Title: Bittersweet
Summary: Logan hurt Lulu, Lulu doesn't forgive Logan. Instead, she's been falling for Johnny... their bittersweet romance. Just read... lol.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the story line.


She stood on the docks in broad daylight, knowing even then she ran the risk of getting hurt, with tears sliding sadly down her unmade cheeks. He had just broke her heart again. But this time it wasn't by sleeping with Maxie Jones, no instead it was almost taking the life of her brother.

Logan Hayes had managed to worm his way back into Sonny Corinthos' good graces and get his old job back. And in doing that job, he was supposed to shoot to kill anyone who got in the way of a shipment. Including the so-called love of his life's brother. Now Lucky Spencer was lying in a hospital bed, next to her father, fighting for his life. This time she wouldn't forgive him. Even if no-one knew who pulled the trigger, he knew. And he had told her.

That is why you would find this pretty blond standing on the docks at two o'clock in the afternoon, crying. Milo, an old friend of Lulu's had tried to comfort her, but he too was apart of that shoot out, and she couldn't deal with it. 'Why do I seem to attract all the mobsters?' she couldn't help wonder.

"Lulu?" A voice asked from behind her. Quickly she wiped the tears from her face and turned to face her visitor. It was Elizabeth. "Hunny, are you alright?" a worried expression had fixed itself to her delicate features.

"I'm fine… why wouldn't I be?" She asked trying to smile, and in the end all she had done was make tears push their way to the surface again, and her smile broke.

"It's okay to be mad at Logan. It's not really easy to love a Mobster. I would know. It won't be easy to forgive him either. But, Lucky will be alright. I checked on him before I left." Elizabeth said, placing a hand on lulu's shoulder.

"I can't forgive him, Liz. How can I? Why is it I seem to only attract gangsters and mobsters? Spinelli, the techie for Jason and Sonny. Milo who's a body guard for them. And finally, Logan, who is a hit-man for them. Why can't I just find some normalcy?" She looked at Elizabeth a pleading look.

"It's in the water here in Port Charles. There's something off about it." Elizabeth joked. It did bring a smile to Lulu's face. "In all honesty, being a techie, bodyguard, or hit-man, it's not who they are; it's what they do. You can't hate them for it. They're all good guys down deep." She stood there a few more minutes, allowing time for her words to sink in. "I'm sorry I can't stick around longer, but I have to get to Jake and Cam. Are you going to be alright?"

"Yea, I'll be fine. Thanks for telling me Lucky was going to be alright."


She was walking back toward the Quartermain house feeling thoroughly exhausted when someone grabbed her arm. Jumping quickly she found the guy to be Logan.

"What do you want, Logan?" She asked, her voice as icy as the wind that whipped about them.

"Lulu, I'm sorry. There's nothing else I can say." Logan stated solemnly.

"You're right about that. You pointed a gun at my brother and shot him, just to look good to your boss. Sorry, it doesn't cut it with me." Lulu snarled. "What if you had killed him? You almost did!"

Just then a yellow mustang came up beside them, and Johnny walked up pointing a gun at Logan. "I'm real sick of you making Lulu cry. You just hurt her for the last time."

"What the hell?! Who do you think you are?" Logan demanded. "Put your damn gun away now."

"Johnny, please… Put the gun away." Lulu begged. Johnny was right, Logan had hurt her for the last time, but she wasn't going to end his life over it. "Please, Johnny, put the gun down."

Johnny looked at her and saw the fear in her eyes. Quickly he put the gun back in his jeans, he hadn't meant to frighten her. She was the only person who wasn't scared of him. Putting his gun away was a big mistake because just as quickly as his gun went down, Logan's came up.

"Lulu, get behind me, now." He demanded, his gun trained on Johnny's chest. Shock and fear had etched itself onto Lulu's pretty face as the scene unfolded before her. "Now Lulu!" Quickly she stepped behind him, her mind racing at what she should or could do to help Johnny. "You won't take the girl of my dreams away from me. You wont be able to if you're dead."

"Don't bring Lulu into this. She doesn't need to be an accomplice to my murder then." Johnny said. He didn't look scared. No, just worried about Lulu.

Without even thinking she shouted at him. "Johnny, he has a gun pointed at you, and you're worried about me being an accomplice?!"

"She's got a point Johnny, you should be worried about saving your own hide." Logan said with a crazy smile. "Good bye Johnny."

Things had happened so fast in front of Johnny's eyes, he didn't even know what happened. All he knew was that there was a gun shot, a blur of blond and a scream from Lulu.