Harry Potter And The Father

Chapter 30

Grown up Snape

Harry was ten years old; Severus couldn't help but wonder once more where the time had gone. His quarters were full of pictures of Harry, in all stages of growing up surrounded by family. Granny Eileen and Minerva, Uncle Sirius and Filius. Then there was of course the pictures of Draco, Theodore, Blaise and Harry, the quartet were as Slytherin as they came. He didn't need a silly hat to know where they were going to go. It was no surprise Harry was Slytherin, he had grown up with one as his father.

He had given up and bought Harry a kitten when he was seven years old. She was pure black with only one little paw white. She had sapphire eyes, and she was very intelligent. She had been perfect for Harry; thankfully she had gotten on with Filches cat. He hadn't wanted Filch complaining about his son's cat. Harry had been to Egypt on holiday three months before he got his cat for Christmas. So it was no surprise to many that he called her 'Bast' or 'Bass' short for Bastet. Harry had been fascinated by the Egyptian gods, especially Bast, the god of cats. In Egypt Cats were revered, it was punishable by death to kill one. Families that owed cats shaved their eyebrows to show their sadness if their cat died. Like people in Egypt cats were sometimes too mummified. Minerva had been quite proud to find out such facts. Since her animagus form was a cat, it was to be expected. She loved curling up beside Harry, when he was on the couch near the fire.

Harry no longer remembered what had been done to him by the Dursley's or what Remus Lupin had tried to do. Severus could remember a time when he had been terrified Harry wouldn't interact with children his own age. It had taken him a while to get Harry to befriend anyone, with the patience of a saint he had succeeded. First he had invited Draco over for a few hours each day, then for dinner and so on. He had succeeded in the end, it wasn't long before he was visiting Malfoy manor and watching his son blossom. He didn't just befriend Draco but a lot of other children too. His best friends though were Blaise, Theodore 'Teddy' Draco 'Drake' as he liked to call them.

Severus had to make sure Harry didn't become like Draco and Theodore in their regards to Muggle born's and half blood's. The history books had Harry as a half blood, which was a big blunder. His status had undergone major upgrades, Prince and Snape lines mixed with the Potter and Peverell line. There was Black blood mixed in there as well, he was going to be extremely powerful with the magic of those lines running through him. Princes were known for their strong natural occlumency shields. Snape's were known for their affinity for their ability to easily cast Dark Arts and the defence against them. Potter's were well known for their ability to become animagus' (not everyone can change after all). Peverell they had a natural talent for creating spells, runes (especially regarding invisibility and the ability to blend into their environment. Black…well Severus didn't want to dwell too much on that…to many bad eggs had come out of that line. All badly steeped in Dark Magic, then again so where the Snape's its why he hadn't had a chance when it came to Voldemort.

It was for that reason Severus was grateful for what his mother done, as brilliant as it would have been - to have a sister. Lily wouldn't have been the same; she'd have had the goodness crushed from her. It would have meant that he wouldn't have had a reason (other than his mother) to not truly want Voldemort to win. She wouldn't have married James Potter; she'd have been forced into a pureblood marriage. Males were allowed to pick their own bride for most part; females were all but handed over as soon as possible. They weren't as important as males; they couldn't continue the family line after all. Of course none of that really would have happened; his father would have killed her.

He was glad his father was dead, if he had known - he'd have killed him himself.

Severus had changed a lot over the years, not just in the privacy of their quarters. Publicly too, the students had been terrified at first, but now the ones who'd known him before he changed were all graduated now. All that was left was rumours about the great bat of the dungeons. Severus knew he wouldn't be able to go back to Voldemort, not just because everyone knew he had adopted Harry. The reason he mainly wasn't going back, was because of Harry. He had a duty now, a son to raise, and he wasn't any good to his son spying. It was dangerous enough when he didn't have anyone, without the constant fear of dying and leaving Harry alone. If that happened he knew Dumbledore would have him in a heartbeat. No matter what he said in his will, he had managed to stop the Potter's, he'd stop his given the opportunity.

Surprisingly or not Dumbledore hadn't tried anything again, well nothing remotely bad. He continued to try and see Harry, befriend him, giving him gifts each one becoming more extravagant than the last. It went from Lemon drops, to a basket full of chocolates from Honeydukes, a child's broom, and then an assortment of very impressive books. None of it had mattered; Harry didn't know who the gifts were from. Severus had made sure Harry knew Dumbledore wasn't to be trusted. That he may seem nice and cheerful, but that was a façade he wore. That he was a man who'd do whatever he needed to do to win wars. Including hurting one person for the greater good. Harry of course didn't completely understand, but Severus had noticed something else. Harry was wary around those who he didn't like, who he spoke harshly too. That helped, needless to say Harry was always wary around Dumbledore and the teachers Severus didn't trust. The gifts Dumbledore had given him, the lemon drops had been promptly put in the bin. The sweets he had checked individually and given to him over the next few months. The broom was the third spare he had, which was good when he had his friends over. Of course he was getting too old for child brooms, come next year he'd be learning on a proper broom.

