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Chapter 1

The brilliant orange sun shone on the kingdom of Laputa one summer evening, and on the roof top of the palace a princess named Sheeta stood. The light breeze played with her long brown hair and the light of the disappearing sun reflected in their eyes making them twinkle.

Evenings like this made Sheeta yearn to run through the many gardens throughout the kingdom of Laputa but she wasn't permitted to leave the castle. Why you ask? Because of her guardian Muska that's why! Notice the word guardian not father, papa, dad, or any other variation of the word was used, because he wasn't, never was, and never would be her real father. He only took custody of her when her parents died, and now he ruled over Laputa in a way that Sheeta didn't approve of in the slightest.

"When I rule Laputa I'll never rule it the way he does." Sheeta thought bitterly. Just then over the horizon 3 knights marched up to the castle, a prisoner in their possession. "Oh no" Sheeta thought. She ran to the stair well and down the palace steps to the throne room. She knew how Muska was with prisoners. He would never hear their case and have him sent to the dungeon for life. And that was if he was in a good mood.

Sheeta stopped when she reached a thick wooden door. She slowly opened the door only a crack so she could get a glimpse of the prisoner. She saw the knights in shining armor (How cliché does that sound?) were dragging a handsome boy about her age up to Muska who sat on a throne before them.

The boy had dark brown hair like her's (Just not nearly as long) and brown eyes that seemed blazed with fury, it also looked like he had something hidden under his shirt but the guards didn't seem to notice. They stopped in front of Muska. "Bow before your king, boy!" One of the knights commanded. When the boy made no move to do as he was told he was shoved to the ground and landed hard on his knees.

Muska stood and walked to the boy. He stood erect and looked frightfully regal, his eyes intimidating. He spoke in a calm tone. "What is you name boy?" he asked. "Like I'd tell you." The boy said stubbornly. One of the knights kicked him in the side making Sheeta gasp and cover her mouth so she wouldn't be heard. "The king asked you what your name is!" The knight shouted.

The boy groaned and muttered something inaudible. "What was that?" Muska asked. "Pazu." The boy repeated. "Ah, Pazu how…quaint." Muska said pleasantly then his eyes got a crazed look in them and he went into scary king mode. "You dare attempt to steal from me, the highest authority in the land! I ought to have you beheaded this very instant! Tell me, what went through your disgusting juvenile mind to make you think you could get away with this?" Pazu was silent, not daring to look up at the enraged king. "Answer me!" Muska shouted.

Pazu slowly looked up at the king his voice was no longer strong and disobedient, now it was weary and exhausted. "My family is hungry your majesty. We haven't had anything decent to eat in days now. I had to." He said, "The way you've been ruling-" "The way I've been ruling! The way I've been ruling! You insolent insect! You give me no choice."

Muska motioned towards another one of the knights walked up to him handed him a sword and stepped back with the others. Fear came into Pazu eyes and he made an attempt to run away which was made in vain when the knights caught him and held him by the arms. "Goodbye Pazu" He said raising the sword above his head. Pazu squeezed his eyes shut.

"No!" Sheeta screamed throwing the door open and running in front of Pazu, her arms outstretched. Pazu opened his eyes and saw a girl in a flowing blue gown defending him. "No Muska! Don't do this." Sheeta continued. Muska lowered his sword. "Must you be so rebellious princess? In case you have forgotten I am the king and I make the rules so I say that boy is to be executed." He said.

Sheeta stood firm. "And in case you have forgotten I am the princess and I also have a say in the treatment of prisoners so I say to let him go." She said. Muska sighed and motioned to the knights to let Pazu go. They let him go and he landed on the ground with a thump. Sheeta kneeled down beside him. "Are you alright?" she asked with concern. Pazu gazed up at her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He nodded slowly his mouth agape.

"Enough of this! Send him to the dungeon until I can find a more suitable way to punish him." Muska said. The knights grabbed Pazu and began dragging him towards the dungeon. Pazu glanced back at the girl who saved him from Muska. She watched him as he was dragged away.

When he was gone Sheeta turned to Muska, pure anger written all over her face. "Oh come now Sheeta, don't be so dramatic." Muska said. "I'm being dramatic! You were going to have him killed because he wanted food for his family!" Sheeta shouted.

"He stole from me Sheeta! He's a worthless prisoner." Muska boomed. Sheeta shook her head. "No Muska, he was able to stand up to you. He has plenty of worth." With that Sheeta turned and walked towards the dungeon. She was going to have a word with this prisoner.

Lines rule!!

