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Lois Lane was thinking as she sat in her cubicle at the Daily Planet, her fingers hovering over the keyboard. She had yet to write the piece Why the World Needs Superman. One would think it would be an easy piece to write. In the short time he'd been back, he'd proven how necessary he was, saving life after life, plane after plane, and her own life twice. He'd visited her once to take her flying and had visited her son – no, their son. Jason was, after all, the son of Superman. She'd known that long before he threw the piano at the guard. He just didn't look like Richard, as much as she wished he did. It would make things easier, maybe make it take longer for Richard to figure out. She sighed as she thought about telling Richard the truth. Lois knew he'd be hurt at the idea that the boy he thought was his son wasn't. She didn't even want to think about telling Jason.

Just then, Jason laughed, and she turned her head away from the computer to look for her son. He was sitting on Clark's lap and looking at something Clark was holding. She smiled, seeing the look of joy on both boy's faces. For some reason, Jason had taken right to Clark and Clark had taken right to Jason. She'd never seen Jason laugh and smile as much as when he was with Clark. The sight of her son smiling always made Lois feel better.

Lois turned back to her computer right as Jason laughed again, frowning as she looked at the five words typed on her screen and the flashing cursor in the empty white space below. Why the World Needs Superman. It shouldn't be so hard to come up with ideas for the why the world needs a superhero who has super speed, super strength, super-sonic hearing, x-ray vision, heat-vision, and can fly. Not to mention that he was very, very handsome, kind, and always told the truth. The world could use a man that fought for 'Truth, Justice, and the American Way.' But why was this so hard to put on paper? Lois knew why, but she didn't want to think about. She didn't need to get involved with Superman…it was bad enough that he was re-entering her life through the paper, television, magazines, every-day conversation…She didn't need him making havoc in her heart, though if she were honest with herself, he already was.

"Having trouble coming up with reasons?" a voice said behind her, startling her so that she jumped. "Sorry," the voice said at once, sounding truly apologetic. She knew who it must be. Clark Kent was the only person who would truly apologize for startling her. She plastered a smile on her face, and turned to face Clark, who was holding Jason's hand as he looked at a children's comic. She didn't remember buying him one, so where did he get it? Lois got her answer as Jason scrambled into her lap.

"Mommy, look what Mr. Kent bought me! It's a comic, see! It's about a man who saves people, but has to pretend he's someone else!" Jason said excitedly, showing her a page after page of brightly colored pictures. She smiled. Jason didn't overly enjoy reading anything, but any boy enjoyed comics.

"Did you tell Mr. Kent thank you for your gift, Jason?" Lois asked in a motherly way. Jason nodded without looking up from the comic. Lois rolled her eyes at the top of her son's head and turned to Clark. "You didn't have to do that for him, Clark," she said, half appreciatively, half admonishing.

"Oh, it was no trouble. I was on my way to work and passed a paper stand that had them. I thought of Jason when I saw it, since he seems to like Superman so much," Clark said in his Clark-like way, pushing up his glasses and smiling charmingly. Lois was happy that he didn't knock anything over as he leaned down to look at something Jason had pointed out excitedly.

Lois smiled, this time not forced, and looked around her cubicle which was decorated with her five-year-old's pictured of the man of steel with him, with her, with Richard, with the three of them…and even a few of just Jason, her, and Superman.

"He does like Superman right now, but who in the world doesn't?" Lois said, chuckling slightly and glancing back at Clark, who had stood up again.

"Lex Luthor?" Clark offered, which caused Lois to laugh.

"Yeah, I'd bet money that he didn't like Superman right now. Hey, I'd bet money he never liked Superman," she said, and Clark nodded in agreement.

"Mommy, can I spend lunch with Mr. Kent?" Jason asked, looking at her suddenly and smiling in his most charming, dontcha-just-love-me way. Lois looked at her young son.

