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Chapter 1- End of school, Beginning of Love

It was the last day of classes at Peach Creek Middle School and all the students in the building were gathered in the auditorium for the annual Last Day of School Assembly. All the students were anxious to get the thing over with so they could run home and summer vacation could finally begin.

The students who were graduating into high school, a.k.a. the cul-de-sac kids, were all seated in the front row. "Finally, school's over and that means the scamming season can begin." Eddy said gazing lovingly at Nazz, and her stuffed wallet in her purse. "Oh come now Eddy, you can't find one thing you will miss from our years here at Peach Creek Middle School?" Double D. asked. Eddy thought about it. "Hmmm, nope"

He glanced over at Double D. "Are you crying?" Eddy asked. Double D. looked away. "No, I just have something in my eye…" he said. Then of course he broke down sobbing. Eddy shook his head.

"Man, how pathetic" Kevin said, "What dorks" The cheerleaders who were surrounding the foot ball champ giggled and said stuff like, "Oh Kevin your so smart!" and "Oh Kevin your so funny!" and "Do these jeans make my butt look big?" Kevin beamed proudly. Nazz glowered.

She had been going out with Kevin since the end of last year and she was getting really sick of all of the attention he was always giving and getting from the other cheerleaders, especially one by the name of Marilyn. She was new that year and had shoulder length raven black hair, cream colored skin, and light green eyes. She was also a cousin of the famous Johnny 2x4. Not that Nazz was one to get jealous, but she was really starting to get ticked.

Just then the school's principle, Mr. Brown, stepped onto the stage. "Hello students" he said into his microphone. Ed, who had amazingly been quiet the whole time, stood and shouted enthusiastically "Hi Principle guy!!" Some of the students snickered.

"Er- Hello Ed, could you sit down now please." Mr. Brown said. Ed sat down with a big happy grin on his face. Mr. Brown continued "Anywho, welcome to the annual end of the year assembly. I'm sure you're all anxious to get home-" "YES!!!" All of the students said in unison. "Yes, my point exactly, so if you'll kindly let me finish my speech we can all get home to pack for the various trips we may be going on."

With that Mr. Brown went into his hour long speech about how everyone did such a good job this year, and how proud he is to be principle of such a fine establishment, and other really boring topics which no one paid attention to. Not even Double D. could keep focused.

"In conclusion I hope everyone enjoyed school this year as much as I did." He finally concluded. He closed his eyes and smiled, waiting for the standing ovation he was sure he'd get. When he heard none he cracked an eye open and saw that every student, teacher, and janitor in attendance had fallen asleep. "Why does this happen every single time I make a speech?" he muttered to himself.

He took out an air horn and pushed the button into the microphone. At the deafening sound half the students fell out of their seats. "I hope you've all enjoyed your naps students." Mr. Brown said, "Now that I have your attention it's time to announce the highest seller for the school's fund raiser."

"Wow, people actually sold stuff for that thing." Eddy snickered. "And the winner is… Edd!" Mr. Brown announced. Everyone gave him a confused look. "With two Ds!" he finished.

Double D squealed. "I won! Can you believe it everyone?" he said as exited as he ever was. "Yes." Everyone in the first row said in a board tone. "And of course this year, highest seller gets an all expense paid, all-summer-long island trip for him and his class!" Mr. Brown said. At that everyone in the front row screamed "Yes!" All the other students gave a half hearted applause. "Congratulations! Now to wrap up this year's assembly a singing act from" Mr. Brown pulled out an index card, "Lee, Marie, and May Kanker" Everyone groaned.

Mr. Brown stepped off the stage and the big red curtain parted down the middle and revealed the three Kanker sisters in red, blue, and gold dresses. (Lee-red Marie-blue May- Gold) They were all knee length dresses with spaghetti straps and a lot of shimmer.

The three of them stepped up to three different microphone stands. The music began playing and Lee started the song out singing horribly of course.

Does he love me; I wanna know, how can I tell if he loves me so?

Is it in his eyes?

Oh no you'll be deceived

Is it in his eyes?

Oh no he'll make believe but if you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss.

That's where it is.

Marie and Lee switched spots so Marie was standing in the center of the stage. She sang worse than Lee did.

Or is it in his face?

Oh no that's just his charm

In his warm embrace?

Oh no that's just his arms, but if you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss

That's where it is.

Marie went to switch places with May but she stood plastered to the floor with her knees knocking together like crazy. She had to shove her to get her to stand center stage. She still looked extremely nervous, but sang anyway. Her voice, unlike her sisters, sounded like the original singer, only five times better.

Hug him and squeeze him tight and find out what you wanna know.

If it's love, if it really is it's there in his kiss.

Everyone in the audience slowly took interest in the Kanker's act as May sang, everyone except Eddy that is. He still sat board as ever in his seat. Just then a wet drop fell on his head. "What the?" he said looking left and right. Another drop fell and he looked up.

Ed was staring up at May with wide eyes and his mouth agape. Drool was dripping from the side of his mouth onto Eddy's head. "Ed!" He shouted with rage. No response. "Hey what's up with Mano Brow?" Eddy asked Double D.

