Title: the cries of a lost child
Claim: Uchiha Sasuke/Haruno Sakura
Fandom: Naruto
Plot: #6 Victim of cruelty and misfortune
Rating: T
Word Count: 1193
Disclaimer/Claimer: I don't own 'Naruto'.



The room is dark, pitch black—it's as though a veil of darkness and dead calmth has been placed over the room. The room is almost soundless. Almost.

(foolish little brother—)

He turns in the bed.

Sweat trickles down his forehead; he feels warm, too warm; humid, within his thin shirt and light, air-light trousers. The air is thick and choking him, slowly and gradually. Even as he sleeps, a lump is still gradually forming within his throat.

(—run, run like a coward)

The corner and gap between his thin eyebrows are wrinkled in anger and anguish, while he thrashes about in his bed, soft groans and grunts escaping his parched lips.

(run run run run run—)

His body is warm, tinged and coated in a layer of his own sweat. His perfectly moulded teeth clash, gritting together and creating an unruly noise.

(run run run—)

Another set of groans and grunts escape his mouth. However, they were much louder this time round—the anguish, pain and bitter irony was audible in his groaning.

(the pungent, bitter odour of metallic iron lingers in the atmosphere and cosmos like a bad omen, unmoving and stilled, ominous and gloomy—blood, sheer, vibrant cherry coloured blood; the smell is choking him, the stilled breeze clammy and humid)

His gritted continued to clash together, louder and more audible to the untrained ear.

(he had been right—it was a bad omen…

his parents were dead)

The crease between his eyebrows and around the bare, ivory flesh, slick with sweat, around his eyebrows deepened immensely, as his groans grew louder and louder with each passing moment.


that damned vivid red blood stained her lips, turning them to a vibrant cherry red—her body lies on the ground, stilled and lifeless—her face was pale, lacking any colour, any colour that it had once possessed—wavy, silky tresses of ebony rested around her slim face, framing her face and heightening the haunting beauty…)

His breathing was ragged, as groans escaped his lips—they truly were the silent, soft cries of a lost child—


his bulky, muscular from harsh and tough training, body rested over her slender, frail body—his face was opaque, endless white—long dark eyelashes rested against his face, his lips set into a frustrated, agonized line—a slim, barely visible rivulet of blood rested on his chin, erupting from his lips)

—cries that could only be heard if you listened closely.

His breathing grew louder and louder, as more groans escaped his lips.

"Kaa-san…" He murmurs, his tone of voice lost and forlorn—he sounds as though he has cried rivers for his family, and as though he has spent decades, repeating himself over and over again by asking the almighty lord above why, why did they have to leave me all alone.

(his heart shattered into a million pieces at that very moment in time—a moment he would never forget—a moment that would haunt him, late at night, when all his endless amount of brick walls had been brought and he was most vulnerable)

"Tou-san…" His voice comes out as a hoarse mumble, forlorn and despondent.

He was lost, abandoned and alone in the huge world and forced to wade his way through this world, unguided and lacking the affection of his parents—forced to go on a harsh, tormenting journey—a journey no child should ever be forced to travel upon.

(beautiful onyx eyes glittered, welling up in tears of melancholy, heartache and depression—why me? he thinks, why me? Why not someone else—why not another child in the world?)

But it was too late for wishing it was another—it was too late for wishing it was all a horrible nightmare, and that the soft, sweet mumblings and warm embrace of your mother would awake you from this terrible nightmare and reassure you that it's just a nightmare, that kaa-san is here and always will be.

(she lied to me, he thought, she lied—)

"Sasuke-kun…" A groggy voice murmurs softly, airy and resonant to the untrained ear.

(she lied she lied she lied—)

"Sasuke-kun—" The second time she murmurs his name, she is much more awake and alert—she finally notices that he's in a nightmare, "Sasuke-kun—!"


He's still groaning, moaning in pain—his voice is almost coming out like a hoarse, desperate scream.


She stares at him in bafflement and shock—for a fugacious moment, a look of pain, remorse flicked through her jade eyes, but the look immediately faded away.


He continues to thrash about in the bed, until he feels something. Two, slim lithe arms encircle around his shoulders, one arm holding his shoulder and the other arm wound around his neck loosely, a warm hand resting at the nape of his neck.

(and almost suddenly, a light surges out of nowhere, in the endless darkness—someone or something appears in the room, and all of a sudden, Itachi's figure dissipates into thin air)

"It's alright, Sasuke-kun—" Her voice is soft, airy yet resonant, filled with warmth and compassion—the voice resembles his mother's voice.

(the shock overwhelms him, as onyx eyes dart around the room, panicked and alarmed—his parents figures, too, literally have dissipated into the cosmos—the crimson smears on the ground has dissipated—the odour has dissipated; everything is normal)

The shock still courses through his unconscious body.


(a woman stands before him—a warm-hearted, soft smile, embossed in soft pink; wavy, surprisingly coral tresses framing a round, heart-shaped face; wide, vibrant jade orbs and long, dark eyelashes; a pure white dress hangs loosely off her seemingly slender body—she is ethereal, an angel)

She brings his muscular body closer to her own slender, slim body, resting his head against her chest. His arms almost immediately dart out of nowhere and encircle around her waist, wrapping around her tightly and protectively.

"Tenshi, why did they have to go—" His forlorn, desperate beggings are muffled, as the woman shushes him.

"Why couldn't they have stayed? Did God want this?"

The woman stares at him, unable to find any words to say to him, any words of consolation.

(because she has never been what he has gone through)

For a few fugacious moments, she remains quiet, hesitating for a few, agitating moments, before murmuring softly to him.

"These things will always happen—there will always be the happy, lucky people and there will be the unlucky, unhappy people with the unfortunate past. You cannot change what has happened," She murmured softly, her voice laced with remorse and bitterness, though it still possessed that warmth he needed.

"But why me?" He replied—and it was then that she realized that was one question she would never be able to answer.

(that was one question the genius, extraordinarily smart Haruno Sakura would never be able to answer)

She said nothing, only holding him tightly and caressing him, stroking the nape of his neck and his shoulder.

They remained in those positions for the rest of the night.



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