Helen had been back for a couple of weeks. She had been watching Nick and Stephen since she returned. Nick wasn't as broken up as she had always assumed he would be, even before he knew she was still alive he had acted more adjusted than she had wanted. He was supposed to still be hung up on her, that was how she had manipulated their relationship. Stephen, her young lover, also appeared to have coped well with her death, apparently even having taken it better than Nick, he was after all seeing someone, apparently being quite close to the blonde zoo-ologist Abby.

They were all camped out in the forest, around the anomaly. Stephen had retired for the night suprisingly earlier and Nick had sent a worried look after the younger man. Abby had checked in on Stephen a short while later and came back to the fire, where they were sitting, talking, to tell them that Stephen was sleeping. Helen considered doing the same later but before she had a chance to Nick excused himself. She knew she would have to wait, Nick always having taken an unusually long time to fall asleep when they were together.

Later that night she slipped from her tent and over to theirs. Silently unzipping the door she slipped into their tent. She stopped dead, her breath catching in her throat at the sight that met her. Both males were asleep. In Stephen's cot. Nick was lying behind the younger man, his arm around Stephen's waist, holding Stephen against his chest. Both were shirtless and from the way the blanket was pooled around their waists she suspected they were naked.

Letting out the breath she was barely aware she was holding she began backing out of the tent, this was not how she had wanted things to play out, she had never expected this, her manipulations hadn't taken this into consideration. She would need to alter her plans so as to accomodate this unexpected development. Returning to her tent she sat down to think; she could always try and convince Nick or Stephen to leave through the anomaly with her and if both refused she would tell her husband that she had had an affair with the younger man. She drifted off to sleep, her mind filled with thoughts of how best to manipulate the two men.