Bond of Flame: Uzumaki Naruto


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Chapter Seven - Afterburn

The twilight of the afternoon sky kept it's darkened red hue as the rain continually pelted all that stood beneath it. The few rays that managed to strike through the grey veil of the clouds struck the rain in the eeriest angles, giving a few of the droplets a reddish tint, adding to the already disconcerting appearance that it had taken from the sky above it. It looked as if blood had somehow evaporated with the waters of the earth that made up that cloud; blood which was now raining down on the people of Konoha. It was a dreadful sight to all those brave enough to look at it.

Those of the council once again found themselves back in the council chambers of the Hokage's tower, having only mustered a brief intercession before being recalled for some newfound emergency. Councilmen and women alike all kept a rather somber face at the events of the day...could it honestly get any worse at this point? It was a foolish thought to be sure, but this day was already far from the norm. And the scene that was taking place outside the tower, the 'shower of blood' as some had begun calling it, only doubled and intensified the feeling of dread that wallowed up in each of them. Some for their recently fallen comrade, others for fear of that which might be responsible for his demise..

Previously, after hearing the name Uzumaki Naruto come from Koharu's mouth, many of the citizens on the council had burst out in anger and fear. Shouts of "the demon awakening" and how said demon should be "destroyed immediately" were quickly silenced by a few of the shinobi of the group. Rash behavior bred fear and panic, and it would certainly not help them in any way. With the intellectual minds of those like Aburama Shibi and Nara Shikaku, the citizens were quickly brought to complete silence before they were all dismissed for a brief recess to take in this information.

However, that intercession was interrupted by messengers who quickly sought out each member of the council and called them back to the chambers where Tsunade was awaiting them all with what the messengers had said was "An important development in the situation."

And now here they were again, each sitting at their designated seats around the large cracked oaken table, and each with a somewhat different look upon his or her face, Tsunade mused. Anger. confusion, interest, impartiality, and then of course, the ever stone-faced visage of Hyuuga Hiashi, the one who never allowed his emotions to betray his 'gentle' features.

It was a true wonder of nature how the Hyuuga clan head could look so fragile but stern at the same time. Some would even say it was a paradox of nature itself, one born of their beloved Byakugan; the smoothest white orb that could pierce anything with it's gaze. The thoughts of Hyuuga Hiashi remained a mystery to all who looked upon him.

Finally, after everyone was once again settled.down, Tsunade stopped her eyes from dancing around the room and began. "I have called you all back here so quickly to discuss a matter of urgency that I have been made aware of. As you all may know, there is an organization on the loose known as Akatsuki." She stopped her speech at this point to watch the expressions of those around her, hoping to gauge their reactions. As expected, two or the councilmen in the room quickly made the connection as to where this was going. Others, not quite as quick witted as the two, only looked on in confusion, unaware of the relevance to the situation.

Tsunade sighed, hating to explain something for what seemed like the thousandth time. "Akatsuki is a criminal organization comprised of ten S-ranked missing nin from the bingo book. As some of you may already known, that snake bastard used to be one of their members. At present, we know the names of at least four of their members: Hoshigaki Kisame, the monster of the Kirigakure, Sasori of the Red Sand, formerly of the Sunagakure, Deidara, the clay wielder of the Iwagakure, and of course, Uchiha Itachi, formerly of Konohagakure." She paused to take a breath and let that seep in. 'If nothing else, that last name would certainly have an effect,' she thought.

And as expected, for those who were ignorant, it did. Not a man of woman amongst them did not know the name of Uchiha Itachi, the man said to have slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan, arguably the most feared clan snce the founding of Konoha. After a brief pause to let them get their thoughts in order, the Godaime Hokage continued. "As you may know, both Deidara, as well as Sasori of the Red Sands, were dispatched in a recent mission to the Sunagakure. The details of that mission are not important at the present, but something about that mission is: these are people who would willingly go into the heart of one of the five great villages to get what they want...the jinchuuriki."

"Is this you're big revelation? How does this even possibly relate to having that demon slaughter the lives of our people?" came the response from one particularly brave citizen councilmen. His fear had somehow given him enough strength to speak his mind...and he immediately regretted it. The tension in the room intensified immeasurably.

