"You're late Bolton!" A beautiful 27 year old Sharpay cursed her soon-to-be ex-husband.

"Yeah, um sorry about that." A gorgeous 27 year old Troy apologized to his angry soon-to-be ex-wife

"Where were you?! Making out with your new girlfriend?!" Sharpay glared at him, jealousy tinted in her eyes.

"What's it to you?! Look I just want to see my kids and go back to my soon-to-be fiancé" Troy stormed past her leaving a very upset and angry Sharpay.

Troy and Sharpay had got married at the very young age of 21 and in the six years of their marriage they were madly in love and Sharpay gave birth to two beautiful children. Troy and Sharpay were the parents of charming Matthew and gorgeous Britney. Matthew was five years old. He wasn't planned and Sharpay was only 22 when she found out she was pregnant with him. He was one of the reasons why they got married. Britney was conceived during their marriage, she was adorable. At only three years old she couldn't pronounce her words properly. But her doting parents found this incredibly cute.

In the first three years of Troy and Sharpay's marriage they were so in love and they had sex at least four times a week. But towards the end neither of them felt a true connection and troy hadn't touched her in months. The spark had just...fizzled out.

Since then Troy had found a new girlfriend, Gabriella. They planned on getting married but they had to wait for the divorce to become final. Then there was the issue of who got custody of little Matthew and Britney. Troy didn't know whether he truly loved Gabriella or whether she was just a re-bound after Sharpay.

"Daddy! I've missed you!" A young boy, Matthew ran up to his father and gave him a hug which melted Troy's heart. He loved his son more than the world. Matthew was a very cute little boy. He had his father's big blue eyes and his mother's loud personality; He hoped that he would be a big basketball fan when he grew up, just like his daddy. That would make him so happy.

"Daddy!" Britney screamed when she saw her father. It was the first time she had seen him in a month. Britney was certainly a daddy's girl. Troy adored his little girl more than anything. She meant so much to him and when she first held her into his arms he said to Sharpay that he didn't want her to date until she was at least thirty! Sharpay found it so irresistibly cute that Troy was so over-protective of his little girl.

Britney was the image of her mom. She had bright, blonde hair and big, chocolate brown eyes. She was absolutely beautiful and would be quite a heart-breaker when she got older! She was so similar to her mother, even by her feelings and personalities. This was one of the reasons he loved her so much, she reminded him of Sharpay.

Sharpay stood against the kitchen door-frame enjoying the image of her husband and kids sharing a sweet embrace. She let out a small giggle when she saw her little girl give her daddy a big kiss.

"Daddy, when are you coming back for good?" Matthew asked his father.

Troy shot a glance at his wife. She looked upset; she hated her son being so confused about their relationship.

"Umm" Was all Troy could think of. He looked down and saw his daughters pleading big eyes looking up at him, it broke his heart. He sighed and sat down. He lifted his little girl onto his lap and out his arm around his son.

"I miss you daddy..." Britney sadly told Troy

Sharpay stood leaning against the door, curious of what he would tell them.

"Oh, I know honey but you're mommy and I are having, well a glitch in our relationship. So I'm not gonna be here all the time, but I love you baby girl and I'll always be here for you."

Sharpay ran out of them room, tears coming into her usually big brown happy eyes. Whatever happened to the good old days? Sharpay thought to herself.

Sharpay sat on the bed, crying. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. She dried her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Okay, honey, i'll be out soon!" She called, thinking one of her children were knocking.

But someone opened her door. It certainly wasn't one of her kids but her husband. Well soon ex-husband, Troy who came walking through the door and sat down.

"Hey! Hey! What's wrong?" Troy asked and sat on the bed, and rubbed her back supporting her.

Sharpay tried keeping her tears in but they came flowing out.

"Whatever happened to the good days Troy? When we were a family! Now you're too busy with your girlfriend and the kids miss you! They miss their daddy! They need you Troy! Damn it I need you Troy!" Sharpay buried her head in her hands and cried.

"Shar, I will always be there for you and the kids. I love them so much you know that right? But we're not in love anymore...Are we?" Troy asked her softly.

"I don't even know what love is anymore Troy. I thought we were in love. I mean when we made love it was so over-whelming I've never felt anything like it. And you're kisses always made me happier, just to have you're soft lips on mine made me feel complete, I know it's cheesy, but it's true!" Sharpay tried to explain her feelings but they were coming out right.

"Wow...Shar; I know when we did stuff like" Sharpay cut Troy off.

"Stuff? That's all it was to you? Stuff?" She exclaimed.

"Troy, It was so much more than that to me! It meant so much more! And I know we did stupid things like we didn't use protection and we rushed things but we got two beautiful children out of it!" Sharpay said.

"Yes I know Sharpay, but you don't love me anymore, the sparks gone. It's just gone and I'm sorry" With that Troy walked out.

Suddenly Sharpay ran to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet.

"Ugh! That's four times today!" She exclaimed to herself.

Suddenly as Sharpay turned round she saw Troy's concerned eyes looking down at her

"Umm..Shar are you okay? Why are you throwing up so much?" He asked her

"Umm...Just a bug going round I guess..." She answered

"Shar; I'm not stupid, I care about you. You're the mother of my children" He rubbed her arm soothingly.

"Get lost Bolton! I said I was okay now please drop it! It's just a bug okay!" She pushed him away.

"Fine. If that's it then I'll believe you. If that's the real reason"

"Yes it's the real reason now say goodbye to Matt and Britney and get out!" She snapped.

Troy left and Sharpay cried on her bed. That wasn't the real reason and she knew it. Sharpay had been having mood-swings and snapping at people for the last two weeks. She had also been having morning sickness too. You put it together. Sharpay was pregnant with her third child and the baby was Troy's. After they broke up they had sex one more time just to seal the relationship. After that they broke up and Sharpay found she was pregnant. She couldn't tell Troy, he would be angry. So she didn't tell anyone. Maybe she'd tell troy when the time was right. And that wasn't now.

She had to tell someone though. The secret was killing her and soon she would be showing. She picked up her cell;

"Hey Tay! You want to meet me at Starbucks tomorrow morning? I have to tell you something" Sharpay told her best friend down the phone.

"Sure hunni! But I gotta go. Chad and Sam are playing basketball in the house! CHAD! MAKE AN IMPRESSION ON YOU'RE SON!"

Sharpay giggled. Chad and Taylor were married and had one kid, Sam. He loved Basketball as much as his daddy and although Taylor loved them both she couldn't stand the sport!

"Okay Im gonna leave you to kill Chad! Bye!" Sharpay hung up.

Tomorrow she would tell Taylor she was pregnant. Maybe she could help?