Bond of Flame: Uzumaki Naruto


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Chapter One - The Beginning of the End

"Damn you you worthless bag of flesh!" screamed a booming voice. The creature the voice belonged to snarled viciously as it thrashed about behind the massive iron gates that held it back. The creature and one other were both in a massive dank room, reminiscent of a sewer if the foul water was any indication. The gate itself was breathtaking in it's own simplicity, having neither door nor lock and to the great irony of many, was held in place solely by a small white slip of paper in it's middle.

The other occupant of the room was a young male. His clothes were shredded in many places but to any onlooker, they would hardly even notice. To be sure, the damage was extensive, only further influenced by the thick coating of blood that seemed to permeate from every thread. Yet none of it mattered, it simply paled too much in light of the brilliant blue eyes that the boy seemed to have. His smile belittled the damage as the grin stretched from ear to ear across his face. The whiskers adorning his light baby fat cheeks gave it a 'foxy' appearance in what would become the trademark face of one Uzumaki Naruto. His golden sun kissed hair was the only part of his appearance that played testament to his actual condition. The red streaks in it, though no different than his hideously orange attire, could not be ignored like the rest. The blood seemed to run off and pool into the murky water below him with light drips as it slowly hardened into a crust-like form.

"Oh come on! It's not all that bad," the boy retorted in response to the creature.

The creature stopped it's thrashing at that as it swiped it's massive claws at the gate. The claws themselves pierced through between the iron portal only inches away from the blond, digging gashes into the floor that seemed to quickly repair itself as if some magical force prevented this place from being damaged. "I AM THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE! I WILL NOT BE SEEN AS WEAK! REMOVE THIS ACCURSED SEAL! USE MY POWER YOU DAMN FLEA-RIDDEN WHELP!" the monster screamed. It immediately went back to it's thrashing against the gate, pounding away at it as if it would do any good, though they both knew it was futile.

The boy merely sighed in exasperation. They had been at it arguing back and forward for what seemed like an eternity. One would never even imagine the scenario that recently played itself out, leading to this little back and forward dawdle between the two. Nor would any comprehend the true severity of the situation. "Yea sure, I'll get right on that. Hold your breath for me while I do eh?" the boy replied, sarcasm clear in his voice.

The giant fox finally just stopped it's thrashing and plopped down on the wet concrete ground. It lowered it's head as far as it could till it was staring, eye to eye in front of the boy on the opposite side of the bars. "You humans, it's sickening. You have no cause to be prideful. Your kind is weak, insignificant and pathetic. You would be nothing without me! Release this seal! Use my power and TAKE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS! With my power, we could accomplish anything. Your greatest dreams will fall in your lap. Whatever you want, whoever you want, whenever you want it! It would all be yours! Just release this damned seal. Release me and together we shall tear down all obstacles," the beast roared, it's voice slowly lowering with each syllable, yet still booming with all the might of the great beast it came from.

"I'm not letting you out fur ball. But I'll tell you what. Let's make a deal. Three rounds, best two out of three wins. We play Rock, Paper, Scissors. If I win, you do it my way, no more annoying 'Release ME!' crap. If you win...well, what do you want besides releasing the seal?" he inquired. He took a few steps back and leaned against the wall near the entrance of the massive room. His eyes traced over the massive beast as it seemed to ponder his question.

The demon, for it's part, was somewhat shocked. A remarkable feat in and of itself seeing as there was not much that could shock an ancient and powerful creature such as itself. Not only that, but the strongest of all demons, a creature of legend thought to be an act of god itself. A force of nature that came and went over the millinea, without cause, without remorse, and without survivors. But never, in it's ancient lifetime, had a human ever asked the Kyuubi what it wanted.

After a short while, when he received no reply, the blond was about to ask the question again when the Kitsune finally spoke up. "If I cannot be released, then let me at least breathe the air. A partial release if you will." After a brief pause, as the blond was about to sternly object, the demon continued, in an effort to explain the nature of it's request to the thick headed blond. "Do not consider my intelligence on the level of you worthless mounds of flesh. I know what you meant. Perhaps it is you who should understand what I meant."

At that the blond shut his mouth, no longer poised to insult the fox demon and gave a brief nod for it to explain. "A partial release, is different from that of a full release. I shall have a body. A construct of my own chakra outside this feeble cell and this wretched seal. It will have no power, at least none that you do not give toward this release. As loathe as I am to compare it to one, but think of it as a leash. A seal will be around the neck of this chakra construct, limiting all action that you deem 'unfit'. It is far from my freedom, but if I am to be doomed to the nightmare of this seal, with naught but your stupidity as company, it's better than nothing," the demon finished.

