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Summary: This story revolves around Hitsugaya Toushirou and Hinamori Momo. How fate has chosen the paths for them to take and how they will never be apart. They will always have each other, as humans, as shinigamis and as reincarnations.

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The Chronicles of Life and Death

-Chapter One: Humans-

"Shirou-chan!" a familiar voice called out. Hinamori Momo stepped into Hitsugaya's backyard and ran towards him, excited.

"Stop calling me that, Bed-Wetter Momo! What are you doing here anyway?" Hitsugaya asked and put down the watering can.

"I found another secret place and it's really pretty!" Hinamori informed her neighbor and grabbed his hand. "Come on, you have to see it!"

Hinamori pulled Hitsugaya along and only let him go when he said that he could walk on his own. "Hinamori, this is going to be the third time you found a secret place this month. You shouldn't go wandering around you know, it's not safe."

"Don't worry! My mom said that it's alright as long as you're with me," Hinamori answered, not realizing that her mother was only joking at that time.

Hitsugaya sighed and they turned around a corner again. Hinamori led him through the woods and Hitsugaya complained, "Are we there yet? Why is it so far away?"

"We're reaching Shirou-chan, don't worry," Hinamori replied hastily. Once they were out of the woods, Hitsugaya saw the view in front of him. The whole place was filled with green grass and different varieties of flowers. A waterfall could be seen in the middle of everything, the water flowing down into a stream of river. The sunlight shone against it and the water glistened. It was a sight to behold, like there was another place beyond the woods.

Hitsugaya looked around and what he saw just amazed him. Everything was so perfect. "Told you it was pretty right? I found this place yesterday and I had to show it to you. This can be out new secret place and we can play here everyday!" Hinamori exclaimed in glee.

A small smile tugged at the corners of Hitsugaya's lips and he replied, "Sure, why not?" Hinamori giggled and showed him around the new place.

Hitsugaya was glad that Hinamori was happy. They had grown up together and lived next door to each other for a long time. Their parents were good friends and didn't mind whenever one of them came to their house. Their families would also go on vacations and celebrate festivals together. Hitsugaya and Hinamori grew so close to each through the passage of time and are now best friends.

Hinamori had a bad habit; she would always wander around with Hitsugaya and sometimes stumbling across 'secret places'. These 'secret places' were where the two childhood friends would play and have fun. Curiosity always took the better of her and she would end up far away from home or finding another secret place that was dangerous. Hitsugaya was always concerned about that bad habit of hers and would try to protect her.

They looked out for each other and cared for each other. Hitsugaya and Hinamori shared a special relationship, one that can never be broken. They had even promised to be there for each other until they grow old.

But that promise didn't last long.


It was winter in a blink of an eye. It was even cold enough to be snowing. Hinamori visited the secret place that day and gasped in awe. The scene in front of her was beautiful; snow had covered the land and only stumps of grasses poked out of it. What Hinamori was looking at was the river, it was frozen and a thin layer of ice lay on the surface.

Hinamori could be happier than that but she wasn't, reason being Hitsugaya wasn't with her. It was never as fun when either of them was alone. The little girl felt bored and a puff of smoke appeared when she sighed. She looked at the frozen river and remembered that Hitsugaya told her not to go near it when they discovered that it was very deep.

Just then, Hinamori heard something from above. It was a purr. A cat was perched on a branch of the leafless tree.

"Neko!" Hinamori said and looked at it with eyes of pity. "It must be so cold." Then she started to climb the tree in an attempt to rescue the shivering cat.

Meanwhile, Hitsugaya was sick and lying in bed. It sucked to be sick in his favorite time of the year when he could be out there playing with Hinamori. She had come by just now but left when Hitsugaya's mother told her that he was sick and couldn't play with her. She also didn't allow her to see him as she didn't want Hinamori getting sick too.

Hitsugaya's mother came into the room and placed his lunch on the table.

"There you go. Eat it while it's hot," his mother said.

"Is Hinamori at home?" Hitsugaya asked suddenly. He was worried that she might be in danger if she was out alone.

"No dear. She went out," she answered.

"Oh okay." As Hitsugaya's mother exited his room, he took his lunch and ate it silently. Hitsugaya knew she could take care of herself but he just didn't like the thought of her going out alone.

Crack. The glass of the photo frame which displayed a picture of Hitsugaya and Hinamori cracked. A line appeared between the two of them in the picture. A bad sign.

