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Chapter 10

It was a very unpleasant surprise for Nagato-sensei – thanks to a certain annoying orange-masked man by the name of Tobi. As you see, Nagato sensei was supposed to be spending a lovey-dovey afternoon with his lover in their shared room doing some lovey-dovey activity when…

SLAM! The sliding doors to Nagato's sensei's room opened and five pairs of eyes were on him and his male lover. Nagato felt his blood boiling at the sight but he still retained his composure. It was very unpleasant afternoon indeed.

In came the bubbly orange-masked man with his annoying voice as he greeted the couple, "Good afternoon! Nagato-sensei!" He turned towards Nagato-sensei's lover, "Oh, and good afternoon to you too, Yahiko-san!"

Sasori's eyes were wide with shock and his face immediately turned as red as his hair. His gaze quickly shifted away. Sakura on the other hand was gaping at the couple who were in their lovey-dovey situation. She tried hard not to have a nosebleed but to no avail. Droplets of blood oozed out of her nose and she had to cover her nose with her hand – she was a closet Fujoshi. Kakashi also stared in shock. The only ones who were calm in the situation were Deidara and Tobi.

Deidara rolled his eyes and glared daggers at Tobi, "Tobi…you are so dead un." He muttered.

Tobi didn't seem to comprehend the situation as he tilted his head slightly. "Eh, Nagato-sensei! Tobi needs help!"

The lovey-dovey couple glared at the orange-masked man. Nagato pushed away his lover and quickly tied up his yukata. His lover, on the other hand, without shame, stood up stark naked. Sakura had another gush of massive nosebleed. Nagato-sensei's lover then proceeded in wearing his pants.

The atmosphere was awkward. No one except Tobi was talking. "So, Tobi was saying that Haruno-san had hurt her ankle and needs treatment."

"Perfect…Just perfect… another afternoon ruined." Nagato-sensei's lover muttered. "Hmm?" His eyes suddenly trailed off and stopped at one of the five people who intruded on him and his lover's 'lovey-dovey' time. "Akasuna-san?"

Sasori turned. The blush on his face finally disappeared and was replaced with a surprised look. "Pein?" Okay, he did not expect this. No way! Wasn't Pein with Konan? Sasori could swear that he saw the two of them talking privately in the office. Weren't they a couple?

"It's Yahiko by the way." He made a hand gesture. "Pein's just a name I used in business," replied the orange-haired man, "So, what brings you here, Akasuna-san?"

"Visiting the temple," replied the redhead monotonously. The shock from before had somehow managed to subside. He shrugged, "Well, my friend here is injured and we are sending her here for treatment."

"Oh, I see." Nodded Yahiko as he turned towards Nagato who was seated on the tatami mat. His redheaded lover stared at him and gave a sigh.

"Yahiko, haven't I told you not to visit me in the afternoons?" Nagato then stood up and approached Sakura who was still being carried by Kakashi. He bent down slightly to examine the lady's injury.

Yahiko merely smirked and commented, "Well, a certain someone will feel lonely if I don't keep him company."

Nagato sighed inwardly as he ignored his lover. Instead, he concentrated on examining the pink-haired-lady's ankle. "Hmm…I think you should put her down." He told Kakashi. The pink haired lady was soon placed on the futon as the doctor proceeded in treating her wound.

Sasori wasn't paying attention to all that. Instead, his eyes were locked onto the blond-haired magician. The magician had stood with his arms crossed and his back on the wall. His face was void of expression. Sasori had never seen him like this before and somehow it made the redhead felt unpleasant, yet the businessman could not put what he was feeling into words.

Sasori approached the magician and was greeted with cold blue eyes staring at him. "We need to talk." He told the blond.

The Cheshire grin reappeared on the blond's face, yet somehow it made the redhead feel even uneasier. 'Sarcastic' was the word that appeared in the redhead's mind. "Okay danna." He made a hand gesture, "Let's talk un."

"Alone," said the redhead as he eyed the others who were seemingly too busy with Sakura's sore ankle to notice them both. A hand reached out and grabbed Sasori's wrist. The redhead was caught by surprise as he stared the owner of the hand straight in the eye.

"Then, shall we go to somewhere we could be alone un?" Deidara whispered in his ear seductively. The redhead could feel his own heart beating heavily. Then, as if he were spellbound, he let the blond drag him off. No one in the room noticed their disappearance.

Yakushi Kabuto popped open a can of Coca-Cola and a smile crept across his face. Oh! This is blissful! The man thought as he quickly helped himself to the cooling drink. He let out a loud burp when he was done. Oh well, manners be damned! There wasn't anyone here anyway. The park was practically empty.

The silver haired man was now sitting on a bench in a park near the temple in which he had sent his boss and his boss's supposedly ex-fiancée to. It was a tiring day for the man having to drive for hours. Well, it was his job.

Anyway, the silver-haired man was just relaxing away, blanking out all thoughts. Unfortunately for him, his sweet time alone was soon interrupted by the sound of his ringtone. He growled, annoyed by the interruption but his hand soon made its way to pull out the phone from his pocket.