All eyes immediately directed at the man before finding their wayward gaze directed back towards the Hokage where they froze. She wouldn't really kill him...would she? Much to their surprise, and fear, unknowing if it had just made things worse or better, the Hokage calmed herself and did not lash out at the man. The legendary medic of the Sannin three, merely leaned back in her chair and put her hand against her face before letting out a long, drawn-out sigh. If they weren't sure of the seriousness of this situation before, they were certainly aware of it now. Hell had just frozen over.

"Hold your tongue and let me finish or I'll remove it from that mouth of yours, along with other extremities should another outburst like that occur again." Her response was brief and to the point and the man in question immediately crossed his legs reflexively, protecting the 'goods' lest he lose them. "Jiraiya, if you would please?" All eyes immediately found themselves in the back corner of the room behind and to the left from where Tsunade sat where the white haired sannin made himself known. It seemed as if he had been there the whole time, under the effects of one of his many concealment techniques.

After directing a glare at the man who caused Tsunade this grief, he began his own explanation. Tsunade would be a little too busy keeping her temper in check to speak beyond what she already had. "As she was saying before being interrupted, the Akatsuki have shown themselves more than willing to enter a village to claim what they're after, the power of the bijuu. They've done it before, and they'll do it again, but even they cannot fight off the full might of a village. If there were an easier way..." He paused, hoping that some of the smarter minds would make the connection for him. It always makes something easier to accept if people can make logical connections themselves. And with a situation as volatile as this, they would need all the acceptance they could get.

Shikaku was the first to respond, "You mean to say that if there was another way, such as lureing the target out of the village... and alone...?"

"Yes," Jiraiya retorted in a darkened manner, pressing the seriousness of the situation. "Or getting the target thrown out of the village altogether, left alone to defend himself with no help from his affiliated village."

"That would mean the Akatsuki are inside Konoha!" came the feral voice of Inuzuka Tsume. Her nose was already twitching in delight at the thought of the possible oncoming hunt. The nose of the Inuzuka were always used when such cases came around, and she longed for such occasions. The inactive life of being the clan head as well as a member of this council had limited her time for missions. Suffice it to say she had very few outlets to otherwise vent the frustrations that such things piled upon her shoulders. It was simply not within the nature of the Inuzuka to be caged in such a way, even if it was something that she knew had to be done.

The next one to speak was one that none of them had heard since this day begun. It was a middle aged woman who had been put on the council due to her political stature. Her business chain was famous throughout Hi-no-Kuni, and as such, it brought a great deal of wealth to Konoha, especially by having her on the council. It was sickening to some to think that such people were in charge of important village decisions like this, but it was a necessary evil. She pushed her finely dressed, shoulder blade length, curly brown locks to the side of her face before speaking out. "This all seems a little too convenient to me. We all know the both of you have connections to the boy so I'll just say what everyone's thinking right now. How do we know this isn't some ploy to save that brat from facing justice? How do we even know that these 'Akatsuki' are even here in the Fire Country?" She also apparently had a pair between her legs that were bigger than any of her fellow men on the council it seemed.

Jiraiya put a calming hand on the shoulder of his teammate, his grip firmer than normal to keep her in her seat, before speaking for her. "We already know the Akatsuki are in the Fire Country. The monks at a nearby temple were massacred yesterday by two men dressed in the garb of the Akatsuki. There was only one survivor, and he was lucky to survive and tell the tale."

And there it was, now they would either accept it or they wouldn't. The womans outburst had now made her look like an ass. And though it was difficult to accept such blatant ignorance and stupidity without tearing the woman apart themselves, it was helping them make their case. The faces of many of the shinobi councilmen now looked grim. This would mean that action would be in order, and they would have to send out search parties in an effort to apprehend such high ranking criminals. Before any of them could speak and suggest such a course of action, Tsunade spoke again.

"It's already being handled, and the call has already been sent out. The groups that have already been previously assembled for occasions such as this are already forming at the designated location. I will be addressing them shortly to give them their orders. They will be combing Hi-no-Kuni in groups of four to locate the two intruders." Her voice was tired, and for once in the time since becoming Hokage, it seemed like it might actually break.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade knew that she would not be able to handle something happening to the newfound light of her life. Naruto was the one who brought her back to the world of the living. She had long since encased herself in a cold shell, living, but at the same time...not. Then along came that knucklehead blond who wormed his way through her barriers. All her defenses were shaken and he forced her to live her life again. Naruto had forced her to accept the world around her, as well as the position of Hokage. The thought of those which she was now sworn to protect, attacking the very one that gave her a new chance at was almost too much for her to bare.

