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I'm reviving this story. I need to thank RebelStoryWriter SOOOOO much for giving me some fantastic ideas, and she deserves a heck of a lot of credit for helping me. I would have PM'd my thanks, but it's turned off. So, thanks tons. Now, I'm rewriting the first two chapters too. Because 1) Just for the heck of it, and 2) they weren't working well. On to the re-written version!

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The Other Time Lord

Chapter 1: The Doctor

By MoonlightUmbreon

Friday was looking bleak as a fourteen year-old raven-haired boy, Danny Fenton, looked out of his bedroom window unhappily. Dark grey clouds swirled menacingly, every so often giving off a great roll of thunder or a brilliant flash of fork lightening. Over the road, someone's television antennae had been struck and fried so badly it had become black. The blast had woken Danny at twenty-three past six in the morning, and he was none too happy about it. He was not the morning person that the females of his family were.

"Ugh... There's no way I'm going to be flying in this kind of weather." Danny muttered from under his breath. Getting struck by anything as high a voltage as those bright rods of electricity was bad. So Danny decided to walk. It was safer. Okay, so hunting ghosts wasn't safe either, but it was a lot better than being hit by lightening.

As Danny arrived at the bus stop, many were already there, including Sam and Tucker. They looked at him in slight confusion, knowing that he usually flew. However, their expressions turned to understanding as Danny muttered the word "Lightening." as he approached them.

The bus pulled up at the stop, and everyone got on and fought for a seat. Unfortunately, there was three of them, and only two seets left. Danny generously offered the two seats to Sam and Tucker as he held on to a metal pole for support as the bus jerked to a start.

"I barely managed to do Lancer's stupid assignment last night. It nearly killed me, I was up until three..." Danny stated, letting a yawn out at the end to prove his point. Not that he needed to, the bags under his eyes had already done that.

"Oh my God." Tucker said suddenly as realization swept across the beret-wearing African-American. "I forgot! What am I going to do now?!"

Sam looked at him with disbelief. "How on earth could you forget something like that? Lancer drilled it through our heads non-stop right through final period yesterday, plus, it counts for a whole quarter of your end-of-year mark!"

Danny thought for a moment. It wasn't really ethical, but... it was Tucker. And he probably would have done it had he posessed a better memory, or even if they weren't out ghost hunting into the late hours. "Tuck, I'll get you out of this mess." Danny said as his eyes quickly glowed a bright, emerald green before returning to their normal, icy-blue. "But don't expect an A, I'm giving you a C. Karma's already out to get me and I don't need any more of it hunting me down." At this, Tucker breathed a huge sigh of relief, making a few people look oddly at him.

The bus screeched to a halt, the brakes sounding particularly worse-for-wear today. Everyone poured out into a horrible thick sheet of rain that had begun to fall. As Danny, Tucker and Sam exited the shelter of the bus, they were welcomed by what felt like a bucket of icy water so cold it burned.

"Ugh, run!" Sam called over the herrendous noise of the rain. By the time they had gotten inside, they looked like they'd just gone swimming with their clothes on, as with everyone else. Danny would have phased the water off, but the fact of them being completely dry would be sure to stir up some suspicion. They sat down, dripping, on a seat in the hallway when Danny's ghost sense went off. Tucker groaned loudly as Sam smacked herself in the face.

"I never thought I'd say this, but why do we have a whole forty minutes to get to class today? Karma is out to get me." Danny said as the trio took cover in the nearest broom closet. A ring of white energy appeared around Danny's waist and split in two, one going up, and the other going down to reveal Danny Phantom. He grabbed Sam and Tucker's hands and turned the two of them intangible, flying through the roof and appearing outside. The three were startled as a large, thick bolt of lightening narrowly missed them and struck a bewildered Technus on the head. He fell to the ground like a rock and with a thud, moved no more. Danny flew to the ground, letting Sam and Tucker down so that he could use his now-free hands to suck the technoledgy-loving ghost into the Fenton Thermos.

"Guess I'll have to watch out for that." Danny said, a little shaken from the near-miss. "But on the bright side, Technus has never been so quiet!"

"Danny, you might be intangible, but we're not. Let's get out of the rain." Sam said darkly.

"Oh, sorry." Danny said as he grabbed the two and was about to invisibly fly back into the school, when something caught his eye that made him let go and stare. Sam and Tucker stared too, when they saw an old fashioned police box materialize in an allyway across the street. Danny turned his two best friends intangible to protect them from the freezing rain and approached the allyway and inspect the box.

"What the heck...?" Tucker asked in confusion. "Ignoring the fact that this thing just materialized in front of us, those police boxes haven't appeared since... ages!"

Suddenly the door swung open. A man who looked around twenty-five accomponied by a black girl who looked around nineteen stepped out of it, making the trio step back in surprise. The pair groaned as they were drenched immediately after exiting the cramped box.

"I've never seen so much rain!" the girl remarked. Then she turned to the trio and looked at them for a moment, blinking several times just to make sure she wasn't seeing things. "Are they transparent and glowing?"

"It's just a ghost synchronizing it's abilities to humans, c'mon, they're common in these parts." the man answered, tugging on the girls' arm. "We need to find that Dalek, and I'm sure it's here. If we don't get rid of it soon... this whole town may end up like him."

"Excuse me," Danny interrupted. "But what's going on?! Police boxes don't just materialize out of nowhere." the girl jumped at his echoed voice, however the man just looked at them seriously but kindly.

"Yeah, he's right dude. What you just did was physically impossible." Tucker said. Then Danny eyed him and he realized his mistake.

"What your friend does is physically impossible." the man said simply. "The point proves to be true more-so while he's making the two of you intangible for shelter from the rain."


"Umm, Doctor? Don't you think that maybe a ghost could help us...?" the girl asked curiously. "I was just thinking, they're already dead, so a Dalek couldn't just kill them."

"We're not going with you until you answer our questions!" said a still intangible Sam. "First off, who-"


"Oh, for the love of God!" Danny said angrily at the annoying specter who had suddenly appeared in the middle of them all.


Author's Note

Kris: You know that I think that was far better than the old Chapter 1.

Moonlight: Since when have you been nice to me, you evil muse?! What's your plot?!

Kris: Jeez, sorry for complimenting!

Moonlight: Yes well, I'm actually agreeing with her this time. So anyway, what do you think of the new chapter 1, anway? I'll be doing C. 2 soon! Hope you enjoyed it.