"I don't know, Jason, Mr. Kent might have plans…" Lois said slowly, not sure she wanted to agree. Jason was allergic to pretty much everything, or had been until he threw that piano. He'd stopped needing his inhaler after that too…had stopped needing most of his medicine. Lois decided to get him another doctor's appointment, to decide what he really did need. Somehow, she thought it would be very little. Having some super-genes would make him a pretty healthy kid now. Superman had never been sick a day in his life.

"He doesn't mommy," Jason interrupted her thoughts. She gave her son one of those looks that mother's give so well, but he had already turned to Clark. "Do you? Can I come with you?" he said. Clark looked as if he was debating within himself. He looked from Lois to Jason and back again. He looked on the verge of saying no, when Jason said, "Pleeeeeaze, Mr. Kent. Mommy never does anything fun over lunch," Jason said. Clark smiled.

"My lunch is probably a lot like your Mommy's, Jason. It won't be any fun," Clark said, as if in warning, bent over with his hands on his knees. But Jason just laughed his five-year-old laugh.

"But you're fun, Mr. Kent!" he said, as if it was obvious that anyone as fun as Mr. Kent couldn't have a boring lunch. This caused Lois to smile. She was sure that Clark's lunches were…interesting. With how klutzy he was, how could they be anything but?

"Well, if it's okay with your mommy," Clark finally sighed, smiling anyway and standing straight up. Lois was struck suddenly with how tall he was. He had to be at least 6' 3", if not taller. He looked especially tall when Jason jumped off her lamp and ran to stand next to Clark, who smiled down at him … in a fatherly way. It actually didn't bother her. It was good if Jason had a lot of adult male role models. She just wished he could count the Superman she knew as one of them. She almost hit the desk with her hand. She had to get her mind off Superman, at least in that manner. Now was not the time to think of Kal-El…Superman. She was no longer his girl, so she had no right to call him by his first name. Lois gave herself a mental shake.

"Mommy, please can I go? Pleeease?" Jason was begging her, hope in his blue eyes. Lios sighed again…she'd been doing that a lot today. She looked up at Clark.

"Are you sure it's okay, Clark? If it's not, he can come with me. I don't mind sharing my lunch with both of the men in my life," she said, as Richard came over and put his hand on her shoulder. Lois could've sworn a hint of anger entered Clark's eyes…but no, it had to be her imagination.

"It's fine, Lois, unless you need Jason with you for something," Clark said and Jason beamed.

"D'ya hear that, Daddy! I get to go have lunch with Mr. Kent!" Jason practically squealed. Richard leaned down next to Lois's ear.

"You sure that's a good idea, honey?" Richard said. She stiffened, and he quickly added, "Kent's heart is in the right place, no doubt about that, but he is a little…well, irresponsible. I mean, he's forgotten his notebook on interviews on more than one occasion. You sure you want someone so….well, klutzy to look after our son?" he asked.

'He's not your son, buster,' was the first thought in Lois's mind, but she quickly erased that. Jason was Richard's son, at least in heart, and that's what counted. Lois was pretty sure that Superman now loved Jason as well, if his nighttime visit was any proof. The first thing he did after he got out of the hospital was visit Jason, after all. That had let Lois know that he had heard her, even his state of coma. Superman knew that Jason was his son, was really Jason…well, whatever Superman's last name was. Lois knew that Superman wouldn't mind claiming Jason; he was just like that, but he also knew that he would keep it a secret until she wished. And she definitely wished it. It was for Jason's safety. She had seen the look in Luthor's eyes when he asked whose Jason's father was. She didn't want her son hurt just because he had Superman for a father.

She didn't want to have to constantly fear for him, either. Though she did, just like any mother. But she knew that she had no reason to fear for him if he was with Clark. Clark would take care of him, even if he was a bit irresponsible. He wasn't careless when it came to people. He always showed up on time to appointments…or, usually. You could always depend on Clark. She had said before that Clark was the oldest living boy scout, and he was. He was dependable, loyal, truthful, if a bit lax in the bravery department.

To answer Richard she leaned down towards Jason and out of his reach.

