waiting… By the way, I'm Anon. Heh heh:)"

Mikan grinned at that last. Whoever this Anon was, it sure will complete her day. She was expecting a boring night ahead of her, but life was always full of surprises, delivering her this exciting piece today so it will probably turn out successful. She was still smiling as she paid a blushing Ruka the fee then went on her way towards home.

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