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Lulu had been sitting in the hospital for weeks, and finally it was her day to go home. There was a knock at the door and Johnny walked in. "Hey beautiful." He smiled. Since she had been brought in, Johnny barely left the hospital. If he did, it was to go to the room he'd rented above Kelly's showered and slept for a few hours. Then he was back by her side. And she didn't care.

"Hey there." She loved being with him. He had done so much to show he cared and her family adored him. He left the mob, handed Trevor over and could finally be happy with living. She tried to get up and go over to him, but the second she put her weight on her feet, she collapsed.

"Lulu, don't try and rush it. You need to heal right, or you'll never walk again." Johnny said rushing to her side.

"Damnit, I'm going to walk again. I've given myself enough time. I'm sick of this stupid wheel chair and I'm sick of this damn hospital." Lulu grumbled. "oh shit." She said, suddenly pale faced. "Johnny, what am I going to do about Logan? I don't want him to come near me to keep me quiet. I haven't answered any of the P.C.P.D.'s questions about that night." Fear took over her body and she started to tremble.

"Leslie Lu, don't you dare worry about that bastard. He won't ever hurt you again. I'll make sure of that. Now, let's at least make one wish come true." He said holding her close.

"What's that? A kiss from an amazing guy who happens to be sitting on the floor with me?" Lulu laughed. Johnny smiled and obliged the young lady in his arms.

"I was talking about getting you out of this hospital. You get to go home today." Johnny said, biting back laughter that was threatening to break through at the look on his precious lady's face. "Let's get you up and blow this popsicle stand. I told Luke that I'd have you back to the mansion before sundown."

"Johnny… that is like three hours from now." Lulu said laughing.

"Yea, and what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't treat you to dinner, coffee and renting you a movie to watch? Because I got quite the offer when I asked to be the one to bring you home." Johnny grinned with a knowing smile.

"What?" A curious Lulu asked.

"You'll see." And left it at that.


It was sunset and they were sitting out on the porch of the Quartermain mansion watching the sun go down tangled in each others arms. "Lulu, I want you to know, you don't have to be scared for your life anymore. I'm changing a lot about my life now that you're in it. You mean so much, and your acceptance as well as your family's. that's enough for me." He smiled and kissed her forehead.

Smiled up at him, she kissed him on the lips. "I know that, love. I'm not scared anymore. I just can't be scared when I'm with you. I know you'll protect me." And she curled up as close as she could.

The sun had set and he carried her in the house to watch the movie that they had picked out. Alice had moved all of Lulu's things into a bedroom on the first floor, so as to make it easy for her. It was so kind all of the things the Quartermain's were doing to help her out.

"So, Johnny, did you think about that offer?" Monica asked with a smile.

"I did, and I thought maybe Tracy and Luke should tell Lulu what's going on." Johnny smiled back.

"Gumdrop!" Her father came over and kissed her. She was now able to stand, and walk with some assistance from a cane or a walker.

"Father, Tracy, what is going on." Lulu asked suspiciously. Everyone just laughed.

"Well… We know that in Manhatten, Johnny has… upset, for lack of better word, a few people. We've asked him to move into the mansion with us. To help you and all." Tracy said, showing one of her rare smiles.

Turning to look at Johnny, Lulu stared at him with a shocked expression. "Well?!" Lulu about squeaked in excitement.

"I was going to ask what you thought." Johnny mumbled shyly.

Lulu turned to look at everyone in the room with them, "He's staying here. In my room?" She tried. Everyone just laughed.

"He's staying either in your room, or the one next to your room. It's his choice. Maybe we could turn the pool house into an apartment for you two… but lets get you settled back at home first gumdrop." Her father said with a smile.


It had been a year and half since the shooting. Trevor and Logan were both rotting in prison. Logan still hated Johnny, and probably always would. Johnny had gone to school to become a real business man and now worked on the board of ELQ. Lulu was going to school to become a nurse and was now walking completely on her own.

And that night they had another date. They never did anything fancy, because they preferred a quiet life. They chose to go to the metro court however. Sitting out on the terrace, music playing all around them, Johnny got down on one knee.

"Lulu, you've changed my life. All in all, for the better. You drive me crazy sometimes, but I can't help but to adore you. Please, continue to be mine. Be my wife?" He opened a small black, velvet box that held a small and simple silver ring with a single sapphire in the middle.

Tears fell down her cheeks, and she'd forgotten how to speak. But she smiled and nodded her head quickly, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him. "I love you Johnny."


The End