Harry Potter and the Father

Chapter 1

Discarding Important Information

I Do Not Own Anything, It All Unfortunately Belongs To J.K Rowling! If It Had Been Me Harry Potter Would Have Been A Girl! (Girls Can Be Hero's Too Well Heroin's Anyway)

Today was a beautiful day; the sun beat down from the sky. Severus Snape, dressed from head to food in black, attracting more sun to him he did look like he needed it thought. He was to pale and dour for his own good. His teeth were white and his hair for once was not full of grease as he walked in the sun, basking it. He didn't get out of the dungeons much not that it bothered him he liked his potions.

The birds singing and chirping in the trees swooping down and getting bread and bird seed that people throw out, owls hooting and flying around from person to person, letters for people. People busying getting things now that it was a small holiday, he was glad the school children were not allowed to come too Diagon Ally because if they did the place would be heaving or more heaving than it already was. They were in Hogsmeade though enjoying getting out in the sun and relaxing after hard exams or just all around hard year at school. The students at Hogwarts didn't get to get away from the school much so they loved the holidays. Severus knew that feeling very well, he couldn't leave the school much for fear of bumping into Death Eaters. The only one he kept in touch with was Lucius Malfoy and he wasn't a true Death Eater.

He had been free for the past year although he had wondered why Dumbledore had put the saviour of the wizarding world with Muggles never letting him know of his status in the wizarding world. It was not only him that disagreed with Dumbledore the Ministry did too, but they could do nothing because as it was said they were the only family he had left, only three people knew Harry Potter's address and that was himself, Dumbledore and of course McGonagall he had over heard McGonagall fretting about how Harry was left with the 'worst sort of Muggles' as much as he hated to admit it she did have a point. Although he was pretty sure Petunia would love to raise someone so adored by the Magical community. Petunia had wanted to be a witch at one point, although he hated the woman for the fact she called Lily such foul names when it became apparent she was loosing her sister. He still didn't like the thought of someone growing up unaware of their legacy or magical status. The Potter's were extremely rich; Lily herself had made quite a bit of money as a healer before Harry was born. Doubled with the fact he had gotten rid of Voldemort when no other could - he had a lot of influence in the wizarding world or would at any rate. Then he would fall on an old argument that Harry was better of not knowing someone had tried to kill him when he was only a year old, if he didn't know then he wont have a chance of growing up to be like his father James Potter - a blasting bully. Well Severus thought, it wouldn't happen if he had to punish the child by taking him over his knee so be it, if everyone else continued to coddle the boy he wouldn't. Of course he still hated thinking about it, he'd rather not talk or think about Lily but it wasn't that easy. All his good decent memories came from Lily, so it would be like cutting out his heart.

He still hated James Potter and probably always would, for he had taken the love of his life from him. He had never loved anyone the way he had loved Lily, and James had to come along and take it from him. How he hated him, he also blamed him for the death of Lily. To him it was James Potter's fault because if they had not got together she would not have died. Sometimes he wished that Harry was his, but he could tell that Harry obviously wasn't because he looked every bit James Potter. That filled him with dread on what would come in nine years.

He was just entering Gringotts the place was full, it always was, they no longer had anything to fear since the Dark Lord was gone thanks to Harry Potter. There was not a child in this world that didn't know his name. An owl swooped down upon him, the reason he was going to Gringotts was because he was now Lord Snape his father had died, and they had never gotten along. His father had been a faithful Death Eater till the end, and Severus had been a spy. He was glad his father had kept his mother out of it. He didn't know if he could have spied if his mother had joined the Dark Side. He loved his mother; she had given him everything she could when his father was not around. From her he had learned to love, and he had given that love to Lily only for her to turn her back on him.

Taking the letter attached to the owl he took it of and stuck it in one of his many pockets before he continued on, meeting a goblin which bowed to him, he was a Snape he looked like one it was obvious to the goblins why he was here, they led him into a room in Gringotts and there he managed his business.

Getting everything in order, he stopped several out goings to keep Death Eaters getting his money. Like hell he was giving them his money they were not getting another Knut from him.

He signed a few things, only after reading through them; he did not sign anything he hadn't read through. One of the first things his mother had taught him. The goblin didn't take offence not that they would in front of him, he after all was a rich pure blood now.

He was lucky the ministry had not seized his accounts, but thanks to Dumbledore, who Obliviated everyone at his and Karkaroff's trial he got off, his accounts were not frozen, he was never accused of being a Death Eater, nor was ever accused of being a spy and for that he was glad. So he was not wanted by Death Eaters or Auror's. Dumbledore had done so much for him and he was glad for it, and to think if he had not become a spy he would in Azkaban rotting away, not getting to make his beloved potions, and doing everything he wanted to do every day. Even if his life was restricted to Hogwarts, he couldn't really complain a personal lab all the ingredients he could wish for. Although the expensive ones he did buy himself, after all dragon scales were not on the list of ingredients needed by the students for their potions. Most students bought their own potion ingredients, but there were a few that were unable to afford it and had to use the student potion cupboard.

Leaving Gringotts he went to the apothecary, and got ingredients that he had not been able to get. Being Lord Snape he could get more than his dad had allowed him, getting some rare ingredients. Saying hello the man behind the counter before handing the ingredients.

"Hello James" said Severus to James Stone, the son of Aaron Stone, who is the usual one in charge of the shop. The man took special care of the ingredients as usual he knew that if some of them bashed together that it would be bad, or worse poisonous.