An unknown number. The man noted as he answered the call after it rang a few more times. "Hello?" He waited for a reply.

"Hello, Yakushi-san." The voice almost knocked Kabuto out of his calm composure – well, almost anyway. The silver-haired-man wasn't someone who would lose his poise so easily, but somehow that voice almost managed make him do so.

"Oh, it's you." Kabuto's voice came out nonchalant – a façade he was so comfortable in putting up even in dire situations. "How did you get my number?"

A chuckle was heard from the other line. Then the owner of the voice spoke, "Of course, I've done my homework after all, Yakushi-san." The husky tone yet again managed to make Kabuto's heart skip a beat. It was thrilling, to say the least.

"So, what do you want this time?" A smirk managed to present itself on Kabuto's face as he laid his head back, "Orochimaru?" His voice came out quite mocking yet it was playful in its own way.

There was a pause, and then Orochimaru spoke again. "My, my. That's the only thing you could say to me, no? What do I want from you, hmm?" He continued, "Oh, Yakushi-san, were you…" he paused, "driving without your license on you?"

It quickly alarmed the silver-haired man as he touched his pocket. Damn, that man had his wallet! It wasn't the license that he was concerned about, it was all the information one could get from his wallet. He really wanted to shoot himself now.

'Talk about a first-class spy who couldn't even keep his wallet safe.' Inner-Kabuto scolded. The man pondered for a while, thinking of what to say to the dark-haired man, but before he could utter any words, the man had already spoken.

"How careless are you, dear Kabuto?" The man used his first name, not that Kabuto minded at all, but he was slightly annoyed having to be reminded of his own blunder. Orochimaru's tone suddenly turned serious. "The Street's Café. 8pm sharp."

It sounded like an order and Kabuto was taken aback. "How dare he?" but Yakushi Kabuto could not retort at the moment and could only managed a, "Don't be late." The younger man could hear a chuckle coming from the other line before he hung up.

Kabuto heaved a sigh; he had to think of a reason to tell his boss about why he would be unavailable tonight. Still, it would be another exciting encounter with the snake-like man; Kabuto did not repel the idea. Orochimaru intrigued him, as much as he himself was intriguing to that snake-like man.

The door slid shut behind him and Sasori realized that he was alone in an empty room with Deidara. The room was a Japanese-styled room with the tatami mats and a rectangular table in the middle. A painting of the sakura hung on the wooden walls and the empty cupboard was slightly ajar.

The redhead could only stare at the blonde who merely look back at him with such a seductive gaze. His mind quickly processed the information in front of him. Inner-Sasori hijacked his mind 'You're in a room with Deidara alone.' His inner-self beamed evilly. 'Ooo, this could only mean one thing, Sasori.' He gulped, 'No, no, no. He said he wanted to talk.' The redhead reasoned with his inner-self.

He noticed Deidara nearing him and almost flinched when their faces were so close to each other. The redhead felt his face burning up as his heart raced. 'Okay, now calm down. It's not like he's going to eat you…' Suddenly, he felt as if he were little-red-riding-hood in the fairytale his parents used to read him when he was a child. 'This must be how she felt when she met the big bad wolf.' He thought. He mentally slapped himself, 'What the hell are you thinking?' His eyes widened as the blond inched towards him. But then, to the redhead's disappointment, the magician smirked and passed him by. The blonde then sat down on the floor.

"What's wrong, danna un?" Deidara questioned in an innocent tone, but his eyes told a different story. They were playful eyes. "Aren't we gonna talk?"

Sasori turned and sat down in front of the blonde. 'How dare he toy with me? That brat!' He narrowed his eyes and swore to himself that he did not expect anything to happen moments ago. 'Yea right…' Inner-Sasori snorted.

There was an awkward silence as the couple stared at each other. Deidara raised a brow, "So?"

"I…" Sasori wanted to say something but paused halfway. He turned away and cleared his throat. "She was my ex." There, he said it and was scolded by his inner-self, 'Nice going, Sasori. What's with the vague line?'

"Oh." Came the reply. "I know un."

"You knew?" Surprised, the redhead turned towards the blond magician. "Then what's with the…"

"Cold act un?" Deidara completed the redhead's sentence as if it was the most natural thing to do. He flung his hand in mid-air. "It was nothing."

'Nothing? What do you mean by nothing? You brat!' Sasori did not say it out loud and instead stared blankly at the blonde. Then he noticed something, gleaming in those blue eyes. It was uncertainty. Sasori's instincts told him that he must do something, anything to remove that uncertainty in the magician's eyes.

Then, before Sasori's mind could come out with a logical solution for the situation, his body had already moved by itself and he launched forward and pressed his lips against the blonde's. Blue eyes stared at him in shock and the redhead wanted to pull back out of embarrassment but the blonde's hands shot out to wrap themselves around Sasori's waist and pulled him into a deeper kiss.

Both of them had their eyes closed as both their tongues clashed against each other's, fighting for dominance. Alas, all logical thought left Sasori and a sense of satisfaction washed over him when he realized that the role of little-red-riding-hood and the big-bad-wolf had switched.


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