Chapter 4: Finding the Controls

Time was running out for both Muriel and Courage as Courage was desperately trying to search the UFO for where the main controls would be to not only control the toys running amuck but also control Robo Eustace.

"There's just got to be some sort of main control panel or something" said Courage.

But before Courage could think about it any further, Robo Eustace had just busted down a door with his super strength with Professor Calamitous not far behind with at least three teddy bears.

"Ha, ha, ha, stupid dog" laughed Robo Eustace to which the teddy bears were surrounding poor Courage and Muriel, "you thought you could outsmart us?"

"Yes you stupid dog" said Calamitous as he came into the scene, "you gave us quite a chase, too bad it'll soon have to come to an end."

Courage then had to try to find a way out of this predicament. He then made another escape with carrying Muriel but it was short lived as he bumped right into what seemed like a large computer console. He then thought this computer looked quite suspicious and noticed that it could well be the very sort of controls he was looking for.

"You, Robo Eustace don't get that stupid dog near those controls, they're the ones that are suppose to pilot this UFO!" cried Calamitous.

"You got it" said Robo Eustace.

As Robo Eustace attempted to try to capture Courage and Muriel, Courage managed to press a button on the UFO's main computer console which was really to have zero gravity.

"Stupid dog!" cried Robo Eustace as he was trying to apprehend Courage and Muriel who was floating in the air.

"I think one of these buttons can help move the UFO" said Muriel.

Courage immediately responded by pressing some other buttons on the UFO to which Muriel and Courage began to hold onto the main computer console. The UFO went up and down, left and right at quite a very fast speed. This made Calamitous quite ill to his stomach and also his teddy bear toys were destroyed in the process by being thrown against the wall.

"Stupid dog!" cried Calamitous.

"That's what I say, you stupid dog, you stupid dog!" cried Robo Eustace who was trying to swim out of his predicament.

Courage then found the right button which gave back normal gravity and Robo Eustace fell right to the floor along with Calamitous. As Calamitous was still quite dizzy from the incident, Courage noticed some sort of strange remote control in Calamitous' pants pocket. So he quickly grabbed it from Calamitous and began to press a button or two on it. Robo Eustace immediately for no reason whatsoever extended his arms grabbing Calamitous and pinning him right against the wall.

"Let go of me!" cried Calamitous who was trying to still recover from the gravity incident.

"Hey, I don't know how the heck I'm doing it" replied Robo Eustace.

"Courage, you did it, you found the controls for Eustace to once again become his old self, or sort of his old self" said Muriel.

"Look you stupid dog, give me back that remote control" ordered Calamitous to which Courage shook his head.

"Listen you stupid dog, give him back the remote control and let me have my free will again" said Robo Eustace to which Courage also responded by shaking his head as a response.

"I think I know just the exact punishment for this evil tiny little man" said Muriel.

"Just what are you going to do to me?" asked Calamitous.

The four had arrived back in the room with the chamber which turned Eustace into Robo Eustace.

"Now you're going to know how I feel with a stupid dog controlling you!" cried Robo Eustace as he threw Calamitous right in the chamber.

"But this isn't suppose to happen to me!" cried Calamitous.

"Sorry, but I want you to have the same stupid dog control you!" replied Robo Eustace as he and the toys that Courage was controlling pressed the various buttons on the computer console.

Calamitous was in the same chamber he had tricked Eustace to head into. He couldn't believe this was happening to himself as he noticed his entire body was changing from within with the same nano-technology changing himself into a toy bot.

"This can't be happening!" cried Calamitous.

After the transformation, Courage then controlled Calamitous to come out of the chamber. He didn't know what to do with Calamitous, Robo Eustace or the other toys that were on the UFO which were under now his control.

"What on Earth are we going to do with these toys and also Eustace and Calamitous?" asked Muriel.

"Hmm, I think I might have a solution to this" replied Courage.

The scene then quickly switches back to the farm house with Muriel and Courage sitting in the sun relaxing. A teddy bear carrying a tray with lemonade approaches them.

"Why thank you" said Muriel as she took one of the glasses of lemonade and took a sip of it.

"Yea, now this is certainly the life" said Courage.

But back deep down in the basement of the farm house, things were not as what they were seem as poor Robo Eustace and now Robo Calamitous were forced to do all the chores that Muriel had to do.

"Stupid dog!" cried Robo Eustace as he scrubbed some clothes.

"Oh just be quiet" replied Robo Calamitous.

The scene then promptly fades after that.