Chapter 1 A Reluctant Voyeur

Nineteen year old Potions apprentice Hermione Granger let herself into the Potions classroom, heading for the labs. She had some brewing to complete for her snarky Potions master Severus Snape. It was one in the morning and she was dressed in her nightie, housecoat and fuzzy slippers. She had rooms in the dungeon corridor especially built for her. She was the first apprentice the Potions master had ever taken on and it was only because she was "mildly promising" as professor Snape put it.

Hermione slowed as she approached the lab, because the door was cracked, light was coming out of it as well as a number of noises. Thumping mostly. Cautiously, she pushed the door open, her eyes going wide.

There in the lab, was professor Snape, and bent over his desk was a shrieking woman whose head was wildly covered by her hair, and the wizard was fucking the shit out of her, the desk actually lifting off the floor from his efforts.

"Oh my gods," Hermione breathed out loud, covering her hand with her mouth.

Snape heard her and looked at the young witch in the doorway.

"Ah . . . apprentice . . . I should be . . . finished shortly," the wizard breathed. He was in his robes, but they were open and his dingy white briefs down around his calves. He continued pounding into the woman, gripping her waist and driving into her. His head was bent forward, his greasy hair swinging around his head as he focused, letting out purrs and groans of pleasure.

"Yes, right there," the wizard hissed as the woman let out a squeal. "That's it, isn't it witch? Take this . . . and this . . . and this!"

Hermione could see how big the wizard's cock was. He was huge, the shaft thick and glistening as he buried it in the woman over and over. He stopped long enough to place one foot on the edge of the desk, clutched two pale handfuls of buttocks and spread them wider, then slammed into the woman almost viciously, immersing himself up to his balls, and rolling his hips lustfully, the woman hollering then suddenly letting out a shriek, shuddering, moaning and climaxing as Snape began giving her long, deep strokes, hissing.

"Ah, good . . . good pussy," he breathed as her sleeve clutched around him, milking him. Suddenly the wizard cursed, rammed himself deep inside the woman and ejaculated, his balls pulsing fiercely as Snape threw his head back and grunted loudly in counterpoint to the woman's whimpers. He held himself there for a minute, then withdrew, holding his robes out of the way as he did so, giving Hermione a clear view of his assets.

Hermione stared at the size of Snape's cock. He had to be at least ten inches long, and she had no idea what his girth was, but he looked about three fingers width and the head was large and mushroom-shaped. By the way the skin was slightly wrinkled by the base of his shaft, she could tell he was uncut. His entire length was literally dripping with juices, the monstrous tool rising from a nest of curling black hair.

Snape gave Hermione a half glance and she could have sworn he smirked before withdrawing his wand from a pocket and scourgifying first himself, then the woman. He pulled up his briefs and began fastening his robes.

The witch stood up as well. She looked directly at Hermione with a lascivious smile, not the least embarrassed the young woman watched her get shagged. She picked up a wand on the desk and passed it over herself, suddenly dressed demurely in blue robes. She looked up at Snape.

"It's a pleasure visiting you, Snape. A girl can always count on a nut or two," she said to the dour wizard with a smile.

Snape reached into his pocket and deposited three galleons into her outstretched hand, then scowled at her.

"If that is indeed the case, Melissa . . . perhaps you should be paying me," he purred.

She slapped him playfully on his shoulder.

"You're so funny, Professor. Thanks. Drop Madame Tootsie an owl next time you need servicing," Melissa said, walking past Hermione and giving her a wicked smile.

"He's ugly as hell, but a right stud, you know," she confided to Hermione before exiting.

Snape cast a freshening charm and walked up to Hermione, staring down at her with his black eyes. They flicked over her consideringly.

"You can continue your work, apprentice," the wizard said, then exited the lab with a billow of robes, Hermione blinking after him.

Merlin's braided pubes. Did she just see what she thought she saw?

Hermione pinched herself and winced. No, it wasn't a dream. She had walked in on professor Snape shagging a prostitute. He hadn't even stopped when he saw her, just said he'd be finished shortly and kept right on shagging.

As if in a dream, Hermione walked over to the covered cauldron, lifted the lid and checked it. It was time to add the next ingredients. She had to make herself stay focused as she chopped and measured the proper herbs, though she wanted to think about what she saw.

Damn, professor Snape had the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Not that she'd seen any others up close other than Ron's, which was about average. And she had never seen a wizard shag the way he did. He was . . . was brutal.

And the prostitute loved being pummeled that way.

Hermione felt a little pulse.

"Ew," she breathed, "don't tell me that actually turned me on. Oh my gods! Blech!"

She had to tell someone what she saw, but it couldn't be Ron.

"You saw what?" a disbelieving Ginny Weasley gasped at Hermione while they sat in the kitchen of the Burrow.

"Shhh! I don't want everyone to know, but I saw professor Snape shagging a prostitute in the lab at Hogwarts," Hermione whispered.

"What did you do?" Ginny pressed her, her brown eyes wide.

"Nothing. I just stood there and . . . and watched," Hermione said.

"You didn't leave?" Ginny asked her, amazed.

Hermione realized how this sounded. She hadn't even thought about how she continued to stand there watching the professor put it to the witch.

"It was like I was frozen or something, Ginny. Stunned," Hermione said.

"I guess I would be too," Ginny replied, then her eyes narrowed and she looked about the kitchen for a moment, then licked her lips as she looked at Hermione.

"So, did you see 'it?'" she asked Hermione.

"It?" Hermione repeated back at her.

"Yes. 'It.' His cock . . . did you see it?" Ginny hissed.

