Chapter Seventeen





Hermione woke up suddenly, she was cold. She turned and looked around. She was in her room, alone. Panic came rushing and she looked at her alarm clock. Was it all a dream? Her heart beat frantically when she suddenly heard the clashing of pots and pans. Without thinking she threw the cover of her and ran into the kitchen like the house was on fire. There he was, wearing all his clothes and one of Hermione's hats.

"You're here," she breathed and looked surprised at him. Harry turned and got an equally shocked look on his face.

"You're naked, Hermione! It's freezing!"

"Well, I woke up, and you were gone;" she answered as if it was enough of an explanation.

"Well, your flat feels like sleeping in the North Pole. I had to make some tea. Get some clothes on, or better yet – crawl back into bed. I'll bring tea and then we can see if you have any good ides on how to get warm." He smiled brightly at her and even though she was freezing she walked to him and kissed him gently.

"I love you…I love you so much Harry. Thank you for coming back." Harry ran his hand through her hair and it got tangled up in her curls.

"Nowhere I'd rather be."


Two days later Hermione and Harry still hadn't left Hermione's apartment. No one knew they were back together, Ron didn't think it was his place to tell the news. Besides, he didn't know how much Harry and Hermione wanted people to know. No one really asked about them, they just figured Harry was still miserable with Lavender, while Hermione was hiding in her flat.

So when Ron told his parents that they should invite Harry and Hermione for Sunday dinner they were gladly surprised - taking this as a sign that they were finally getting along as friends. It was the end of October and the weather was absolutely miserable. Ron looked out at the grey sky and felt very thankful that the Burrow had a big crackling fire at full blaze. The smell of his mom's roast was driving him insane and he wished all the guests would just arrive. Luna was already there, she was helping Molly with one of the desserts. It mostly looked like Molly wanted the kitchen to herself, but was too polite to say anything to Luna. After all, Molly adored the girl.

Arthur was half asleep in his chair by the fire. The twins were in their old room, doing God only knew what.

Ginny was also looking out of a window, she looked eager for Harry and Hermione to arrive. It bothered Ron that she seemed to be enjoying their break-up a bit too much. He knew she had always been cross at Harry for dumping her, but still. It had been years!

"Ginerva! Get over here and help us with dinner. Poor Luna is doing all the work herself," Molly scolded.

"What about Ron? Why can't he help us?"

"Because we want some food left, don't we?" Molly muttered. Ron did his very best Hermione eye-roll at her comment.

Ginny started chopping the salad, but made sure everyone knew she wasn't happy about it. Ron looked back out the window. Soon the twins and Arthur were sitting around the table, eagerly waiting for dinner. The front door swung open and Harry poked in his head.

"Harry!" Molly shrieked, she was just putting the roast on the table. "We thought you…" she went quiet again when she saw Hermione peak out from behind Harry's shoulder. They were holding hands. Ron glanced over at Ginny; her eyes were as big as Molly's.

"Oh, dear," Molly said. Even the twins were quiet.

"Where's Lavender?" Ginny burst out, she sounded almost accusing.

"I don't really know, Ginny," Harry answered as he helped Hermione of with her coat. He smiled at all of them, and took a seat at the tabled.

"So…" Fred started. Hermione almost started laughing. She smiled at Ron.

"What's going on?" George finished for Fred.

"Just tell 'em Harry, before heads start exploding!" Ron said, looking at the roast.

Harry looked at Hermione and she nodded and smiled.

"So you've ditched Lavender?" Ginny asked.

"Ginny!" Molly reprimanded but looked enquiringly at Harry.

Harry took Hermione's hand and started to explain the situation. The relief and happiness was apparent on both of their faces.

"Bloody hell!" Molly said as Harry had finished. They all stared at her.

"Only mum speaks that way!" Arthur told his children and they started laughing.

"I can't believe it," Fred gasped. "That's evil, did you hex her Hermione?"

"I couldn't, could I? She's pregnant. But if she wasn't…I don't know what I would have done."

"Poor Lavender," Luna said and all eyes were on her. She raised her hands to defend herself. "I know what she did was absolutely awful. I just figure, she must have been so desperate to do it. And there is no excuse, but imagine now when she's all alone."

"Frankly," Hermione spoke up, "I don't care. I don't care how lonely she is, or was. Harry and I have known her since we were eleven years old. For her to do this to Harry is just mind-boggling. I will never forgive her, ever. I wish health and happiness for her baby, because that child had nothing to do with this."

The table went quiet again and Harry put his arm around Hermione's shoulder and pulled her closer. He kissed her cheek.

"Well, we are lucky aren't we? We got our second chance," Harry purred in her ear.

"Well, I knew you couldn't be unfaithful to Hermione," Molly spoke.

