Gentle Slumber

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She watched him as he slept. He always looked ten years younger during those rare moments when she could observe him in restful slumber. Watching how at ease he seemed made her heart swell with joy and love. He trusted her enough that he was comfortable sleeping in her presence. He loved her enough to share a bed with her. It made her want to jump for joy and scream with delight at the same time. But then everything about him made her feel that way. And now he was hers. Just the thought that he belonged to her was better than any shot of caffeine. He was better than a hit of espresso first thing in the morning. She smiled to herself and snuggled down into the covers and closer to him. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. That was just another thing that made her heart flutter in her chest. He looked for her even in sleep. Her smile was filled with so much happiness that had it been light, it would have out shone the stars. She rested her head on his chest and sighed softly in contentment to be in bed with her man.

"Are you finally going to sleep?" He asked. She snorted delicately in amusement. Of course he would be awake when she was awake, they were that attuned.

"Yes. I'm finally going to sleep." She answered

"Good. I wondered how long you were going to stare at me before you lost interest."

"I could never lose interest in you my silver fox."

"Sleep little bat. We have to be up early."

"Yes sir. Good night. Love you." She said as she slowly started to drift off into slumber.

"And Abbs, I'd never lose interest in you either. Love you." Gibbs said softly into her hair. Together they fell gently into the world of dreams, safe in each other's arms.