"Hey dad!" grinned Harry, coming through the floo.

"Hello son, did you have a good time?" asked Severus smoothly.

"Yup!" he said, his teeth were all perfectly healthy, there wasn't a reminder of his horrific abuse as a toddler.

"What did you do?" asked Severus, summoning some coffee, pumpkin juice and biscuits. His son had been gone all day with his godfather Sirius Black. He had brewed potions for hours, until he sat down, once again lost in his memories of how much his life had changed.

Harry plopped himself down on the couch, eagerly getting into the story of what he had done with Sirius that day. How they went to the park, then to Diagon Alley, to have an ice cream and see the new broomstick on the market. Then he got extremely quiet, as if he didn't want to think about what had happened.

"Alright son what's wrong?" asked Severus, his eyes sharply seeing his son's distress. He no longer immediately suspected Black to be the cause of it, like he would have done years ago. He had come to trust Black, at least when it came to Harry.

Severus gestured to Harry to come and sit next to him, which he gratefully did. Something was obviously bothering him, once his son was next to him, he brought his son close to him. Wondering internally what could be on his mind, it was obviously something he feared would upset him or set him off.

"I didn't tell Sirius…but I could hear the snakes," admitted Harry.

"Hear? As in you were able to understand them? It wasn't just hissing to you?" asked Severus not able to hide his surprise.

"Dad what's wrong with me?" asked Harry swallowing thickly.

"You are a Parseltongue," said Severus getting over his surprise and giving it to his son straight. His surprise and awe had disappeared as quickly as it came, but pride was making its way to his heart.

"Parseltongue? Why haven't I heard about it before? It is common?" he asked hopefully.

"It's not widely advertised, it's considered an evil gift, but only because Salazar Slytherin had it. Then of course it was because Voldemort had it," said Severus, not even wincing in pain as the mark pulsed slightly.

"But I'm not evil!" protested Harry hotly.

Severus smirked in amusement, "No you aren't, just remember what I told you regarding magic." stated Severus.

"It's not magic that's evil it's the intent," said Harry he had heard it a million times before. A simple levitation charm could be extremely dangerous (if you levitated someone far enough and high enough), but an Imperious curse could save someone's life (attempted suicide). It was all about circumstances, his dad had told him.

"Exactly, unless you are about to run around telling poisonous snake to harm others…I don't see you becoming evil," smirked Severus dryly.

"Dad!" said Harry sniggering in amusement, whacking him on his stomach.

"Are you packed?" asked Severus changing the subject. He wasn't about to tell his son to hide his gift. Every single Slytherin would be envious of his gift, to talk to snakes, made one ultimately Slytherin. Hell he was envious as well, but also deeply proud and impressed. His son had surpassed everything he had thought, his magic was strong and powerful, he was smart everything a father wanted in a son. Although his son liked Quidditch a bit too much for his taste. Come second year he knew his son would want to be a part of the team, and then the real heart failure would begin.

"Yeah!" grinned Harry.

"Are you looking forward to it?" asked Severus.

"Of course dad," said Harry muffling his yawn with his hand.

"Go get some sleep, we leave early tomorrow morning," said Severus, they were off to one of the properties they owned in Spain. This time it was just him and his son going, Minerva and Sirius had come to Egypt, Italy and France with them. Severus took Harry on holiday once a year and it had become a tradition. Visiting both Muggle and the magical society of each country. Harry had learned enough Egyptian, Italian, French and Spanish to get by. He was by no means fluent, but he knew the basics' hello, goodbye, good evening, good morning, thank you etc… Severus himself was far from fluent but he knew enough to have conversations with them.

"Night dad," said Harry, hugging him before scampering off to his bedroom. Which was now done in blue. He had a double bed, done in sky blue; his carpet was a darker shade of blue - royal blue. He had his own bathroom now; his uncle Filius had added it for him for his birthday last year.

Severus remained up for an hour; there was nothing he regretted because if he did regret it - it would mean Harry wouldn't have been his. If he had the ability to time travel he wouldn't change anything. Not one single thing, Harry was his and his alone. One thing hadn't changed in Severus; he was still as possessive as hell. If Voldemort knew what was good for him, he wouldn't come back.

Severus would go to hell and back to keep his son safe, and that's exactly what he was going to do. Dumbledore had better keep his manipulative grubby hands to himself, or Severus would chop them off. Then show him why his students had feared him, why he had been a Death Eater, a good one back in the day. He's show him just what he had learned, and how good he was at the Dark Arts. He was good at covering his tracks, so yes…Dumbledore had better be careful.

Severus Snape was worse than a mama bear protecting her cubs.

He'd come down on them like a tsunami and make it look like a toddler's wave pool.


The End

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