D. Gray Man is not mine. I think it's probably better off in the hands of its creators...

Starlight in Shadows

Kanda stood stunned, blood-spatter across his face and the stone wall behind him, Mugen slipping from his limp fingers to clatter against cobblestone.


The younger boy swayed a bit, the back of his coat torn and red-streaked metal gleaming lewdly in the light. The spike-arm withdrew with a wet sucking noise as the attacking Akuma stumbled back, his chest laid open from a swipe of Allen Walker's claw, though his Innocence had returned to its dormant state.

White hair shifted softly as the boy turned his head to look at the older Exorcist, silvery-blue eyes dimming towards gray. He coughed once, trying to form words, but only blood poured from his lips, and he fell.

Kanda jerked out of his immobility and lunged to catch the boy, sliding to his knees as he eased the cursed Exorcist back against his own chest, franticly trying to stem the bleeding even though he knew it was futile.

The heartbeat pressed beneath his hands fluttered weakly, hot wetness soaking though his clothing. Kanda stared down at the shaggy mop of white hair, cringing at the thick, labored sound of the bean sprout's breathing.


But he knew why. He'd berated and insulted the boy for it more times than he cared to count. Kanda choked back a sob as the heartbeat stuttered, harsh breath faltering as more blood trailed down the boy's chin.

Why? Because that's what Allen Walker did.

Saved souls.


This is my first D.Gray Man fic. It's possible that it will remain a oneshot, but if enough people show interest, I will add more. Unlike another fic that I said something similar for, this one I actually do have some other things in mind that I intend to add to it.