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"Potter! Take table 2!" an irritable man called.

"Yes Sir!" Harry called back at his boss.

Harry took an ordering pad and a pen, making his way to the table at Firebrook Café, where he worked in Muggle London.

It's been five months since the battle at Hogwarts took place and Harry couldn't even be more wracked with guilt and misery than he already was. It was hard on Harry to stay in the Wizarding World with people always congratulating him and wanting interviews, with all the guilt he felt for supposedly causing all the casualties of the final battle.

Leaving everyone he knew had made the decision so much harder; especially leaving his friends. The Weasleys were grieving for Fred, Hermione going back to Australia to find her parents and fix their memories, and Andromeda Tonks having to take care of her grandson while mourning over the loss of her daughter and son-in-law. Then there was Ginny. He hated the thought of leaving without getting some closure with her or trying to figure what there status with each other was, but he just couldn't deal with her at that moment.

So, he made his decisions and left the Wizarding World after a couple of weeks after the battle, for Muggle London. Away from the fame, the pestering, and guilt he felt, living as a Muggle was doing wonders. He had the peace and quiet he always wanted. People didn't know him in London, they didn't recognize him, and for that he was ever so grateful.

He didn't know anybody in London either so he didn't have to deal with all the questions he knew they would ask.

So, when he got to the table, he was surprised by the person he saw but he didn't show it.

"Hello. Welcome to the Firebrook Café. My name is Harry and I'm your server for today. Is there something to drink I can get you to start with?" Harry spoke in a monotone voice, as he said this every single time.

The person at the table looked up at him and gaped at Harry, before regaining their composure.

"Potter?!" the person screeched.


"What in Merlin's name are you doing here?" Malfoy asked, bewildered to see the Boy-Who-Just-Won't-Die standing before him.

"I work here. I could ask you the same question Malfoy. I thought you hated everything about Muggles and shouldn't you be in Azkaban? And you didn't answer my question. Would you like anything to drink?" Harry was speaking calmly on the outside, but inside he was groaning in annoyance at having to take an order from Malfoy and puzzled as to why Malfoy was there in the first place.

Malfoy scowled, "I'll have some coffee. Black coffee."

"Alright. I'll be back in just a moment." Harry walked away quite confused and found his calm mood from earlier in the day, vanishing.

Why did it have to be Malfoy? And what the bloody hell is he doing here? Harry thought.

Back at the table, Malfoy was having similar thoughts.

Potter. Why did it have to be Potter? What is he doing working here? He disappeared just two weeks after the battle and has stayed away for five months. Has he been here all this time? Wait- why do I even care? Because he has your wand you fool. (an inner voice told him) That's right! He does have my wand! And I want it back! And what a Malfoy wants, a Malfoy gets… Malfoy's mind wandered.

Harry soon returned with Malfoy's coffee.

"Here you are Malfoy. Have you figured out what you want to order?" Harry asked, again in the monotone voice.

"I'll have the special I suppose," Malfoy answered with a sneer. He was about to say something else, but Harry stopped him from doing so by taking the menu out of his hands and walking away.

It wasn't long before Harry came back with Malfoy's meal. He placed it on the table and left with a curt, "Here you go."

Malfoy tentatively took a bite of his food, trying to judge if it's poisoned or not.

You never know with Potter…he could have poisoned it… Malfoy pondered.

The bite he took didn't seem poisoned, so he ate another bite. That one was pretty good. So, he kept eating.

Maybe Muggles aren't so terrible at making food… Malfoy hesitantly admitted; in his head of course.

Malfoy finished his food and his coffee, not-so-patiently waiting for Harry to come back to the table to clear it and bring the check.

Malfoy, still waiting, was becoming frustrated. It had already been fifteen minutes and Harry hadn't returned yet. He started drumming his fingers on the table in his frustration, when Harry turned up out of nowhere, the check in his hands.

"Potter! Where have you been? I've been waiting for almost twenty minutes!" Malfoy all but screeched.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"I was on my break Malfoy. Sorry to have inconvenienced you," Harry said sarcastically.

Harry then handed Malfoy the check and cleared the plates away, leaving the presence of Malfoy yet again, abruptly.

Why does he keep doing that? He keeps coming out of nowhere and then leaving just as quickly with just a quick word. Wait, yet again, why do I even care? Malfoy was quite confused.

Malfoy paid the check and left the tip on the table, with a quick note on a piece of parchment beside it, and left the café.

Harry came back to the table and found it empty with the tip and the note on it.


I want my wand back. I know you have it. We will meet again and you will give it to me.


Harry crinkled up the note and put it in his pocket, picking up the tip and walking to the back of the café; it was about time for his shift to end anyways.

He took his things from the locker that is provided for every employee, and went out to the back alley and Apparated to his flat.

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