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She got up and stretched her legs, being tall and airplanes just don't mix and she had never done airplanes well. Luckily, they were in first class and got off first.

"Welcome to Las Vegas, where the crime never stops." Robert Joked. She laughed as they got of the plane heading towards luggage claim. Robert had given her a hard time about checking her luggage, using some excuse about losing item and time, but she never seemed to fit her things in the small suitcase and not to mention not being able to take liquids. She was better off checking.

Upon arriving at luggage claim, Robert started explaining more about the job Sara was applying for. Robert was confident that she would receive the job, from what he had seen she was more the qualified and had more then enough experience.

"It's definitely not a boring job. It feels good to be doing something to stop crime also. We also get to investigate high profile cases. Much like what you did as a CSI right?" Robert liked to use hand motions when he spoke which Sara had found somewhat interesting to watch. Sara nodded. She was a bit out of it since they arrived in Vegas.

Robert didn't have much experience with different professions outside of his own. He didn't quite get exactly what a CSI did. He also seemed to believe she had no idea what she was going into if she got the job.

Sara had met Robert at Harvard. She had gone bake for a semester to take some classes in the Prevention of crime, something that has just recently appealed to her. He was a guest Professor and they had connected somewhat and at the end of the semester he had come to her with a job opening in Las Vegas. At first Sara was hesitant to take the job, not sure if Vegas were the best place to go, but convinced herself that if she didn't go back she never would, and she had promised, so she took the job and so now she was in the LV Airport with Robert.

"Are you sure you want this job?" Robert snapped Sara back into reality. "You seemed hesitant to come for the interview." He had a worried look. He wanted her to take it, but not if it made her unhappy. Even though he probably wouldn't admit it he had feelings for the mysterious brunette. He had noticed she had been out of it since they got on the plane.

"Yea." She said confident. "Its just history, you know?"

"Yea" Robert lied. He really didn't have history. He had his job, but he hasn't found that special person yet.

"And as much as you try, you can never really let it go" Sara continued.

"I guess you just have to accept it and move forward." Sara hasn't reviled much of her history to him. All he really knew was she work as a CSI for 9 years. He wanted to know more and he wanted to get closer to the brunette.

"I guess you are right." She gave one of her smirks.

"Aren't I always?" He joked. And Sara laughed.

"We all run off the plane and end up waiting forever for our luggage." Sara switched the topic.

"Well, I did tell you to not to check, don't you still have your apartment here with most of your stuff in it?" Sara had mentioned leaving much of her things behind planning on returning earlier then she did.

"Kind of." She replied giving no more explanation and clearly wanting to end it there.

Someday Robert hoped Sara would confide in him what happened, but decided not to push it so the waited in comfortable silence.


There silence was interrupted.



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