Naruto looked deep in thought for a moment. 'I should probably think on this more, but what can he hurt? I mean, if he tries anything I don't like, I guess the seal would prevent him from finishing it. At least I wouldn't have to go into this disgusting sewer to talk anymore. Which begs the question...why the hell is my mind like a sewer?' he added as an afterthought. After dwelling on it for a few more moments he finally nodded in consent, "OK! I agree. It can't hurt anything and if you do anything I don't like, I just yank on the seal and you're back in your cage," he retorted finally after thinking for so least long in terms of Naruto's standards.

Suddenly Naruto was struck by what could only be considered divine inspiration when he realized the fault in this plan. " are you going to play rock, paper scissors...paws are kinda hard to form into anything else...aren't they?" he queried dumbly. As if already anticipating this question, a dark red enveloped the already crimson fur of the massive demon. Soon his form could no longer be seen as the light enveloped everything entirely, devouring it in it's wicked glow. The light began to compress on itself and shrink. The smaller it got, the more human it looked and when the light finally died out, there stood one of the most beautiful woman Naruto had ever laid eyes on.

The woman had a fiery red mane of hair, stretching down the length of her back to the upper end of her perfectly round rump.

The delicious curves of her body accentuated her delicate looking form. Her smoothed peach skin seemed to radiate a light red glow, as if the power that she truly held were begging for release from the fragile form she had taken. Her eyelids rose to reveal two crimson orbs, slit in the middle with a black pupil in each one. The intensity of their gaze would be terrifying if it wasn't so captivating. As if a mere glance within their depths would hypnotize any onlookers. Her high cheekbones led down to a narrow, delicate chin, marred with the protrusion of two slightly longer incisors reminiscent of small fangs. They extended down to her soft fiery lips and highlighted the feral look granted by the three jagged whisker marks across each cheek. But all of this paled to what struck Naruto the most. She smirked as she realized the immediate effect her form had on the boy for there, behind the iron bars the fiery demoness stood, stark naked on top of the water the pooled at her feet.

Naruto immediately held his nose that threatened to propel him into the wall behind him. His willpower defying all odds, he looked up again and began to edge toward the bars. After a few steps forward, the blond could not take any more and screamed at the top of his lungs "PUT SOME CLOTHES ON JEEZ!"

"What's the matter Naruto-kun. Don't you like to look at my body?" she smirked. As if to accentuate her statement, she reached up and perked up her 'assets' to draw attention to them. Unable to resist following the move, the blood in Naruto's nose gushed once more and he fought with all his might to keep it in.

Finally, having enough of the game, the Kyuubi's body flashed red. When the light died down again, she was revealed wearing a tight red kimono. Her beauty was still striking beyond words, the kimono following each and every curve of her luscious body, daring any and all to even try to look away. On each side of the Kimono lay a single orange fox etched into the soft fabric. Extending around from the back of each fox were a total of nine tails, wrapping the kimono as if cradling it's wearer in it's protective grasp. "Now then, I believe we had a deal?" the apparent demoness spoke after her transformation completed itself.

Naruto was in a state of shock. "The Kyuubi no Kitsune...was" he stuttered, trying to collect his thoughts. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," he quoted after a moment, much to the delight of the Kyuubi as she grinned wickedly at him.

"Would you like to find out young one? I can show you a world of pain you could never even dream of if you wish to insult my gender," the Kyuubi smirked again. "Typical male ego. Believing every being of great power to be male. Be it Kami himself or the greatest of demons, you believe yourself to be superior in every way. Let's get this over with, I tire of this foolishness and I desire my minuscule scrap of freedom." she spat out somewhat venomously at the thought of any male being superior to her.

To say the irony was not lost on Naruto would be an understatement. 'For someone who talks about others arrogance...hypocrite' he thought humorously. The blond walked over to the gate and stood before the fox turned 'goddess' in his mind. The Kitsune reached her peach tinted hand out toward the bars as if to push through them, only to have her hand blocked by a blueish white glow that spread throughout the area she touched. She long ago realized that even in this condensed form, she could not escape the power of the Reaper seal that kept her locked away. She pulled her scarlet tipped fingernails, which Naruto now noticed resembled claws more than traditional nails, and assuming what could only be considered a battle stance if it weren't so comically out of place.

