Family Trees

And now, ladies and gentleman, here is the second part of Zoey's presentation of her extended family, as we take a look at her mom's side of the family, the Baker's. Enjoy, everyone!

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(Chapter 2- The Baker Family)

Hello again! Now that I've covered my dad's side of the family, it's time for me to cover my mom's side. It's time for me to cover the Baker family.

The Baker's have their roots fitted in Jolly Old England, where their ancestors have lived for centuries. The first generation of Bakers that came from England to the pokemon world were, in fact, bakers. It seems simple enough when you think about it. These bakers that came to the Hoenn region were my great-great-grandparents, and the tradition of baking goes from several generations that lived in England all the way down to the oldest surviving members of the family, my grandparents. Their names are Jonathan and Naomi, and they have six children in all.

With the exception of my mother, the children make up my Aunts and Uncles, and they include the oldest named Vincent, who has five children with Carol. Those five children are Philip, who is 27 and he is a partner in a small micro processing company. Then, there is Macey, who is 23 and a choreographer for youth in the Johto region. After Macey, they had Vincent, Jr., who is 19, and he is training to become an official for the Pokemon league and for contests. He's got one more year to go before he reaches his goal, and the whole family has been behind him since the start. Due to the obvious conflict of interest, Vince can't referee any of my contests or Grand Festivals, or any battles, contests or Grand Festivals of any other of his family members. The fourth child in Uncle Vincent's line is Samantha, aged 17, who is studying to become a schoolteacher. The final child in line is Mitch. Mitch is 16 years old, and he wants to be part of the historical family business of baking confections. He's won several awards and at every family function, you can expect him to have at least ten of his creations and for half of the family to say that it's the best dessert that they have ever had.

My mother Josephine is the second oldest in her family, and you know her family, because it's family. She married Adam, and the rest is history, so we'll move on. The third sibling in line is another girl. She's my Aunt Sienna, and Aunt Sienna married my Uncle Ivan Drake, and they have three kids. Greg, Stephanie and Tim are 15, 11, and 9, respectively. Uncle Ivan and Anut Sienna are the owners of their own travel agency, and when I won my first Grand Festival championship, the first people that I went to for advice on prime locations for summer houses were them. We looked at all of the factors that went into my purchase, and we settled on the Seafoam Islands due mostly to location, entertainment value, land value, land maturation, and the most bang for my buck.

The fourth of six children that Jonathan and Naomi Baker had was Neil, and he married and divorced Olivia. Despite this, the two of them remain cordial to each other and I still call her Aunt Olivia. During their marriage, they had one girl and one boy. The girl's name is Kendra, and she's 18 in school for business and mathematics, and the boy's name is Ian, and he's 15. Child number five in the Baker family is Elizabeth, and Aunt Elizabeth married my Uncle Ross Fineman. So far, they have only one child, and that child's real name is Jerome, but everyone in the family calls him Jerry. Jerry is Corey and Mikey's age, which is 14 years old, and like his father before him, he wants to become a lawyer. So ever since he learned how to walk, Jerry has been the sole de facto intern of his father. For those that say that you can't breed someone into a profession, I say they've never met my cousin Jerry. He is bred to be a lawyer, just like his father.

The youngest child of the Baker family is a boy by the name of Quentin, who is my uncle. Quentin married a woman named Fiona, and they have three girls. More specifically, they have triplets. Even more specifically, they have three thirteen year old triplet girls. I pray for Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fiona every night, who have to raise Jillian, June and Janice Baker, but to the girl's credit, there not as hard on their parents as most people would stereotypically suspect. Oh, and one more thing about them that I find very cool; they live out of their car. What I mean by that is that the girls are home schooled and the entire family lives in an RV and the world is the girl's classroom. Their parents are traveling salespeople and they've been power sellers on eBay for quite a while, selling electronics that Philip and his partner make, along with other electronics, DVD's and other entertainment, as well.

So, I think that about covers the Baker family, and because I've also covered the Neale family, I've covered my whole family. So for all of the people that have read the story 'A Confession Gone Awry,' your all set to get back into that story, as the family reunion will go into full swing in the next couple of chapters. This is Zoey Domenica Neale, thanking you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy it and all the other drama and excitement of 'A Confession Gone Awry.' For now, take care.