"Did I see it? I couldn't help but see it, Ginny. He's huge . . . like a hippogriff. I don't see how she took all of it without getting busted in half," Hermione breathed, her eyes glazing at the memory. He has to be ten inches long at least . . . and so thick . . ."

"Wow," Ginny said, "I always thought he'd have a big one, because of his nose. Why is it that all the ugly wizards have the big tools?"

Hermione shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe it's Nature's way of compensating for their looks," she suggested.

"Just once I'd like to find a beautiful wizard with an equally beautiful joystick," Ginny said wistfully.

Hermione blinked at Ginny.

"What about Harry? What do you mean just once? Ginny . . . Ginny are you cheating on Harry?" Hermione asked her, scowling.

Ginny colored.

"Well, we're not married, Hermione. Not yet. Harry's sweet and he's affectionate, but sometimes I feel there's something out there I might be missing. Once we get married, there's not going to be any room for experimenting, Hermione. It's going to be for life. I just want to see what other wizards are like, though my heart really does belong to Harry," she said to her friend. "So yeah, I've had a couple of flings. But Harry doesn't know and I was careful. You aren't going to tell him are you?"

Hermione stared at Ginny.

"No. It's not my place to tell him. Just don't break his heart, Ginny. I'll never forgive you if you do that," Hermione said.

"I don't plan to, Hermione. Besides, we aren't seeing that much of each other right now with him doing guard detail as the Minister travels around campaigning. He's been gone over a month now," she said softly.

Hermione knew that because Ron was with him. Ron had originally worked in the Joke Shop with George but joined the Ministry as soon as he completed a few special classes he needed in order to qualify for Auror service.

Ginny studied Hermione.

"You're faithful to Ron aren't you?" the red-head asked her.

"Of course I am," Hermione said, "I've never been with anyone but Ron."

Ginny nodded.

"I wish I could be like you, Hermione. Being happy with what you have and not worried that you might be passing something better by. It must be great to be satisfied. To never wonder what it would be like to be with another wizard," Ginny said wistfully.

Hermione just looked at her.

Yes, it had been wonderful. She just wasn't sure if it was now.

Later in the week, Hermione had to work with professor Snape on a brewing project. She was very quiet as she worked with the wizard, simply handing him ingredients and utensils as needed, not full of questions as she usually was. Snape noticed the lack of irritating behavior immediately.

"Is there something wrong, apprentice?" he asked the witch. He never called her Miss Granger anymore. He always addressed her as apprentice, as if she had no other name. She believed it was a power thing.

"No sir," Hermione replied as he stirred the contents of the cauldron six quick times then eight slow times in the opposite direction.

"I believe there is, given your lack of annoying questions. Does this have anything to do with what you witnessed the other night?" he asked her silkily, still attending the cauldron.

Hermione didn't answer him.

"Ah, I see it does," the wizard purred, placing the lid on the cauldron, then turning down the flame to set it on simmer. He turned to look at Hermione, his dark eyes searching her face.

"You find it disturbing to know I have needs?" he asked her softly.

"No. I just find it disturbing to watch you meeting your needs," Hermione replied, "You didn't stop when I entered the lab."

Snape arched an eyebrow at her.

"I told you I would be finished shortly when I saw you standing there. You could have withdrawn, apprentice. You were in a better situation to do so than I. Besides, I would have still had to pay the witch whether I completed the act or not. I prefer to get my money's worth," he said to her.

"You certainly did that," Hermione said under her breath.

"Is that . . . disapproval I hear?" Snape asked her, his mouth quirking a bit.

Hermione looked at him, frowning.

"Yes. It is. Why are you paying for sex? It's disgusting," she said self-righteously.

Snape stared at her. Didn't she see what he looked like?

"I pay for sex because it is convenient. I don't have to spend months wooing women in the hopes that they'll look beyond my features and spend time with me," he said tightly, "The prostitutes provide the same pleasure and look no further than my purse."

"But you're a hero," Hermione said.

"A hero," Snape spat. "That makes no difference. I am not what you call an attractive hero. I am who I am and I work with what I have to work with, apprentice."

Snape fell silent for a moment, his dark eyes washing over Hermione before taking on a wicked gleam.

"So, since you were in a position of observation, what are your thoughts on what I have to work with, apprentice?"

Hermione looked at him, shocked.

"Don't think I didn't notice your . . . scrutiny at the 'close.' You went completely colorless," Snape purred at her. "I believe it was because of what I 'work' with. I'd like the opinion of a woman I haven't used it on. Give me your . . . impressions. That's the least you could do since you invaded my privacy so blatantly."

"Invaded your privacy? Professor, you were shagging in the lab for gods' sakes!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Yes, I was. And you didn't leave. What am I to make of that?" he asked her.

"That I was frozen with horror, that's what," Hermione snapped at him. "Surely you don't think I stayed because I wanted to see you?"

Snape's lip curled sardonically.

"What else am I to think? You looked absolutely stunned at what I was doing to that witch. I imagine you've never experienced being on the receiving end of such . . . passion or lust," he said to Hermione silkily.

Hermione felt a little pulse in her belly and Snape's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at her.

"You're flushing," he said softly.

"You're embarrassing me," Hermione shot back at him. "I don't want to have this discussion."

"Very well. But next time you want to comment on how wrong it is I use paid sexual services, be sure you have a better alternative to suggest," the wizard hissed, leaving the lab quickly.

Hermione blinked after him. What the hell did he mean by that? What kind of better alter . . .

Hermione's knees buckled.

Surely he wasn't suggesting that he shag her! That was . . . was madness. He was out of his mind if he thought she'd even consider letting him stick that monster in her and ride her like a broom. Imagine . . .

Oh gods. She didn't want to imagine it . . .

. . . but a tiny part of her did.

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