About: Part of the 'Love You Dead' One shot series entitled 'Scary'

Pairing: Vyvyan/OFC

Disclaimer: The show, nor it's characters, belong to me. If they did, I wouldn't be here writing this. :)

'Love You Dead: Scary'

Vyvyan Bastard couldn't remember when this feeling struck him. It was a strange feeling, one he hadn't felt before. It definitely wasn't hate, because that was his favourite. He couldn't explain it, nor did he care to. It was too complicated to get caught up in, and that was one thing Vyvyan Bastard wasn't, complicated. Because Vyvyan was just Vyvyan – drunk, stupid, crazy, punk, Vyvyan.

So why was it this girl made him question himself? Unknowingly she had taken this punk, turned his life upside down and left him lost. He could go on ignoring it, this pang of warmth that flowed through him at every glimpse of her. He would go on ignoring it, because that's what Vyvyan Bastard does.

Sitting outside his house he pondered on the time she entered his life. She had transferred from some posh Cambridge University and moved into the house that Vyvyan shared with his friends (that he didn't care about, just for the record) All the guys took a quick liking to her because she was a 'bird' and didn't mind cooking the dinner. A motherly figure that they were allowed to want to have it off with.

She was quiet for the first few weeks, which really annoyed Vyvyan. If there was one thing Vyvyan hated more than life, it was silence. He remembered scaring her on their first encounter with his loud voice and outrageous personality. She was like a small flower, Vyvyan hated flowers. She's alright though.

She isn't at home much, on account of the fact that she's the only member of the household that actually attend classes. Vyvyan thought this weird of her. She's proper clever though. He remembered one of her 'intellectual' conversations with a friend on the phone, it might had well been in French, because Vyvyan couldn't understand it.

A presence placed itself next to Vyvyan on the small brick wall surrounding the house. He knew it was her - none of the guys use coconut shampoo.

"Are you alright, Vyvyan?"

He looks over at the small girl sat beside him, so carefree, so oblivious to what was going on around her. He used to be like that, until she came along.

"Fine" He replied, turning his attention away from the girl and to finding a match for his cigarette. A flame burned in front of him and he took advantage without hesitation, lighting the stick that was placed loosely in his mouth. Inhaling he asked: "Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Feel sick" He had no answer for this. What did she want, sympathy? Ha!

Silence. He turned to her again, wondering if she was still there. A pair of deep brown eyes find him, stare at him. "What?" She smiles.

"It's strange how different you are. Out here you let your troubles get you, in there you wrap yourself in a cocoon of...swearing, drink and violence."

"I don't have troubles" He replies, scuffing the toe of his heavy black boots on the ground. "I'm not something you can use for your sociology projects" He spat. She smiles again. He's glad he can't see her smile.

"I know." She replies, standing to her feet. "Your my friend, and that's what troubles you. Someone actually caring about you. Its scares you Vyvyan" He doesn't reply, doesn't look at her, doesn't do...anything. For a moment he stopped breathing, stopped thinking. "Bye"

Vyvyan Bastard had know himself for 23 years, 5 months and 6 days. A girl he had known for less than a month had just figured him out completely.

It scared him.

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