Title: Talking In Our Sleep

Summary: People say a lot of funny things in their sleep don't they? Let's see what some Marauder era characters have to say in their sleep.

Note: Of course this'll be a chapter fic. One character per chapter. Some silly things, maybe some confessions. I'll go by requested characters first, then fill in the blanks. So say who you want to see talk.

Chapter 1: James Potter

There was only one boy sleeping in the fifth year Gryffindor boys' dorm at the time. James Potter was literally sprawled on his bed, mostly laying off of it. His face was actually inches off the floor and his glasses were just sitting on the end of his nose.

"Didn't think Quidditch was very tiring." Sirius Black remarked conversationally.

Remus Lupin shrugged. "He was playing in the middle of a storm. For hours. I suppose that'll tire anyone out."

Shutting his book, he grabbed his wand off his bedside table and flicked it. James's glasses flew off his face and settled themselves on his bedside table. The action did not wake James, but did cause him to mumble something.

Grinning and happy at the chance for something to tease James about later, Sirius jumped off his bed and inched closer to James.

"What is he saying?" Peter Pettigrew asked.

The three boys inched closer to James in order to hear him.

"I accept your nomination as president of Hogsmeade." James mumbled to the floor.

"What?" Sirius asked, suppressing a chuckle.

"He has high hopes." Remus said with a small chuckle. Trying not to make noise, they shuffled closer to James again. "Though I think it's only a dream."

"Pity," Sirius began, "I wouldn't mind being president of Hogsmeade."

"Thank you First Lady," James was saying, "I WOULD like a flaming iguana as my secretary."

Sirius clapped his hand to his mouth to stifle his laughter. Remus looked bewildered while Peter bore an expression that looked like he was about to laugh too, though he was as confused as Remus.

"As my first decree, I sign a Quidditch team." James had somehow slid a few inches closer to the floor as he spoke. "The Fighting House Elves of Hogsmeade."

At this, Remus had to seize a nearby pillow and shove it in Sirius's face to keep him from laughing.

"Actual House Elves please."

"Ew, he's drooling!"


"How do cookies work?" James asked.

"Very hard." Sirius said, doubled up in silent laughter.

"I shall create a new game," President Potter said, "Exploding Snape. No, of course it isn't like Exploding Snap. The first person to blow up Severus Snape wins."

Sirius grinned. "Oh I like the sound of that. Please say he can make it an actual game."

Remus glared at Sirius. "I suppose you would like it. But blow Snape up and you'll be expelled."

Sirius shrugged. "I think it'd be worth it."

"Slytherin hunting Saturdays... three hours of wheat... only blueberries please."

James's sentences were becoming disjointed nonsense. Then it happened. He hit the floor with a loud wham!

"Wha happen?" James asked, blinking and trying to figure out why everything looked fuzzy.

"Are you OK?" Remus asked. "That sounded, and looked, pretty painful."

"Fine, fine." James put on his glasses and got to his feet, dusting himself off, unaware that Remus, Sirius, and Peter were trying to look innocent and hide any small trace of laughter as they headed to their own beds.

"Good night, you lot." James said, crawled back into his own bed.

"'Nighty night, President Potter." Sirius said with a snicker.

Looking confused, James stared at Sirius for a moment before falling asleep again, and returning to his duties as Hogsmeade president.