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Last thing that happened in the story (just a reminder): The changing universe was destroyed by Peach, who appeared at a random moment. Peach had just told Ponch-in-sheepdog-form to bring the others back home, and he's about to do so.

Chapter Twelve — "It's You"

Dairine grabbed onto Nita's hand, and blushed awkwardly as she wrapped her arm tighter around Roshaun's waist, so he wouldn't separate from them while they were traveling back home.

Ponch stood still for just a moment, and then in a sudden burst of energy, started running at light speed.

Hold on tight, Kit warned Nita as they attempted to run after the bounding Ponch, and nearly failed.

Roshaun embarrassedly clutched onto Dairine as he tried not to fall over with the running speed that nearly knocked him over. It was no wonder, after how he had been held in that prison for so long, that he had almost no strength.

It was a complete blur, to all of them. Ponch was running faster than he ever had before, and the worlds flipped past them so fast, that it was impossible for the human and Wellakhit eyes to make out any shapes in the worlds they went through.

Nita became worried at one point where she was very sure that she stopped breathing, but Kit squeezed her hand and tried to reassure her. They might have reached a place where they didn't need to breathe.

It felt like it lasted forever, but in truth, it was over in a couple of minutes. They all stood, holding each other together, in Nita and Dairine's backyard.

So sapped of energy, everyone couldn't do much more than simply sit down on the grass for a moment, and think of everything that had happened just now. Ponch lay down at Kit's feet and whimpered ever so slightly, his mouth lolling open lazily.

"I know," Kit said sympathetically, "Me too."

Both he, and his dog, and his girlfriend, lay down on the grass to rest a moment. It was the first moment of absolute peace they'd had, for a while.


"What the…" came a voice from at the screen door, as Harry Callahan stepped outside to water his plants. The sight before him was a little bit more than amusing, and just a bit odd.

There in the grass, not moving, were his daughters, Nita's best friend, that boy who Dairine was trying to find (though he looked pretty beaten up, now), and a shaggy white sheepdog that appeared to be glowing.

"Nita?" her father asked timidly, shutting the screen door behind him the rest of the way.

Kit stirred, and looked up.

"Hey Mr. Callahan," Kit said and waved, but he didn't move.

"Hello, Kit," he responded, almost reminding Kit that he'd asked him to call him by his first name, but instead just getting to the point. "What happened here?"

"We just got back… everyone's kind of resting for a minute. Traveling through time and space at light-speed can do that to you, you know… or maybe you don't…" Kit seemed a bit dazed, but was able to sit up, and rub his head for a bit.

"…Are you all okay?"

"I'm pretty sure," Kit said, shaking his head to clear his brain; "Though on second thought, Roshaun's probably injured. We'll take care of that when everyone wakes up. Well, Dairine'll take care of it…"

"Awright. And the rest of you…"

"Just exhausted, really. Though, I should probably get Nita up to her room—Dair and Ro can take care of themselves."

"Speaking of them," Mr. Callahan said, "Are they…"

"Dating?" Kit asked, "Together? Going out? My guess is yes."

Harry paused once before asking, "…What about you and Nita?"

Kit sat still, and looked up at Nita's father, hesitantly.

"Yeah," he finally answered, "we are."

It was like a staring contest, only more painful.

"I care about her," Kit said finally, breaking the silence. "I would never hurt her."

Mr. Callahan ran his hand through his hair, and breathed out.

"I know," he said, "I know that. And, I'm glad it's you she likes. If it was someone else, I'd be worried... But I know you won't do anything stupid."

"Thanks," Kit said, sighing in relief.

"…How long until you think they'll wake up?" Harry asked.

"It'll be a while. They'll probably check in on you when they do."

"Okay. I guess I'll water the plants later…"

Kit shrugged, and recited a sentence in the Speech. A small dark cloud appeared over the flowerbed, and erupted with rain for about a minute, before dissolving into mist. Mr. Callahan laughed, and shook his head.

"Thanks," he chuckled, waved, and went back inside.

Kit turned over to look at Nita, and softly brushed her arm with his fingers. When she didn't stir, he gently pulled her into his arms, and carried her into the house; up to her bedroom.


Dairine awoke, and turned over on the grass, brushing her hair from her eyes. She blinked into the fading sunlight, and realized that the sun was setting.

What time is it, she wondered. Then her thoughts went instantly to the tired-looking and injured Wellakhit who lay on the grass beside her.

Dairine exhaled, and reached out to touch his arm. How he was able to still look so beautiful, even when injured, Dairine didn't know. She almost wished she knew, just so she could do something to her own appearance, which was probably pretty bad right now.

"Hey, Roshaun," Dairine said when he didn't move, and poked him in the ribs.

"Mm…Hey!" came the objection, as Roshaun stirred, and then looked up at her.

Dairine breathed a sigh of relief, and then stood.

"Come on," she said, holding out a hand for him; "We need to get you inside. You're pretty beaten up…"

Roshaun took her hand, and lifted his tall form gracefully from the grass. He almost looked okay for a second, before his legs gave out. It was all Dairine could do to steady him, and help him try gaining his balance.

"Thanks, Dhair," Roshaun mumbled awkwardly, trying not to hold onto her too tightly.

They managed to get inside and to the sofa, before they both collapsed onto it. Dairine made sure Roshaun was sitting comfortably, then flipped on the television for background noise.