Despite her position as the Goadime Hokage, despite her temper and fierce attitude, despite her unyielding strength, Tsunade had fallen down too many times in the past to ever be able to pick herself back up again if something should happen to her newly acquired loved ones. "This council is dismissed for the time being. I will go to give out the orders to the assembled shinobi, so carry about your business and we'll see where these developments take us." With those words, Tsunade stood and made her way to the door, followed closely by Jiraiya, leaving the council to pick themselves up and carry out the tasks of the day.


Naruto once again found himself at the door to his apartment shortly after the meeting with Tsunade and the old pervert. It was decided that he would not take part in the search parties that were being sent out. Instead, he would remain here and try to complete his training as quickly as possible. Due to the current situation, Jiraiya would be staying in Konoha to help him with that training as well now. It was simply too much of a risk to try and send him out this time. And if by some chance sending out shinobi was the plan of the Akatsuki all along, to empty the village of as many as possible, he would need protection if another attempt was made inside the village walls.

He was to meet up with Ero-sennin in an a few hours, and that was time that he intended to take full advantage of with a well deserved nap. Being awakened so...forcefully earlier that morning had been enough to shock his system into 'awareness', but it was hardly enough to maintain him for the day. He didn't even have a chance to lock his door after being drug away by his bubblegum haired teammate afterwards. Opening the door, he stepped inside and flicked the nearby light switch before closing and locking the door behind him. Sliding off his sandals, he quickly made his way through the short hall and into the living room turned bedroom where an unusual sight awaited him. Well, perhaps it was not so seemed to be turning into a common sight for the young man now, apparently making it's grand appearance every time he saw her.

There, laying on his bed, was a half-naked red-head. Well, at least half-naked in a sense. She was 'technically' covered, but the fishnet top did little to nothing in hiding her still dripping wet assets. It seemed that the demoness had gone for a little stroll while he was out. In a rare moment of inspired intelligence, that thought worked it's way around his mind before tightly constricting around it. 'She's been outside...'

"I see you've made yourself comfortable. After you get a real shirt on maybe you could tell me why you've taken an unplanned trip around the village?" He directed a hard glare at her before walking back towards the bathroom. A moment later he returned with a plain white towel to dry himself off and another of his infinite supply of orange jackets which he tossed at the demoness who, still remained lying on his bed. She sighed after the jacket landed on her chest, covering up that which she wanted to make sure was exposed. From her position on the bed, you could easily see the moisture from her body glisten in the light of the room as she finally began to slowly sit up.

Turning towards her captor she spoke, "What's the matter Naruto-kun? Do you not like the way I look? Is it not pleasing to your eyes?" Her voice was sickeningly sweet, carrying the undertones that clearly said what she did not. She tossed the jacket back on the bed where she was laying a moment ago and stood up, stretching her arms above her head in a manner that displayed her delicate features perfectly.

For the kitsune, or any female on the prowl, it was seduction 101...if at first you don't succeed, hammer away at it until that armor of your target comes off. And the moral armor that Naruto shielded himself with was indeed thick. Despite his perverted tendencies, especially after two and a half years of traveling with that old man, despite this being his area of 'weakness' as she called it, it would still take some time to break through to him. So she would continue to chip away, bit by bit until he finally gave in to the desires that he had long since buried deep within his heart.

Naruto however, despite the small blush on his face at the sight, turned his head before responding. "Don't change the subject! We already talked about this when you spoke to the clone. We agreed that you wouldn't go out without talking to me first. And even then, I have to know where you are at all times." His face was a deep red and his voice was as hard as he could make it under the current circumstances. Her allure was beyond anything he had ever known. It was obvious that it was making things 'difficult' for him to use his usual everyday attitude where he just tackled whatever problems he was having, ramming into it head first and breaking through...His mind froze on that last thought. 'Where the hell did that come from?' He immediately shook his head free of the thoughts, blaming it on the return of his perverted teacher.