"Seem happier than normal why?" asked the young man, a smirk gracing his features. He was very blunt much like Severus, and Severus liked that very much. It helped that James Stone wasn't a Death Eater too.

"I'm Lord of the Snape's now that father is dead, and good riddance too, didn't even want me liking potions" said Severus. What he said was true his father had not wanted him to be a Potions Master that was until Voldemort took interest in him. James winced he didn't want to know life without potions, he felt insulted not wanting someone who loved potions like Severus did and Severus did love Potions - he was after all the youngest Potions Master in the world.

"I would say I'm sorry, but I can see you don't care, not that I would but I get on fine with my father. At first he wanted me to follow his footsteps but then he didn't have to I began loving potions on my own!" said James making a conversation as he counted the price for the ingredients up.

Once they were all added up he said "That's fifty Gallons please Severus" Severus handed over the money before carefully putting the ingredients in a leather bag he brought with him. With a smile and nod he left the shop and after shopping at a few other shops, he apparated away.

Walking curtly robes billowing out around him; even though there weren't any students there he was in the Great Hall within five minutes. Not even looking out of breath he took his head next to Flitwick and Hagrid, waiting patiently for the food.

There was also a man a Muggle would call Santa sitting on a chair in the very middle the hall half moon glasses adorned his face, robes of ridiculous colours adorned the man too, which Severus could not stand the bright fuchsia colour. Then again he couldn't stand anything Dumbledore wore, but he still owed Dumbledore a great deal for what he had done for him.

He ate his meal mostly in silence; until Hagrid sat next to him (never flinching from the loud thump or the great big voice he usually boomed 'spoke' in) and gave him an ingredients that was very rare so rare that it is never in shops, unicorn blood. After all Unicorn blood could only be given willingly, if not then it was useless. Anyone that drank Unicorn blood would live a half life - a cursed life. Not that anyone would actually be crazy enough to drink it. Thankfully it didn't have that affect in a potion, or there would have been trouble.

"Where did you get this Hagrid?" asked Severus very surprised, he was used to Hagrid giving him random ingredients to experiment with. Although this had to be by far the most expensive and unexpected ingredient Hagrid had ever given him. Hagrid was one of the few people Severus could tolerate.

Hagrid knew when to back down and when he was ok with his company. In other words knew not to go near him when he was in a bad mood others didn't. He had never really forgiven McGonagall for letting her Gryffindor's walk all over him, they still walk all over his Slytherin's and they get away with it. However, she was a very formidable woman and had persisted until he gave in and were now actually good friends. The students didn't know that however, as both were actually truly competitive for the house and Quidditch cup. The sneering gibes (which Severus and Minerva personally found funny) they traded convinced the students that they hated one another.

"A unicorn was dying in the forest no chance o surviving so got one o em to put it to sleep, got da blood for you, the hair is getting taken off as we speak and it was a baby unicorn the mother abandoned it I think I dunno it wasn't there" said Hagrid sniffling a few times he really did love his animals and didn't like killing them.

"Thanks Hagrid, it means a lot to me bringing those potion ingredients" said Severus curtly. When is he ever not? He put the ingredients in his pocket next to the letter and began eating again, Hagrid grinned at Severus before nodding, he then begun talking to the Care Of Magical Creatures Professor about the injured unicorn. Hagrid had an unhealthy obsession with creatures, well maybe not so unhealthy after all he was a half giant and none of them could hurt him. Severus was fond of the half Giant, and Hagrid in turn liked him despite his past. Even the hardest man couldn't help but like Hagrid he was always happy, helping anyone in need even if they had done wrong. He always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, the only thing Severus didn't like was when Hagrid would go on about Harry Potter. Not because of the child per say just the fact that it was Lily's son and it filled him with so much betrayal to even think about her.

Severus sat there eating before he started making his way back to his quarters hardly believing he had spent the whole day out of school, he didn't do it often but glad to be away none the less. Once he was in the privacy of his own quarters his living room done in cream and black much to most people's surprise when they first enter his domain. Of course hardly anyone was giving such a privilege and those who did knew it was a privilege indeed. Severus Snape was a man of his privacy and he didn't like anyone intruding on it.

Once inside wards up, he walked over to his drink cabinet he opened one of the fire whiskey's he had bought some time ago, and poured a generous measuring into a glass before downing it in one gulp. He poured another two and drank them at a more sedate pace as he began reading his potions journal and relaxed. Two hours later he went through to his bedroom feeling tired and drained; his room was mostly done in green and black. His two favourite colours, taking his stiff formal robes off, he put his silk nightshirt on and gladly slipped into his very warm and welcoming bed. The beauty of magic, never having to put up with a cold bed or cold dungeon.

He completely forgot about the letter that had arrived via owl as he walked to Gringotts. If he had looked he would have seen the Gringotts seal on the back and maybe, just maybe he would have opened it.

Miles away a lonely little boy was wishing with all his might that someone would save him from hell. As he tried to bat away yet another spider that insisted on crawling up his battered body. Tears making its way down the child's lonely bruised face, life truly hadn't been kind to him. Smothering a sob, knowing the big nasty fat man would come if he made a sound. He tried to sleep, but his body was in too much pain well into the night he finally did fall unconscious as the pain became endurable to the two year old child lying on a stuffy old mattress in a stuffy cleaning product filled cupboard.