Author's Note

Author's Note

Yeah, sorry it took so long to update. I kind-of had a virus which kind-of stuffed my computer up. And then… I started to procrastinate… So anyway, enjoy the chapter! Sorry about the wait and I hope this makes up for it. Please, don't kill me. KRIS, PUT THE KNIFE DOWN, NOW!

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Chapter 5:

By MoonlightUmbreon

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Martha and the Doctor found themselves flung out of the Ghost Zone by Jack, hurtling into the wall and landing in a rather large, tangled and uncomfortable pile. The Fenton parents stared blankly at the bundle of people, three of which they new very well.

Danny, Tucker and Sam clambered free, the Doctor helping Martha up. As he saw the two shocked ghost hunters, he smiled brightly. "Hello!"

Danny looked at him like he was crazy. How on earth was this supposed to go well?

"Jack… it's Phantom! Phantom tried to kidnap Sam, Tucker and these other two people!"

Jack didn't hesitate for an instant, grabbing the Fenton Weasel with a lightning quick motion and using it to suck Danny straight inside. Danny felt his legs and arms get put into strange (if not, crippling) positions.

"Now, there wasn't any need for that!" The Doctor said. Was that confusion on his face? "What are you doing that for?"

"This ghost kidnapped you, what do you think?!" Maddie said, pointing at the Fenton Weasel. "If this ectoplasmic scum hadn't have been caught, imagine what could have happened! You could have been killed, or even worse than that!"

"Oh, now it's just a ghost! Wasn't doing any harm at all, just showing us somewhere that we really needed to see."

"Yeah, that's it! We needed to go in there, and he was kind enough to help us!" Martha backed up.

"Then what was it doing bringing two children with it, hm? I bet you two are it's accomplices, defending itlike that!" Maddie looked ready to throw herself at the two and attack them with the most painful weapons in her possession. "You two disgust me! Get out of here while I deal with Phantom!"

"We're not going to leave until you release him. He's done no harm and showed us in there on our request." The Doctor seemed to be getting annoyed…

"Then answer me and tell me why Phantom decided to take two teenagers with him!"

"Because a ghost called Skulker kidnapped them into the Ghost Zone and I took them back out of there!" A voice from inside the Fenton Weasel came.

"Why should we believe you, ghost?" Jack said while looking scornfully at the invention containing the entity.

"Well… look, we must be off, so I'll just…" The Doctor pulled out a pen-like device from his Jacket and pointed it at the vacuum-like machine. With a loud spark and a very large crack, Danny was thrown from the device, and, without hesitation, flew out of the building as fast as he could. Sam and Tucker followed, with the Doctor and Martha close behind.

The dumbfounded Fenton parents stood there, looking from their now broken invention to the places where that strange man and his pen had stood.


Danny floated outside Fenton Works, ready to flee at the slightest sign of his parents. As his current companions raced out, Danny looked back at the 'abandoned' box factory.

"We have to do something about that Dalek."

"I don't know what though… there's got to be some way to stop it, with or without the Ghost of Time's help."

"I don't know…" Danny moaned. As his hope decreased, he even lost some height above the ground. "If that thing can kill ghosts too… what are we supposed to do…?"

Suddenly a loud clanking was heard from inside FentonWorks. "Jack! The Ghost Shredder's even heavier to lift! What did you do to it?!" Maddie's strained voice came.

"I added a disintegrator to it, here, let me take it!"

Danny gasped sharply, then fell into invisibility and flew in the general direction of the box factory. Maddie and Jack burst out of the house, Jack wielding a huge and horrendous-looking weapon, whilst Maddie had the Fenton Finder in-hand.

They ran off down the street as fast as they could, with all weapons handy. And the Fenton Finder, upon finding a ghostly target, did not lead them through the heavy storm to where Danny had fled.

But to inside the box factory, instead…

Author's Note:

I know it's short, but that's what Writer's Block does to you. This story is top priority after FaP… so once that's done, this should get updates much, MUCH more often, and longer ones, too.

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