"You gonna have a good time with Mr. Kent?" she asked, and felt a small thrill of triumph when Richard sighed resignedly behind her. She immediately felt guilty. This wasn't a tug of war over her son with Richard, they were a family. She pushed those thoughts aside and listened instead to her sons excited voice.

"Yep. It'll be fun! See daddy, I get to have lunch with Mr. Kent! I like Mr. Kent, don't you, daddy? He's really nice and fun!" Jason was saying…rambling, really. Richard was just nodding absently. Clark never did that. He always actually listened to what people said, always had a kind word or bit of advice ready. That was Clark, good ol' dependable Clark. She mentally slapped herself. Why was she comparing Richard to Clark? She had no romantic interest in Clark whatsoever. So why are you comparing him to your fiancé? And finding him better? A traitorous voice said in her head. She ignored the voice. Luckily, a distraction came in the form of Jimmy Olsen.

"Hi ya!" he said, his camera around his neck. He took his photography seriously, and with how hard Perry was on him if he didn't get "the" pictures, Lois couldn't blame him. "Did I hear you say you get to eat with Clark, Jason?" Jimmy said, leaning down to smile at her son. Jason smiled widely and nodded.

"Yep. Mr. Kent and I are gonna have a real good time, aren't we Mr. Kent?" Jason said, looking up at Clark with adoring eyes.

"Well, we'll try," Clark said. Jason totally ignored his answer.

"See?" Jason said to Jimmy.

"Hey, Jason, would you mind if I came along. I don 't have anyone to eat lunch with, and I want to have fun with you and Mr. Kent," Jimmy said. Lois smothered a laugh. Jimmy idolized Clark. He had been really excited when Clark came back and had been talking about him nonstop while he was gone. He went to lunch almost everyday with Clark. Lois was sure that his loves went in this order: 1) Photogrophy. 2) His mother 3) Clark Kent 4) Superman. She shook her head. Jimmy was the only person who could like Clark more that Superman…well, maybe except for Jason. Her son was looking at Clark with huge, blue eyes as if no one else could compare with the brown-haired, blue-eyed, tall man before him.

"Sure, Jimmy!" Jason said, smiling. Lois heard Richard sigh in relief behind her and felt a surge of anger. But she had no right to be angry. She had to remind herself that Richard didn't know Clark very well and had their son's best interests in heart. She put herself in Richard's place, and knew that she would be reacting the same way.

Clark was a stranger to Richard, unlike Clark and herself. They had been friends since he first came to work at the Planet. They had worked together on things that had to do with Superman (though she'd done the real writing about Superman, he'd just gotten peoples feelings on the matter). They'd been together when the Daily Planet had been turned into a tabloid for a few days, and had been just as appalled as he was. They'd worked on the blackout together. They'd worked in the same building, on the same floor for quite a while.

She knew Clark, and counted him a close friend. She'd been sad when she'd first heard of his leave, but that had quickly fallen away in the pain of Superman leaving without saying goodbye. She was glad that he was back. You could always count on Clark Kent, and Lois needed someone like that. Someone she wasn't interested in romantically to just be there for her. Clark was her friend, whereas Clark was someone Richard didn't know at all. She couldn't fault Richard in the slightest. He was just being a good father.

"Ready?" Clark asked, and Lois quickly interrupted.

"Wait! Clark, here's a list of all the things Jason's allergic to," Lois said, handing him a few sheets of paper. Clark took them, his eyebrow's rising to his hairline.

"He can't eat any of this?" Clark asked, and she nodded her head the affirmative. "Poor kid," she heard Clark mutter. "Well, we'll work around it. Let's go!" Clark said and three of them-Clark, Jimmy, and Jason-headed off to lunch.

"Are you ready, hun?" Richard asked her, holding out her jacket. She slipped into it and they headed off as well, with their hands intertwined. They weren't aware that anyone was watching, but how could they be? Their watcher was hidden by a concrete wall.

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