A/N: Jack's POV near the end of At World's End.

Jack watched with horror as the blade pierced Will's chest.

His heart dropped as he saw the pained look on his face.

I know that pain.

He stood, frozen.

The heart. I must stab the heart.

He heard a voice inside.

No. He can't die.

But Davy Jones had to.

He turned as Bootstrap attacked Davy Jones.

This was his chance.

He knelt down next to Will.

The rain was dripping down his chest, mixing with the blood.

He wanted to wrap his arms around him.

Instead, he put the broken shard of sword into Will's hand.

It's not fair.

Jack fought against that part of him that still longed for immortality.

The selfish part of him.

Lose Will, or lose immortality?

Jones threw off Bootstrap.

There's no time left.

Jack grabbed Will's wrist.

I can't live knowing that I let him die.

Davy Jones gasped.

"Part of the ship, part of the crew…"

The cursed got closer.

Jack gazed down at Will sadly.

Captain of the Flying Dutchman.

The person he cared about most.

About to get his heart cut out.

Through this sadness, Jack felt a pang of envy.

Will would get to hold his true love once every ten years.

I will never get to hold mine.

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