Double D. glanced up at Ed. "Ed?" he called. Still no response. He waved a hand in front of his face. He got a response that time; it was more drool on Eddy's head. "Ahh! Ed!!" Eddy screamed. Everyone shushed him. "Great, Ed's turned into a zombie, now who's gonna do all the heavy lifting for my scams?" Eddy muttered.

"I'm sorry to break it to you Eddy, but Ed is not a zombie." Double D. said.

"Then what the heck's wrong with him?"

"I believe that Ed has become infatuated with May." Double D said. Eddy gave him a confused look. "He's smitten with May." Double D. explained. Still a confused look. "He's been struck by cupid's arrow." Double D. tried to explain again. "Wha?" Eddy said "HE'S IN LOVE WITH MAY YOU IDIOT!!!" Double D. shouted in frustration. He received several shushes and glares from the other people in the audience. "Oh sorry" Double D. whispered. He turned to Eddy and whispered, "He's in love with May you idiot."

"What do you mean he's in love with May?!" Eddy whispered as loud as he could while still whispering. "He's in love with May! Do I have to spell it in black and white?!" Double D. whispered back. "But didn't the Kankers get a restraining order against us on the first day of school after the" Eddy shuttered, "Pudding incident"

"That expires as soon as the bell rings, which means we will have to deal with a love-sick Ed for the rest of summer vacation." Double D. said. They looked from Ed back to May who was now much more comfortable singing and smiling wide as she sang.

How 'bout the way he acts?

Oh no that's not the way, and you're not listing to all that I say,

But if you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss.

That's where it is.

Hug him, and squeeze him tight and find out what you wanna know if it's love, if it really is, it's there in his kiss.

How 'bout that way he acts?

Oh no that's not the way you're not listing to all that I say,

But if you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss

That's where it is

Oh yeah, it's in his kiss

That's where it is.

There was a roaring applause accompanied by people chanting May's name. Eddy glanced over at Ed's seat and saw that he was gone. "Hey where'd the love-sick loser go?" Eddy asked. "He left a note."

Double D. said handing Eddy a sheet of notebook paper. Eddy read it out loud.

"Deer frens, Wentt two pik flowars four May bee rite baac. Luv, Eb."

"He spelled every word wrong except May, now that must mean something." Eddy said.

Just then the bell rang and everyone zoomed out of the auditorium like they had rockets on their shoes. As they ran out Ed ran back in knocking down anyone who was in his way, which was quite a few people. He ran up to the stage but ended up tripping and flying through the air and landing at May's feet.

Lee and Marie screamed "NOOOO!!! NO MORE CHOCLATE PUDDING!!!" They tore out of the auditorium like there was no tomorrow leaving May and Ed alone. "Um, hi Ed." May said shyly. Ed stood up with a big goofy idiotic grin on his face. He presented 3 wilted daisies from behind his back. "I got these for you." He said. May blushed. "Gee Ed, your making me turn all tomato pasty" she said.

Eddy and Double D. stood back and watched their friend. "Well, we lost him Double D." Eddy said with a sigh. "Oh come now Eddy; let's be happy for Ed in this…um…happy time in his life." Double D. said. "Wake up sock head! The Kankers are finally leaving us alone, if Ed and May get together than kiss your happiness goodbye." Eddy said. Double D. sighed, "I suppose your right."

Just then Lee and Marie came back in. "Oops! We forgot May." Lee said. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw May taking, blushing, and accepting flowers from Ed.

They torpedoed forward, completely knocking Ed out of the way, grabbed their sister, and dragged her out of the auditorium, her heels on scraping on the floor. May waved to Ed with a big smile as she was escorted from the room. Ed waved back.

Then the door closed and she was gone.

Later in front of Eddy's house…

"Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right and buy the Ed's sun tan lotion! Perfect for the long summer months ahead, only 25 cents!" Eddy called into his megaphone from a stand on his drive way. The streets were deserted. "Hey where is everybody?!" Eddy called. He threw his megaphone down in frustration and turned to his partners in business.

"Why isn't this working?" He asked Double D. Double D. didn't even look up from the page in his book. "The reason it isn't working is because there isn't anybody outside, because they're all inside packing for the big trip tomorrow." He said a mater of fact tone.

"Big trip? What big trip?" Eddy asked. "You know, the one the principle just made an announcement about an hour ago." Double D. said still reading his book. "Um, oh yeah! That trip, of course I knew about it what do you take me for hehe" Eddy said. Double D. glanced up from his book. "You don't know what I'm talking about do you?" he said. "Barely a clue"

Double D. sighed and explained how they were taking a trip to an island the next day for school. The whole time Ed was staring off into space thinking about May. (Me-Ed, thinking AAAAHHHH) Her smile, her hair, her voice, just anything and everything about her. He sighed heavily.

"We're going to an island tomorrow?! Well forget this, I'm gonna go get my boogie board." Eddy said. He turned and headed inside without so much as a goodbye. Double D. folded his page and closed the book. "I suppose I'll go get myself packed as well." He started down the driveway but stopped half way down and turned back to Ed who was still staring off into space.

"Um, coming Ed?" Double D. said. "You betcha Double D.!" Ed cheered and fallowed him to get go get packed. They were in for a good time tomorrow, weren't they?

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