Are You Sammy?

Chapter One - One Hell Of A Party


November 2nd 1983. A night remembered by the Winchesters as the night Mary Winchester was murdered by the Yellow Eyed Demon. But that wasn't the only thing that happened that night. November 2nd 1983 was also the night six month old Sam Winchester was kidnapped by the same demon, leaving behind two Winchesters who believe that there brother and son is dead. In reality, things aren't always what they seem...


14 Years Later

"Dean, hurry your ass up!" John Winchester shouted from the drivers side of his 1967 Chevy impala that was parked adjacent to the motel door.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming" Dean whispered to himself as he pulled his vintage leather jacket off of an old wooden chair and rushed toward the door, lifting two duffel bags in the process before closing and locking the door, leaving behind a mass of food wrappers and beer cans.

"I'll put those in the car, you just return those." John motioned toward the keys dangling from deans left hand, their rusted metal barely gleaming in the sunlight.

Dean returned to the car with a swagger and cocky grin on his face. He had just gotten the motel clerk's daughters cell phone number. Result! John eyed the note in his son's hand before getting into the drivers seat and starting the engine. Dean clambered into the passenger side and the Impala took off with a start, leaving a cloud of dust and small rocks wake.

"So what we got ?" Dean asked just as they passed a friendly lime green sign 'Welcome to Grenville'. John paused for a second steadying the wheel before then reaching over and opening the glove compartment. After a few seconds of rummaging, John pulled out several pieces of paper and crumpled newspaper cut outs and tossed them onto Deans lap. "14 Year old Samuel Forester is one of two survivors of what the press are callin 'The party from hell.' Dean looked through the small pile and noted the important pieces of information as he went. "Group of kids musta been partying in the local woods when something attacked them, this Samuel kid managed to escape with another girl who's now playing out her days in a mental hospital."

Dean stopped flicking and stared at the crime scene photo. "Oh that's nasty." He remarked. Every teenagers had the same expression of fear and identical throat lacerations. While Dean studied the information before him, John pulled the Impala into a long straight street with identical stone houses and perfect white fences,"Welcome to Stepford" Dean murmured as he looked up from the paper and shrunk into his seat in disgust.

"There it is." John pointed a thick finger in the direction of a rather large house located in the middle of the street.

John slowed the car to a stop outside the Forester household. "Get the badges." John ordered as he got out of the car. "Yes sir." Dean replied before John closed the door.


Inside the house Samuel Forester sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing his burning eyes. Crying did tend to do that to leave you with the sensation. But Sam wasn't afraid or ashamed to show that he had been crying after all friends had just been murdered and he had just narrowly escaped. Cara wasn't dead, but she sure as hell was as good as dead. Sam was snapped out of his morbid thoughts as his mother quietly knocked on his bedroom door, her brunette locks sliding through the crack.

"Samuel, there's some men here to see you." She explained in a soothing voice.

"Cops?" Sam sniffed a reply. He felt pathetic.

"Afraid so," She remarked as she pushed open the door fully and walked over to him, brushing the long strands of chocolate brown hair from his eyes "Are you up to it?"

"I guess I could go another round of 20 questions." Sam said as he smiled lazily while clambering to his feet and padding out of the room and down the stairs, closely followed by Mrs Forester.


As soon as Dean saw Samuel his stomach jumped into his mouth, his father having a obviously similar reaction. The kid had a striking resemblance to a member of the Winchester family. Baby Sammy had been taken at a young age and was now presumed dead. Sam had had the beginnings of a fluffy mane of chocolate brown hair and Mary's gleaming hazel-green eyes. The boy swaggering his way into the front room was already tall for his age and had the beginnings of a muscular build. He looked the spitting image of what John assumed his Sammy would look like at that age. His heart hurt to think about his boy, yet here was a kid who could be his twin.

Dean blinked and sucked in a lungful of air, holding it for a few seconds before slowly letting it out. Samuel moved in front of him and held out a olive skinned hand, which Dean tentatively shook. He then moved on to John and did the same.

Samuel then turned away from the men and collapsed onto a fresh yellow tinted chair, his lanky legs outstretched.

"So Samuel -" Dean began, as he flicked open his note pad in preparation to write a fake statement.


"'Kay Sammy -"

"Sam'll do thanks."

"Fine. Sam." Dean grumbled, "How old are you?"

Sam sighed and rolled his eyes, he had lost count of the amount of times he had been through this, "14 ... Born on May 2nd 1983."

John visibly flinched, which earned him a suspicious glance from Mrs Forester, who had positioned herself behind her son.

"Can you tell us why you were in the woods in the middle of the night? Its not exactly the norm, is it?" Dean pried.

"It was Cara's Birthday. We wanted to do something... different-"

"Who's Cara?" John asked, cutting the younger boy off .

"My girlfriend." Sam replied sadly, "We wanted to make it special, without any parents around to nag us. So we decided to go camping and throw a party in the-.".

"-wood." Dean finished Sam's sentence for him.

"It was gonna be great. We had all told our parents that we where going camping. We had all our tents and provisions and we had a great time...It was about 3:15 when things started to go south."

"Am or Pm?" John asked.

"Am." Sam paused. "We herd a women scream, some of the older kids went to check it out." Sam swallowed, "They never came back. That made the alarm bells ring."

"How many where left after that?"

"Including myself? 4. There was 10 of us before "

"You can continue with your story now." John prompted .

"Well we started getting scared after they didn't come back so we all went into my tent... We stayed there for a while. But the others decided that they wanted to make a run for it. Cara stayed behind. I didn't think it was a good idea and neither did she."

"Let me guess, that's when the killing began?" Sam nodded and lay back on the sofa a single tear running down his Rosy cheeks. He could still hear them screaming.

"It's okay you don't have to go into detail about what happened next, we would just like you to tell us... did you see what killed them?" Dean asked his voice dropping in tone.

"Not a what ... a who. Two big bodybuilder guys. But they where... weird... their eyes where black, like they where on one hell of an acid trip."

John nodded his thanks as both he and dean stood "Thank you, that's all the questions we have for now."

Sam also stood and shook hands once more before returning back to his bedroom.

Mrs Forester now stood at the front door to the house, smiling kindly at Dean and John, an indication that they were being motioned to leave. "If you find it who did this please tell us ... it would mean the world to Sam."

"Oh don't worry, we will." Dean said as the passed through the doorway, Dean felt there was something off about the way Mrs. Forester was acting. It was almost too... performed.

Dean and John headed toward the impala, both men taking large strides "Demons?" Dean asked once they were out of earshot.

"Demons" John replied. Dean's instincts had been spot on.

The impala slipped from the side of the road and down the street, neither passenger nor driver noticed the now coal black eyes of Mrs Forester watching them as they left from the window of her home.