Mad Experiments

Chapter 1: Unsuspected Targets

It was just your average peaceful day as Courage was riding in the truck Eustace Bagge was driving with his wife Muriel Bagge.

"Isn't it quite a lovely day?" asked Muriel.

"Yea, yea, whatever" replied Eustace who just wanted to get home and watch television.

"It's nice to get out in the countryside once and awhile" added Courage who was chewing on some piece of corn.

But everything wasn't all so peaceful in the countryside, as a strange UFO was scene hovering up above with Professor Finbair Calamitous piloting it with some of his remaining robot-controlled toys.

"I can't believe my plans have failed" sighed Calamitous to which he then spotted the truck Eustace was driving from below, "but I think I should really try a new tactic this time. Before I test it upon my enemies."

As Calamitous directed the UFO to follow the truck, Courage could see the UFO flying right behind them through the rear view mirror to which Courage began to stop eating the corn and began to scream from the top of his lungs before leaping right onto Eustace's head which made it harder for him to control his truck.

"Get off of me you stupid dog!" cried Eustace as he began to try to take control of the truck which was going right on a bumpy road which was off course from the main road.

The farmer had enough of Courage and threw him back in his seat. But it was too late for him as a tree was suddenly right in the front of the truck to which the truck crashed right into it.

"Stupid dog!" cried Eustace as he noticed how damaged his truck really was, "Look what you did to my truck!"

"Eustace, how could you be more concern about your truck, what about trying to get another ride of transportation home?" asked Muriel.

"If we had my truck working, we would be able to get home but the stupid dog leaped right onto my head and I couldn't see this stupid tree!" replied Eustace.

"Oh come now, I'm probably sure Courage had a good reason to why he would leap upon your head" said Muriel coming into the defense of Courage.

"That's the reason why!" cried Courage as he noticed a UFO hovering right toward them as he then began to scream.

"Stupid UFO!" cried Eustace as he shook his fist at it, "You made me bump right into a tree by scaring that stupid dog! Can I get your license and registration?"

"Uh, Eustace, I don't think they want those things" said Muriel as the UFO came closer.

"Ah, perfect subjects for my latest experiments" said Calamitous, "just right in the middle of nowhere."

Suddenly a green light from the UFO then managed to began to lift all three, Courage, Muriel and Eustace right into the UFO itself leaving Eustace's truck damaged right next to the tree it crashed into.

"What about my truck!" cried Eustace as he began to cry.

"Forget about your truck, looks like we're going for another ride!" cried Muriel.

As the three were then carried right into the UFO itself, Courage was shaking between Muriel and Eustace not knowing what sort of strange aliens they would encounter. But as the figures in the dark began to become clearer, Courage was surprised to see it was just mere toys that were coming to light.

"These are some strange aliens" remarked Courage as he noticed the various toys.

"Welcome to my floating laboratory" said an unfamiliar voice to the three, "allow me to introduce myself, I am Professor Finbair Calamitous, and I have chosen each one of you to test for my latest experiments."

"What a second, you mean you're not some alien here to abduct us?" asked Eustace to which he then turned to Courage, "Stupid dog, you were scared over someone who wasn't an alien!"

"Why would you want to abduct us?" asked Muriel.

"Well, after the creation and destruction of my toy factory at the hands of my enemies" replied Professor Calamitous, "I believe it's time that I upgrade my old toy bots to the next generation."

"But what do we have to do with your cause?" asked Muriel.

"I need some new test subjects to devise up these new toy bots" replied Professor Calamitous, "and I believe I can use you along with your husband as the first beta models for the next generation."

"This can not be a good thing" cried Courage as he shrieked in terror with such an evil thought.

"So what's going to happen to our original bodies?" asked Eustace.

"Your original bodies shall be robotized into my new version of the toy bots where among your special powers will have super strength" replied Professor Calamitous.

"Works for me" laughed Eustace.

"Well I don't care if Eustace is the only one who agrees with your evil plans" said Muriel to Professor Calamitous, "but I'm keeping my body the way it is."

"Sorry, but I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that" said Professor Calamitous as he then signaled his toys to surround Muriel, "toys, apprehend her!"

"Courage, help!" cried Muriel as she was being taken away to the experimental table with Eustace following closely behind.

"And so that the little doggy doesn't do anything to stop my plans" said Professor Calamitous as he pressed some buttons on the computer console as a large cage of some sort was propped up around Courage with lasers as bar wires, "I'm going to make sure you stay put!"

"Courage, help us, please!" cried Muriel as she was being taken away from the scene by some of the evil teddy bears.

"Oh, this isn't looking good!" cried Courage, "I have to find a way out of here and fast!"

Courage had to try to find a way out of here, along with to save both Muriel and Eustace from the evil mad experiments of Professor Calamitous, who was certainly going to do what he was intended to do.