Hitsugaya didn't believe in omens and such but something in his heart told him that he must find her. Immediately, he got out of bed, slid into his winter clothing and snuck out through the window. He ran to the secret place as fast as his legs could carry him, although it wasn't up to his usual speed as he was sick.


"Almost there…" Hinamori stretched out her arm and reached for the cat. "Come on, I won't hurt you," she assured it and inched closer. Any closer and the branch would break. Unfortunately, the cat wasn't co-operating.

Hinamori was in a dangerous position. She was almost lying on the branch which could break any minute. Hinamori was desperately trying to rescue the cat but she would fall off if she tried anymore.

Just when she started retreating, the branch broke. It fell to the frozen river below it and Hinamori fell along with it. The cat shrieked and jumped to safety. However, Hinamori hit the thin ice and it gave way under her weight. Everything happened so fast, she couldn't even scream for help. Even if she did, no one could hear her. She was engulfed by the cold water, it was freezing and she felt numb all over. Hinamori couldn't take it any longer, she can't breathe. She began to lose conscious as she sank deeper into the cold, dark water. Before Hinamori completely passed out, she saw a glimpse of a figure swimming towards her. Shirou-chan…

Just a little bit more! Hitsugaya extended his arm and tried to grab Hinamori's hand. Gotcha! He clutched her hand tightly and pulled her closer to him. Hitsugaya swam up to the surface of the water and dragged himself and Hinamori out.

He placed Hinamori onto the snow and checked her pulse, she was still breathing. Hinamori was shivering all over and Hitsugaya was at a loss of what to do.

He managed to calm his nerves and picked Hinamori up. "I need to get help." Hitsugaya carried her and used the last of his remaining energy to run. Hang in there, Momo.


Hitsugaya woke up and his eyes stung at the bright light. He realized he was in a hospital. He had passed out from exhaustion by the time he reached his house. Hitsugaya and Hinamori were both admitted into the hospital. He remembered saving Hinamori and running to get help. So where was she now?

Hitsugaya heard cries someone crying down the hallway. "Hinamori!" He got up and rushed to the direction of the cries. What he saw gave him a heavy feeling. Hinamori's mother was crying inconsolably and her father had a solemn expression on his face. He looked like he was going to cry. Hitsugaya's parents were there too, trying to comfort the couple. "What happened?" Hitsugaya thought.

A nurse came out of the room beside Hitsugaya. His mind screamed at him to go in there and he obliged. As he entered, he saw a little girl lying on the bed. The white blanket covered her body but not her face and the machines were switched off.

As he walked closer to her, Hitsugaya saw her face. Her dark hair was not in her usual pigtails, eyelids closed over her brown eyes and she was very pale. "Hinamori…" And it dawned upon him.

For the first time in many years, Hitsugaya cried.

On June 3rd, Hinamori Momo broke her promise.


Things had never been the same then. Hitsugaya retreated into the shell he created and was so cold to everyone which earned him the nickname 'Ice Boy'. He felt empty without Hinamori; everything seemed to lose its color. There was no one to play with him or cheer him up, and no one to call him cute nicknames. Hinamori was gone.

It took Hitsugaya quite some time to get over that fact. He did make new friends and got on with life but no one can ever replace that void in his heart Hinamori left.

And then, it was that fateful day when it happened.

Hitsugaya was walking home from school one day and saw a little girl and boy eating ice-cream and holding hands. It reminded him of Hinamori and himself when they were younger.

Out of the blue, Hitsugaya heard someone scream. "My bag! That thief stole my bag!" He saw a man running towards him and clutching a handbag. The thief rushed past him and accidentally crashed into the little girl. She staggered and fell onto the road. "Yuki!!"

Cars horned and when they suddenly saw a little girl on the road. Hitsugaya had a witnessed the whole thing and he turned wide-eyed. If nobody does something soon, she'll die! Without thinking anymore, Hitsugaya rushed onto the road and grabbed hold of her.

The car couldn't stop in time and hit Hitsugaya, with the girl being carried by him. The pain seared through his whole body and he let go of her. She dropped to the ground and ran to the pavement. Hitsugaya rolled on the ground a few times and blood was everywhere.

The crimson liquid tainted his snow white hair and his body filled with scratches. People crowded around him and he thought he saw Hinamori among them. Hitsugaya closed his eyes and breathed his final breath.

On December 20th, Hitsugaya Toushirou died.

-End of chapter 1-

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