"You better not fall asleep in a girl's room again, I don't think I can handle anymore drama," Ron said and reached for the roast. The subject was soon dropped and they enjoyed their dinner. After dinner Arthur and Molly went for a walk to let the food sink and the kids stayed at the table.

"So you knew all of this but didn't tell us." Ginny asked Ron when her parents had left the house.

"Wasn't my place to tell," Ron answered.

"So you're all happy now again?" Ginny asked Harry and Hermione.

"Do you have a problem?" Hermione snapped at Ginny.

"No, no problem. Just that you didn't seem to have a problem snogging Ron just a couple of weeks ago, but I guess that's forgotten now is it?" Ginny had raised her voice.

Hermione's eyes glanced quickly over to Luna who looked surprised at the news and frowned, she looked away.

"Why are you trying to make trouble?" Hermione demanded.

"Stop it, Gin!" Ron added.

"Why, you are making it everyone business, so why can't I ask questions? Harry, how do you feel about Ron and…" Harry slammed his hand into the table so hard that Hermione jumped in her seat.

"Stop it Ginny!" his voice was calm, but decisive. "We have been blessed with this chance to be together. If you think I'm going to be upset about what Hermione did to try to get over the heartbreak I had caused her, you're wrong. The past is the past, and we are leaving it there. If you have any more questions or opinions, you should keep them to yourself because we're not discussing our relationship with anyone else!"

"Cheers to that!" Fred said and raised his cup.

Ginny looked away. Hermione eyed her suspiciously; it almost felt like Ginny was hiding something.


"Merry Christmas;" Harry whispered, his hot breath tickling Hermione's ear. "Close you eyes."

Hermione closed her eyes and felt Harry take her hands in his. A short moment later she felt the common sensation of apparition. She forced away her instinct of opening her eyes; she knew she was safe with Harry holding on to her. Her feet hit hard to the ground and she almost tumbled over.

"I've got you," Harry whispered again.

Hermione's eyes were still closed but she could feel the scent of the ocean air.

"My feet are hot," she whispered back.

"Yes, you were barefoot at the flat, and now we are standing in sand." Hermione opened her eyes and squealed. She was looking at the cottage where she had spent Christmas a year ago.

"Oh Harry!" she yelped.

The cottage looked just the same. It was as perfect as she had remembered it. She let go of his hands and ran towards the cottage. She ran inside and found bags waiting in the corner. She ran over to window and looked at Harry. He was standing by the ocean looking out.

How could I be this lucky? I feel like I died, and came back alive. I lost him, but he was given back to me. Happiness was given back to me, she thought. She walked out on the porch and Harry turned around.

"We're staying for two weeks this time," he told her.


He smiled at her. "I know you loved this place, so I thought: why hurry back to London?"

"I do love this place, and I never thought I would see it again."

"Well maybe we should buy it," Harry suggested as he walked closer. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"No, it's perfect like this. It's our special resort. It's just too beautiful to make it a common place."

"I guess I can understand that," he gently kissed her and nibbled her bottom lip.


Hermione was walking on the beach by herself. They had spent four days at the beach house already and time was flying. She would take the walk by herself every night. She couldn't believe it had been a year since she had been at the beach house. Her life had changed that weekend. She had lost her virginity, she had started seeing Harry, she had lost her heart… not that it didn't already belong to Harry. She was getting closer to the cottage and through the window she could see Harry setting the dinner table. She stopped and looked at him for a while. The window was blowing in her hair and she could feel the salt from the ocean on her skin.

It felt like she was looking into the past, she almost got flashes from a year ago as she stood watching him. She got a chill and tried to shake it off.

God I love him, she thought and started walking towards the house again.

"Wow, it smells divine in here," she said as she came inside.

"Yeah, I've been cooking since you left. Lasagne."

"Yum." Hermione took a seat and Harry filled a glass of wine up for her.

"You're spoiling me again." She wasn't complaining.

"You're entitled to it." Harry bent down and gave her a kiss. "But don't think for a second that I'm not expecting some spoiling in return," he winked and went over to the stove again.

"I love you," Hermione said to Harry's back. He turned slowly and looked at her in silence.

"I know," he answered. She got up and draped her arms around him,.

"Nothing will ever come between us again, right?" she mumbled into his shoulder. He pulled her back and looked into her eyes.

"Nothing will ever come between us!"

Hermione could see in his beautiful green eyes that he truly meant it. "I believe you," she whispered and smiled.

"Could you please go out on the porch and get candleholders, we left them there yesterday," Harry asked her while bending down – looking at the lasagne. She turned on her heel and walked out on the porch. She looked out at the black ocean again. She heard the smattering sound of raindrops and looked up.

"It's starting to rain," she yelled to Harry inside.

"Perfect, then we have an excuse to drink tea in front of the fire," he yelled back.

She looked up at the moon. You will have to cry alone, I'm done crying! she thought.




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