Naruto did the same as he stuck both his hands out, right leg braced behind him as if he needed the extra support. His left hand cradled his right which was now balled into a fist. His form mimicing that of the Kyuubi as they both immediately raised their hand and lowered it in sync. The process repeated itself again and on the third time down both of their right fists changed form to resemble one of the three required shapes of the challenge.

Naruto's hand formed a pair of scissors as his index and middle finger extended outward and snipped together, going up and down. The Kyuubi actually managed a small cringe when she realized that he had won the first round. Though the movement itself was simply too small for even the most skillful readers to notice she moved at all. Her own hand was flat and outstretched, forming a perpendicular right angle against her left hand that stood, still cradling the other, beneath it.

"I WIN!!" the blond haired fool shouted, grinning foxily as he bounced around on his side of the cage. He immediately recovered though and took his stance again. The Kitsune herself remained silent as she planned her next move, fearful of just how difficult this shred of hope she had acquired was to maintain. She could feel it slipping from her grasp, and if there was one thing the Kyuubi did NOT enjoy, it was the feeling of fear. It was simply too foreign to her. She was a mythological creature of unequivocal power. She did not know the meaning of the word fear. Yet here it was, prickling at her ever so slightly, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. She gritted her teeth inside her closed lips, unknown to the smiling observer on the other side.

The process of the game repeated itself, each hand going up and down again in sync, almost in slow motion to both the contestants. When the hands came down for the third time, they again both shifted forms. This time however, the Kyuubi's fist immediately resumed it's balled up shape. Her counterpart's however, did not.

Naruto's hand had once again taken the shape of a pair of scissors and he immediately frowned at the implications. The Kitsune grinned maniacally with the knowledge that she had come away from that round as the victor. The score now being one against one.

Both jailer and jailed trembled, in anticipation of what was to come. It would all come down to this. Everything about them, would change based on this final round. Either she would be free to some extent, away from this wretched sewer of his mind and this seal, or she would remain here until she died alongside her container, trapped in the putrid filth that her cell seemed to continuously spew.

They once again resumed their stances. The same form, the same process, and both hands went up and down together. Time seemed to freeze for the both of them as their thoughts raced, considering what would be the best course of action to take. On the third downward motion, both hands shifted again. The world stood still as both eyes gazed at their hands. One in shock, one in amusement. Both minds processing this change of events, and how their lives would change.

In the blonds still cupped hand, rested a pair of scissors. In the demoness's hands, rested a solid fist. The kitsune smirked devilishly as she raised her eyes to meet the sparkling blue ones of her counterpart. "What fool chooses the same hand three times in a row," she snickered silently to herself.

The blond's mouth opened and closes, like a gaping fish out of water as it struggled to return to it's atmosphere. Shortly after, when he managed to gather his thoughts again finally, he asked the question that plagued his mind. "So how do we do this, and don't think for a second that I'm actually going to simply remove that slip of paper, even I'm not that dense," he spoke, the low tone of his voice clearly showing a slight touch of disbelief at the situation.

"It's a simple process really. It will require three things to work. First of all, I shall need a body to transmute." Naruto immediately paled at that and was about to voice his solid 'NO WAY' when the Kitsune silenced his oncoming voice. "Ignorant flesh bag, even I know that you would not simply go off and kill one of your precious villagers, no matter how deserving of it they are. No, this will be a simple matter. You merely need to go hunting. Find a couple animals, any animals will do so long as they're total mass is relative to the amount I shall need for this body. Extra never hurts, but too few would result in deformity, and I will not tolerate such disrespect toward myself," she finished with a slight huff of arrogance that she seemed to radiate now.

Naruto could do little more than nod. Hunting was no problem, he was a shinobi after all. Survival training was given to all shinobi so they could survive if ever forced into such a situation that would call for it. Long term missions were nothing unheard of even to the gennin of the Hidden Leaf village."And the remaining requirements?" he asked, curiosity now clearly evident in his voice.

"I shall require the use of my own chakra to fuel the transmutation. Two tails worth of my chakra should be enough, one to fuel the transmutation itself and another to keep the construct of chakra that holds the body together stable. The chakra will always be linked to you and this seal that binds me. Since the source of my power shall remain here behind these cold iron bars, it will constantly siphon from you through the link we share and into the construct. If at any time the construct falls apart, whether by disruption of the seal, or your own death, my consciousness will immediately be ripped from the construct and tossed back into this wretched cell. The body itself will also fall apart on itself. should that come to pass." After her lengthy explanation she stared at the blond to see if he could even comprehend what she just said or if she would have to dumb it down to his own pathetic level. She sighed when she realized she would have to. 'How did these flesh bags ever become so wide spread in this world' she thought mirthfully as she pondered just how to explain it better for the blond idiot before her.