Sheeta slipped past the guards in the dungeon and walked down the spiral stone steps to the cold damp dungeon where little light showed. She found Pazu sitting against the wall his head down and his arms in chains. When he heard her come in he looked up. "Your Majesty." He said. Sheeta shook her head with a smile. "Please call me Sheeta." She said. "Sheeta." Pazu repeated.

Sheeta walked over to him and kneeled down next to his chains. She produced a small key from her pocket (Yes I realize most gowns have no pockets but you know) and unlocked his shackles. Pazu rubbed his wrists and looked up at her.

"Consider it the most I can do since I couldn't get you out of the dungeon" she sighed sitting in front of him on the ground. "What are you talking about Sheeta? You saved my head, literally." Sheeta smiled sadly. "Yes I know, I only wish there was more I could do." Pazu shook his head. "You did more then enough."

Sheeta studied him. She could hardly believe he would steal anything; he looked like he couldn't rob a fly. "What exactly did you steal?" Sheeta asked. Pazu reached under his shirt and pulled out a stale looking loaf of bread. "He was going to have you beheaded for that?" Sheeta asked in shock.

"Yeah. I just wish I could have got it to my house." Pazu said breaking it in two and biting into one of the halves. He handed the other to Sheeta, "Want a bite?" She shook her head. Pazu shrugged and continued to eat the other half. "Where does your family live?" Sheeta asked. "At this antique shop in town; But no one goes there because they don't have enough money to buy things like that." Pazu answered, "I wish I could give them some money."

"I'm sorry." Sheeta said. There was a silence that followed. Finally Pazu blurted what was on it his mind. "You're really different from what I thought royalty would be like." He said, "I didn't know you'd care so much I mean with Muska as your dad I was kind of thinking-" "Muska isn't my father." Sheeta interrupted. She knew Muska had been spreading around the rumor that he was her father so he could keep the throne. She hated that.

"But I see how you could think that. If I lived everyday know I was being ruled by someone like him I'd think that too. But we're not all like that. My real father…" She stopped dropping her head. She could hardly bare to think of them, it was too painful. Pazu saw the look in her eyes and knew not to bug her too much on the subject. "You're really nice Pazu, you don't belong here. People aren't as nice around the castle. Sure there are the servants and nurses but they're cold and robotic. They don't really care it's just their job to be here they don't really want to be here."

"I don't see why they wouldn't be nice to you." Pazu said. Sheeta looked up at him meeting his gaze and said, "That's really sweet." For a long moment they held that gaze not daring, or wanting, to look away. Suddenly the door at the end of the dungeon slammed and metallic foot steps clinked against the stone steps. Sheeta heard Muska's voice echoing through the corridor along with the three knights.

"You'd better hide. They probably wouldn't want to see you down here." Pazu said hiding the other half of the bread. Sheeta said, "But what about-" "Don't worry I'll be fine." Pazu interrupted smiling reassuringly. He seemed so confident Sheeta couldn't help but thinking everything would be just fine. She stepped back into the shadows behind an indent in the wall as Muska and his knights entered.

"Well my young thief, since the princess is being over-protective of you I will not be executing you." Muska said. Sheeta breathed a sigh of relief but froze right back up again when Muska continued, "How ever thievery will not be condoned. So for that I sentence you to be drafted for the royal army." Sheeta's head spun in a whirlpool of hopelessness. That was the equivalent of the death sentence, because Muska always sent the army to attack the most dangerous enemies and it was lucky if they survived.

"You will be transported to the military camp immediately." Muska said, "Guards." The three knights grabbed his wrists and dragged him out of the dungeon. Sheeta wanted to stand and shout no. She wanted to go out and stop them but her legs wouldn't move no matter how much she pleaded them to. As the foot steps echoed out of the corridor Sheeta collapsed on her knees, tears rolling down her face. She had never felt this alone in her entire life.

An image of a girl who looked just like her appeared in front of her. This happened whenever Sheeta was between a rock and a hard place. The girl wasn't really there, she was her conscience.

"Get a hold of yourself Sheeta! You're not some little helpless princess." Her conscience said. "But what am I suppose to do? I don't have any options….I'm trapped!" She said. "Do you remember the story your father told you when you were a little girl?" Sheeta thought back to sitting on her father's lap sitting by the fire place as he told her the story of a girl whose father was drafted to join the army but suffered from a battle injury from a previous war. So the girl took her father's armor and….

"You have got to be kidding me." Sheeta muttered. "I don't kid." Conscience said. Sheeta stood and took a deep breath. "Alright I'll do it." She said. Satisfied, Conscience disappeared. Sheeta walked back up the stone steps to her room. This plan was crazy, but Conscience hadn't been wrong before.

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