"Can you blame me for taking a walk in the rain? Fifteen years of being contained in that seal and I finally have a chance to enjoy the cool crisp waters of nature again, did you honestly expect me to stay put just because you were no where around to tell?" She made her way over the blond and walked passed him into the kitchen across the way, making sure to drag her smooth hand across his exposed chest through his now open jacket as she passed by. While trying to dry himself off, he had opened it to get the areas beneath his still dripping clothes with the towel. There was no point in changing, as he'd just be back out in this dismal weather soon enough. Jiraiya made it clear early in their training, neither rain or shine, nor all the power mother nature could muster would not delay or hinder their training whatsoever. Countless times during their years away from Konoha the young man was forced to endure heavy rains and cold harsh winds, but his determination saw him through it all of it.

The demoness reached the kitchen and turned her head back towards him with a mischievous grin before continuing. "If you're worried about a little cold water, I could always show you a few ways to get warmed up." She watched as Naruto's face turned beat red before continuing into the kitchen and to the cabinets near the fridge. She pulled out a package of ramen and tossed it to the table before grabbing the kettle from one of the stove burners and filling it with water. The demoness casually dropped it back on the burner afterwards and sat down to wait. It was a strange thing to see, but her body was completely human after all. It did adopt some demonic features from having her presence within it, but it still required the many things a human did, sleep, nourishment, and care. And while ramen was hardly considered nourishment, there wasn't much else in the low end apartment.

It wasn't all that bad though. While she was loathe to admit it, it did have a 'flavor' to it that was quite good. It wasn't blood or one of the other delicacies she used to often enjoy, but it still had some kind of allure to it. However, the fiery female wasn't quite sure what was the cause of this allure. Perhaps it was nothing more than a side effect of being sealed within someone who dined on it for so many years. Many of their features, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses had been intermixed over the years along with their respective chakras. It was something she would certainly have to explore in the coming times. Perhaps the blond had inherited more of her tastes than he would let on, some of which could be useful in converting him.

Meanwhile, while the demoness was lost in her thoughts, the young man in the other room was equally perturbed. It felt like something kept pulling and tugging on him every time she did something like this. Naruto was no stranger to perversion, not by a long shot. As the creator of the infamous Sexy no Jutsu, and after spending years at the side of the self proclaimed legendary super pervert, it was almost like a second nature for him. But he had limits, ones that his moral barriers would not let him pass...but was confusing to him, and whatever it was certainly wasn't normal. Every time he caught her scent.It felt like some sweet honey dewed nectar had wrapped itself around his mind, whispering words of sweet heavenly bliss to him Her words entered his ears on a melodius tune, gently riding the waves of her hot breath, enticing him like the songs of the Siren. Her tender touch left an intense flame whenever it came into contact with his skin, never searing the flesh but hot enough to make him want to scream. 'What the hell is going on? What the hell did she do to me!?' His mind screamed at him to not say anything, to sit back and enjoy it, but Naruto had never been one to listen to the damn thing. "What the hell did you do?!" He yelled out loud before finally turning towards the kitchen and his tenant.

"Do? I'm afraid you'll have to elaborate, I've done many things in my life...perhaps you would like me to add you to that list?" She smiled knowingly, but inside, even she was a little curious as to where this was going. Had he really already cracked so far from just the little enticing she'd done? Or was something else going on...'Interesting' she thought.

"Don't play dumb. What have you done to me?!" He felt like he was on fire. His breathing was quickly growing ragged from exertion and his heart felt like it was going to explode. It kept beating faster and faster with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The demoness looked at him curiously, screwing her eyes down a pinch and looking at him with a contemplative stare. That was a good question..."I haven't done anything to you. Or have you forgotten, if something happens to you, I go down with the ship. I can however, find out what's going on...but I'm afraid you would have to remove those pesky clothes first." She stood and walked towards him warily, but once she got within a few feet, he held up his hands and jumped backwards in an attempt to distance himself from her. "I take it you don't want help then..."