"I'll be right back," Dairine said, and ran to the kitchen to grab the first aid kit out of the lower cabinet. She was about to return to the living room, but after a second thought, also grabbed the jar of lollipops that was sitting on the counter. She didn't think anyone had touched them since the last time Roshaun was in the house.

Dairine went back into the living room, and earned a quite amused look from Roshaun when she set down the lollipop jar on the coffee table.

"Thank you," he said, and grabbed a strawberry flavored one.


Dairine smiled at how much she had missed that sound, and got to work.

Dairine cleaned and bandaged the very visible cuts along Roshaun's legs, feeling a bit nervous that she was touching him, even if it was just to clean his wounds.

She finished with those cuts, and moved along to put band-aids on the minor ones along his neck.

When Dairine sat up to deal with the cut on his forehead, their eyes met, and Dairine blushed.

Roshaun smiled, and quickly kissed Dairine's forehead, before saying, "Thank you," again.

"Y-you're welcome…" Dairine faltered, and tried to smile back as she finished with the band-aids. The skin of her forehead stung with a slight coolness, and her heart was beating just a bit faster.

Dairine packed up the rest of the first aid kit, and put it back in the cabinet. When she returned to the living room, Roshaun patted the couch cushion beside him, and motioned for her to sit down.

Dairine gladly and nervously sat down, and grabbed a fudge lollipop from the jar, pulling off the wrapper.

Together, they watched television and crunched their lollipops in peace.


Nita awoke from her deep slumber and rubbed her eyes. She pushed herself into a sitting position, and it wasn't until a moment later that she realized that she was in her room, not the backyard.

Nita looked around her room, and then saw Kit, fast asleep in her desk chair.

Nita felt bad for a few moments, wondering why he hadn't at least gone home to sleep, or fallen asleep next to her, instead of taking the uncomfortable chair. She moved over to him, to look at him closer.

Nita examined his face, and then on impulse, began kissing him. Nita knew Kit had woken up, when he hummed into her mouth, and kissed her back.

The kiss broke moments later, leaving the two wizards gasping for air and holding onto each other.

"What a way to wake up!" Kit said breathlessly, and hugged Nita to his chest.

Nita laughed at him, and then stood, pulling Kit up with her.

"Why did you fall asleep on the chair?" she asked, concerned.

Kit studied her face before replying, "…I was tired?"

"But you could have gone home, or fallen asleep on the bed, with me," Nita said, blushing. "Why did you choose the chair?"

"I didn't want to disturb you," Kit answered, shrugging. "I figured that was better, anyways. Just in case anyone walked in. And it's not like I was going to leave you and go home!"

"Thank you," Nita said, and leaned in to kiss him again.

"By the way," Kit said, after the kiss broke. "Can I wake up like that every morning?"

Nita laughed, but shook her head. "Nah, I think I'll save that for special moments."

"…But every day is special, with you around…" Kit looked at her with the sad eyes that almost looked like Ponch's begging face for a second.

"Nice try," Nita chuckled, "But no."

She sat down on the bed, and Kit joined her soon after. They both sat cross-legged, looking at each other with fierce concentration, almost as if trying to memorize each other.

After a moment, Kit looked away, but then looked back.

"I love you," he said, and then pulled Nita closer, so he could kiss her.

He started the kiss out gently at first, but increased in speed along with both of their heartbeats. The mental feeling was just as overpowering as the physical one, and Nita felt like her heart was going to explode.

Kit's fingers were tangled in her hair, and her hands were stroking the back of his neck. Nita moaned slightly in surprise, as Kit ran his tongue softly along her bottom lip, and gasping, they pulled apart.

"God, I love you too," Nita said, and fell into his arms.


Epilogue (kind of)
Two Weeks Later

"Dhairine?" the soft voice drifted from the hallway, accompanied by a knock on her bedroom door.

"Roshaun? Uhm…Come in."

"Thank you," he said, and entered the room with a gentle grace that very few humans have ever had. His cuts were mostly healed, and all that remained of them were slight marks on his skin that would disappear over time.

"I…came to tell you something," Roshaun started uneasily.

"…You're leaving, aren't you," Dairine said sadly, and stood up from her desk chair.

"Yes," Roshaun answered, and let his eyes fall to the ground.

"Good luck back home," Dair said after a moment of silence. "Tell your mom and dad that I said 'hi,' okay?"

"Dhair," Roshaun sighed, and then "Dhairine…" He looked intently at her, and sighed again.

"Look, what do you want?" Dairine demanded, her sadness turning to anger as it almost always did.

And suddenly she was crushed in his arms, suddenly, he had his lips pressed against hers; and all anger vanished into bliss. She would have gasped in surprise, but she was silenced by the tremendous pleasure of actually kissing him, of having his arms around her, and of seeing into his mind. That phrase from the Speech that had been woven into the emerald necklace was repeated now; but what she thought had been an "I miss you" was suddenly clarified into something more powerful.

They broke apart, Dairine staring up at him with almost-tearful eyes, and a look of shock and amazement.

"You asked me what I wanted?" Roshaun inquired, pressing his forehead against hers.

"Y-yes," Dairine stammered, trying to breathe.

Roshaun kissed her again, before answering.

"It's you."

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