Finally coming up with a solution she began to repeat her previous statement. "My chakra will fuel the jutsu. It will be a constant process for as long as I am out there, continuously siphoning my chakra from inside you, into the body we are going to create for myself." Naruto immediately began to nod in comprehension of what she was saying.

"That's not so bad, since it's your chakra, it will never run out...right?" he asked, and the Kitsune nodded in response. "But your chakra is clearly visible to the naked eye...wouldn't that kinda stand out having a giant red flow of demonic chakra flowing from me to you?" he questioned, hoping that he wouldn't have to walk around looking like an idiot for the rest of his life...a strange irony for someone who walked around in a hideous orange jumpsuit.that screamed 'HERE I AM!! THROW YOUR KUNAI HERE!'

"No it won't be visible. The transfer itself will be direct and unnoticeable to all. Don't think of it like taking a hose of water and spraying it at a target. Instead, due to the nature of the seal itself and the seal that will be required for the construct, the transfer will be an instantaneous link from one point to another, almost as if the chakra itself were teleporting from this seal to the construct. As an added bonus, you will be able to influence the amount that is transferred, if you ever felt the 'need' to give me a little more of my own power. The same could work the other way should you feel the need in that pathetic hollow you call a mind, to reduce the amount. Though if you reduce it too much, the construct will fall apart as I said earlier. And that brings me to the third requirement," she bellowed somewhat haughtily at the thought of this buffoon in front of her having so much control over the situation. But freedom is freedom, one way or another, she wanted out of this hell-hole of a seal.

"The final requirement will be a very unique seal that you will have to study and place around the bodies to be transmuted. I will guide you through the process of inscribing this seal, but it must be done on a smooth surface so that nothing can mar or damage the seal itself. The seal is quite large, ranging over a 25 foot diameter. It will have to be very precise and drawn in your own blood," she finished with a glimmer in her eye at the thought of how much blood he would have to spill to complete the seal.

The kyuubi jinchuuriki was a little taken aback by the last requirement. Seals were complex. At least, the more advanced ones were. Some were ridiculously simple, but even the moderate level ones were well beyond his comprehension. Not to mention how often he would have to prick his finger to keep it bleeding, Then again, looking at his current state of dress, perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult after all. The thought of using blood for the seal didn't really bother him too much. After all, blood seals are among the most common. Even the great summoning contracts use blood as a medium. But there was a darker side to the last requirement. Should the seal fail, or be done incorrectly at any spot, even a mere centimeter off, the consequences could be disasterrific to say the least.

With all that had gone on in his mind scape within the seal, he had almost forgotten of the situation in the outside world completely. The blond finally nodded in agreement before speaking up again. "Alright, but this will have to be done later, if you don't mind our present predicament requires our attention. I am loathe to admit it but do you think you could speed up the healing process, I think if you can fix my shredded leg I might be able to make a clean...scratch that...theres no such thing as a clean getaway from this, but I can at least escape before much more damage is done."

"Very well, we shall continue this later. Now get out of my sight," she grinned devilishly yet again as she waved her right hand and the blond seemed to be forcefully punted, by some invisible force, out of the room and out of his mind scape. As his eyes opened once again after what seemed like forever in his mind scape (though only a few seconds had passed in reality), the blond immediately cringed at the sight before him.

A lightly tanned fist was on a straight and narrow coarse for his face, speeding toward him with a fury that only an enraged Haruno Sakura could posses. "NARUTOOOOO!!!" she screamed as she continued to pummel into her idiot of a teammate, for reasons unknown to any capable of rational thought.

Suddenly, Naruto felt the chakra of the nine tails begin to focus solely into his leg, rather than spread all over. The broken leg that was once there, not set in place, immediately strengthened itself and as the young man felt power and movement return to him, he immediately bolted down the road, away from the enraged kunoichi.

Sakura merely blinked when she realized that her punching bag was no longer there. She immediately turned her head to try and catch a glimpse of him, only to see him far in the distance, running at full speed in an effort to get away from the pink haired demoness in disguise. She huffed and turned on her heels to leave the area, the cause of the wanton destruction she wreaked on the blond now nothing more than a lost memory...forgotten to the pages of history as another pointless fragment of that point in time. Little did either she or Naruto himself realize, that it was that moment that had changed both their lives in ways they could never imagine, for it was the start of the return for the greatest of the Bijuu - the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

But we all know that the real reason anything like this ever happened though. It happened because he's Naruto...and he just can't help doing stupid things.


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