Naruto stared at her for a moment, wary at first, but his mind soon overrode such fear. She was right, he realized. If something were to happen to him, she would suffer the consequences as well. Of all those in the world, he was the one she couldn't touch at the moment without suffering herself. He finally nodded to her and began to remove his clothes, piece by piece until there was nothing left. The first thing he noticed as he removed them, was the uncanny hue of his skin. It was practically glowing red, as if he'd just received a terrible sunburn. It seemed as if it were slowly pulsing, glowing a deeper red and getting hotter with each pulse. It looked as if he were being cooked alive from the inside...

Meanwhile, the Kyuubi moved her hands quickly to form a seal and remove the illusion seal covering her body. The thorn like blue and red wreathe around her waist made it's presence known before it began to softly glow, the blue emitting a blue light while the red began emitting red. The two lights, at first entwined, began to separate from each other into two separate lines. The thorns on her body unraveled themselves until two individual lines were in the previous wreathes place, one blue and the other one red. Her demonic features immediately reappeared on her face and body, sharpened nails, pronounced feral whisker marks, slit red pupils and all.

By now, the blond was completely undressed and she beckoned him to lie down on the bed. Complying quickly, Naruto did so, pulling himself onto the bed with more than a little bit of effort. It was now a fight just to breathe for him and his temperature was still was a wonder he was still alive from the looks of him...let alone conscious.

The feral looking woman stared at his body on the bed and licked her lips before a frown marred her features...if only it weren't an apparently serious situation. She formed four quick seals with her hands before stopping and bringing her index fingers to the outer corners of her eye sockets. White lines tinged with a touch of blue began to stretch across the dark red of the scelera in her eyes. They began to twist their way around the pupil, stretching until a complete circle was made around it. From that newly formed outer circle, miniature web-like blue lines stretched across the eye, filling in everything within that line. When it was finished, it looked like a spider had built a web across her pupil.

The blue threads began to glow as she stared as his body harder. His skin slowly became transparent to her vision as her her sight shifted to meet the purpose of these newly formed eyes. Soon she was staring at his entire chakra system and she immediately frowned. All throughout his body, red chakra was surging upwards towards his upper body, its speed and the force of it's movement causing the extreme heat to his body. Although, her chakra, with its powerful heat and potency, probably would have had a similar effect even if it weren't surging and causing such extreme friction within his body. It seemed as though all of her chakra was surging towards his head, or more specifically, to where all sensory receptors are controlled...'Well, that explains what was happening with his senses. It must be causing some kind of sensory overload. And since it's my chakra causing it, I become the only thing he senses. But what is causing the chakra to surge through his body...what is drawing it to that point'...The thought lingered and ran through her head as she examined him until she realized something...'The connection.'

"Well, I believe I know the cause...I doubt you can hear me by now, with the stress that is being placed on your body from the inside. So I suppose we shall talk again from that abominable seal then..." With that said, she walked towards the kitchen only to return a moment later with treys of ice from the freezer half of his fridge. She set to work dumping the ice from the treys, three in total, all around her jailer. Once it was done, she took one last glance at him before seeking out a decent place to hide her own body. 'The shower stall' came to her mind and she made her way there. She made her way down the hall and into the bathroom where she stepped into the shower stall and closed the glass pane door. Her hands formed the Ram seal while while she pulled her chakra towards her own neck. The collar seal around her neck began to turn and stretch to reveal what appeared to be a small human figure on her neck wrapped in nine lines. Upon closer inspection, one could tell they were tails.

The red-haired beauty began to focus her chakra into the figure and the nine tails began to glow red before they slowly edged off of the human figure on the seal. The effect was immediate. Her body dropped to the floor against the corner of the shower stall, now nothing more than a lifeless shell. The remaining demonic chakra in her body began to float outwards from her body before dissipating into thin air, her consciousness now back within the seal and no longer there to maintain its presence.


Naruto soon found himself drawn into the recesses of his mind and the seal. He no longer seemed to be burning up or suffering in any way. 'I guess whatever it was has stopped.' He quickly made his way through the labrynth of tunnels and towards the cage of his tenant. Once there he again found himself staring into the dark red eyes of the demon fox, once again in her true form, tails sweeping behind her in all their glory and might. "I guess this is where you explain what the hell that was?" His words were loud and boisterous, but there was little malice hidden within them. Even he had realized by now, whatever the hell it was, she must have stopped it or she wouldn't be in her cage, and he wouldn't be here at all.

"And I thought you would have learned to show a little more gratitude. Yet again I save your life and yet again I hear not a single word of thanks. I thought your weak little village prided itself on it's sickeningly good mannerisms." The demon fox's reply was neither loud nor boisterous. Despite it's massive size, it seemed even the demon could tone it's voice down enough to be cynical and obnoxious.

His reply was just as snide, "I've never been one to follow the rules now have I? So start talking!" He walked back to his favorite spot in this dank room, propped against the wall near the entrance where he plopped his butt down unceremoniously, sitting cross legged, and looked at her expectantly.

"I suppose not." She said before similarly dropped down into a laying position. Even in the darkness of the room he could make out her massive form. Her hind legs were curled beneath her and her enormous front paws lay'd across one another in front of her. Her tails wrapped around her sides in a protective manner, resembling a blanket more than tails. "There is a time limit it seems."

"Time limit? For what?" Naruto asked curiously

The demoness sighed, this was take a while to explain. "For my presence to remain outside of your body. My chakra has always been present within your body, with my own consciousness to guide it as needed and keep it from destroying you, which would of course, destroy me as well. It..." she began only to be cut off by the blond.

"Hey hold don't control the chakra...if you did, wouldn't you have killed everyone I ran into by now? You need me to hand over the control like when I pull out too much of your chakra and can't handle it."

"Of course I don't have that much control you moron. Do you really think I'm that stupid? What I do control however, are things like the regenerative process. I may not be able to extend my influence far, but do you honestly believe yourself capable of controlling my chakra in a manner that would regenerate your body? Do you honestly think that my chakra, a powerful entity that acts like a poison to any and all who touch it would simply 'spare you' if it wasn't for my active influence? That is my doing, and that all remains within my realm of control." Her voice showed her irritation at being underestimated so much. She would have thought by now that he would comprehend such matters.

"You weren't kidding then. You really have been saving my life..." He lowered his head at that, his eyes dropping slightly. He'd always somewhat given her credit for the many times she'd healed him or brought him back from the brink of death. But he'd thought it was just her presence that was responsible. The young blond had never considered that she had been actively controlling the chakra to make that stuff happen. It was truly a somber thought for the young man. 'I really do kind of owe her then...Then again, none of this would have happened if she weren't in me to begin with...'

"As I was saying before being interrupted," at this the blond looked sheepish and rubbed the back of his head in his usual manner. "Your body could not handle the strain of having the chakra run rampant without my control for so long. Over time, it has built an immunity to the damaging effects due to our chakra's intermixing, but it is still capable of being quite harmful. And for some reason, though I know not why, it was flooding your brain, or more specifically, the parts responsible for your senses." She paused for a moment when she saw her container begin to open his mouth. "Don't interrupt, I will explain. I've become accustomed to having to explain everything by now." She added with a something of a sigh on the end. It really was quite difficult to tell when she was on this monstrous form.

"You're brain acts as a control center for the rest of your body including all your various sensory organs. My chakra was completely enveloping this part of your brain, so much so that it caused an overload for the various senses. And seeing as it was my chakra overloading it, I became the object that all your senses focused on. My words, my touch, even my taste, all of it would have become intoxicating to your mind." The demoness gave a rather evil looking smirk at that last part. At least it looked like it to Naruto. Then again, he wasn't even sure if a gigantic demon fox was even capable of forming such facial expressions.

"That would explain a lot of things," he nodded with a relieved expression on his face. 'Thank Kami I'm not insane!'

"Actually no, it does not," came his prisoners response, quickly dashing his rising hopes. "It explains the sudden extremes and what happened to you earlier but it does not explain why it happened at all. The lack of my presence should have caused my chakra to slowly go haywire, an oversight that should not have occurred. However, that does not explain why my chakra went after the sensory receptors in your brain."

That caused the young blond to pause in thought. He could no longer blame all those thoughts on her chakra now. 'Damn it!' His right eye twitched rather comically to go with the thought. "So what caused it then?"

"I can only speculate. Perhaps your body was trying to consciously seek me out in some way by filling your senses to strengthen how they perceived me. Perhaps by covering your senses, my chakra sought to fill the void left by my absence. Or perhaps, it was merely acting upon your own emotions at the time. It would certainly be a pleasant and useful 'tool' if we could ever duplicate it without the harmful side effects, such as having my chakra surge through you in such a manner." At that last word she finally raised herself from the wet ground of the cavernous cell, stretching her powerful appendages and giving off a mighty yawn as her front legs reached the pinnacle their length from her body. In a flash of red light, she was once again in a human form, completely bare for her blond jailor to see.

"LIKE I WOULD EVER WANT THAT!" He practically screamed the words at her while jumping up to his feet as fast as his legs could force the rest of his body up. He pointed at the demon in the cell before shouting his next words in an accusing manner, "You're a bigger pervert than that damn Ero-sennin!"

Her sultry voice danced out once again with her ever present reply, always ready to deliver the final words of an argument. "And yet you didn't deny the presence of such emotions." Her grin grew wide at that as her features turned into a mischievous. "Am I to take that as an admittance that you want me?"

He froze at that last biting remark. 'DAMN IT!' His mind screamed at him for this atrocity. Once again he found himself wishing he'd trained his mind to be a little more articulate for occasions such as this. Even he would admit that he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and though he'd have his insightful moments, he just wasn't capable of being as witty as many of the people he surrounded himself with. "Shut up!" he yelled back, unable to grasp any better comments. "Why are you doing this?" he queried after the end, his mood becoming somber at this back and forward exchange. 'Why the hell does she keep this up?'

To his red-maned tenant though, his thoughts would have seemed pretty damn intelligent at the time. For someone who belittled his own thoughts, he sure had a way of being insightful at just the right time...or wrong time as far as she was concerned. Her brow raised as she scoured her mind for an appropriate reply. This was bad, she'd never expected questions like this. 'These oversights are beginning to piss me off. Am I really losing my touch this much?' The thought was enough to give her pause. When she took on a grim visage and did not reply, the blond chose to repeat his question.

"Well? Why are you doing this? Or do you really not know?" His face had darkened somewhat and his words were quiet...too quiet for someone of his nature. The change on his face was hardly noticable in the faint light of the room, but it was pretty clear to the Kyuubi. She'd knew his face well enough that she could read his expressions even in the pitch black of night if such an need were to ever arise.

The Kyuubi's thoughts became a little more erratic. Things like 'What answer to give,' and 'Is there even a right answer for this?' She could always tell him that she wasn't completely evil but he'd never buy it unless she had something to back it up. That's when a new thought occurred to her. 'Madara! Her mind began to race with her rampant thoughts. Plans within plans began to rush through her brain, each one being processed with every possible outcome and benefit. A full fifteen seconds after her jailors last words, she finally gave a reply.

"I don't suppose you would believe me if I said I care? That I'm not a completely heartless wretch out to destroy everything just because I feel like it?" She gave him a heart-warming smile, and as predicted, all she got in return was a rather disbelieving look from the blond on the other side of the cell; no longer leaning against the wall but still standing next to it.

"That's the best you can come up with? Then why the hell did you try to destroy Konoha fifteen years ago!?" His response gave him a little satisfaction at coming up with a good question to disprove her last remark. However, it had an unforseen side effect on himself as well. The blond began to wonder just why she attacked Konoha in the first place and why the hell he had never asked such a question before now. It was as if everyone, himself included, had just decided that it was because she was a demon and didn't need a reason. Even if she didn't answer, the chance of learning the true motives of the demon who took so much from the people of Konoha would always be a welcome piece of knowledge and worth asking such a simple question.

The still naked demoness smiled at him, an unexpected face that the young man across the way did not expect to come with any answer she could possibly give. 'So predictable.' She took a moment to gather her thoughts and all the information she intended to provide. She would simply tell the truth for once. After all, it would certainly make things interesting. And in the end, though it might not be her hand sticking through the heart of that Uchiha bastard with his accursed Sharingan eyes but it would be her that controls it. She would be the puppet master in this grand play she was designing. 'All the pieces are in place, the scene is set, and the puppets are ready. Let the show begin...' She was certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was going to be the greatest show in the history of the elemental nations, and not only was she it's creator, but she would have a front row seat as the one pulling the strings! "Tell me child, what do you know of Uchiha Madara?"


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